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by Sherwood Ross (with Jim Fetzer)

Six shooters who participated in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, including three with ties to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), were named by a prominent critic of the Warren Commission Report (WCR). Remarkably, