Saturday, August 18, 2018’s Lip Service to “Democratized Publishing” Belied By Censorship & New Executive Hires

“Sandy Hook Deniers” Censored

By James F. Tracy
The individual who oversaw an across-the-board, content-specific evisceration of websites is none other than Matt Mullenweg, the 34-year old chief executive of Automattic Inc. and creator of A supporter of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and purported advocate of “Free Speech” and “Open Source” technology, Mr. Mullenweg caved to a New York Times story highlighting the alleged plight of individuals related to the dubious Sandy Hook mass shooting event. and former Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg, who on August 14 abruptly pulled the plug on numerous client websites. Image Credit: Wikipedia
Mullenweg promotes himself and his companies as alternatives to the “tech giants” and “big platforms” such as Google and Amazon. Yet if the world’s super-wealthy blog czar ever did have the personal integrity and zeal to defend the right of expression and open source philosophy via his enterprises, his recent management appointments and the flagrant censorship of his WordPress clients below indicate that these have clearly been forgotten.
What do we know if Mr. Mullenweg’s political inclinations? He is a left-progressive and supporter of the Democratic Party and former President Barack Obama, whose administration oversaw and appears to have coordinated the Sandy Hook massacre event in order to further its own radical gun control agenda.
Mullenweg and New Jersey Democratic Senator Cory Booker at the 2013 presidential inauguration of Barack Obama. Image Credit:
In 2016 Mullenweg endorsed the campaign of far-left presidential hopeful and Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig. In 2017 Lessig, a leftwing academic ideologue and outspoken opponent of Donald Trump’s presidency, proposed a scenario by which Hillary Clinton might seize the White House in a bloodless coup.

Censored Bloggers Did Not Violate’s Terms of Service, or Did They?

A careful reading of’s Terms of Service reveals that the websites known to us to have been “suspended” or “archived” at this time have been censored for no apparent reason, other than Mullenweg caving to pressure from the Times and Sandy Hook gun control activists.
With the above in mind, it would appear that Mullenweg and Automattic have eliminated the following blogs without cause, which is their right under the company’s Terms of Service, and that their shared themes make Automattic’s action content-specific. These blogs include, FellowshipoftheMinds, FundamentalOption, CinderellaBroom, AmericanEveryman, JaysAnalysis, and ChemTrailsPlanet. All of these blogs have contributed to furthering the public’s understanding of governmental and corporate corruption through their detailed analyses of mass casualty events and pedophilia.
According to TechCrunch, actually edited its own Terms of Service to accommodate the complaints of an individual who asserts he is “Sandy Hook parent Leonard Pozner,“and  who routinely files copyright infringement complaints to stifle independent research on the Sandy Hook event.
[] told The NYT that language was a part of a predefined statement it used, and was sorry that it did so in this particular situation.
However, it also admitted that the posts in question weren’t in violation of any current WordPress user guidelines or copyright law.
We understand the company has since phoned Mr. Ponzer to apologize directly. It then created a new policy to address the problem.
Its new policy reads: Impervious to Censoring Its Own Clients?

What makes censorship of the above sites even more glaring is the fact that heretofore WordPress has more or less been impervious to content-related challenges to his clients’ blogging, as Mullenweg reveals in a 2015 interview:
Question: Do you get a lot of subpoenas?

Mullenweg: Oh, yeah. It’s like everyone who publishes - it’s like if Bill Gates got takedown notices for people using Microsoft Word. We just get people contacting us for everything.

Question: Every type of disagreeable content that’s published on WordPress results in some type of letter.

Mullenweg: Yep.

Question: That sounds like fun.

