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Dr. Eowyn: Federal government admits, although required by law, it does not monitor vaccine safety

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Federal government admits, although required by law, 
it does not monitor vaccine safety
Did you know that vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued in state courts for damages as a result of design-defects in their products?
That’s what the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6-2 in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth — that the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act protects vaccine manufacturers from design-defect claims.

Congress had passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) in 1986 in response to a massive increase in litigation against vaccine manufacturers, which drove two of the largest domestic manufacturers out of business and led to a shortage of vaccines. Congress created the new law to shield vaccine manufactures from tort litigation and, in so doing, alleviate the growing shortage of vaccines. (Homeland Security News Wire)

In place of lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act created a system of federal government oversight of vaccine safety:
  1. All health care providers must report adverse vaccination events and possible side effects to a post-marketing surveillance program — the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), co-managed by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The CDC and FDA are agencies within the federal government’s Department of Health & Human Services (HHS).
  2. To coordinate vaccine-related activities of the CDC, FDA and other HHS agencies, the NCVIA created the National Vaccine Program — an office within the HHS which is required under Title 42, United States Code, 300aa-27(c), to report every two years to Congress about vaccine safety, adverse reactions, and other aspects of vaccinations.
Indeed, the Supreme Court’s majority opinion in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth by Justice Antonin Scalia concluded (p. 55 of Bruesewitz v. Wyeth) that by passing the NCVIA, Congress had struck a “careful balance between providing adequate compensation for vaccine-injured children and conferring substantial benefits on vaccine manufacturers to ensure a stable and predictable childhood vaccine supply.” Nevertheless, the Supreme Court’s “majority’s decision today disturbs that careful balance based on a bare policy preference that it is better ‘to leave complex epidemiological judgments about vaccine design to the FDA and the National Vaccine Program rather than juries.’”

Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) is a non-profit founded by Del Bigtree to investigate “the safety of medical procedures, pharmaceutical drugs, and vaccines while advocating for people’s right to ‘informed consent’.”
On August 25, 2017, ICAN filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit for those bi-annual vaccine reports that the HHS is required to send Congress, pursuant to 42 U.S.C. SS300aa-27(c).

HHS stonewalled ICAN’s FOIA request for eight months.

On April 12, 2018, ICAN filed another lawsuit, “Informed Consent Action Network v. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services” in U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, demanding an answer to their FOIA filing.

On July 6, 2018, ICAN finally received a response — an admission in federal court by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the federal agency mandated by Congress under 42 U.S.C. SS300aa-27(c) to track vaccine safety, that they had never done it:
Although the HHS’ National Vaccine Program Office is required to report every two years to Congress on their monitoring of vaccines, the HHS has no such records — not even one in the 31 years since 1987.  That means the National Vaccine Program had never monitored vaccine manufacturers for vaccine safety and side effects.

Here is a screenshot of the “Stipulation” or court order in ICAN v. HHS, in which HHS made that stunning admission:

As ICAN observes:
The 1986 [National Childhood Vaccine Injury] Act created a system in which vaccines are licensed, recommended, encouraged, subsidized, and defended by HHS. The 1986 Act’s scheme thus places HHS in charge of two competing duties. On one hand, HHS is responsible for vaccine safety. On the other hand, HHS is required to promote vaccine uptake and defend against any claim they cause any harm.
Regrettably, it appears that HHS has chosen to focus almost entirely on its vaccine promotion and defense function to such a degree that it has essentially abandoned its vaccine safety function.
To summarize:
  1. Congress passed a law in 1986 protecting vaccine manufacturers from being sued in state courts.
  2. At the same time, Congress created an agency within HHS, charged with the job of monitoring vaccine safety.
  3. That agency, National Vaccine Program Office, is supposed to report to Congress every two years.
  4. As a result of two lawsuits by the non-profit Informed Consent Action Network, HHS finally admitted in federal court that it doesn’t have any reports from the National Vaccine Program Office.
  5. This means HHS had never monitored vaccine safety, although it is required by law to do so.
  6. This means the American people really have no reason, other than what vaccine manufacturers say, to think vaccines are safe.
  7. And yet the media demonize vaccine skeptics as “conspiracy theory” crazies.
H/t Hal Turner Radio Show

Bonus News:

Did you know that generic drug manufacturers cannot be sued for manufacturing and selling a defective drug? – even if:
  • The drug causes horrific injuries;
  • The generic company knew the drug was causing horrific injuries and did nothing to warn patients or doctors about the dangers of the drug.
That’s because the Supreme Court ruled in PLIVA v. Mensing (2011) and Mutual Pharma. V. Bartlett(2013) that while brand-name companies are allowed to add new warnings to their drug labels without getting prior permission from the FDA, generic companies are not. If a generic drug company discovers a new side effect of one of its drugs, it is not permitted to tell patients or doctors about this new information. It must first contact the FDA and request that the brand-name label be changed. Only after the brand-name label is changed is the generic company allowed to change its label. In essence, generic manufacturers are prohibited from giving any warnings to doctors or to the public that have not already been given by the brand-name manufacturer. (Spangenberg Shibley & Liber Trial Lawyers)

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DC Dave: YouTube Censorship Really Hits Home

YouTube Censorship Really Hits Home

A couple of weeks ago the opportunity came up for me to send someone an example of the joint handiwork of the Cheverly Brothers and me, the song parody, “Drones.”  The quick and easy way to find it, I figured, would be to first locate the lyrics in my poetry archive and then to click on the link for hearing it performed on YouTube.  Here is what turned up when I did so:

In a bit of a panic, I then checked on our parodies of the Everly Brothers’ songs, “Let It Be Me,” “Cathy’s Clown,” and “Devoted to You,” and I got the same message, or no message, as it were.  Then I did a search on YouTube for the Cheverly Brothers and got nothing but a complete blank.  Each of them had been quite popular, according to the posted hit count, in the first few days until running into something that has become familiar to me, what I call the “YouTube wall.”  Next I emailed the guy who did the video, Gary King, to ask him if he knew what was going on, but got no response.  I called him on the phone, but all I got was his answering machine, so I left a message. 

Then I did a Net search, putting in his name and that of the man he does most of his videos for, Jim Fetzer.  Finally, and pretty quickly, the mystery was solved.  I found a recent Fetzer show—It wasn’t on YouTube—and on the show King tells you right off the bat about Fetzer’s channel being taken down from YouTube.  The Google-owned YouTube had decided to give him the same treatment that Amazon and Barnes and Noble had given to the book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, that Fetzer had edited with Mike Palacek. *  Their big offense, according to Fetzer, had been the reporting that they had done on the incident at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Our Cheverly Brothers video had been on Fetzer’s channel, so they had gone with him.

To watch "The Parkland Puzzle" (, click here.

So if the show wasn’t on YouTube, where was it?  Please note that it is on a new Internet platform called (The “153” is an apparent reference to the miracle of the fish-catch in the Bible.)  A description of the origin of 153news can be found by clicking on the “About us” at the bottom of the page where the video is found:

Welcome everyone.  My name is Jason Boss and I am the private individual who built  I lost my 20,000 subs and 1400 videos on youtube as I exposed the Las Vegas hoax.  I have been in IT all my life and even spent 4 years working at Google in the Oregon data center.  I know how to build servers, networks, I am tired of the people telling the truth being silenced.  We are in dark days and the only way to fight this kind of war is to be able to fight the suppression of information.  I have come to meet and know a lot of people I had never heard of on YouTube.  Brothers and sisters who keep getting silenced and harassed by a company whose motto is "Don’t be evil".   I don’t think our civilization has a ton of time left if we can’t stop the slow kill that is happening to us all. 

As is turning itself off after 9.2 million in funding, I am nervous that it only cost $5k to build to this point.  Imagine what a group of patriots could do with that kind of cash.  The limitations we will always have will be upon scaling the infrastructure.  Right now we have a few aces in the hole because I own an ISP and can use its resources to help build this but if this gets too big to quick, we may have some issues.  

Because I know these servers will probably be raided, seized, and hacked by the alphabet gangs and those who hate the truth, I have multi continent backups.  They can destroy our entire server infrastructure and I should still be able to rebuild the database and files fairly easily.  I am ready for this kind of war.

** Hackers of good...I know you guys are out there, if you find an exploit of any kind, please please please email me at and let me know what the exploit was.   In our endeavor for truth and waking people up, I know most of you hackers are out for the same things we are out for and this is your chance to help us get secured and stand a chance against paid hackers that will be coming.   

I have brought a partner into  Someone a lot of you probably know and someone who I respect highly.  FromDeath2Life is the official partner of mine in this quest for the truth endeavor.  We have no funding, no big pockets, but we believe that if we build a platform that isn’t sold out, that isn’t scared to fight, and that will let truth reign supreme, the funding will take care of itself.  Till that day we have dedicated what we can into keeping your videos safe and censorship free.  

I want to thank folks like Side Thorn and Granny Conspiracy for their support of this site and for being tough old patriots there, not just laying down.   This site belongs to all of you guys out there...this is the people versus goliath.

If there was ever a person who sounded like he was worth rallying around and supporting, Jason Boss is the one.  Notice he says that it was his skeptical coverage of the Las Vegas shooting that got him banished from YouTube, versus the Parkland incident for Fetzer.  These are the two big mass shooting events that have occurred so far during the Trump administration, and the Google people running YouTube, or the ones behind Google, have become very wary about too much truth getting out about them, and they have decided to practice the 21th century version of book burning in order to try to keep the lid on. 

Another victim of the Parkland school-shooting news suppression banished from YouTube, whose radio talk show Fetzer called the best on the Internet, is the Irishman Richie Allen.  The mention of Allen led me to  “YouTube Has Permanently Banned the Richie Allen Show and Has Deleted All 76,000 Subscribers and 1,400 Videos.”  The entire article is certainly worth your attention, but this quote from Allen is particularly poignant:

This is fascism, this is tyranny, this is terrifying and we knew that this was coming didn’t we? Yes, there are other platforms but Google/YouTube is the only game in town. I could upload elsewhere, but those platforms don’t have the subscribers, it would be a waste of a lot of time for very little reward. The establishment knows this. This is why these monopolies were allowed to develop, so that they could come after shows like The Richie Allen Show when they felt like it. Over the last eighteen months, they have limited the reach of the channel by shadow banning it, in other words making it difficult for users to discover it. They even began demonetising the videos before they had even been published and then re-monetising them after they’d been watched over 5,000 times, meaning by the time the ads went on the vids, most people had watched them. I’ve talked about this and demonstrated it with photographic evidence. Now they’re about to delete the channel, the coup de grace.

The hue and cry raised upon Allen’s behalf seems to have had an effect, because I see that as I write this article, on July 4, he has a newly posted video on YouTube.  Part of the hue and cry was raised by people like Sarah Westall, whose YouTube interview of Allen is also well worth watching. 

It should also be noted that not all of what King and Fetzer had previously put up on YouTube has been taken down.  Here we can see the May 8, 2018, installment of their New JFK Show.  That sort of makes me feel particularly honored that the Cheverly Brothers videos, all of which went up on YouTube before May 8, cannot now be found on this near monopoly Net platform.

The struggle against censorship by YouTube on purely political grounds is apparently an ongoing thing, as we can see from this Daily Mail article on a conservative PragerU presentation that was blocked from view at schools and libraries for a time by YouTube.  There are even big players in the GAME (government, academia, media, entertainment) who are calling for just this sort of censorship to take place.  See this article on a New York Times op-ed by an academic parrot of the mainstream narrative.  The concentration of the power over our minds in the mainstream media is already bad enough, but that possessed by Amazon and Google is truly frightening, and we can already see how they are abusing it.  The episode of the firing by Google of software engineer James Damore for writing a memo explaining the disparity in number of employees in the upper reaches of technology fields between men and women sheds a great deal of light upon the direction in which that power abuse is likely to go, at least at Google.

Help 153News.Net

As it happens, at least in the short run and from a personal standpoint, this story has a happy ending.  Gary King used his own software when he created the Cheverly Brothers videos, rather than relying upon YouTube instructions to create them.  Therefore, he still had them after YouTube took them down. (That’s a word of warning to the rest of us.)  In a few days, at my urging, of course, he was able to get them back online, this time where they are likely to stay for as long as the platform does, which is at  Here is your opportunity to do your part to help to stay up from now on.  Even more than Jason Boss, I would very much appreciate it if you would go to each of the videos and forward the web address for each one of them far and wide and tell your recipients to do the same. You might locate them the way that I started out to locate Drones, now that I have updated the links.  Just go to the bottom of the page for Drones, You Won’t Fool Me, Bibi’s Clowns, and Devoted to Truth and click, in turn, on the link to the video that you find there.

* The two also teamed up as editors for the very educational Political Theater in Charlottesville: Faux Terrorism in Three Acts Produced by Leftist Zealots.  That book has my entire essay, “The Charlottesville Operation,” and Amazon, as of this writing, has not yet seen fit to banish it from its offerings. 

David Martin
July 5, 2018


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David Martin
July 12, 2018

Addendum 2

See as well, Israel’s Internet Censorship War, which is based upon Alison Weir’s article, “How Israel and Its Partisans Work to Censor the Internet,” and Declassified: Massive Israeli Manipulation of U.S. Media Exposed.  Together, they may be lumped under the heading, “How Israel Recycles Your Tax Dollars.”

David Martin
July 14, 2018

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