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Judyth Vary Baker: Living in Exile

Judyth and a friend

Judyth Vary Baker, with whom I and others within the JFK community are in contact, has sent Google an email about the outrageous actions to which she has been subjected. A rather substantial number of references to her have been disappearing from the Internet since the History Channel broadcast a documentary, "The Love Affair", about her relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald. Originally shown in 2003, it would be banned along with two other segments, "The Smoking Guns" and "The Guilty Men".

My webmaster, Lola Heavey, like many others, has archived that segment as part of the complete 9-part video documentary series, "The Men Who Killed Kennedy". "The Love Affair" focuses on revealing interviews with Judyth, who was at the time a cancer-research specialist in New Orleans who was also having an extramarital affair with Lee prior to the assassination of JFK. Judyth has substantiated aspects of her story with official records that she worked with Oswald, and others, on a classified project.

"The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Love Affair"

Anyone who does a Google search for "Judyth Vary Baker" will realize that very little information about her is available on the internet. That was not always the case. Thousands of references have been removed in what appears to be a systematic effort to nullify her as an historical personality. Not even her Wikipedia page has been left standing.

It has the features of a cyber war. Positive posts by her supporters have been erased, while negative ones, especially highly denigrating ones--such as those by David Von Pein, which are particularly nasty--have been left intact.

This covert operation against Judyth is very serious and takes its toll upon her. She is now 66 years of age and has been forced to live in exile in Europe, where she resides in virtual poverty, even though she is a talented artist who has sold her paintings around the world for more than thirty years. The objective of this campaign appears to be to minimize awareness of her existence as a link to the alleged assassin.

Debbee Reynolds and Judyth, 2003, Dallas

If anybody has doubts on what Google can do with its search facilities, they should read NufffRespect Blog. NufffRespect, who runs a YouTube channel with 73,429 subscribers, has explained that significant censorship is taking place in relation to YouTube. Indeed, the evidence strongly suggests that YouTube, which is a branch of Google, is deliberately stopping the counters at 300 views to control information about which videos are most popular and which are not.

How does YouTube know which videos should be suppressed when there are so many uploaded every minute? According to NufffRespect, all the processing is carried out automatically by algorithms that search through video titles, descriptions, and tags to find specific keywords YouTube deems to be "controversial". And a search can also be conducted through the audio of videos themselves in order to screen for controversial subjects.

Judyth Vary Baker: Living in Exile

Based upon my interactions with Judyth, I and several others within the JFK research community, including Jim Marrs, the author of CROSSFIRE (1989), one of the bases of Oliver Stone's "JFK", are convinced that she is "the real deal". In protest of this form of abuse, which clearly violates the principles of freedom of speech and of freedom of the press, Judyth has sent an email to Google under the heading, "REFERENCES BEING ERASED AGAIN":

To Whom It May Concern:

References to me have been constantly disappearing on the Internet ever since the History Channel ran a documentary on me that was eventually banned due to pressure by special interests.

Last year, 15,000 references, which direct people to my books, paintings and writings, were erased.

Over 250,000 newsgroup references were also erased.

Then my Wikipedia biography, which had been in Wikipedia over five years, was erased. One reason given was that I only had 1,700 references on google ([where] 48,000 had been erased overnight).

I was told by one person that the erasure was accomplished by a group with Usenet who had also erased over 250,000 newsgroup posts that I and my supporters had made after spurious and unfair attacks were made against me by these newsgroups, leaving mostly their pejorative and nasty posts about me. The 'nice' ones vanished.

It is interesting to see that, in these newsgroups, there is nothing about me there between 2009 and 2004: all that was in between was removed. Between 2004-2009, we established that I was a witness who was telling the truth. Now all that is left is that I am a witness who has been telling lies that "have not been answered." This was not the case.

Nevertheless, as people learned about my book and my status as a controversial witness, the number of references shot up this year again, on the Internet search, to 24,000 for "Judyth Vary Baker."

Then, the day before yesterday, 20,000 references to "Judyth Vary Baker" vanished from the Internet.

Today, with about 3,300 remaining, another 50 vanished. I have seen this pattern before. Every day, about 50-100 references will vanish. Only writing to you has been able to restore the references.

Understand that there were over 45,000 references three years ago.

Generally, a group from Marquette University has actively been deleting all references to me on newsgroups: one member was on the board of Usenet before Google took over DejaVu....He has set up several large websites against me, as my witness statements have gone against what he teaches at his university. His websites include many false statements about me that he has refused to correct.