Mullenweg: The more clueless the attorney, the more likely they are to contact us.’s reach, ambition, and aspirational language are impressive. For example, Mullenweg and company are devoted to “making the web a better place” and “democratiz[ing] publishing so that anyone with a story can tell it …” And as noted, they “believe in Open Source.” The reality of this past week’s purge of bloggers for merely asserting argument that have been found controversial by corporate media strongly suggest otherwise.
We might also interrogate’s newfound penchant for censorship by considering the personnel Mullenweg has recently recruited to steer the enterprise. Announcements of these managerial changes are available on the founder’s blog.
For example, the new managers include former National Public Radio and New York Times executive Kinsey Wilson, who was hired by Mullenweg to oversee in early 2018. remains our flagship product,” Wilson noted upon his appointment. “And the goal is to position it as a platform that provides both simplicity and ease of use as well as tremendous power.” (Emphasis added.)
Image Credit:
One might pass Matt Mullenweg off as yet another youthful, easygoing, mop-topped coder and multi-millionaire. Even if this is caricature is partly accurate it hasn’t stopped the tech entrepreneur from tapping top brass from the military industrial complex to steer the ship. In fact, earlier this summer Mullenweg brought on US Army General Ann Dunwoody to Automattic’s Board of Directors.
Gen. Ann Dunwoody (PRNewsfoto/Automattic)
Four-star General Dunwoody has “managed and operationalized the Army’s global supply chain for numerous engagements, including support of Iraq and Afghanistan operations, contingency operations in Haiti, Pakistan, and Japan, and the Base Realignment and Closing move of Command Headquarters from Fort Belvoir, Va., to Huntsville, Ala,” notes one 2013 press release. (Emphasis added.) General Dunwoody also serves on the board of directors of LMI, a major government consulting firm.
WordPress’ Matt Mullenweg and US General Dunwoody. Image Credit:
“We’re very lucky to have Gen. Dunwoody’s expertise and experience around the table as we navigate our second decade as a company and realize the huge opportunities ahead of us,” Mullenweg effuses. “With WordPress now powering more than 30% of all sites on the web, we’re excited to work together to shape the future of the open web. Gen. Dunwoody will help us continue to blaze a trail for open source and distributed companies all over the world.”
To make the circle complete Mullenweg has also tapped one James Grierson, former chief executive of BlueHost, to manage’s JetPack product. Under Grierson BlueHost’s legal department enforced a strict, “censor first, ask questions later” policy on any potential copyright infringement claim, however frivolous, as MHB experienced firsthand before BlueHost booted us entirely for alleged “Terms of Service” violations stemming from a complaint by the Sandy Hook-linked scammers. Clients Routinely Violate TOS

A cursory search of “’s Reader” area for the blogs WordPress/Automattic continues to host after silencing those it has identified as violating its “Terms of Service” include several that are in demonstrable violation of the company’s TOS.  (“Publish material or engage in activity that is illegal under applicable law.”)
Let us take, for example, the Antifa movement, a far left vigilante organization advocating intimidation and physical violence against virtually anyone its leadership perceives as averse to its political dogma.

Since these organizations are almost without question involved in illegal activity and in TOS violation one might conclude that they should be similarly banished, just as those posting conspiracy-oriented material. Yet perhaps Mullenweg’s political lens renders these sites and their calls to violence invisible, and hence they remain as accessible as before the purge.
To be sure, there are also many clients who’ve survived the purge that espouse unabashed conservative and far-right political views that would be deemed “hateful” and even “violence inciting” in many quarters.
WhiteLocust, a blog.
In fact, even the Daily Stormer, a well-known neo-Nazi site that trumpets being “the most censored publication in history,” is a client.
The neo-Nazi DailyStormer is an uncensored client.
With the above in mind the abrupt deletion of the blogs exposing deep government malfeasance simply make all of Mullenweg’s extravagant lip service to “democratizatation” and “open source” environments ring hollow. is as anti-free speech as the “big platforms” its leader decries. In today’s political environment where misleading and even demonstrably false news and opinion masquerades as “the newspaper or record” should we really be surprised.
And so within the bowels of Matt Mullenweg’s Ministry of Truth that now includes New York Times and even US military confidantes there must have been a conclusion reached (if but tacitly) that FellowshipoftheMinds, Chemtrailsplanet, JaysAnalysis, and others are so for some unknown reason so dangerous and repugnant they cannot see the light of day.

The 3 Trigger Terms Being Used to Stop Critical Thinking

It’s a strange world of newspeak we live in. What was once a society devoted to logic and progress is now being herded into echo chambers of thought control and anti-critical thinking. Without the ability to examine an issue impartially and completely there is little hope of maintaining liberty and freedom, as history repeatedly demonstrated.
Today, we find that thinking is a diminishing art, and in its place, sound bites and stop-thought terms are used to put the brakes on the mind. These terms are widely used as signals to prevent minds from looking too deeply at a topic or issue.
The three terms most widely used today to this avail are detailed below.
1.) Conspiracy Theorist – This term is so overused that it really is devoid of any practical meaning. If you were to examine it at face value, though, it describes a person who is looking to understand injustices in our world and is willing to look at uncomfortable facts in search of negative influence… of which there is plenty in our world today.
However, ‘conspiracy theorist’ has literally become a derogatory term that is attributed to anyone who refuses to accept mainstream narratives at face value. It doesn’t matter that there is overwhelming evidence to indicate that mainstream media does not value objectivity or report on important issues thoroughly or truthfully.
Now we find this term applied as a prefix to well-known journalists and media personalities, almost as we use the term Doctor. It’s an adjective that precedes them everywhere, so that before you even know what issue is being discussed, you know that the issue is coming from someone considered to be fringe and unacceptable.
2.) Alt – We see the label ‘alt’ being applied more and more frequently as an adjective for sentiments that supposedly do not fit in with the accepted status quo. Ideas outside of the box.
Alt-Media. Alt-Right. Alt-Left. Alt-News. Alt-Health. And so on.
The signal here is that the mainstream is the safe space, and that any segment of ideas or thought given this prefix is outside of that mainstream and, therefore, not something ordinary people would want to associate with. It takes complex ideas and sensitive issues and benches them, so that when the hive mind stumbles upon something ‘alt’ they immediately react with fear, disdain and feigned outrage.
There is no ‘alt’ in our world. We are one, and any faction of ideas is really just a spinoff of the shared reality we all live in. If segments of this shared space are off-limits and labeled as so, we all lose.
3.) Hate Speech – This term is one of the all-time favorites of politicians and tyrants. After all, what could more dangerous than hate?
Newsflash: Hate speech is not the same thing as a hate crime. Speech is just that, speech. It is literally vibrating air moving through space, and unless we’re talking about and LRAD crowd control cannon, sound really can’t cause people physical harm.
It is fascinating to watch how people use this term so freely as if speech itself can be criminal. American society is founded on the idea of freedom of speech and self-expression, which at its core is the recognition that as human beings we do not and never will all see the world in the same way. It is an acknowledgement of the fact that different people have different ideas about how the world is and should be. That these differences shouldn’t be used as a basis for discrimination.
The term hate speech is one of the most loaded and ambiguous terms in the political lexicon. Beware.

Final Thoughts

Next time you see or hear these terms being used, ask yourself what it is about the story that you’re not supposed to think too deeply about. Allow both sides of the argument to share equal time in your mind, and honor the independent, sovereign being within yourself that deserves a chance to make up its own mind about how it wishes to view the world.
Read more articles by Sigmund Fraud.
Sigmund Fraud is a survivor of modern psychiatry and a dedicated mental activist. He is a staff writer for where he indulges in the possibility of a massive shift towards a more psychologically aware future for humankind.
This article (The 3 Trigger Terms Being Used to Stop Critical Thinking) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Sigmund Fraud and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

Democrat memo demands complete takeover of the internet, total censorship of political opponents

Democrat memo demands complete takeover of the internet, total censorship of political opponents


(Natural News) Senate Democrats are already planning the next steps for the path to full-blown censorship, and a recently revealed memo shows the liberals on Capitol Hill are looking to usurp control of the entire internet. The memo, a draft paper from U.S. Senator Mark R. Warner, lays out a list of potential draconian plans for government regulation of the digital world. Democrat politicians are blazing the trail toward a regressive, left-wing dictatorship at an unprecedented pace.
Warner’s policy paper was leaked to Axios by an unidentified source; it contains 20 “suggestions” for ways the Left can crack down on Big Tech. Under the guise of “protecting” the public from themselves, Warner states that new technology like social media is dangerous because it can be used to “promote disinformation that undermines trust in our institutions, democracy, free press and markets.”
Who gets to decide what is “disinformation?” The truth is that our government institutions do not need any help when it comes to undermining public trust. Evidence has shown that federal agencies like the EPA are in bed with the very industries they are tasked with regulating. There are many other issues within the federal government,but especially within administrative agencies, which are comprised of unelected officials. Speaking out about these issues could easily become “disinformation,” if Left-wing tyranny is allowed to prevail.
Here are a few of Warner’s proposals:
  • Mandatory identity verification: The policy paper suggests that social media and other tech platforms should be forced to verify all user identities, and only allow “authentic” accounts. Warner posits that inauthentic accounts are a threat to democracy and undermine the integrity of digital markets. He further suggests that “failure to appropriately address inauthentic account activity” could be punishable as “a violation of both SEC disclosure rules and/or Section 5 of the [Federal Trade Commission] Act.”
  • Mandatory location verification: Warner wants to force Big Tech to verify and disclose the location of all users’ accounts or posts.
  • Making platforms legally liable for the actions of users, such as “”defamation, invasion of privacy, false light, and public disclosure of private facts.”
  • More disclosure requirements for political speech online.
This is by no means an exhaustive list; Warner would like to expand the roles and resources of government, including a task force for combating “asymmetric threats to democratic institutions” and other ideas.
Warner also proposes a “public initiative for media literacy.” He suggests that there be a federally funded program, largely carried out by state and local education institutions, that would begin “educating the public at an early age” to help build “long-term resilience to foreign manipulation of our democracy.”
This sounds an awful lot like an indoctrination program to promote one set of political ideals over others. What, exactly, such a program would entail is not disclosed.
As Axios notes, however, unless there is a blue wave in the midterm elections, it is unlikely Democrats will be able to turn these ideas into actual legislation. As long as Republicans maintain control of the House and the Senate, such authoritarian policies are unlikely to be adopted. Either way, the Democrat plan to usurp control of the internet, and the country, is highly concerning.
Free speech is under attack on virtually every front. Big Tech is taking on conservatives left and right,  and proponents of Big Government want a piece of the pie. Why let Big Tech have all the power, when Big Government can just step in and take it?
See more coverage of stories about how libtards are infringing upon your rights at
Sources for this article include:

James Fetzer: In Solidarity with Alex Jones -- Sandy Hook was a FEMA drill for gun control -- "Everyone Must Check In"

James Fetzer: In Solidarity with Alex Jones – Sandy Hook was a FEMA drill to promote gun control – “Everyone Must Check In”

07 Other AtrocitiesCorruptionGovernmentIO Deeds of WarLaw EnforcementMedia

James Fetzer: In Solidarity with Alex Jones – Sandy Hook was a FEMA drill to promote gun control – “Everyone Must Check In”
Mr. President,
During hearings on the failure of Connecticut to comply with Wolfgang’s FOIA requests, his attorney, Kay Wilson, asked First Selectman E. Patricia Llordra of Newtown, under oath, who she thought put up the flashing “Everyone Must Check in” sign at that location. The Selectman, whose position is equivalent to Mayor, responded: “I believe Homland Security put it there”. But of course, DHS wasn’t even supposed to be there. Some would call this, “Game! Set! Match!”
Anyone who doubts that crisis actors were used at Sandy Hook cannot be familiar with the B-grade performances of bona fide actors such as Francine Wheeler, David Wheeler, and Gene Rosen, whose performance should qualify him for “Worst Crisis Actor of 2012” Award. Gene claimed to have found several children (the number varies from 4 to 6 on various recounting) on his lawn, brought them into his home by the Firehouse and gave them milk and cookies.
All the feigned emotion he evokes cannot compensate for the absurdity of the story: Not only was there no evacuation of children from the school (which was why Shannon Hicks’ had to stage her photos) but, had there been, no bus driver would have dropped children off at the residence of someone who was not their parent or guardian. Rosen had no idea who they were and his story was absurd from the beginning. It’s frankly bewildering that anyone has bought it.
Among the many recordings of Gene Rosen’s testimony are those that show a portable sign in the background, “Everyone must check in”, which has raised questions about exactly what was going on. Some have insisted that the sign was there on the 14th (the day of the alleged event) because the crowds were enormous and had to be managed. But when I consulted experts in law enforcement whether they had heard of such a thing at a crime scene, they simply laughed.
The sign was placed there on the 13th because this was a two-day FEMA exercise, for which we even have the manual, included as Appendix A to Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (2015). The drill began at 8 AM/ET on 12/13/12 and ended at 11:59 PM to be evaluated on 12/14/12 as “a real-time event”.  As the manual itself explains, “Everyone must sign in with the controller upon arrival”, which explains the sign, one among many ways we know this was a FEMA exercise:
  • When Wolfgang sought to find out who had delivered the Port-a-Potties, he was denied that information, because it would have shown they were delivered on the 13th rather than the 14th, which led to his pursuit of legal action for failure to respond to his FOIA;
  • Not only the placement of the sign but the pizza and bottled water at the Firehouse were part of the exercise, where FEMA drills provide refreshments and restrooms;
  • Many there were wearing name tags on lanyards, which is also standard for FEMA exercises, where the participants are identified by color-coded nametags on lanyards;
  • Parents were bringing children on location; but no parent would have brought a child to the scene of a child-shooting massacre. Because it was the rehearsal, they were treating it as a festive occasion, which is completely inexplicable had this not been a FEMA drill.
The failure to follow standard emergency procedures on the 14th was another glaring tell: no EMTs were allowed to enter the building; no string of ambulances was brought in to rush their little bodies off to hospitals where doctors could pronounce them dead or alive; no med-evac choppers were called, where, as Wolfgang, a nationally recognized school safety expert has observed, they even that routinely for drills. No bodies were ever laid out on the emergency triage tarps. And the only evidence of any evacuations are the staged photos by Shannon Hicks.

Jim Fetzer

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is Distinguished McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota. He co-founded with Mike Palecek, when they discovered was banning their books. He has published widely on conspiracies, including “False Flags on Five Fronts: Sandy Hook, Boston, Charlottesville, Las Vegas and JFK”, “How to Spot a ‘False Flag’: A Sampler of Representative Events”, and “The Parkland Puzzle: How the Pieces fit Together”, at, BitChute, and other secure sites.
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