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"Social Security, the Military Budget and Wall Street" by Jerry Mazza

Social Security, the Military Budget and Wall Street
Jerry Mazza / 20 April 2010

The new Goldman Sachs global headquarters in Manhattan

Lately just about every month I find myself writing a check to the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare. As a recipient of both, I feel it’s a cause worth supporting, especially now, and since Barbara Kennelly, its President and CEO, tells me in her newsletter that the “P” word for Privatization has reared its ugly head again. Bad ideas never seem to go away.

As Barbara writes, “Yes, another Social Security privatization plan much like the one we battled—and defeated—under the Bush Administration is making a comeback.” She adds, “And just like 2005, soaring federal debt is fueling this dangerous idea that proponents claim is essential to our nation’s economic security. But this time we’re under siege of a full-blown debt crisisand the pressure is on like never before.”

My first thought is that Social Security did not bring on the debt crisis. It was the crooked banks that went into massive debt through bad and willfully corrupt decision making, and the use of deadly derivatives, Credit Default Obligations (CDO’s) and Credit Default Swaps (CDS’s). See U.S. Accuses Goldman of Fraud and Top Goldman Leaders Said to Have Overseen Mortgage Unit.

Add to this corruption, the endlessly soaring military budget, which is to fight three wars at once in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. Secondly, the thought of handing Social Security funds to the thieves of the financial system is not only idiotic. It’s guaranteed to make those funds vanish in manipulated losses, more bailouts, and more fat-cat profits for Wall Street and its boys.

Any senior who would give those crooks a penny of their Social Security benefits, should have his or her head examined. It’s like inviting the foxes into the hen house one more time.

But Barbara, bless her, is worried that “Heavy hitters, including the House Budget Committee ranking member and senior members of the minority leadership, are strongly behind ‘debt reduction’ plans that put future benefits at risk.”

In response to financial risk, let me show you what award-winning investigative reporter Dave Lindorff says about the new and incredibly bloated military budget. His article is called Your Tax Dollars at War: More Than 53% of Your Tax Payment Goes to the Military. And it’s more than appropriate to write this mid-April, the cut-off date for tax payment. Let me a quote you a few of Lindorff’s startling paragraphs…

“The budget for the 2011 fiscal year, which has to be voted by Congress by this Oct. 1, looks to be about $3 trillion, not counting the funds collected for Social Security (since the Vietnam War, the government has included the Social Security Trust Fund in the budget as a way to make the cost of America’s imperial military adventures seem smaller in comparison to the total cost of government). Meanwhile, the military share of the budget works out to about $1.6 trillion.”

Got that? The government, since Vietnam, was actually including the Social Security Trust Fund in the budget to make the cost of America’s military mania seem smaller next to the total cost of government. But there’s more. Hold on…

“That [$3trillion] figure includes the Pentagon budget request of $717 billion, plus an estimated $200 billion in supplemental funding (called ‘overseas contingency funding’ in euphemistic White House-speak), to fund the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, some $40 billion or more in ‘black box’ intelligence agency funding, $94 billion in non-DOD military spending (that would include stuff like military activities funded through NASA, military spending by the State Department, etc., military-related activities within the Dept. of Homeland Security, etc.), $123 billion in veterans benefits and health care spending, and $400 billion in interest on debt raised to pay for prior wars and the standing military during peacetime (whatever that is!).” How’s that for a spending menu? But there’s more…

“The 2011 military budget, by the way, is the largest in history, not just in actual dollars, but in inflation-adjusted dollars, exceeding even the spending in World War II, when the nation was on an all-out war footing.

“This military spending in all its myriad forms works out to represent 53% of total US federal spending.”

Now, how about them apples? 53 cents on every tax dollar (including your taxes paid for receiving Social Security) will go to needlessly bombing, maiming, and killing people you don’t even know, or know why they are being stomped on like so many ants, including by remote-controlled drones, fired no less by the CIA from Langley, Virginia. These drones sometimes hit their “targets” and more often kill innocent civilians, men, women, children, and the aged, who can’t get out of the way fast enough.

Returning to Barbara, she continues, “And this is an election year after all. They know that informed citizens like you won’t support any plan using the ‘P’ word, let alone any talk of benefit cuts. So they’re changing the rhetoric, using terms like ‘re-engineering,’ ‘reforming,’ [like they reformed health-care] and ‘transitioning’ to describe these unpopular plans.

“But whatever they choose to call it, the true goal couldn’t be clearer: to move much of Social Security into the hands of Wall Street bankers. And seniors will pay the price.” Alright, that sounds awful and downright unpractical. But let me turn to Dave Lindorff, for more of his bon mots…

“It’s also a military budget that is rising at a faster pace than any other part of the budget (with the possible exception of bailing out crooked Wall Street financial firms and their managers). For the past decade, and continuing under the present administration, military budgets have been rising at a 9% annual clip, making health care inflation look tiny by comparison.

“US military spending isn’t just half of the US budget, though. It is also half of the entire global spending on war and weaponry. In 2009, according to the venerable War Resisters League, US military spending accounted for 47% of all money spent globally on war, weapons and military preparedness (it's probably closer to 50% now). What contributes to that staggering figure is that America’s allies— countries like France, Britain, Germany, Italy, and Japan— account for another 21% of the world’s military spending. Fully 12 of the top-spenders among big military-spending nations are either allies of the US, or are friendly or completely non-threatening countries like Brazil and India. That is to say, America and its friends and allies account for more than two-thirds of all military spending worldwide.”

So, while the US Government and it’s so-called “allies” account for more than two-thirds of the military spending worldwide, the US government would like even more money to come out the sweat and blood and life’s work of senior citizens, seniors who paid their Social Security taxes through their working years, and paid it religiously, as it was matched by their employers.

Defense budget to increase amid budget deficit

And even if there was a shortfall in the Social Security Trust, you could raise the tax on Social Security as it was raised before by Ronald Reagan. Or you could raise the cap on earnings to be taxed. Now that taxable income cap stands at $106,800. You could raise it to pick up the shortfall, so that Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Lloyd Blankfein, Peter B. Peterson, and top-tier earners, who still don’t pay a penny more in taxes than on their first $106,800 in income, would be taxed on a larger portion of their total income, let’s say $250,000. It wouldn’t cripple them, trust me.

What’s more Social Security income goes into a Trust which earns interest to help pay for itself. Part of the problem, going back to the Bush years and before, is that presidents were continually “borrowing” from that Trust to fund their pet projects, either war or whatever. The Treasury notes they put back for what they took out Bush called “useless pieces of paper.” Goes to show you what Bush knew or thought about Treasury notes, which were promises to repay Social Security recipients for his administration’s US debt.

But let’s get back to Barbara who writes, “And your influence is needed now to STOP two privatization attempts that some are calling ‘violent’ and even ‘draconian’… The first plan quite a euphemism for picking seniors’ pockets…

“1. ‘Roadmap for America’s Future’ (H.R. 4529)
‘This legislation, introduced by the ranking member of the House Budget Committee, includes the Bush-like provision to ‘reform’ Social Security into a system with private accounts for future beneficiaries, trading guaranteed benefits for the risks of Wall Street. (It would also transform Medicare into a voucher program for future beneficiaries!)

‘2. ‘Bush Privatization Plan Redux
‘Bolstered by influential members of his party, a senior member of the minority leadership has called for a revival of the failed Bush privatization plan. It’s really no different than the ‘Roadmap’ provision above…” In other words, it’s the same old, same old, give your money to Wall Street to lose, one way or the other.

In fact, just stop and think back to September 29, 2008, when the stock market plunged 778 points in one day as a result in part of the fall of Lehman Brothers on September 16th, 2008. And think about your Social Security money tied up in Wall Street privatization hands in the middle of that chaos. Good luck. Even holding a portfolio of corporate and triple tax-free municipal bonds, I got a good kick in the head on that day. And my portfolio income hasn’t rebounded to what it was before...or before that, when I suffered worse losses in the bubble-burst of 2000. The same thing could happen again. We’re just waiting for the new bubble.

An unidentified woman who said she is a Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc employee writes a message on a portrait of Lehman Brothers Chief Executive Dick Fuld in New York September 15, 2008. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc filed for bankruptcy after trying to finance too many risky assets with too little capital, becoming the largest and highest-profile casualty of the global credit crisis. Based on assets, Lehman far surpassed WorldCom as the largest U.S. bankruptcy ever.

So don’t be suckered from giving away your Social Security to Wall Street, the ultimate insider business. Better you save it for your bread and butter. It’s the only on-going retirement plan seniors have had for 74 years, with no ands, ifs, or buts, when it comes time to provide their benefits. Even the biggest American corporations that have recently failed have bailed on their retirement payments.

As to Medicare, it’s the single-payer healthcare plan that you have paid for if you have Social Security, which you can supplement if you wish with a private Medigap plan. It could have been opened downward to people in their 50’s and become the model for a universal single-payer plan. But instead, it’s been ignored for a health-care plan that makes the insurance companies richer, cuts benefits, raises co-pays and deductibles. See my article Thanks for nothing, Mr. ‘Health Care Reform’ President. It was based on the findings of 17,000 Physicians from 43 states for a National Health Program, which included a single-payer plan that delivered more health for less cash.

Lastly, let me give you a parting blast from Dave Lindorff:

“Next time you hear that the government needs to cut funds for providing medical care to the children of laid-off workers, or that supplemental unemployment funds are running out, next time you hear that federal funds that are needed to fund extra teachers at your school are being cut, or that Social Security benefits need to be cut back, or the retirement age needs to be increased to 70, next time you hear that your local post office has to be shut down for lack of funds, next time you hear that Medicare benefits need to be reduced, think about that 53% of your tax payment that is going to finance the most enormous war machine the world has ever known. And ask yourself: Is this really necessary? Is this really where I want my money going? Is this really even making me safer or my country stronger?”

Well, that’s it. Thanks, Dave Lindorff. You’re a great man for writing what you did. And Barbara Kennelly, keep up the good work on the Washington treadmill.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer, life-long resident of New York City. His book “State Of Shock – Poems from 9/11 on” is available at, and

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Edward Haslam - DR. MARY'S MONKEY - Part II

Perhaps no one else has a better understanding of mysterious events that were unfolding in New Orleans during 1963 than Edward Haslam, who grew up in that enchanting city and learned of Dr. Mary Sherman from his father, who was an accomplished physician in his own right and a member of the faculty at the Tulane Medical School. Ed's curiousity and perserverence in attempting to unravel the circumstances of the death of Dr. Sherman (the DR. MARY of the title of his book) led him into a network of secret operations, not only those one might expect--of CIA/mafia gun-running to Cuba and missions to sabotage its facilities--but highly surprising projects, first, to develop an antidote for a cancer-causing vaccine infected with a monkey virus, second, to use injections of cancer cells as a bio-weapon to take out enemies of the state, such as Fidel Castro, but no doubt others unnamed, including, it would appear, inconvenient witnesses like Jack Ruby. Famous physicians, myterious figures, David Ferrie, Lee Harvey Oswald, Judyth Vary Baker, and more are entwined together in a story that proves truth can indeed be stranger than fiction.

Recently, Ed was interviewed on "Coast to Coast AM" for the full four hours. It was a fascinating interview and I strongly recommend that you hear it. Moreover, if you would like to read an extract from Ed's first book on these matters you can go to the previous blog. "Coast to Coast AM" synopsis:

Appearing for the full four hours, former advertising executive Ed Haslam discussed how his investigation of the 1964 murder of a cancer researcher led him to a story which connects a massive contamination of the polio vaccine to our current cancer epidemic and even the JFK assassination. "When you look at the story, each piece fits in with each other piece, very cleanly and very logically," Haslam observed, "it's only when you stand back and look at it, that it looks as strange as it does."

While researching the mysterious death of Dr. Mary Sherman, Haslam discovered that polio vaccines created in the 1950's had been tainted with a cancer-causing virus. This contamination, he said, was detected after half of the doses, a staggering 100 million vaccines, had been administered to an unwitting public. Allegedly, the creators of the vaccine were afraid to admit the error and subsequently distributed the remaining half of the "medicine" as well. Having studied data on cancer diagnoses, Haslam noted that a "massive epidemic" of soft tissue cancers "erupts in the years following the polio vaccines." Making matters worse, he said, the cancer-causing virus could be transmitted sexually and has even appeared in grandchildren of people who received the compromised vaccine.

Realizing their grave mistake, Haslam said, those "in the know" about the widespread inoculation tried to develop a vaccine against it by mutating the virus using a particle accelerator. According to his research, it was during this process that they discovered that the radiation caused the virus to become even more aggressive. It was at that point, Haslam said, the project shifted over to weaponizing the cancer-causing virus. Eventually, the weaponized virus was so powerful that it would kill a human in 28 days. He claimed that this number was derived from a clandestine test of the virus on inmates from a Louisiana prison. The end result was a potent weapon that was virtually untraceable.

Making the story even more bizarre, many of the players in the cancer-causing virus story have connections to the JFK assassination. For instance, one of the researchers in the weaponization project had Lee Harvey Oswald as her bodyguard and handler. Additionally, one of the bases of operation for these studies was the home of longtime Kennedy assassination suspect David Ferrie. And, bringing the tale back to where it all started, on the very day that the Warren Commission began their investigation of unsolicited witnesses in the JFK assassination in New Orleans, Dr. Mary Sherman was murdered.

Cancer Conspiracy - Ed Haslam interviewed on "Coast to Coast AM" with George Noory (15 April 2010). This broadcast was deemed so important that all four hours of Coast-to-Coast were allocated to get Haslam's important information. This broadcast can be heard here, in four segments. If you enjoy this newscast, consider visiting the Coast-to-Coast AM website at on a regular basis.

DR. MARY'S MONKEY - Ed Haslam interviewed on "The Real Deal" with Jim Fetzer (6 April 2010):

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"Depleted uranium is destroying life" by Jerry Mazza

Depleted uranium is destroying life
Jerry Mazza / 15 April 2010

A Depleted Uranium shell - Photo courtesy of Professor Siegwart-Horst Gunther

I have long heard sound-bites or seen passages about depleted uranium that sounded more than dire. But given my own cognitive dissonance, and the fact that I was writing about many other dire topics at the time, I filed depleted uranium in my cranium for future investigation, which, given the human aversion to bad news, could have been never.

But never was over in an exchange of emails about nuclear missiles in Israel's arsenal. I received some startling nuclear information from San Francisco Bay View writer, Bob Nichols. It was an illumination long-time coming.

I started at the end of Bob's article to find out who he was. His credits read "Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award winning writer and a San Francisco Bay View correspondent. A former bomb maker in a U.S. government factory in rural Oklahoma, he reports on the two nuclear weapons labs in the Bay Area. He can be reached at" His credentials were impressive and so was the article he sent, which I hope you read, PTSD, infertility and other consequences of war.

The A10 WartHog jet aircraft is built around the GAU-8 Gatling gun with seven barrels that fires 4,200 heavy uranium projectiles a minute. That’s 70 rounds a second!

In several, follow-up phone calls, Bob, in his gentle, mid-western drawl, filled me in on the picture of the imposing disasters caused by depleted uranium in Central Asia and in the Mid-East, in which hundreds of thousands of tons of depleted uranium had been dropped in the past 20 years.

Bob pointed out that San Francisco itself was receiving fallout from the Berkeley National [Nuclear Weapons] Lab, and from the Livermore Laboratory in the South Bay area, managed by San Francisco-based Bechtel, a nuclear-capable corporation, boosted by San Francisco's "'Nuclear Nancy' Pelosi and her friends at Bechtel" as Bob commented. The University of California at Berkeley now earns more from weapons than from students.

The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium, and the Dying Children. An award winning documentary film that exposes the use and impact of radioactive weapons during the current war against Iraq.

The San Francisco facilities have been part of the Manhattan Project, operating from pre-1945, contributing a dangerous amount of radiation to the area with weapons testing and leakages of material into the Bay. It was for this reason, Nichols told me, that he still lives in Oklahoma, though he has a real love affair with San Francisco. Yet he fears for its human and natural safety due to poisoning by the nuclear projects.

In fact, he bemoaned the occasion of "Fleet Week," "the happy boys sent off to war by Mayor Gavin Newsom's Fleet Week – an event responsible for a big chunk of the enlistments in the US Navy and marines – who will probably come in deadly contact with another Bay Area product: depleted uranium, aka DU, and weaponized ceramic uranium oxide gas and aerosols, UO."

As he wrote, "Iraq and virtually all the rest of the Middle East and Central Asia have been continually dosed for almost 20 years with thousands of tons of weaponized ceramic uranium oxide gas, also known as depleted uranium.

"When used as directed, the depleted uranium bullets, shells and bombs become a lethal uranium gas or aerosol. The poison uranium oxide gas aerosols last for billions of years and never stop indiscriminately maiming and killing, which is a war crime in itself."

