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Exposing the SANDY HOOK Charade: The Deep State Strikes Back!

Jim Fetzer

Those who have taken a serious look at the evidence surrounding Sandy Hook already know that it was a FEMA drill to promote gun control. Here are multiple lines of proof, including the stage photo of a police woman leading kids to safety, where Shannon Hicks had taken an earlier photo that shows parents standing around with their arms folded and their hands in their pockets--and she is rearranging the kids to get a better shot. And we have discovered why Wayne Carver, M.E., did not allow the parents to see the bodies of the children but instead showed them photos, which was appropriate, since they only existed as images that were made up out of photos of older children when they were younger. The Deep State has confirmed our findings by launching cyber attacks taking them out, so I am republishing the crucial proof here and now.

The police woman even rearranged the kids to get a better shot.

The media has played a crucial role by publishing cleverly designed propaganda. The Sun Sentinel, Forward and other news and opinion venues in South Florida, for example, have been active in attacking James Tracy for his efforts to expose the Sandy Hook scam, especially via thinly-veiled assaults by Lenny Pozner, who claims to be the parent of Noah, one of the alleged victims at Sandy Hook. Noah not only died in Newtown on 14 December 2012 but again in Pakistan on 16 December 2014. Lenny even sent Kelley Watt a death certificate that turned out to be a fabrication. Had he had a real son who had died at Sandy Hook, he would have been able to send her a real one! As Wolfgang Halbig has shown, it wasn't even an operating school!

Noah was a fiction created out of photos of Michael Vabner
This sounds outrageous until you actually look at the evidence, where I have produced several videos that lay out the proof. For an introduction, see "The Real Deal must see Sandy Hook Update" and especially "SANDY HOOK starring Wayne Carver as The Medical Examiner". No EMTs were allowed into the building. No string of ambulances took their little bodies to hospitals where doctors could pronounce them dead or alive. They were identified using photographs, because they only existed as photographs, which we have now been able to prove in the case of Noah Pozner, whose fake father, Lenny, has been featured in the Sun Sentinel, Forward and other publications he has played. 

"The Sandy Hook ScamWhy the mothersages matter"The Millennium Report, and "Sandy Hook Charade: 'Noah Pozner' WAS Michael Vabner as a Child", where we prove that Noah--who was a most unusual little boy, having died in Newtown on 14 December 2012 and again in Pakistan on 16 December 2014, was made up of photos of his older step-brother, Michael Vabner, when he was six-years old--have been subjected to cyber attacks to remove the images, which confirms that we figured it out. It's not that difficult, when you think about it. That's how they did it and of course explains why there was no genuine grief from the "parents" at interviews and press conferences. It was a two-day FEMA exercise that went LIVE to promote gun control.

From the FEMA manual for the Sandy Hook drill 13-14 December 2012

If you want to read the manual for yourself, download the book I edited, NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015), which banned after it had been up for less than a month and sold nearly 500 copies. I could see it was a political move to suppress research that exposed the hoax by proving the school had been closed since 2008, that there were no students there, and that it had been done to promote gun control. We have 50 photos of an empty house being furnished to serve as the Lanza home--including of the Nancy Lanza bedroom, where in their haste they left behind a blue moving pad beneath the leg of the bed--and 50 more of them refurbishing the school to serve as the stage.

The SWAT team was there the night before the crime had been committed
It includes a classic photo of the SWAT team already present the night before, which you can tell because the windows of Classroom 10 are not yet shot out. We have photos of the windows before and after and of perps drilling holes in the window frames to simulate gunshot trajectories. We have another with pink rods extending from the holes, which are all exactly 90* to the window panes and exactly parallel with each other. As a former Marine Corps officer, who one served as a Series Commander with 15 DIs and 300 recruits under my command through basic training, including rifle and marksmanship, I can assure you this is a fantasy with no resemblance to actual shooting by a real shooter.

The perps were photographed drilling holes to simulate bullet trajectories

As an illustration of how James Tracy was using his blog to expose the sham, he published one about two Sandy Hook parents, Francine and David Wheeler. She turns out to have been personal assistant to Maureen White, leading fundraiser for the Democratic Party. He and she are both B-grade actors, where she was even the voice of a character in an animated porn movie. He played two roles at Sandy Hook, both a grieving parent and a SWAT team member, where he walked up and down Dickinson Drive carrying a weapon upside down by the magazine. Even the the lowest private in the Marine Corps would not commit such a blunder. But Barack Obama flew them to Washington, D.C., and put them on national television to promote gun control. 

I republished the blog on my own, where you can read it at "James Tracy: Francine Wheeler was Personal Assistant to DNC National Finance Chair". Exposing corruption in high places ought to be the duty of every faculty member at every institution of higher learning, but instead--as the case of James Tracy so brutally illustrates--they are pilloried and attacked and may even lose their jobs after having secured tenure, which is supposed to create a buffer to enable faculty to take on complex and controversial cases without feat of being sacked. That's not how it has played out here--where the Sun Sentinel, Forward and other venues haves contributed to distorting his efforts to protect the public from an elaborate scam.
According to the FBI, there were no murders in Newtown during 2012
Between $27-130,000,000 has been contributed by sympathetic but gullible Americans, which has been split by the 26 families, which have received more than $1,000,000 apiece for participating in a staged act of terrorism, intended to instill fear into the heart of every parent in American to promote gun control. Lenny, no doubt, has been fighting so hard because he fears that, if the hoax is exposed, he may have to give back his $1,000,000 and might even be prosecuted for fraud and theft by deception. So while the evil prosper, the one man with the courage and conviction to stand up and expose the fraud has been fired from his position and deprived of his livelihood. These are the facts of the matter, but you are not going to read them in the mainstream media or from any local sources. We live in an era where the truth is labeled "fake news" and the few with the courage to speak it are punished severely.

The first edition was banned by after having been available for less than a month and selling nearly 500 copies. The second edition is available from and includes all of the proof adduced here--apart from the images of Noah Pozner turning into his purported older step-brother, Michael Vabner, which the Deep State is now taking extraordinary steps to suppress. If you have been played by the scam, do yourself and your friends and acquaintances a favor by letting them know that nobody died at Sandy Hook, which should be a cause for rejoicing. And, indeed, we continue to receive confirmation that it was an elaborate charade from additional new sources, such as this from a contractor who visited the school building in 2010 to pick up some school desks on the cheap for the benefit of his friend's children, which demonstrates that the school had been abandoned by 2008 because it was loaded with asbestos and other bio-hazards and damaged by hurricanes and floods:

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-editor of

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Mona Alexis Pressley: (More) Las Vegas Shooting Lies

Mona Alexis Pressley 
Conspiracy Realist

If you havent noticed sociopathic insane leaders have taken over our government decades ago and everything seems to be coming to a head. Now is not the time to let ego get in the way to admit party affiliation is the problem. The insanity has increased in the government and a  majority of the population is in pure denial about the severity of the problem which will surely lead us to be total slaves or even into global extinction.  The military industrial complex has long since gotten what they want and it is obvious that the people who are suffering are all the people in the world except the rulers.  Do we have anything left to rescue?  If you have children or grandchildren, or want a life your answer should be, "Yes". 

Jim Fetzer interviews Dan Cromer and Mona Alexis Pressley (11/19/17)

Only if we can get enough people to wake up, quit fighting with each other (the divide and conquer was a good plan by our masters to keep us in check up until this point) and stand together.  We need not fight them but only not contribute into their system.  Leaders, MSM, and some social media are using propaganda to stay in control no matter the cost.  An Israeli official quoted in The Samson Option, You Americans screwed us in not supporting Israel in its 1956 war with Egypt…. We can still remember the smell of Auschwitz and Treblinka. Next time we’ll take all of you with us”.

The article below is to inform the state of affairs we are in.  If you have not read the other blogs regarding Las Vegas victims it would be a good idea to read them also. There have been countless people that claim to know someone that died or got shot and then present no evidence.  The players in this deception have learned that the American people will listen to the government and believe them while totally discounting what their eyes are seeing.  Therefore, the Las Vegas shooting contradictions seem to be welcome distraction to keep the American people divided on this issue.

James Sonny Melton and his Wife

James Sonny Melton and his wife of one year from Tennessee were just in the news.  Heather was at a game being presented with some kind of token for losing her husband.  Since the Sandy Hook shooting it seems like the new norm in this country is to shower the families with millions of dollars, invite them to games, shows, travel in Air Force One with the President, and then try desperately to tell people that the best thing for them to do is give up their guns and leave them totally helpless to protect themselves or their families.  The  grief that the families display that were bizarre began with Sandy Hook and still play out to this day.  The total void of grief should concern everyone.  Heather Melton is having a blast while at the game so soon after the traumatic event and also losing her husband. The pictures of the couple are listed below. Take a look and see if there is anything unusual.

The top row pictures are  Sonny and Heather are on the day of the concert.  The issue if not obvious should be shocking.  We have two different women with obvious age and weight differences. The search for Sonny Melton and his relatives also show no Heather Melton listed anywhere as a relative. It had been a year since they were married, so that should have been plenty of time for them to add her name to the list.  

Stephen Paddock and his Brother

Stephen Paddock and his brothers are next. The pictures are of an ID/Booking pic.  They have been photoshopped as discovered using website.  The highlighted white outlines around the ears, eyes, neck, cheeks, and clothes show that both pics have been photoshopped. Why in the world would Bruce Paddocks booking picture be photoshopped by the police? Pretty fishy. When looking at these pictures, do a little investigation and zoom in on these two pics.  After zooming in determine what you see and then check results below the pictures.

You can see that both pictures have been photoshopped and if you have zoomed into both pictures you will be able to see that they are the exact same picture. Since both of them have been photoshopped it would be difficult for the naked eye to see similarities. Technology now allows us to zoom in which makes it is easy to spot. The lighting on the insides of the eyes in Bruce Paddock eyes are the same as Stephens.  Both ears have been sized one bigger one smaller but at the bottom where the ear lobes are you can see the same hair or something on that part of the ears in both pictures.  There are 2 crease lines in the forehead that are exactly the same  and were not erased out.  The neckline shows the clothes and size of neck has been tampered with and the jaw decreased on Stephen.  You can see the same hairline and the markings in a few areas. All you have to do is spend a little time looking at them and the answer falls right into view. Same person same picture.

The LAPD stated they had arrested Bruce prior to this arrest and that they currently still have him in custody.  The is lacking the information of the charge and bond information.  It shows he was released on the 28th, a day after he was arrested.  His charges are from 2014 and the police could not find a disabled man for almost 4 years who is living right under their noses?    Other inmates had all information listed unlike Paddock. In addition, when looking up Bruce Paddocks prior arrests there were none.  The case he was currently charged with has also disappeared and nothing happened the day of his court case. Everything just disappeared.  

Both Bruce and Stephen have been moving and traveling to the same city’s throughout their life.  Now lets add in Eric Paddock to the mix. It is clear why Eric Paddocks interview was so strange and everyone thought he was hiding something.  Speculating, Eric either works for the FBI or is part of the crisis actor team.  There is no obit notice for Stephen, no funeral, nothing showing he died.  Where is the autopsy, death certificate, or even footage of him in the casino? The Sheriff has been asked several times about casino footage and the answer is silence.


Adam Castilla and Andrea Castilla

Andrea Castilla is the next victim that was thrown together using other people’s birth certificates, housing information, and other peoples pictures. Andrea was not born on 09/29/198 because she did not exist, she was created.  The entire family does not exist and the pictures and information you are given are fraudulent.  The person that went to Estancia High School is Andrea T. Castilla a/k/a Andrea Schwab-Galindo and she is 32 and not 28 years old.   There were also pictures of Andrea on a myspace account with the Andrea T Castilla name attached to it.

Adam Castilla is a/k/a Aaron Jesse Galindo and is affiliated with Andrea T.  Are those their real names? That is not clear, but what is clear is that the family does not exist. The Castilla family has been created to fool the American people. For what end? There are several reasons that have been brought up since the shooting; NWO agenda, gun control, massive profits for scanning machines, millions to be made in donations, and basically total control of the people.  We are not on the way to a police state, we are here!  The last step which they are so desperately trying to accomplish is gun confiscation.

Below is a picture of Andrea and her boyfriend Derrick, who was going to propose to her during the trip. The next picture is at her memorial and Derrick is the second person on the left in the back row, next to his wife Katie.  Well, that didn’t take long.

Which one of these girls is Andrea? Is the second pic Andrea or Athena?

The last girl in the first picture is Andrea. So, who is the girl on the far left? The second pic is Athena.  Here are a few more:

As you can see there is a problem here. The pictures that are not of Andrea are of Adam Castilla aka Aaron Jessie Galindo’s lead singer in his band The Colourist, Maya.  They are the same person.  In the family pics of Andrea with Athena the photoshop done make Athena look skinny and have darker hair.  But the bottom line is they are the same person.  Even dad forgets whose who. Note: Athena writes to him and he calls her Andrea, or is it Maya?

Tara Rose Smith

Tara Roe Smith born 09/01/1983 in Canada and died in Nevada and Canada on September 27, 2017, October 1st, and October 3rd, 2017 of a brain tumor or of a bullet wound.  So after you get finished determining which one of these women is Tara Roe Smith maybe it will be possible to find out what date, where, and what she died of.  Also her obit is only listed on one Canadian website which seems to be a fake obituary site.  Go to the website yourself and take a look starting with January 2017 and scroll through the obits.  There is inaccurate listings on this website. Some of the listings are the wrong dates which are off by a year, lists deceased more than one time,  sometimes dates the obit was listed is prior to when the person died.



Thomas A. Day Jr.

Thomas A. Day Jr. is also still alive.  The obits listed Mr. Day as being born in 1963 which is not possible.  Thomas A. Day Jr. is 75 years old and was born in 1943.  He did have a son that was born in 1963 named after him without the Jr.  The Thomas A. Day that was born in 1963 moved to Illinois in 1983 and still lives there. It is his father that is the construction worker and has lived in Corona, California, Riverside, and Nevada.  It is the older Day that owns and has worked in his construction businesses.  This is how they pull a fast one on the American people and are able to trick us into believing that people died at this shooting.   The obits were also messed up with Thomas Day probably because he did not die. They had him being 54, 57, and 44 years old.  That is what happens when things are fabricated.  It leaves a lot of room for mistakes.  The pics below are of Thomas Day Jr. the older one that is still alive. He looks to old to have been 54 years old.


Below is the proof that the Thomas Day Jr. is the older person and not the son.

Here is the proof the younger Thomas Day is living and has been living in Illinois.

 Christina Kitcat

Dr. Fetzer heard from Dean Ryan, with whom he has done a show about Las Vegas, that Chrisina was a friend who had also been shot but was recovering from a wound to the chest. Dean told him that she was a production assistant and that her cousin made the announcement that she was recovering. Dr. Fetzer wrote to him that it sounded to him as though she had been part of the crew filming the movie and became an extra, where, had she been shot in the chest by a high-velocity military round, she would be dead. He ask me to see what I could find about Dean's friend, which tends to support Dr. Fetzer's take. She appears to be faking her wound.

I checked her out and other victims. Here are two pics of her seems like maybe a day after shooting. She is up and around no machines hooked up to her and a bullet hit her ventricle in her heart with a hollow point. YEAH right!! Now the Nevada government official comes to visit her and all the sudden she's hooked up to machines. Here are photos of other people. One guy is hooked up to a machine but it looks phony as hell.  All of them have gofundme pages. This is sickening, where we agree that all of them deserve to be exposed. Like the Sandy Hook "parents", they are making money off of feigned "terrorist attacks", which in the case of the Sandy Hook families, has come to over $1,000,000 apiece. This is a form of fraud and of theft by deception for which they deserve to be indicted and prosecuted.

So the bottom line is that there is still no evidence for any deaths in Las Vegas. All the smoke and mirrors about Saudi Arabia, helicopters, more than one shooter, and all the phony lawsuits but no deaths.  No bullet holes anywhere, no video footage of Paddock, no evidence at all of deaths (with the exception of a bunch of liars saying they know someone that died), no answers from the covert police department and FBI, and all the gun control and violations of our liberty still being taken away.  The American people have been totally brainwashed and it seems will believe just about everything that is fed to them by the government. It is a dark time in history and a disappointment in the human race.

Mona Alexis Pressley, M.A., has authored a series of studies that demonstrate that the obituaries of the alleged "Las Vegas victims" were either completely fabricated or based upon deaths that took place in other states or on other dates or from different causes of death. See, for example, "Nobody died at the Las Vegas Concert", "CONFIRMED: Nobody Died at the Las Vegas Concert", and "Las Vegas Shooting: Was it Real or a Government Drill?"


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Is It Too Little, Too Late? Tillerson Explains What Trump Said About Jerusalem

By Richard Scheck

Donald Trump was the wrong person to deliver such a bold statement about the status of Jerusalem.  His unilateral declaration has predictably triggered a massive reaction from the rest of the world rejecting his decision to acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Had he chosen to make a joint statement with President Putin or with an Arab leader like Turkey President Erdogan or Egyptian President Sisi, limiting his commitment to West Jerusalem and leaving open the final status of the City's East, he might have moved the stalled peace process forward.  That would have taken much more preparation and hard work to get them on board.

If you listen carefully to what Trump actually said on Wednesday, implicit in his comments was room for some flexibility along the lines Secretary of State Tillerson is now articulating.  But it sure didn't sound that way and the belated effort to provide nuance may be too little, too late!  
If your son-in-law is a Likudnik Jew closely tied for decades to Prime Minister Netanyahu whose illegal settlement policy has just gotten former National Security Adviser Flynn in a world of trouble for attempting to obstruct Obama's UN vote, your credibility on the issue is close to zero.
With casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson likely pulling lots of strings, the call went out from him to Bibi to The Donald to Jared Kushner and on to General Flynn last December:  get the Russians and the rest of the UN Security Council members to oppose condemnation of Israel's settlement policy.
That apparent Logan Act violation and collusion with Israel to interfere with US foreign policy has not (yet) drawn the wrath of the Mueller investigation into Russian interference in the presidential election.  With a staff of anti-Trump, pro-Hillary antagonists and his own conflicts of interest surrounding Uranium One among other scandals, Mueller was a poor chose to head the probe.

Now the world has a more legitimate beef against the president:  his decision may well lead to greater chaos both in the region and across the globe.  Virtually every group and country has spoken out against the idea and the consensus is that it will result in open conflict in the near future.
With the unrelenting US/Israel/iSaudi belligerence towards Iran, that may have been the plan all along.  King Salman has criticized Trump's move making it harder to pull off a unified front against the Persians as well as demonstrating the weakness of Kushner's bromance with the Saudi Crown Prince.

It seems everything either of them touches falls apart and the besieged Tillerson has more than his work cut out attempting to explain away the mess created by the president and his son-in-law.
It's a mess of incredible proportions that Trump apologists ignore in their praise for their fearless leader.  They believe he's is doing a great job of creating jobs, opposing the corrupt Democrats and draining the swamp.

To some extent, that's all true.  But they seem to forget that he promised to put America first and stop our endless foreign entanglements.  He has done just the opposite in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Mali and many other locales while posturing for war against North Korea and deepening our entanglement with Israel and the Saudis.

If our status as the "indispensable nation" and world's policeman was a key issue in the 2016 campaign, then Trump is decidedly not the man he held himself out to be:  anti-globalist; anti-Neocon hawk; against foreign interventions like Hillary, McCain, Bush and Obama all promoted: and focused on Making America Great Again.

By stepping up so dramatically in support of the controversial policies of a foreign nation, President Trump has not only violated his own campaign promises, he has moved the world closer to WWIII.  Tasking Secretary Tillerson to explain away his ham-fisted decision may well be impossible given current developments and the world situation.