I have had no ability to save all the "good" references to me, once again...

I am asking that they be restored. We're talking about some 21,000 references that are no longer available when people search for "Judyth Vary Baker."

I am a witness who now has to live overseas due to persecution in the US. At age 66, this is not my desire.

Google, please restore my livelihood, as the loss of the sites on the search engine make it hard for people to find me unless they already know my name.


Thank you.

Judyth has also written to my webmaster, Lola, and has given me permission to publish her email here:

Dear Lola:

In 2003, a controversial 3-part addition to the History Channel's popular "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" series--episodes 7, 8 and 9--was banned after strident objections by LBJ's widow, Disney executives, Jack Valenti, and others. A board of historians whose writings were favorable to Lyndon Johnson was hastily assembled to discredit the veracity of the episodes, though none of the witnesses, including myself, were ever interviewed. It was a hatchet job.

Over 300,000 references using my name, by this time, were on the Internet. I had also published poetry, was a professional artist, had published short stories and writings, and had participated in newsgroups explaining in great detail what I knew as a witness concerning Lee Harvey Oswald.

I was shocked and concerned when I was misquoted and mocked; furthermore, I found my posts were being misquoted, out of context. "Witnesses" who had never met me or scarcely knew me came out of the woodwork, saying I was a poor teacher. I and my friends defended me on the Internet. One important website "crashed" and "lost" hundreds of posts and supporting statements. When it was restored, all the posts but mine had been saved. The webmaster said I was "paranoid" to think it was personal.

Between 2003 and 2008, over 400,000 references to my name and my history, good and bad, existed in newsgroups and the Internet. Though many were attack sites, the truth was "out there."

Then a newsgroup that had collected about a hundred of my posts suddenly erased them all. A webmaster of some very large websites that attacked me personally on the Internet was also the moderator of an important newsgroup.

In 2008, this moderator erased 250,000 newsgroup references to my name. A gap between 2009 and 2004 exists. At the same time, the most damning posts were kept online, as if they had never been answered with defenses.

The labor of years had been erased over a period of about two months.

By 2008, the number of references on the Internet itself had risen to some 30,000.

My biography on Wikipedia had been created by the hostile moderator of the newsgroup previously mentioned, but because I had many friends, some were editors who added ameliorating comments, references and statements to balance the Wikipedia biography.

Visitors to the Wikipedia biography saw references to online resources that supported conspiracy theories, even though some references also mentioned hostile attack sites against me.

Throughout this time period, I had been harrassed, threatened, robbed, burglarized, hit on the head, had my car's brake lines severed, and had been forced twice overseas for my safety.

My family suffered, too. Nevertheless, the Wikipedia biography at least provided somewhat of a balanced assessment of who I was and what I stood for.

Due to death threats, in 2007 I had to leave my teaching position in Hungary. I entered the EU political asylum program. As an American, this was a desperate measure: I was an ordinary American, not someone trying to find refuge as a soldier escaping war in Iraq, for example. In fact, I was the first American woman in decades to enter the system seeking protection. I was also the first person in the EU political asylum system to enter with a service dog. I had to have a service dog to help me due to vision and memory problems after having been in two "accidents" in Dallas that gave me concussions and hospitalized me.

They were going to deport me at once to the US, but after investigating the situation, and finding threats to have me arrested, and my name linked viciously to the Taliban shortly after 9/11, they did more investigating.

I was not deported. Though I was told it was impossible to "keep" me permanently, since the US is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, I could stay as long as it took for my family to find safe places for me.

At great sacrifice (my son even gave up his very nice apartment and moved into a single room), my parents, sister, and two of my children, were able to arrange safe accommodations. But it took all of our resources. I consequently live in poverty.

The newsgroup mocked me for the fact that I was "turned down" for political asylum. I was not turned down. I was granted protection as long as the system dared to keep me on--for over ten months I was housed, fed and given medical care, until I could get to safety on my own. There was never a chance that I could get permanent status as a political asylum refugee, since I was a non-combatant form the USA.

Now living overseas in exile--the third time, due to death threats; and I have not gone into detail as to all that has happened to me, by any means--my swedish friend Allan Mattsson had been doing some editorial work for Wikipedia, and I told him about the highly biased anti-Oswald Wikipedia biography on Oswald. He isn't that good in English writing, so I worked with him, and we added a few statements--all of them true--such as the fact that Oswald received his GED, because the Wikipedia biography only mentioned that he was a high school dropout.

It was immediately erased. We added a statement that the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) had been formed--never mentioned in the biography of Oswald--that collected evidence and testimonies.

This, too, was erased.

Then came a flood of complaints against my Wikipedia biography, as my identity was linked to Allan Mattsson's through my email account. This special email account serves as an interface between me and hackers, etc. to protect my own computer.

The next thing I knew, the Wikipedia biography--after five years online--was slated for elimination as the biography of a non-existing person as a hoax biography!

Then, suddenly, the google search engine revealed that instead of some 40,000 references on the Internet (not newsgroups), there were now only some 1,700 left.

At the same time, Wikipedia editors decided to erase my biography, claiming that I did not exist. After I proved that I existed, by then the number of references to me had dropped to some 1,300 online. Now they stated that I was not important enough to be included in a biography, as all I had was a "claim" that John McAdams said was phony. I was a 'one-note' person whose art, writings, poetry, etc. was not world class (though I've sold my paintings worldwide for thirty years) and that, furthermore, McAdams assured them that my "claims" were fictitious.

Friends tried to protest, but in mid-2009, their Wikipedia biography, with its references to more online resouces about Lee Oswald than any other online source, was erased. Away went mention of Fetzer, Groden, Livingstone, Haslam, the Men Who Killed Kennedy series, the banned History Channel documentary links, other documentary links where I appeared in their films on TV, or in magazines from sea to shining sea, and overseas.

The many protests that were lodged were supposed to be kept in an archive, but they, too, vanished (I did save some of them). I later discovered that this removal was led by "Shutterbun 2" who posts on the McAdams newsgroup that ended up erasing over 250,000 references there.

CNN late in 2009 noted that Michelle Obama's picture as a female gorilla had somehow gone to the top in search engine photos. I knew such was no "accident" after what had gone to the top about me. However, after the CNN report, suddenly 18,000 references to me popped up again.

These were in place until one of my friends, Marha Rose Crow, who collects evidence of ponerology--evil in government affairs--and archives them online in her blogs, made what I consider the error of adding my website to her sidebar.

Before long, Martha's 105 blogs got erased. They were restored, but the 22,500 references I had, some helped along by Martha's blogs, vanished. I am now represented by only 3,200 references. As for Martha, though most of her blogs were restored, some 35,000 of her references vanished.

Therefore, I wrote Google security about the problem.

And I responded, as well, to your kind inquiry.

Please fix any typos, as I have double vision and desperately need new glasses. Though I will never stop fighting for Lee Oswald's exoneration, to see the labors of a decade erased not once but several times, in every possible way, does bring tears to my eyes.

I have lost my home, employment, my health, my reputation and family members who are ashamed of me for speaking out. At nearly 67, my grandchildren have forgotten me. I yearn for books in English. I'd love to have some nice warm socks, as I live in one of the coldest places in one of the coldest countries half the time. The other half of the time, for my protection, I dress in a burka and live in Turkey. You could make a movie out of all that's happened.

What's important is that Lee Harvey Oswald's exoneration means that the US government carried out a coup d'etat. If we want our country back, we need to remove all questions about, "Did Oswald do it?"

He tried to save the president, as I dare to testify anytime, any place.

God bless America. Truth alone will get us back on our feet. Destroying witnesses and all mention of them on the Internet--these dirty tricks are not going to stop me as long as I have breath left in my body and people of good will pay attention.

Judyth Vary Baker

Some further reflections . . .

One incident happened when I opened the trunk of my car with groceries...the trunk was slammed down on my head. I was knocked unconscious. No, they didn't take the car, just my purse...but I had to go to the hospital for a concussion.

In Dallas, I was struck from behind by a white van that I had complained to friends had been following me for months. It came full speed as I sat at a red light only blocks from my home, with lanes on each side of me empty, as witnesses testified. I sustained a concussion. The man who did it tried, in perfect English, to get me to leave the car. I wanted to prove that my seat belt was on and refused to move. The car was dripping gas and could have turned to a fireball. When the police and firemen arrived, the man said--and my sister will testify, as she was there and heard him talking in good English to me--the guy said, "No speak English, need translator." He gave false information. The van had no known owner. He vanished. On the police report, his line of work was "driver." I went to the hospital, but my nice Taurus was totalled.

A few months later, having recovered, and had just sent my book to an interested publisher, I received a phone call about 5:30 AM saying, "Want to have another accident today?" Then hung up. I wrote emails at 6:00 AM telling of the threat, to friends as well as to the publisher, and said to forget it, no book!

My friend, Dr. Platzman, wrote that it was just a crank call. That night, leaving my classroom where I taught English and computer science, it was raining. As I drove, a black van pulled out and began following me. I went some five or six miles trying to evade it, but finally, the van forced another car against me just as we were going under a cement-walled underpass. I could have been killed, but a wall of water from the rain pushed up between me and the car that was forced against mine, which saved me from crashing into the cement wall there.

The car received little damage, but I sustained my third concussion from this event, as well as a neck injury, back injury and a problem with double vision, which I apparently will have for the rest of my life. The insurance company hated to pay me for this second event, but finally did so. They photographed and had analyzed the scraped fender and marred paint that proved the other car had hit me and not the other way around, as the driver tried to claim to get insurance money for herself.

I moved to Orlando, Florida, after that, having sustained more threats and worried about the safety of my sister, who lives in Texas.

Six weeks after being hired as a teacher at a Christian academy there, the son of an FBI employee in my English class sent around a petition to have me fired because I was "notorious" as "Oswald's lover"--I was shown the petition and the letter from the FBI employee and was fired. How did he find out?

I did tell friends before it happened that I saw the letter and would be fired within days, but was not allowed a copy of the letter. The son of the FBI employee went on the Internet saying I was a terrible teacher who also taught that the moon landing was a hoax. (Actually, I used the moon landing hoax as a possible idea to write about, as a class writing assignment challenging my high school students to take an unpopular position needing research and to try to defend it.)

At this time, Nigel Turner filmed me for THE LOVE AFFAIR. I could hardly walk and sometimes wore a body brace, but did my best not to show it. I received more death threats right after that. Nevertheless, I went back to Texas to be filmed by Wim Dankbaar and Jim Marrs. I did all of this for free, just for travel expenses, refusing to sell the story to a tabloid.

The tabloid ran the story anyway, by the way, infuriating my family. They wanted to run a photo of me that I had shown them in a swimsuit. I was offered quite a chunk of money to do that--this has been turned into a ridiculously high sum on the Internet--but because it was so tempting, I cut the legs off the photo.

By the time I was filmed in Dallas, I had experienced flat tires, and on the last day I was there, all four of my tires were slashed. I had visited Mary Ferrell, and she was so sorry that they were slashed outside of her home on Holland--as she was about to move to an assisted living facility--that she gave me two $100 checks to help replace them. She said she thought it was just a prank the first time, but it happened twice.

Back in Orlando, I was in two "accidents" in two days. Going to traffic court, I brought documents showing my brake line had been cut and the brake's fluid in the master cylinder had been replaced--I had a mechanic's letter--but the next day all the fluid was gone again, and we found the severed line. I ran into two cars both days at intersections.

Again, the insurance company paid the damages, but then they cancelled my insurance coverage after I went overseas and never allowed me to come near their company again. Can't say that I blame them. Each time, the insurance replaced the ruined car, but each time, of course, it was worth much less, so by this time I was driving an old car. All my savings were now gone due to hospital bills.

Without going into many other details, upon returning to Orlando and going through the "accidents" there, while out job hunting, my apartment was broken into and vandalized. Because nothing was stolen, the police refused to do anything about it. Then a truck began parking up against my window with the lights on, motor running, at night. It was frightening, because I would go out to try to get the license and it would take off before I could get it.

The man in the apartment next to mine became hostile toward me and told me he wanted me to move because the truck's harassment of me kept him awake at night! At the same time, I received hang-up calls at 2 or 3 AM. Because my mother was ill at the time, I had to answer, as she was in the hospital.

The last straw was after I made a few phone calls to get my service dog certified by a vet. It was the last step for certification--her health certificate. I now needed a service dog due to memory problems after the concussions. My long-term memory was fine, but now I could no longer recognize my surroundings while walking. (I was okay standing still.) My service dog was trained by Canine Companions in Orlando. My children and I had been raising service dogs and guide dogs for some time, so it was a thrill to get one of my own trained puppies back, for myself.

As I finished making phone calls to locate the cheapest vet, I did not replace the receiver correctly on the phone cradle and heard some clicks. Curious, I picked up the phone and heard a conversation going on about me--that they would have to get rid of me! I gasped, and one person said, "Hang up! She can hear us!"

Whether this was done purposely to frighten me or not, that was it.

With the last of my now pitiful funds, and not wanting my children harmed or involved, or my family, I asked Wim Dankbaar to find a safe place for me to live in Holland, his home country.

Finally, Wim arranged to have me run a museum about Lee Oswald (it was 2003, the 40th anniversary) for six months, which gave me a special permit, but I would have to pay all expenses if I did so. (He would get paperwork done for it, and he did find me a room for a month, as well, and paid for that.) But I was now afraid to leave my apartment. Nor could I get a job in Orlando after the FBI incident.

I had already lost my teaching job at the University after speaking out, after a bomb threat to the English building where my office and classrooms were, after dozens of computers were stolen there and after a half-gallon of hydrochloric acid was thrown at me. That's why I got a job teaching in Dallas, and after those incidents, in Orlando.

Having to leave seriously interfered with my doctoral program, and though I had passed all my comps, oral exam, and all courses with a 3.99, they would not allow me, as a "notorious person", to be on a graduate committee, or to present more papers at conferences. I had been editor of a journal there, and they removed me and placed another person, Jessica, as editor instead. I had used the name "Avary Baker" because I'd been fearful due to the past, but had wanted to find witnesses, if any were still alive. I did eventually find five of them.

Meanwhile, after speaking out, my classes to teach were cut drastically. I had to leave and find work elsewhere. Nor could I get enough people to sit on my dissertation committee; and even though I had health issues and had a "handicapped" status that allowed me more time to take my comps after my injuries in Dallas, they would not grant me a time extension to get together the committee. I was not someone they wanted on their graduation list. And so it was that I am not "Dr. Baker." Nor would I be able to become a professor. But I still had student loan payments to make.

When I first spoke out, I had plenty of savings, employment at a university, security, nice car, good health insurance. All of that was now gone. Soon, my student loans went bad. As of now, they have ballooned to triple the original amount and they will take money out of my Social Security to pay on them for the rest of my life. I felt horrible. I never believed I could become so poor so quickly.

I actually was hired several times, but as if somebody had kept tracing my calls, I would receive calls back that they had changed their minds! Some of my friends can testify that they were aware, as I would tell them I was hired--they had sent recommendations--but then the job vanished.

I had had enough with the phone call incident--little did I know I'd get much worse phone call shocks in the future! I called my son to tell him I was going to move overseas, and we had dinner together at a restaurant. When we came back to my car, inside was a note from the police. They had found both car doors wide open, had closed and locked them and put the note inside.

My car was for sale to raise money to move overseas, but the title had been stolen.

My son now realized what I had been going through to a greater extent.

Unable to sell the car, I asked my son to sell it. I had an emergency credit card, which I decided to use, and then pay it off when the car sold.

Imagine my horror, newly arrived in Holland, when I found that my credit card "changed" my $90 a month automatic payment to $900 a month! I learned this when my daughter sent the statement to me. Wim Dankbaar let me use his phone because no 800 number works overseas and I had no phone of my own yet.

I was told that was "too bad about the $1580 overcharge." Furthermore, since I was complaining and was overseas and still "owed" $200 on the card, they were going to cancel my $5000 credit card! And they did. Wim was there and took this as an indication of harassment, because I had informed them before leaving that I would be using the card overseas.

I was forced to borrow money from Mr. Dankbaar and paid over half of it back to him, with a painting to make up for the rest.

My health was still not very good (I was wearing a body brace in the Nigel Turner film) and I had slipped and fallen in Orlando due to dizzy spells and double vision from the two "accidents" in Houston and the other two in Orlando.

I had struck my head this fourth time around and was hospitalized, but my insurance with the school that had fired me, now a COBRA, was going to run out, so the doctors refused to do a recommended operation on my neck. My friends will testify that they were outraged that the operation was refused.

I have lived with chronic neck pain ever since, which became a "pre-existing condition" in the future, whenever I tried to get health insurance again.

Living with chronic pain has turned out to be the least of my troubles overseas. What happened overseas and how I then returned to the US twice, trying to stay safely in my own country is an absolutely incredible story that included at one point being held against my will in Holland--after being threatened and stalked in Hungary (on my first trip, not second trip, to Hungary--the second time was even worse) ... I was compromised there by thieves who claimed to have Mafia connections, who wanted to get their hands on my screenplay. One of these characters was a bona fide sniper for NATO. He was a dangerous man with a short fuse of a temper.