That was shocking to hear. So I did a bit of research to corroborate Bob's claims and came upon a number of YouTube pieces, one particularly powerful ten-minute piece called Depleted Uranium - The Ultimate Dirty Bomb.

Depleted Uranium - The Ultimate Dirty Bomb

It features Dr. Doug Rokke, US Army Health Physicist and Nuclear Medicine Sciences Officer, as well as the internationally known Geological Scientist and International Radiation Expert Leuren Moret. Please take ten minutes to listen to it.

Dr. Rokke explains that as far back as 1973 [the Yom Kippur War], radioactive materials carpeted Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. He mentions too that DU radioactive contamination makes food and water unusable. He explains how the huge jolts of electrical energy in a small amount of depleted uranium can destroy human cells.

Most notably, Dr. Rooke estimates that from October/November 1991 in Gulf War 1, 160,000 US soldiers were permanently disabled by US use of some 340 tons of depleted uranium. Ten years later that number had climbed to 221,000 and left 10,000 dead. Dr. Rooke, a victim himself of the lack of proper post-battle examinations for DU poisoning, spoke with a tempered but deliberate anger and frustration at the damage done to all, including civilian populations, combatants, and himself.

"Lauren Moret pointed out that as far back as 1943 depleted uranium usage, aka "poison gas warfare" was encouraged in a government memo shown on screen. She also tells us that the UN Human Rights Commission declared depleted uranium as illegal. The ultimate irony she points out is that in 2003 we attacked Iraq and Saddam Hussein for possessing Weapons of Mass Destruction, which turned out not to be true. Yet when we attacked Iraq in 2003, we dropped between 1000 to 2000 tons of depleted uranium, a known Weapon of Mass Nuclear Destruction in a three-week period. This is a war crime unto itself.

This all jibed with Bob Nichol's writings, especially the fact that the damage of depleted uranium is forever, lasting billions of years in the atmosphere, the earth and water, as it lasts on clothing, the skin, the human body, destroying vital organs, causing birth defects of all kinds, cancers, infertility, damage to the bones, brains, testicles and ovaries, which applies to civilians and animals as well.

Iraqi Doctors See A Huge Growth In Children Born With Deformities. (R to L) Yousif Hamed, age 4 years old, his brother Anas Hamed and his sister Inas who suffer from birth defects are pictured on November 12, 2009 in the city of Falluja west of Baghdad, Iraq. Birth defects have soared in Fallujah, which was the site of two major battles between the U.S military and insurgents after the invasion of Iraq according to Iraqi doctors.

As Nichols writes, "Uranium munitions, containing weaponized uranium oxide gas and aerosols, are used by presidential order in US war zones. Privates and corporals do not decide to use these poisonous uranium gas weapons on their own. No, that order comes from the American president."

"Uranium oxide gas weapons are called 'genocidal weapons.' They maim and kill millions of people, their animals and their land. The actual targets by the US Expeditionary Forces are the populations of Central Asia and the Middle East, about a billion people." Remember that US forces themselves are the victims as well of these weapons, the worst imaginable blowback.

In fact, Nichols points us towards a "Middle Eastern country that requires all 18-year olds to join national service for several years. This country even has a roughly comparable health care system to America for a population of 7,233,701, according to the CIA World Factbook. This country is Israel."

Bob sent along an article from the noted Israeli paper, Haaretz, dated 3/21/2010: Study: Quality of Israeli sperm down 40% in past decade. Bob claimed the number was fudged somewhat because from 2004-2008 there was a 10 million sperm a year drop-off. Taken to 2015, all of the nation would be infertile. The motility of the tested sperm also indicated a drop-off. These samples were taken from healthy young people who do not smoke.

"In Israel, too," Haaretz writes, a study was published about a year ago, showing an increase of about 30 percent in defects in the male reproductive system. In addition, in the past decade, the number of cases of testicular cancer has doubled."

Haaretz goes on to attribute the sperm drop to "chemicals in the ground and in drinking impacting hormone levels and secondary sexual characteristics." The paragraph concludes with "Studies published in Britain have highlighted a clear connection between continual decline in sperm counts and chemicals in the environment."

In the next to last paragraph of Bob Nichols's article, he writes of the Israeli situation, "Since 20 percent live sperm is considered to be the beginning of infertility, Israel will be sterile in less than 10 years at this rate of decline. The estimated 7 million Israeli Jews will have no more children after that. This catastrophic development has already occasioned legislative hearings in Israel's Knesset... Israeli sperm concentration is just an example of what is happening to human sperm all over the Middle East and Central Asia, by the choice and force of will of successive US presidents."

The 800-pound gorilla in the room here is that young people tested (both men and women) are performing in the Israeli Defense Forces, and face massive amounts of depleted uranium in the US manufactured weaponry being used in the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians. The land, animals, and those involved in the conflict on both sides must be, by definition, poisoned by these toxic weapons of nuclear destruction. That's the real story. The Israelis have performed a service in a way just by conducting a bona fide scientific analysis of the situation.

Depleted uranium (DU) ammunition of U-238

In nearby Iraq, three-headed babies are turning up and a virtual Pandora's Box of birth defects that you can find on here Caution: these are not pretty pictures, but they are true pictures of what the future could be as the present.

Again, please read the entire Haaretz article and view the YouTube piece. Or check the more conservative Wikipedia for the 38-page article (which includes 13 pages of footnotes) linked here on Depleted Uranium. You can verify the information presented above and find more information as well. In fact, the first DU, which uses radioactive isotope-238 was "manufactured in the 1940's when the US and USSR began their nuclear weapons and nuclear power programs." P.S. Depleted uranium bombs were also used on Serbia in the Bosnian War by President Clinton.

The total world inventory of depleted uranium stands at 1,188,273 tonnes as of 2002. That is enough to wipe out life on the planet for billions of years.

The United States leads the pack with 480,000 tonnes; Russia closely follow with 460,000 million tonnes; France, 190,000 tonnes; United Kingdom, 30,000 tonnes, etcetera.

As to the Legal Status of DU, Wiki reports, "In 1996 the International Court of Justice (ICJ) gave an advisory opinion on the 'legality of the threat or use of nuclear weapons'.[29] This made it clear, in paragraphs 54, 55 and 56, that international law on poisonous weapons—the Second Hague Declaration of 29 July 1899, Hague Convention IV of 18 October 1907 and the Geneva Protocol of 17 June 1925—did not cover nuclear weapons, because their prime or exclusive use was not to poison or asphyxiate. This ICJ opinion was about nuclear weapons, but the sentence 'The terms have been understood, in the practice of States, in their ordinary sense as covering weapons whose prime, or even exclusive, effect is to poison or asphyxiate,' also removes depleted uranium weaponry from coverage by the same treaties as their primary use is not to poison or asphyxiate, but to destroy material and kill soldiers through kinetic energy.

"Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre," featuring interviews with U.S. soldiers, Iraqi doctors and international journalists on the U.S. attack on Fallujah. Produced by Italian state broadcaster RAI TV, the documentary charges U.S. warplanes illegally dropped white phosphorus incendiary bombs on civilian populations, burning the skin off Iraqi victims. One U.S. soldier charges this amounts to the U.S. using chemical weapons against the Iraqi people.

The deadly irony here is that depleted uranium, through the use of a perverse legalese, is classified here not as the awful poison and asphyxiate it is, but as a destructor of material and killer of solders through kinetic energy. Never has there been such a torturous misuse of language. Obviously, the people at the top are not thinking clearly. But we down here, the everyday people, must think clearly and protest the use of depleted uranium in any form, as a deadly poison and as a destructor of material, soldiers, civilians, animals, soil, water and air. Otherwise, we're committing suicide, the universe's ultimate punishment for our poisoning the planet.

This includes poisoning as well in non-warfare situations like the one in Naples, Italy (home of my forefathers) where the crime organization, the Camorra, is poisoning the Mediterranean, as Bob Nichols tells me, with the continual exploding of forty foot barges of nuclear waste, including depleted uranium. These gangsters are killing the sea that feeds that nation, the sea that runs into the Red Sea, in which Israelis swim. The Med is being poisoned for profit by criminals as the bought-off police turn their heads. Evil has many heads, like the DU misconceived child itself.

Environmental Cost of War. SourceCode investigates longterm costs of war's damage to the environment.

But let me conclude this piece, with Bob Nichols' last line, "The American war machine has consequences. PTSD is just one of them. The poison gas cannot be contained, undone or recalled. There is no antidote; there is no cure. There is no escape." But I will add that there is consciousness and the actions of conscious people to stop the situation from worsening. Let's use it.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer, life-long resident of New York City. His book “State Of Shock – Poems from 9/11 on” is available at, and

Jerry Mazza / April 2010

Standing in the sunlight
Broadway, 96th Street,
5 P.M., mid-April,
a cup of tea with milk
and sugar to go in hand,
a mild buzz from it, just
enough to feel the sun
on my face and the bliss it brings
to be alive in the crowd
of people walking by,
perfection in a handful
of light cupped in my hand,
my body tired from writing,
head waking to evening,
another day, another
war or two somewhere,
the wind of depleted uranium
not yet reached us, floating
over Central Asia
and the Mid East, eating
infants in the womb,
eating the bodies of billions
as millions go by here
free in the light of spring,
still-born the vision of peace
and freedom for the world,
only this private bliss
of blessed Buddha left
to lift me like a tree
from the ground-zero of being.

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Edward Haslam - DR. MARY'S MONKEY


Those who are most critical about Judyth Vary Baker appear to be those who know the least about her. It is therefore fortunate indeed that the author of DR. MARY'S MONKEY, Edward Haslam, has spent some 1,000 hours questioning her and establishing the core authenticity of her story. His book, which appeared in 2007, and my interview with him on "The Real Deal", which is being broadcast this evening, provide a context for understanding how she came into contact with Lee Harvey Oswald in the first place. It is therefore my great pleasure to present a chapter from Ed's book, which is indispensable for understanding what was going on in the city at the time, which had more to do with an extraordinary cancer-research project than it did with a personal relationship.

The late Jim Garrison, former DA of New Orleans, describes his investigation of the Kennedy assassination and his subsequent arrest of Clay Shaw. More videos can be viewed at

Judyth has much more to tell us regarding some of the murkiest aspects of assassination research, events which were taking place in New Orleans during 1963. As Ed Haslam has explained in his book and during the interview, Judyth and Lee were collaborating with David Ferrie and Dr. Mary Sherman in a project that evolved from the necesssity to develop an anti-cancer-virus cure that became crucial when it was discovered that the polio vaccine being used to inoculate around 100,000,000 children and young adults was contaminated with the SV-40 virus, derived from the incubation of batches for study in the kidneys of Rhesus monkeys, into the development of a bioweapon to take out officially designated targets. It is a fascinating and remarkable story, which I am only now beginning to piece together.

I myself have been slow to appreciate what was going on and that their relationship appears to have been arranged in order for Lee to assist Judyth with the practical aspects of life in relation to the threats and promises of the New Orleans environment, where many dark secrets and covert activities linked Guy Banister, Clay Shaw, Carlos Marcello, and Lee Oswald together in anti-Castro activities. Meanwhile, David Ferrie, Mary Sherman, and Alton Ochsner had been atempting to fix a cure for polio that was more dangerous than the disease, but by the time Judyth was on the scene, attention had shifted to bioweapon development. After all, as Judyth has observed, what doctor would assume that a cancer developing in a person was anything but natural? Contaminated vaccines continued to be used until the 1990s.

Judyth has added that research on a cure for the contaminated vaccine had largely subsided by the time she became actively involved and that emphasis was focused at that time on the development of radidly-developing cancers for use as bioweapons to eliminate enemies of the state, initially including Fidel Castro but probably employed on Jack Ruby as well, because he "knew too much" about activities the government preferred not to share with the public. You will be as stunned as I to learn how much more was involved in the relationship between Lee and Judyth than has been presented on this very thread, where the personal has overshadowed the scientific. Research on an unexpected problem in the "cure for polio" and the development of a bioweapon are the crucial elements that we have been missing.

DR. MARY'S MONKEY - Ed Haslam interviewed on "The Real Deal" with Jim Fetzer (6 April 2010):

[NOTE: Here is an extract from Ed Haslam's first book on these matters.]

The Witness / Chapter 17
By Edward Haslam

In 1995, on the eve of publication of the 1st edition of this book, a fellow writer cautioned me “You have everything except a witness.”

Five years later, the phone rang. It was 60 Minutes, the CBS News TV show. They were investigating a woman who said that she had been in the laboratory I wrote about in my book. In the laboratory in David Ferrie’s apartment. Did I want to talk to them?

Frankly, it was not a good time to ask me that question. In 2000 I was extremely busy doing other things in my professional life and was not anxious to get drawn back into the story that had dominated so many years of my life.

On the other hand, I respected the power of the 60M microphone. Whatever they said, whether right or wrong, critical or favorable, would be heard by millions of people and would shape the public’s understanding of events which I cared about. I reluctantly decided to participate enough to keep an eye on the situation. We agreed to meet for an off-camera interview. They sent me background materials to review, and one of their investigators came to see me – a lawyer. Ironically, it was 60M that brought me the witness that I had been missing.

After reviewing the materials which they sent me (which did not include any of the photos of the woman nor the evidence that I will be showing you shortly), they asked me to comment. My opening remark was: “Well, she needs to be written up. Either in the history books or the medical books. At the moment, I am not sure which one.” Neither were they.

60M’s interest in this woman was fueled by the sensational aspects of her story – that she had met Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans in the summer of 1963, that they had fallen in love and had an affair, despite the fact that both were married to other people at the time. Any TV executive could see the blockbuster potential for a sizzling story built around the vortex of love, sex, politics and the accused assassin of JFK set in America’s most exotic city. They eagerly flew their investigators to New Orleans and interviewed Oswald’s girlfriend for hours.[1]

60M asked Oswald’s girl friend all the logical questions: “Where are you from? Why were you in New Orleans? Where did you work? Where did you live? How did you meet Lee? What did you do together? Did you ever hear the subject of killing JFK discussed?” And Oswald’s girlfriend kept answering them. Before long 60M realized that their sizzling little romance between a beautiful young woman and a soon-to-be-accused assassin had morphed into an 800 pound gorilla with “serious politics” written all over it. The adulteress sitting in front of them stated that she and Lee Harvey Oswald stood side-by-side in an underground medical laboratory located in David Ferrie’s apartment on Louisiana Avenue Parkway in New Orleans and that she was the laboratory technician that handled the cancer-causing monkey viruses which were being used to develop a biological weapon for the purpose of killing Fidel Castro. To put the icing on the cake, the entire project was secretly directed by the famous Dr. Alton Ochsner (former President of the American Cancer Society) and supervised by a prestigious cancer researcher named Dr. Mary Sherman who worked for Dr. Ochsner at his hospital. Further, after successfully killing numerous monkeys with their new biological weapon, this group had tested it on a human subject in a mental hospital, killing the human. Lethal human experiments! Leaders of American medicine and the accused assassin of the American President involved together in developing a biological weapon! Can you hear 60M’s signature sound effect ticking in the background?

As the dimensions of the story grew, so did 60M’s demands for hard evidence. 60M was not about to risk their credibility over an unsupported story involving a homemade biological weapon and the accused assassin of the President without hard evidence. This is when they contacted me, because I had already written a book that sounded very similar. Yes, they had my book, but no, they had not read it yet. I insisted that the 60M investigator read it, every-word, cover-to-cover, which she said that she did on her flight back to New York. No, I did not have the hard evidence about Judyth they were looking for. But I never said that I did. From my perspective, I was particularly concerned 60M could discredit her story as a means of discrediting mine. Such were my initial thoughts.

The next problem came when I read her name in the documents they had sent: Judyth Vary Baker. The problem was that I already knew someone named Judyth Vary Baker. And she had said that she was a close friend of Lee Harvey Oswald. My girlfriend Barbara and I went to a party at her house in New Orleans in 1972.[2]

When it became clear that the woman brought to me by 60M was not the same person I met in 1972, I realized that I had met two separate women claiming to be “Judyth Vary Baker” who claimed to have known “Lee Oswald.” Simply said, one had to be an impostor. With the information available to me at that time, I could not tell 60M which one was the impostor. I hoped they would be able to tell me.

At that point, 60M pulled the plug on the Judyth story. The rank-and-file CBS producers and investigators had worked hard on the story. They were extremely disappointed by the decision from their bosses to terminate the story. One insider forwarded me an email written by a senior 60M executive in which he stated that 60M had spend more time and money investigating Judyth’s story than they had on any story in their 20 year history. To refuse to air the story after making that kind of investment was difficult decision for them. It makes one wonder “Who really made 60M’s decision to abort?” and “Why?”

After the 60M debacle, I contacted Judyth Vary Baker directly. I was curious about this unusual woman and wanted to learn more about her. If she could show me that she was the real Judyth Vary Baker, then it meant the other Judyth Vary Baker that I had met in 1972 was the impostor. This raised some very interesting questions: Why would someone have gone to the trouble to impersonate Baker back in 1972? How did they know who she was? How did they know about her connection to Oswald? Why was I invited to her party? Why did they tell me her name?

Yes, the 1972 incident did cause confusion and distrust amongst the 60M team. Their only evidence was my word and my memory. But that was their perspective. I, on the other hand, was the one who was there. I knew what I saw. I knew what I heard. And I remembered the names clearly.[3] The fact that 60M had a real live person who said that her name was Judyth Vary Baker and that she had known Lee Oswald made the 1972 “Judyth Vary Baker” incident even more interesting to me. I decided to learn more about this new “Judyth Vary Baker” to figure out why someone had wanted me to know who she was back in 1972.

In 2001, I happened to live in Bradenton, Florida, the small town on the west coast of Florida where Judyth was raised. When Judyth said that she would be visiting Bradenton soon to see her aging mother, we agreed to meet.

I took the day off from work so that I would not be distracted by business matters. We met in the lobby of the central library and drove to a local restaurant where we could talk. Judyth picked a restaurant where she knew the owner. When we got there, she introduced me to the owner who remembered her fondly, and we were shown a table in the back where we could talk. For the next several hours, Judyth displayed binders of documents she had collected and neatly organized over the years and told me her story, page by page. It was only then that I really began to understand the dimensions of what she was saying. Finally, I looked at her carefully, studying her pensive blue eyes and her coke-bottle thick glasses, and said “You are telling me that you personally stood in David Ferrie’s apartment with Lee Oswald at your side, day after day, and worked with cancer-causing monkey viruses so that you could develop a biological weapon to kill Fidel Castro?”

“Yes,” she said.

I felt that Judyth’s story was an important development. So I called the writer who said that I had “everything except a witness” and told him about Judyth. His book had been on the JFK assassination. He assured me that Judyth was a walking-talking misinformation machine sent by CIA to cause chaos and confusion amongst the JFK assassination research community and that the documents that I had seen were probably forgeries.

“If these documents are fake,” I countered, “They are the best forgeries I have ever seen. I’m talking about 30 year old newspapers and faded ink.”

“Langley does great work,” he quipped.[4]

“You once told me that my only problem was that I didn’t have a witness,” I retorted. “Now my problem seems to be that I have a witness.”

I begin my discussion of Judyth this way to show how skeptical I was of her. It was clear to me that Judyth’s road to acceptance was going to be a difficult one. Was she crazy? Was she an impostor? Had she made up her story after reading my book? Would people think Judyth and I were some sort of tag team that were secretly coordinating our stories? These are fair questions for the average person who has heard her story from others and has not seen her evidence presented properly. If you quarter some of these thoughts, know that I did, too. It is reasonable to be suspicious of claims that challenge our understanding of history. But it is unreasonable to ignore evidence because it might change your mind or challenge the positions that you have taken in public. History shows us new information is rarely welcome. And Judyth has new information.

It’s time to get to the core questions about Judyth Vary Baker. I consider the three most important questions to be:

1. Is “this Judyth” the real Judyth Vary Baker from Bradenton, Florida? Or is she the impostor?

2. Did Judyth know Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans in 1963? If she does not have reasonable proof to support this claim, then there is little point in pondering her story.

3. Was Judyth trained to handle cancer-causing viruses before she went to New Orleans in 1963? If 1 and 2 above are true, then this point would qualify her as a suspect for “the technician” that I wrote about in “The Pandemic” chapter.

If the answers to all three questions are “yes,” then we need to pay attention to what Judyth has to say, even if it conflicts with both the official and the unofficial stories concerning Oswald and his role (whatever it was) in the assassination of JFK. Even if it disagrees with the self-appointed Oswald experts. And even if it disagrees with some of the things I originally said in this book. Let’s tackle these questions right now - one at a time.

1. Is she the real Judyth Vary Baker from Bradenton, Florida?

Judyth had shown me a collection of newspaper articles when we met in 2001. Several had photos of her. Most of the articles were published in The Bradenton Herald, one of the local newspapers in the Bradenton, Florida.

A year later, in February 2002, I started working for The Bradenton Herald. My role was to handle their market research materials, but my position gave me access to their news library and their microfilm collection. This microfilm collection had been copied about 10 years earlier, and the copy had been given to the Bradenton Public Library. The public could see the microfilm collection at the public library, but the original microfilm was kept in the news department’s research library on the upper floor of The Bradenton Herald and was not open to the public. No one could have anticipated that I would start working for The Bradenton Herald and would have access to their original microfilm collection. If I could find Judyth’s newspaper articles there in the off-limits microfilm collection, I could settle the “forgeries” issue once-and-for-all. I got Judyth to send me a list of publication dates for the articles she had.

Yes, I found all of The Bradenton Herald newspaper articles that Judyth had shown me in the microfilm library of The Bradenton Herald. She had also shown me two other newspaper articles which I will be discussing later in this chapter.

So the answer to our first question is “Yes, she is definitely the real Judyth Vary Baker from Bradenton, Florida.” Her maiden name was Judyth Anne Vary, and she was frequently referred to as Judy in the press of the day. She is easy to recognize in the photos. Bradenton was proud of her. “Judy” was going to find the cure for cancer.[5] She presents copious evidence to support all of this in her book.[6]

2. Did Judyth know Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans in 1963?

It might help the reader to know there has never been any dispute over the fact that the person that the press has referred to as Lee Harvey Oswald worked at a coffee company in New Orleans in the summer of 1963. This is reported by the Warren Commission and acknowledged throughout the JFK assassination research community. In fact, I have never heard anyone dispute it. Beyond that, I personally heard Boatner Reily, later the president of that same coffee company, state that they (the Wm. B. Reily Coffee Company) had turned over their employment records of Lee Harvey Oswald to the U.S. Government immediately after the assassination. What is less clear to the casual reader is whether Lee Oswald worked for the Standard Coffee Company or for the Wm. B. Reily Coffee Company, since the names differ on various documents. Both companies were owned and operated by William B. Reily and his family, so the difference in the names is not important. Lee Oswald worked for Reily. So did Judyth Vary Baker.

Here is her W2 tax form submitted by Wm. B. Reily & Co. to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service which proves that she did.

This document was provided to me directly by Judyth Vary Baker who scanned it from the original. I accept it as authentic.[7] I have blocked out the last four digits of her Social Security number to protect her privacy. I did, however, compare that social security number with a variety of other documents which Judyth provided to me, such as her college transcripts, and I assure the reader that the numbers match.

The name on the document is Judyth Anne Baker. The person we now know as Judyth Vary Baker was known as Judyth Anne Vary until she married Robert Baker and became Judyth Anne Baker in 1963. Back then it was not common for women to incorporate their maiden names into their married names.

W2 forms are mailed out in January of the following year - in this case, in January 1964 for the 1963 tax year. The address on the form shows where the form was mailed, not where the person lived during their employment. Judyth left New Orleans in September 1963 after her employment with Reily ended and returned to Florida. The Ft. Walton address on Judyth’s W2 form was her husband’s family’s residence which he used as his official address while attending the University of Florida in Gainesville.

The amount of money shown on the W2 form is consistent with Judyth’s pay stubs from Reily, which I also have copies of. It should be emphasized that Judyth was referred to Reily by the same employment agency that referred Lee Oswald and that she started work on the same day. Judyth worked directly for Reily’s Vice–President William I. Monaghan, an ex-FBI agent who later testified to the Warren Commission about Oswald. But Monaghan did not mention Judyth to the Warren Commission nor did he mention that another person was hired on the same day that Oswald was hired.

A simple gumshoe investigation a murder suspect would have started with friends and associates, particularly at the place of employment. A gumshoe investigation of Oswald would have checked out Reily Coffee, found Judyth, and realized that she was close to Oswald. They started on the same day and arrived at work together each morning, though they frequently clocked in at different times, due to Lee’s other activities in the neighborhood. We even find Judyth’s initials on Lee’s timecards. Figuring out their connection would not have been difficult. Consider these obvious points. Neither Lee nor Judyth owned a car. Reily Coffee was located on Magazine Street. Both Judyth and Lee lived along the Magazine Street bus route and rode the bus to work. Day after day, Lee would get on the bus at the 4900 block of Magazine. Several blocks later Judyth would get on at the corner of Marengo Street and sit next to Lee. Bus drivers recognize their regular customers. The bus driver could have easily confirmed that Judyth and Lee sat together every morning, read the newspaper, and talked - and that they got off the bus together near the Reily Coffee Company. This would not have been difficult for an investigator to sort out.[8]

Who was this young woman who talked to the accused assassin of the President on a daily basis? What did she know about him? What did she know about the assassination? Did she have prior knowledge? These are good questions, and a competent investigator would have asked them. So why were they not asked?

Did the Warren Commission send in a gumshoe to investigate Oswald at Reily? No, they asked the “ex-FBI” agent that hired Oswald about him.[9] And that ex-FBI agent did not mention that his own secretary, whom he also hired, started on the same day and arrived at his front door with Oswald every morning. How convenient! This raises the question: Did Monaghan knowingly withhold information from the Warren Commission? If he did, was he instructed to do so? And by whom? Was Judyth being protected in order to protect the bio-weapon project and the people behind it?

Several years after the Warren Commission “investigation,” the investigators working for New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison tracked down another young woman named Anna Lewis, a waitress who worked at Thompson’s Restaurant - a favorite gathering spot for the anti-Castro crowd around Lafayette Square in downtown New Orleans. At the time, Anna was married to David Lewis, who had worked for another “ex-FBI” agent Guy Banister. Today we have video testimony from Anna Lewis recorded in 2003 and made available on the internet by Dutch JFK researcher Wim Dankbaar. In this interview, Anna clearly states that she knew Lee Oswald and that Oswald was a regular customer at Thompson’s in 1963. Further, she states that she and her husband socialized with Lee and Judyth together on a number of occasions. More importantly Anna Lewis admits that she lied to District Attorney Garrison and his investigators when they asked her about Oswald. Had Anna Lewis told Garrison the truth, Garrison could have easily tracked down Judyth. Garrison was already suspicious of Ochsner and his role in the media exposure of Oswald. If Garrison had had access to Judyth, and if Judyth told Garrison what she now tells us--that she and Lee were working on a biological weapon project under the direction of Dr. Alton Ochsner--Garrison’s investigation (and his whole life) might have turned out very differently. But she didn’t. Anna Lewis lied to Garrison because she was afraid. Meanwhile, Judyth hid silently because she was afraid. Two critical pieces of evidence were unavailable to the American people and their elected representatives (like Garrison) at the time they were pondering who killed their President. Now that we know differently, is it time to reconsider our history?

3. Was Judyth trained to handle cancer viruses before going to New Orleans?

The short answer is “yes,” and the evidence to support this is abundant. Here is a photo taken by the Herald-Tribune (a newspaper in the Bradenton area) showing Judyth in her cancer lab with her mice during high school. The numerous newspaper articles published in The Bradenton Herald tell a similar tale. Judyth was a star science student who wanted to find a cure for cancer. They wanted her to succeed. After creating lung cancer in her mice faster than anyone known to medical science, Judyth was given introductions, financing, opportunities, chemicals, tuition, and training. Her training was world-class.

I also know a man in Bradenton who remembers Judyth from high school. He was in an independent-study science class with Judyth and saw her on a regular basis during their senior year in high school. His comments to me are worth noting. He said “If you’re telling me that Judyth wound up in some secret lab doing some heavy duty experiments, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. She was always very intense and took herself very seriously.”

The next newspaper article that I would like to discuss was published in upstate New York in The Buffalo Courier-Express, which reported on the cancer research training program that Judyth attended at the Roswell Park Cancer Center.

There is a detail in the text of this article that I think is equally important. It’s a quote from Dr. Edwin Mirand who ran the program Judyth attended.

Dr. Mirand was half of the “Grace and Mirand” medical research team that wrote “Human Susceptibility to a Simian Tumor Virus,” an article published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Science in 1963.

I referred to this same article in every edition of my book since 1995. It has been listed in the bibliography the entire time.

In other words, this is proof that in 1961, Judyth personally knew and studied under the nation’s leading experts in cancer-causing monkey viruses which I wrote about.

And she did so 34 years before I published my book.

This article contradicts that notion that Judyth read my book and wrote herself into it. She did not. The evidence indicates that she was trained to handle cancer-causing viruses, lived in New Orleans, and knew Lee Oswald decades earlier.

This may be intoxicating news for those concerned about Judyth’s credibility and what she can tell us about Lee Oswald, but it is sobering to those of us worried about the fate of the biological weapon. This means that Judyth Vary Baker really did have the technical skills to handle the cancer-causing monkey viruses that might be used to create a biological weapon. Yes, Judyth Vary Baker had the technical qualifications to be “the technician” that did “the bench work” in the Ferrie-Sherman medical laboratory. Hearing Judyth admit that as a 19-year old she assisted Lee Harvey Oswald, David Ferrie, Dr. Mary Sherman, and Dr. Alton Ochsner in their efforts to develop a biological weapon is… a brain-buster! I guess I have my witness.

We are at the end of our three qualifying questions about Judyth Vary Baker. The answers were “yes, yes, yes.” Our next step is to ask what else did she say?

Here is a brief summary of the parts of Judyth’s story that are relevant to the our inquiry. A more in depth account is the appendix entitled “Judyth’s Story.”

- 1. Judyth went to New Orleans in the 1963 at the invitation of Dr. Alton Ochsner.

- 2. Ochsner had known Judyth for several years and had previously arranged for her to be trained at the famous cancer research center discussed above.

- 3. Ochsner promised Judyth early-admission to Tulane Medical School in return for her services in Dr. Mary Sherman’s cancer lab at Ochsner Clinic. Ochsner also provided her with cancer research papers on the state-of-the-art techniques such as cancer-causing viruses.

- 4. Judyth wound up working under Sherman’s direction in the underground medical laboratory in David Ferrie’s apartment instead of in her cancer lab at the Ochsner clinic.

- 5. Judyth met Lee Oswald at the Post Office in what she thought was a chance encounter. In hind-sight, she realized that this had to be intentional, since Lee was already working with David Ferrie, Dr. Mary Sherman and Dr. Alton Ochsner on the bio-weapon at the time. Lee introduced her to “Dr. David Ferrie” the following day and helped Judyth find an apartment.

- 6. When Judyth went to meet Dr. Ochsner in a room within the bowels of Charity Hospital, Lee Oswald accompanied her to the appointment and went in first to meet with Dr. Ochsner alone.

- 7. Lee was working with ex-FBI agent Guy Banister as has been reported by many sources. Lee took Judyth to meet Banister in his office to satisfy her concerns that the bio-weapons project is really a secret government operation. Banister confirmed that Lee was working with them on a get-Castro project.[10]

- 8. When Judyth went to Dr. Sherman’s apartment for a private dinner with her, David Ferrie was the only other guest. Sherman and Ferrie discussed the nature of their project with Judyth. They deemed the idea of using cancer-causing viruses to kill Castro as morally ethical since is might prevent World War III. Lee phoned Judyth that same night at Sherman’s apartment. Dr. Mary Sherman was the operational director of “the project.” Ferrie and Oswald were participants.

- 9. Lee escorted and transported Judyth all over town, including to Dr. Sherman’s apartment where Judyth dropped off “the product” and related reports forSherman’s review. Lee was “the runner.”

- 10. Judyth and Lee were provided cover-jobs at Reily Coffee Company where they were allowed to slip out several afternoons a week to work in the underground medical laboratory in David Ferrie’s apartment.[11]

- 11. Lee Oswald’s connections to the Mafia in New Orleans are much stronger than have ever been reported publicly.[12] Judyth and Lee ate-for-free at restaurants owned by Carlos Marcello and went to his headquarters (500 Club and Town & Country Motel).

- 12. Lee’s role in the kill-Castro portion of the project was to transport the bio-weapon into Cuba. The radio debates and film clips of Oswald’s leafleting were arranged by Ochsner (at Oswald’s request) to make Oswald appear to be an authentic defector so he could get into Cuba more easily.

- 13. Judyth heard the subject of assassinating JFK was discussed at various times by various people, including Ferrie, Sherman and Oswald. Part of the logic that was explained to Judyth was that they had to hurry up and kill Castro with their bio-weapon before Ochsner’s friend ran out of patience and decided to kill Kennedy instead.

- 14. After testing their bio-weapon on dozens of monkeys, they arranged to test it on a human “volunteer,” a convict brought from Angola State Penitentiary to the Jackson State Mental Hospital in rural Louisiana for that purpose. The weapon was successful. The man died in 28 days as a result.

- 15. Judyth wrote a letter to Dr. Ochsner protesting the use of an unwitting human in their bio-weapon test and delivered it to his secretary.[13] Upon seeing the letter, Ochsner exploded in anger and threatened both Judyth and Lee. Everything fell apart for Judyth as a result. Ochsner reneged on his offer to place Judyth in Tulane Medical School. Lee was ordered to Dallas. Judyth went back to Florida with her husband.

- 16. For the next few months, Judyth and Lee stayed in contact by telephone, thanks to access to the Mafia’s “secret” Miami-to-Las Vegas sports betting lines courtesy of David Ferrie. While the phone company and the U.S. Government might not have been able to listen to their conversations, the Mafia would have been able to!

- 17. On Wednesday, November 20, 1963, Lee told Judyth that there would be a real attempt to kill President Kennedy when he visits Dallas on Friday. It is the last time they talked.

But we are not here to figure out who killed JFK. We are trying to understand who was using radiation to mutate monkey viruses and why. Judyth’s testimony is an important piece of the puzzle for us to have. Judyth’s account means that a witness who participated in “the project” (as they called it) has confessed that both she and Lee Oswald were operational members of the Ferrie-Sherman underground medical laboratory and that they knew that they were developing a biological weapon. This is a major point. Think about how difficult it would have been to investigate and prosecute Lee Oswald in a court of law for killing Kennedy without exposing that laboratory, its sponsors, the cancer-causing viruses that contaminated the polio vaccine, and all of the ethical and medical questions arising from their irradiation of a flotilla of dangerous monkey viruses. Can you imagine the publicity? The political fall-out? With one side of Lee’s life connected to anti-Communists like Ochsner, Reily, and Banister (and perhaps the FBI and the CIA) and the other side connected to Carlos Marcello and almost everyone around him, Oswald’s trial would have exposed everything. Whether Oswald had anything to do with killing Kennedy or not, the exposure of a trial would have created obvious problems for the sponsors of the lab.

Like the cover-up which dumped Mary Sherman’s burned and mangled corpse into her apartment, Lee’s murder was deemed “a necessity” to protect the underground medical laboratory and its sponsors. In doing so, they silenced the man who could have explained what really happened (or perhaps what did not happen) in Dallas on November 22, 1963.[14] Perhaps this was part of their plan all along.

Today, Judyth’s goal is to exonerate Lee Oswald. She will never stop her crusade to clear his name. I consider the bulk of what she has said to be as accurate as she can be held accountable for. She is explaining what happened in her life to the best of her ability. I have seen people that I knew were in the same room with each other at the same time disagree on what happened. Disagreement is not the acid test of truth. Events are always colored by perception. Judyth knows what she heard and knows what she believes, much of which is what she was led to believe by others. Yes, Judyth loved Lee. Judyth believed Lee. Judyth trusted Lee. She also trusted Dr. Alton Ochsner, Dr. Mary Sherman and David Ferrie. She was really there with Lee Oswald in New Orleans. She was young, impressionable, na├»ve and gullible. Somewhere along the line both she and Lee were betrayed. But there is a limit to what she knows. Judyth was not in Dallas on November 22, 1963.[15] We all need to distinguish between what she personally saw and heard versus what she understands or believes to be the case. Both her critics and her supporters need to make these distinctions. So does she. So do I.

Next we look at what Judyth said that disagrees with things I wrote in earlier editions of this book.

First, I remind the reader that I did not feel that I had strong enough evidence in hand to endorse the claimed connection between Mary Sherman and David Ferrie without reservation and that I challenged any researcher to come foreword with real evidence or testimony that they were associated. They did.[16] Judyth clearly states Mary Sherman knew David Ferrie well. In fact, Judyth had dinner with Sherman and Ferrie at Sherman’s apartment. Judyth is adamant that Mary Sherman was definitely part of the cancer-virus research project that was going on at David Ferrie’s apartment. In fact, part of Judyth’s daily operational cycle was to bring “the extracts” of her cancer-causing virus research from Ferrie’s apartment to Mary Sherman’s apartment. She also clearly states that Dr. Alton Ochsner was ultimately in charge of the Ferrie-Sherman lab. And that both she and Lee Oswald were part of the effort to use the cancer-causing monkey viruses to develop a biological weapon. No, David Ferrie had not run off with the mice after the Big Lab was shut down as I had suggested. The mice were delivered to his apartment several times per week for processing as part of the operation. To my mind, this has always been what I called “the worst case scenario” - the confirmed existence of the secret cooperation between talented scientists, dangerous radioactive equipment, monkey viruses and political extremists in an underground medical laboratory.

But did they use radiation to mutate the monkey viruses?

I wrote to Judyth and said that I needed to know specifically if she had been told that the viruses she was working with at David Ferrie’s apartment had been exposed to radiation at another location to change them genetically? I told her I wanted to make sure that no one can find any ambiguity in her statement or be able to misinterpret it, so I was going to put a magnifying glass on it. I needed clarification. I needed her to confirm or deny it based on what she knew? My exact words were:

“My question is about your time in New Orleans in the summer of 1963… Do I understand that you are saying that you were told that the extracts that you prepared at David Ferrie's apartment and delivered to Mary Sherman's apartment were being subjected to radiation and then recycled into more mice? Do I have this right?”

Judyth’s response:


I continued:

“By your term ‘we all knew it’ who are you referring to? Could I ask you to answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to each person on this list separately. The question is: Did you personally discuss exposing your tumor extracts to radiation with this person:”

Judyth’s response:




David Ferrie --YES


They used radiation to mutate their monkey viruses!

Was Judyth the technician in David Ferrie’s underground medical laboratory? She admits that she was, despite the obvious legal, ethical and security consequences of doing so. Were they irradiating cancer-causing viruses to develop a biological weapon? Judyth participated in that operation and said that their use of radiation was both deliberate and central to the design of the project. Was the operation in David Ferrie’s apartment connected to operation at the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital? Judyth says it was.

The consequences of these statements are terrifying!

Frankly, I would have preferred to have been wrong. It appears that I was not. These were very dark deeds indeed. They may have been “the dark deed” whose price the population of the planet still pays today. I doubt this connection will ever be proven to the satisfaction of the critics. But they do not control us nor the truth!

At least I understand why my father was so upset about, when he learned what was going on down at the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital.

So we are left with questions. Questions that Judyth Vary Baker cannot answer. Questions I cannot answer. Questions that deserve better answers. Questions like:

* Which monkey viruses did their radiation genetically alter? Was SIV one?[17]

* What happened to their collection of mutated monkey viruses after Judyth left?

* Did any of these mutated monkey viruses “escape” into the human population?

* Will Judyth’s price for clearing Lee Oswald’s name be the sacrifice of her own?

Fortunately we can still ask questions like these. One has to wonder what will happen if we ever stop?

[1] CBS’s legendary anchorman Dan Rather was part of 60M management team at the time. Rather was a staunch supporter of the Oswald-did-it-alone theory and is infamous for his comment about the Zapruder film which stated President Kennedy’s head had been thrown violently “forward” by the fatal head shot from the rear. Since the public had not yet been allowed to see the film, there was no one to dispute the accuracy of Rather’s comment. Now that the film has been viewed by millions, everyone knows Kennedy’s head was thrown “backwards.” How could Rather have been so wrong? Was 60M the best place to take Judyth’s story?

[2] A woman was introduced to me (and Barbara) as “Judyth Vary Baker” at a party near Tulane’s campus in uptown New Orleans in October 1972. The exact location was on Pitt St. near the corner of Dufoucher St. behind the Ladder Library on St. Charles Avenue. It is important to point out that our invitation to this party was the result of an argument I had several days earlier concerning the David Ferrie’s underground medical laboratory and whether viruses could actually cause cancer in humans. My opponent was with a graduate student (a young man from Latin America) who had previously made comments to Barbara about Dr. Ochsner’s connections to Nazi scientists in South America. (See the “College Daze” chapter concerning this earlier event.) At Barbara’s suggestion, we went as a group to a cafeteria on Tulane’s campus for coffee. Several other graduate students joined us there. What began as a polite discussion about local lore and Jim Garrison’s investigation into the JFK assassination descended into an argument about the scientific accuracy of my comments about cancer-causing viruses. The fact that I said that it was his hero, Dr. Ochsner, who had said that “sex could cause cancer” was a particularly volatile point. Several days later Barbara complained to me that since that conversation in the cafeteria, none of her fellow graduate students had spoken to her. She said to me: “You have to make up your mind whether you are going to be an expert on the Garrison Investigation or whether you want to be my boyfriend.” I assured her that I was more interested in being with her than in discussing the JFK assassination and agreed not to discuss it around her friends. Several days after that water-shed conversation, Barbara announced that my “performance in the cafeteria” had gotten us invited to a party. Barbara was anxious to attend the party in hopes of regaining her social standing amongst her graduate school colleagues. She invited me to accompany her to the party on the condition that I could “control myself.” Therefore, when the hostess of this party told Barbara that she had been a friend of Lee Harvey Oswald when he lived in New Orleans and invited me to discuss the Garrison Investigation with her, I asked Barbara if we could leave. Barbara agreed, and we immediately left the party. Two weeks later, this “Judyth Vary Baker” contacted Barbara and invited us (as a couple) to dinner at her house (without any other guests). I reminded Barbara that this woman had said that she was a friend of Lee Harvey Oswald and said that I did not want to go to dinner at her house. Barbara declined the invitation. When 60M said they were investigating “Judy Vary Baker,” I thought it was the same person. It was not. Was I being set up to discredit the real Judy Vary Baker should she ever emerge from hiding? Or was I given her name so that I would recognize it when she did? I don’t know. For a more detailed account of this incident, see my video interview by Jim Marrs posted on

[3] I should add that until I saw the 60M documents, that I did not know that her middle named was spelled “Vary.” But I remembered wondering when I first heard her name back in 1972 if her middle name was “Veri” (like veritas, meaning truth) or “Vari” (like various or variable, meaning multiple or changing.)

[4] Langley is the small town in Virginia where the headquarters of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is located.

[5] Judyth’s knowledge of and personal involvement with the subject of cancer research is remarkable to this day. Upon seeing a 2006 news article about a break-through in cancer research involving a mouse whose immune system was extremely good at resisting cancer, Judyth sent me an email which said: “We could have cured cancer…decades ago... and here you see that macrophages in mice do it --- and yes, just as I have claimed they could...This can be turned into an efficient and cheap way to combat cancer. Oh, if only I could have convinced somebody to just give me a chance to direct a lab! …And also because they are still just using murine (mouse) macrophages, a first step that I knew would work way back in 1961. Oh, I feel as if my whole life has been wasted! Have to admit I just sat down after reading this and wept tears of anger and frustration for the millions who have suffered and died from cancer, especially children, and I knew the key, but my mouth had been stopped up with clay. I cannot stop weeping... This is awful, to feel such anger and helplessness. Yet happy that at last they should be able to see what to do...”

[6] Baker, Judyth Vary. Lee Harvey Oswald: The True Story of the Accused Assassin of President John F. Kennedy by his Lover, Trafford, Victoria, BC, Canada, 2006.

[7] The same document was shown on The History Channel in 2003, The Men Who Killed Kennedy, “The Love Affair,” November 1963, produced by Nigel Turner in association with British Independent Television.

[8] On their return trips from Reily, Judyth and Lee exhibited more caution. Though they rode the same bus, they did not sit together. They would ride the bus past their apartments, past the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital, and get off at Audubon Park where they could speak and socialize freely. Then they would ride the Magazine bus back (the opposite direction) to their respective apartments. In an interesting aside, Judyth mentioned to me that she and Lee even rolled down “Monkey Hill” during one of their visits to Audubon Park. Monkey Hill is a 25 foot pile of dirt which is covered with grass. Rolling down Monkey Hill was a great tradition for kids in New Orleans. I did it many times as a child while playing a game called “King on the Mountain.” New Orleans is so flat that the City built this artificial hill in Audubon Park so that the local children would know what a hill was. The sight of dozens of school-aged children rolling down the hill is why they named it Monkey Hill, because we all looked like a bunch of monkeys.

[9] Technically Oswald’s employment interview was conducted by Mr. Prechter who was head of Personnel. However, as Reily’s Vice-President in charge of Finance and Security, it was Monaghan (the ex-FBI agent) that had to made the final decision concerning who to hire. Monaghan apparently did not think that hiring “a defector” who had lived in Russia and held an “undesirable discharge” from the Marines would be a security problem for the virulently anti-Communist company.

[10] While meeting Banister satisfied Judyth, it does not convince me, since Banister was also working with Marcello. The larger question is “Was Marcello working with the government?” And the ultimate question becomes “Who is the government?”

[11] I emphasize that I do not know of any document, testimony or evidence which suggests that William Reily personally (nor his company as an entity) knew about Ochsner’s secret medical project nor that his employees were being used to develop a biological weapon while they were on the company clock. Nothing herein should be interpreted as implying such. What is known that Reily was fiercely anti-Communist, a member of INCA, and that he provided financial support to some of Ochsner’s political activities, but this can easily be explained by the financial interest of the local business community and the political events of the day. William Reily should be consider as innocent as Oswald, since neither have had a day in court.

[12] Lee Oswald’s family had been Mafia connected since he was a child. Lee attended parties at Marcello’s house and was remembered from those days by people that Judyth met. Lee also worked as an errand boy running between Marcello’s clubs and restaurants. Lee personally met with Mafia boss Carlos Marcello on several occasions in 1963. Judyth saw Lee collect fists-full of cash from the manager of Marcello’s Town & County Motel and deliver it to his uncle who was involved in Marcello’s gambling operations.

[13] The secretary was a temp. Ochsner’s regular secretary (a nurse) was on vacation at the time.

[14] Jack Ruby visited David Ferrie’s apartment one day when Judyth and Lee were there. Ferrie introduced him to Judyth as Sparky Rubenstein. Judyth was surprised that Ferrie briefed Ruby on their bio-weapon project. (Why not? They all work for Marcello.) Ruby recognized Lee and said that he used to see him a parties when he was a boy. This means that Jack Ruby knew about Oswald’s connection to the underground medical laboratory when he shot him, and he knew about the cancer cocktail that could be used to silence him as he awaited trial for Oswald’s murder. It is no wonder he wanted to get out of Dallas. And it is no wonder that the Warren Commission did not accept his offer to talk in exchange for safer accommodations. Jack Ruby told Al Maddox (his Dallas Police guard) that he had been injected with cancer cells. Maddox has said that the doctor that gave Ruby injections came from Chicago. Maddox was present at Parkland Hospital when Ruby died of an embolism caused by galloping lung cancer.

[15] Publicly, I have always taken the position that Oswald’s guilt or innocence is ultimately irrelevant to whether an underground medical laboratory in New Orleans was using mutated monkey viruses to develop a biological weapon and whether that biological weapon is responsible for epidemics we see today. My neutrality on Oswald is a position that has become increasingly difficult for me to maintain. To my eyes, Lee was the perfect patsy - one that could not be investigated without getting into his connections to the Mafia, to the CIA, to Ochsner, to the particle accelerator, to the biological weapon and (most importantly) to his ultimate sponsor - the person who helped “the defector” return to the United States from the Soviet Union with his wife and child at the height of the Cold War? Who was Oswald’s ultimate sponsor? Is the need to hide this key piece of information the reason why Lee Harvey Oswald’s tax returns have never been made public? Was it Marcello using his influence on the Louisiana politicians that he was so famous for bribing? Or was it Bobby Kennedy himself - who was U.S. Attorney General at the time Oswald returned and had the power to declare that he was still a citizen and allow him to return. Both of these sponsors could have arranged for the State Department to lend him the money to pay for his family’s transportation back to the U.S. These are the type of penetrating questions that “lone nut” was constructed to suppress.. They are the questions we need to ask.

[16] It was Dr. Howard Platzman who took Judyth Vary Baker to 60 Minutes and later to me. He deserves credit.

[17] SIV is the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus which was one of several monkey viruses known to have contaminated the polio vaccine. The more carcinogenic SV-40 has gotten most of the press. SIV (a single strand RNA retro virus) is considerably smaller than SV-40 (a double stranded DNA virus). The technology of the day was not able to filter SIV out from the viral extracts. Further, researchers of the day did not consider retro-viruses dangerous so they basically ignored them. AIDS has taught us how dangerous retro-viruses can be. If “the project” in New Orleans was intentionally exposing a SV-40 to radiation, they may have unintentionally exposed SIV to radiation at the same time. Simply stated, HIV-1 is a mutated form of SIV. Did the mutation which changed SIV into HIV-1 occur when they exposed SV-40 to radiation? Was this the moment of conception of AIDS? Would this artificially induced mutation explain why HIV-1 is mutating so rapidly? Why it is behaving so “unnaturally?” If you are a scientist involved in AIDS research, these are the questions I would like you to consider.