Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An Open Letter to Anthony Lawson about "Absurdities"

Re: "9/11: The Absurdity of the No-Planes-in-New York Theory"


Just for the record, you and I have gone round and round over this for years--where you have saved up every exchange we ever had so you could cull them for quotes taken out of context, exaggerate my positions, and suppress information about my actual views. As an example, you claim I have a lot of articles with similar names, but you doesn't actually cite the most important among them,

"New Proof of Video Fakery on 9/11"

Moreover, you love to shade the truth. Joe Keith, for example, actually designed the shaker system for Boeing, which is used to determine when a plane is going to come apart in flight. You suppress the information that the speed of the plane in the videos (of 560 mph) appears to have been a lapse by using its cruising speed at 35,000 feet as if it could be attained at 700-1,000 feet as well, where the air is three times as dense and the turbines cannot suck the air through them, which causes them to function as brakes.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"Fight 175" entering the South Tower

Nor do you mention that Pilots for 9/11 Truth has confirmed that this was an aerodynamically impossible speed for a Boeing 767, where you loves to talk about "special planes". But no matter how "special", no plane could have entered the building in violation of Newton's laws. A real plane would have crumpled, its wings and tail broken off, while seats, bodies, and luggage fell to the ground. The engines would have made it into the building, but not most of the rest of a highly fragile aluminum "flying beer can".

Your claims are preposterous. An obvious study to have cited, were you actually an honest broker, would have been Pilots' study,

"9/11: Speeds Reported For World Trade Center Attack Aircraft Analyzed"

You know better than you pretend, where my most recent articles were published at Veterans Today, which apparently enraged you. I do not understand your proprietary interest in all this, but it clearly exists--and his arguments, when properly understood and placed in context minus the exaggerations and distortions--are without merit. See, for example,

"Inside Job: Seven Questions about 9/11"

"Inside Job: More Proof of 9/11 Duplicity"

But most of all, "9/11 Intercepted" from Pilots, which shows that a Boeing 767 would have been unmanageable and fallen apart at the speed shown in those videos.

How many of these studies have you actually read, Anthony? Because they provide a framework and background for understanding video fakery:

Elias Davidsson, "There is no evidence that Muslims committed the crime of 9/11"

David Ray Griffin, "Phone Calls from the 9/11 Airliners"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"Flight 11" approaching the North Tower

Leslie Raphael, "Jules Naudet's 9/11 Film was Staged"

Jim Fetzer, "New Proof of Video Fakery on 9/11"

Killtown, What didn't happen at Shanksville

Your article and video are full of partial evidence and half-truths, which I fear is a form of deliberate misinformation. The number of those who would have have to be "in on it" regarding the Naudet video, for example, is grossly exaggerated. Most of those involved in something like this have no idea that what they are doing is not on "the up and up".

I notice you do not mention a study by Leslie Raphael, "Jules Naudet's 9/11 Film was Staged", which supports the opposite conclusion, where I have already explained to you why it was important that the shot be OUT OF FOCUS to not give away the missing plane. Something was flying by, but it does not appear to have been a Boeing 767.

Your reliance upon the Eric Salter study is especially revealing. Whether what Salter is alleged to have found is 8% or even 18% deceleration, that is not going to explain why it the plane's velocity did not fall to zero. The plane was intersecting with eight (8) floors of steel trusses connected to the core columns at one end and the external support columns at the other, which, of course, were also filled with 4-8" of concrete, which, at 208' x 208', represents an acre of concrete apiece.

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As I explain in "More Proof of 9/11 Duplicity" (with a diagram), they would have created enormous horizontal resistance. The windows were only 18" wide and the support columns were a meter apart. There were no windows between floors, so most of the facade was steel, which is far more dense than aluminum. The video is a fantasy.

As I have challenged you before without receiving any response, how would it be possible for the plane--in both Hezarkhani and Faribanks' videos--to pass through their own length into the building in the same number of frames they pass through their own length in air? This is a perfect example of how you skip over and exclude evidence you don't like.