It was difficult for Wim Dankbaar, who lived in the same country, to believe aspects of this until he went with me back to their house himself. Angry at how they refused to even open the door--though they spotted us and had been informed that we were coming, and seeing the condition of the place, and knowing they had stolen almost all my possessions--Wim took his fist and crashed it through their door's window, so I could get inside to get some of my things back. They had disposed of much of my valuables by then--TV sets, computer, my stereo, big CD collection, some of my evidence, even a baby book of one of my children--was gone.

Wim went on tape to describe what had happened, and Sydney Wilkinson heard part of that tape before it, too, was stolen in yet another incident.

The thieves, after sending threats in big red letters with a clock ticking "24 hours" to my friends, demanding to know my location, went through with their threats to discredit me and took portions of my book and published it on the Internet.

This was an unfinished manuscript written via emails with Dr. Howard Platzman. Portions had been altered, of course, and the sad part was that if those portions were corrected, my enemies were ready to say I was "changing my story." In fact, quotations are used by Dave Reitzes, John McAdams, and others from "Deadly Alliance" to "prove" I "evolve" my story. Martin Shackelford wrote many posts asserting that this was not true, as he had been a close associate from the beginning up to this time.

All those posts were erased.

Shackelford in 2009 finally gave up posting on the newsgroup that made these accusations. He had endured incredible amounts of abuse for supporting me, such as, "You used to be a good researcher before you fell for Judyth's scams", and similar abuse.

All of the labor on "Deadly Alliance" had to be shelved and a new book written, which was very unfair to Dr. Platzman. At the same time, McAdams & Co. published an outline Platzman had worked on, based on emails between us, that had quite a few problems needing to be fixed, intended for publishers who had shown interest in "Deadly Alliance".

But this outline was prettied up and then published by McAdams & Co., after making it look as if it were some kind of official document. The various errors they introduced, such as that I was recruited by the CIA while in high school, are used on the Internet to "prove" how ridiculous my story is.

I successfully got a copy of that document removed from after I had proven it had been stolen from me and was being presented as a finished document, but it still appears as "Deadly Alliance" in Internet clones elsewhere. An example of an error that Dr. Platzman made that is easy to prove is his stating that Lee and I wrote the science fiction piece, "Her Story", together. The name of the science fiction story Lee and I wrote together in 1963 was actually called, "Her Way", and I have about half of it. The other half was destroyed by vandals, but Nigel Turner and other researchers had seen all 16 pages.

Typos, etc. were mostly left intact in this so-called "finished" document.

Through such means, McAdams & Co. try to convince the public that my story has evolved over time. Of course, my testimony gained more detail as people asked more specific questions. For example, I did not offer information on Clinton and Jackson to Platzman and Shackelford for months, until they asked me about it--we just didn't get to that item. When I immediately responded to their emails on the subject, they were shocked and pleased, because I was the "unknown woman" Jim Garrison had sought. I had information that, for the first time showed that two different trips were involved and why Clay Shaw, Dave Ferrie, and Lee had had to be there in that car together in Clinton. The documentary by Nigel Turner did not have time for much in the way of detail.

But all of that is another story.

Those who doubt the truth of Judyth's words about the innocence of Lee and the occurrence of a coup d'etat need to learn more about the death of JFK. Beyond the blogs found here, the books I have edited and the articles I have published about the assassination, I have interviewed many experts on my own radio program, which are archived at

Two of those are of special interest here, both with Doug Horne, the author of INSIDE THE ARRB (2009), who was its former Senior Analyst for Military Affairs. One focuses on the recreation of the Zapruder film to create a false record of the sequence of events in Dealey Plaza, the other about the medical cover-up in excruciating detail.

John McAdams, by the way, is a notorious "lone-nutter" who supports the official account of the assassination, which is refutable on elementary grounds. (See, for example, "Reasoning about Assassinations", which I presented at Cambridge and published in a peer-reviewed journal.)

Dave von Pein, moreover, is an especially vicious attack dog who goes after anyone who contests the government's position, as anyone can readily verify by tracing the comments for INSIDE THE ARRB, where he has gone after Doug Horne tooth and claw and I have rebutted many of his assaults, which will continue.

Not the least of my reasons for posting this blog is that I received a death threat today for my work on JFK and 9/11. Lola, however, suspects that it is directly related to my support for Judyth, where she may well be right. She has done a nice piece of detective work in identifying the person she suspects sent this threat to me, which I received just this morning. Here is the threat and the identity of the person who may well have sent it. He seems to fit.

Click for the complete threat:

Click for the likely suspect: