Saturday, April 17, 2010

Edward Haslam - DR. MARY'S MONKEY - Part II

Perhaps no one else has a better understanding of mysterious events that were unfolding in New Orleans during 1963 than Edward Haslam, who grew up in that enchanting city and learned of Dr. Mary Sherman from his father, who was an accomplished physician in his own right and a member of the faculty at the Tulane Medical School. Ed's curiousity and perserverence in attempting to unravel the circumstances of the death of Dr. Sherman (the DR. MARY of the title of his book) led him into a network of secret operations, not only those one might expect--of CIA/mafia gun-running to Cuba and missions to sabotage its facilities--but highly surprising projects, first, to develop an antidote for a cancer-causing vaccine infected with a monkey virus, second, to use injections of cancer cells as a bio-weapon to take out enemies of the state, such as Fidel Castro, but no doubt others unnamed, including, it would appear, inconvenient witnesses like Jack Ruby. Famous physicians, myterious figures, David Ferrie, Lee Harvey Oswald, Judyth Vary Baker, and more are entwined together in a story that proves truth can indeed be stranger than fiction.

Recently, Ed was interviewed on "Coast to Coast AM" for the full four hours. It was a fascinating interview and I strongly recommend that you hear it. Moreover, if you would like to read an extract from Ed's first book on these matters you can go to the previous blog. "Coast to Coast AM" synopsis:

Appearing for the full four hours, former advertising executive Ed Haslam discussed how his investigation of the 1964 murder of a cancer researcher led him to a story which connects a massive contamination of the polio vaccine to our current cancer epidemic and even the JFK assassination. "When you look at the story, each piece fits in with each other piece, very cleanly and very logically," Haslam observed, "it's only when you stand back and look at it, that it looks as strange as it does."

While researching the mysterious death of Dr. Mary Sherman, Haslam discovered that polio vaccines created in the 1950's had been tainted with a cancer-causing virus. This contamination, he said, was detected after half of the doses, a staggering 100 million vaccines, had been administered to an unwitting public. Allegedly, the creators of the vaccine were afraid to admit the error and subsequently distributed the remaining half of the "medicine" as well. Having studied data on cancer diagnoses, Haslam noted that a "massive epidemic" of soft tissue cancers "erupts in the years following the polio vaccines." Making matters worse, he said, the cancer-causing virus could be transmitted sexually and has even appeared in grandchildren of people who received the compromised vaccine.

Realizing their grave mistake, Haslam said, those "in the know" about the widespread inoculation tried to develop a vaccine against it by mutating the virus using a particle accelerator. According to his research, it was during this process that they discovered that the radiation caused the virus to become even more aggressive. It was at that point, Haslam said, the project shifted over to weaponizing the cancer-causing virus. Eventually, the weaponized virus was so powerful that it would kill a human in 28 days. He claimed that this number was derived from a clandestine test of the virus on inmates from a Louisiana prison. The end result was a potent weapon that was virtually untraceable.

Making the story even more bizarre, many of the players in the cancer-causing virus story have connections to the JFK assassination. For instance, one of the researchers in the weaponization project had Lee Harvey Oswald as her bodyguard and handler. Additionally, one of the bases of operation for these studies was the home of longtime Kennedy assassination suspect David Ferrie. And, bringing the tale back to where it all started, on the very day that the Warren Commission began their investigation of unsolicited witnesses in the JFK assassination in New Orleans, Dr. Mary Sherman was murdered.

Cancer Conspiracy - Ed Haslam interviewed on "Coast to Coast AM" with George Noory (15 April 2010). This broadcast was deemed so important that all four hours of Coast-to-Coast were allocated to get Haslam's important information. This broadcast can be heard here, in four segments. If you enjoy this newscast, consider visiting the Coast-to-Coast AM website at on a regular basis.

DR. MARY'S MONKEY - Ed Haslam interviewed on "The Real Deal" with Jim Fetzer (6 April 2010):