That result proves that the videos are fake (because it would be impossible unless those 500,000 ton buildings provided no more resistance to the plane's trajectory than air) but also demonstrates that there was no deceleration and that Stalter's study is wrong. And of course you ignore that it was necessary to fake the plane

(1) to insure that it actually hit the building, which many members of Pilots were unable to accomplish with repeated trials;

(2) that it penetrate completely inside of it in order to create the false impression of a cause for the buildings' collapse; and,

(3) only then "exploded", which had to be precisely coordinated in time to account for the explosions in the sub-basements.

Those occurred 14 and 17 second BEFORE reverberations from those alleged impacts, as I have explained in "Seven Questions about 9/11". See my "9/11: Seismic Proof + Video Fakery = Inside Job", in case you missed it, which is easily accessible and includes the following data table:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Which raises obvious questions about what you think you is doing here and why you commit so many straw man, special pleading, and ad hominem arguments. But on this point we can agree: There certainly is a lot of disinformation out there!


James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.
McKnight Professor Emeritus
University of Minnesota Duluth


  1. Jim,

    I do believe you are devoted to the truth, and I respect you for paying attention to people like Ace Baker and Web Fairy.

    I'm certainly not a defender of Anthony Lawson, and his arguments.

    Moreover, there continues to be a logical option which your argument here and elsewhere does not allow for. Namely, at the WTC, there were high tech decoy planes which had various types of laser weapons, and cloaking technologies. The videos of opening holes, and planes "disappearing" into those holes in the buildings are in fact real depictions of pre-set exposives, AND real objects striking (piercing) WTC 1 and WTC 2.

  2. William,

    I appreciate your sincerity, but it is impossible for the image of the plane seen in these videos to be the image of a real plane. It is not only that it has an impossible speed and makes an impossible entry but that IT PASSES THROUGH ITS OWN LENGTH INTO THE BUILDING IN THE SAME NUMBER OF FRAMES IT PASSES THROUGH ITS OWN LENGTH IN AIR. That would be possible only if a 500,000 ton building provides no more resistance to the trajectory of an airplane than air.

    This is the argument that convinced me--and I would hope that it will also convince you. There are many other hypotheses, such as the one you suggest, but only the holographic projection (which might actually have cloaked a missile, which I do not believe but I could be wrong) could satisfy the conditions of (a) impossible speed, (b) impossible entry, and (c) passing through its own length in the same number of frames that it passes through its own length in air.


  3. Isn't Anthony Lawson the author of the "This is an Orange" video"?

    Time for a new video - "This is a Rotten Apple".

  4. Hi, Jim

    I continue to be amazed at your patience in answering comments by various people on VT who present one weak argument after another, while stonewalling your scientifically-based points that there could not have been any airliners which crashed into the WTC and caused their collapse into their own footprints in record time. And then there is the collapse on WTC #7, of course. When Larry Silverstein said: "Pull it!", he wasn't speaking to some Muslims with box cutters!

    While your scientifically-based conclusions should convince any sane and unbiased person that there were NO PLANES involved in bringing down the WTC, is there any point in endless discussions with people who are either not sane or who have a discernible bias in favor of the Zionist state of Israel? As Dr. Alan Sabrosky keeps saying, "Israel (Mossad) did it", and isn't that THE most important fact about 911 which EVERY American had better understand before delving into the "what", "how" and "why" about 911?!

    Two presidents (and high-ranking folks in their Administrations) have committed HIGH TREASON by protecting a foreign state (Israel) which attacked America on 911 in broad daylight (not for the 1st time, either!) in a murderous, heinous and cold-blooded attack on America. Our 1st priority should and MUST be to bring the criminals and TRAITORS to justice - and not waste any more precious time and energy in pursuing 911 issues of secondary importance.

    When the 911 criminals are brought to justice, they will confess every little detail about exactly HOW they did it and WHO helped them do it and cover it up! Of course, some sort of water-boarding my prove useful. Or, we can just shoot (them) first - and ask questions later! ;)

    Considering that the Zionists also control America's Courts (up to and including the Supreme Court), there is a lot to be said for shooting first and asking questions later! Just think of 911 Judge Alvin Hellerstein when thinking about obtaining relief (and justice) in America's Courts!

    You've done a lot of excellent work in exposing 911 truth, Jim, - it's now time to put the focus on the (KNOWN) 911 criminals - BEFORE they can execute 911-II!

  5. Understanding both the capabilities and the limitations of video compositing technology, and giving consideration for which videos were shown live versus which appeared late), will yield only two possibilities: either a Boeing 767 crashed into WTC2, or else there was no flying object of any kind whatsoever, and digital airplanes were inserted into the videos.

    Then, a study of the available videos will demonstrate overwhelming proof of the video composite hypothesis.

    -Ace Baker

  6. Exactly what kind of challenge lies ahead to expose the 911 criminals and TRAITORS to America - after almost 10 years of COVER-UP by ALL politicians of both parties, the Zionist-controlled MSM and the MANY Israeli agents, katzas and sayanim, embedded in America's institutions and general population? Are THEY really in TOTAL CONTROL and able to conceal 911 truth despite the by-now obvious flaws in the 'Official' explanation of 911? Have we already descended beyond the Rubicon into an Orwellian world of 'War is Peace' and is America's fate and doom sealed?

    My personal view is that justice will be done (and SOON) and that there will be Punishment for the 911 'Crime of the Millennium'. Of course, it is becoming increasingly likely, that short of a real and imminent "Seven Days in May", justice will have to arrive from a 'Higher Authority'. :) In what can we find encouragement in this seemingly hopeless battle to expose 911 truth (and some other truths)? I always liked the NH lads' motto:

    "Live free - or die!" - or, as Dr. Alan Sabrosky and some others might say: "Semper Fidelis" - to God, Country and Corps, in that order. In reality, our Cause (911 and other Truth) is the Cause of all humanity, although that's not obvious - yet!

    Jim's perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds and unjustified personal attacks (spiced with a large dose of IDIOCY on the part of his {and our} opponents) should energize and encourage all of us to NEVER GIVE UP UNTIL THEY HANG (or worse)!

  7. Remember this, Jim, the Zionists and Zionist Shills who engage you on VT and elsewhere do not abide by scientific laws or the rules of reason:

    "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places." (Ephesians 6:12)

  8. Jim, you spend a lot of time and energy on VT in responding ad infinitum to obvious Zionists and Zionist Shills who stonewall science-based facts about 911 and utter sheer nonsense in reply to logical arguments - and then add a bunch of gratuitous personal attacks for good measure.

    Have you ever wondered what Gordon and VT are really "up to"?

    Here are some clues to think about:

    One way to divert attention away from "Inconvenient Truths" is to offer a veritable "dog's breakfast" of issues from which to choose. The VT site has so many authors and so many issues that they DISTRACT and DIVERT attention away from the ONE issue which really matters to America. That ONE issue is 911!

    While Gordon is apparently anti Zionist Israel, that issue is lost among an endless number of other issues which DIVERT energy and attention. Not only that, the issue of justified, necessary and long-overdue ACTIONS against the criminals in Israel and the TRAITORS in America is totally missing! Don't you wonder WHY?

    I submit that VT and Gordon constitute nothing more than a sophisticated Zionist SHILL operation, designed to drown the 911 issue in a daily tsunami of words about everything else under the sun.

    We must be SINGLE-MINDED about 911 and not allow ANYONE to distract Americans from this single, CRITICAL issue. It's literally a matter of LIFE or DEATH for America (and Americans)! While we squander our energy on a million other issues, the Zionists are busily at work on 911-II - and drawing us into a bloody, ruinous and suicidal attack on Iran on behalf of Zionist Israel.

    Think about it!

  9. "9/11: Infiltration and Derailment" (Gordon Duff article - VT)

    If Gordon Duff were REALLY interested in seeing 911 Truth exposed and the criminals and TRAITORS brought to justice, he would only publish articles about 911 on the VT website. It's as simple as that! Whoever funds and controls VT is obviously not interested in bringing the issue of 911 to a head but burying it in a tsunami of words and irrelevancies. The irony is that Gordon Duff's article is fairly accurate in describing who is behind the 911 BIG LIE. As is to be expected, Jim's science-based explanation (NO PLANES) is ridiculed by some commentators! The objective is to sow CONFUSION! Blah, blah, blah - ad infinitum. Everyone just wants to talk but NOBODY wants to DO anything (like organize a protest march on Washington DC {the WH and the Capitol} on the 911 10th anniversary).

    NOT ONE CONgress critter has exposed the Government 911 BIG LIE publicly! They are ALL TRAITORS! (and cowards).

  10. Peeling away the many layers of the 911 onion with an endless stream of words (HOW it was done), no matter how accurate, could take a lifetime and will not bother the perpeTRAITORS in the least. We KNOW who is responsible for 911: Israeli Zionists and their "Auslege" Goy TRAITORS in the Federal Gov't and MIC, aided and abetted by Zionist katzas and sayanim.

    The 911 Truth movement MUST focus on taking ACTIONS which will publicly expose the CRIMINALS and perpeTRAITORS and lead to their ARREST. At this point, only patriots in the Military can do that (see "Seven Days in May"). All "legal" remedies are compromised. If the entire Military Brass is also compromised, we are left with an ACT OF GOD! (Ezekiel 22:20)

  11. Jim:

    Among the commentators on your latest VT 911 article ("Onion"), this one is the ONLY one who "gets it"!:


    “One of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life, was to come to grips with the breadth and depth of the corruption and the demonic wickedness that is Washington DC.

    Yes, 9/11 itself was bad enough, but it’s actually been (1) the breadth and the depth of the cover-up of 9/11; (2) the subsequent, completely unopposed orgy of senseless bloody violence; and (3) the clear road ahead, clearly leading to complete political, moral, economic, and physical self-destruction, that drives the point home.

    Every time I thought I’d seen the bottom, they showed me something worse. Now I realize there is no bottom…there’s simply no limit to their wickedness. What we’re dealing with here is pure evil. And if people don’t start resisting the satanic beings pulling the strings, we’ll all be consumed…as their agenda will ultimately require all of our “rights”, all of our assets, probably even our lives.”

    The key word is RESISTANCE (ACTION)! Anyone who still blabbers on and on about HOW and WHAT at this late stage of the 911 game is SUSPECT of being a Zionist Shill - including you. Maybe that's why Alan thought that your radio interview would be a waste of time!

  12. Well, Jim, I give you credit for finally publishing all my queued-up comments, including the questioning of your motivation. Note that I say 'questioning', not 'accusation'. I believe you are sincere in your relentless efforts to expose the 911 CRIME but you should think about shifting your focus to exposing the CRIMINALS and TRAITORS in our midst - and suggesting some ACTIONS to finally bring them to justice. Several commentators have said as much.

    Frankly, I think that relatively few people realize just how DIRE America's circumstances and prospects are - or WHO is really behind the ATTACK ON AMERICA - and on HUMANITY! As I said in my previous comment, I think that Nelson_2008 has a pretty good idea of what sinister and diabolical (literally!) DARK FORCES are behind what's happening to America and the world.

    From a spiritual perspective, we are witnessing the long-awaited spiritual warfare and FINAL BATTLE between the "Sons of Light" and the "Sons of Darkness", which the Essenes in Qumran expected many years ago.

    It matters to God that we RESIST the Devil, no matter what the cost! EXPOSING the 911 criminals is the right place to start that RESISTANCE. I believe that you are on the "Right Side"! :)

  13. So what's the "Good News" in all this mess?

    "Faithful is He that calleth you, Who will also do it" (1 Thessalonians 5:24)

    "Here is the conclusion and summing up of the whole matter. Yes, beloved ones are dying, going to the Lord. Time is dragging on. The Devil is apparently gaining power and doing his worst. We, the Lord's people, are in suffering: nevertheless, God is able to see us through. "Who will also do it." What more do we want? Over against everything else -
    "He will also do it." That is good news! After all, and in the final summing up, the good news is that it is not left with us. It is the Lord's matter. What is left to us is to believe God, to seek to understand His ways,
    to be steadfast, to hope unto the end, and then the Lord takes over.

    "Faithful is He that calleth you, Who will also do it"

    Good News!

    quoted from T. Austin-Sparks
    ("The Gospel According to Paul" - Chapter 7 - In His Letter to the Thessalonians)

    And then, of course, there is Ezekiel 22:20, if anyone should ask: "What, exactly, is it that He will DO to those Zionist Slimeballs who are attacking America and Humanity from 'the rebellious house of Israel' - and who worship the Devil in the 'Synagogue of Satan'?"

  14. Godsend,

    While I appreciate your sincerity, as an agnostic I cannot share your enthusiasm. I have been told by sources in better positions to know than I that the wars in the Middle East are in part motivated by a desire to bring about the "End Times" when there will be an apocalyptic battle and the non-believes will be struck down and the faithful elevated to heaven. In that scenario, I know where I will be headed--and it is not upward! So I know you believe what you are saying here, but I cannot say that I feel the same way.

  15. You're in luck, Jim! (like 'Lucky' Larry Silverstein with his WTC insurance policies). Unlike terminal cancer, agnosticism is not something that cannot be cured! ;) I was not always a 'believer' myself - but then this amazing thing happened to me on the road to 'Damascus', so-to-speak. It happens to a lot of people and has been happening for centuries. Who knows, it might happen to you when you least expect it! Like 911 truth, Truth about God is knowable - and science does not contradict it! "Seek - and you WILL find" etc.

    Anyway, the END TIMES will happen without anyone's prodding and lotsa folks will be struck down who are not expecting it. Besides the millions of agnostic and atheist American 'Sheeple' who are being deceived by those Zionist Slimeballs (about 911), there are another few million deceived American 'Sheeple' who dutifully attend CUI (Christians United for Israel) churches every Sunday and think they will go to Heaven when TSHTF! Will they ever be surprised! :o

    Have a closer look at my (3) websites, Jim, (including the links) - you will learn stuff that's not taught in any American university. You may be a bit skeptical about some of the things you'll discover - but eventually, all the pieces of The Puzzle will fall into place. It's sometimes called an 'epiphany' or the "Aha!" moment! :)

  16. Musings as the 10th anniversary of the 911 ATTACK ON AMERICA approaches:

    What is truly staggering about the 911 COVER-UP is that 2 Administrations, 2 Presidents and 2 ENTIRE CONgressional memberships are guilty of HIGH TREASON! AND – THEY are continuing the COVER-UP even though the evidence that the ‘Official” 911 story is the BIG LIE is now OVERWHELMING. If this isn’t the ultimate, real-life TWILIGHT ZONE episode, what is??? Next thing the Orwellian Zionist Slimeball MSM will be telling us is that BLACK IS WHITE – starting with ObamaRahm-a, who was born in Kenya! Then, once the price of an ounce of gold reaches $2,500 or so (by the end of September, or thereabouts), THEY will confiscate gold and hand it over to the Anunnaki, who will soon be landing on all those gigantic military bases we built for their arrival in the Middle East! (mostly Iraq). The Israeli Zionist Slimeballs will be there to greet THEM in the HUGE and opulent EMBASSY the American Zionist Slimeballs (ALIEN AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE {of Satan}) built for THEM and pay homage to their celestial, demonic masters – and humanity will finally be turned into SPAM.or steak tartare (SEE! “War of the Worlds”) and CONSUMED! Then, THEY will load up their starships with all the gold mined for THEM for the last few thousand years and return to their home base on Nibiru, now INCOMING – EXCEPT…………..(stay tuned for the SURPRISE ENDING!). The last words out of the orifice of the last ALIEN as it is about to be MELTED will be “OH, SHIT!” (SEE! “Independence Day.” – or my Blogs)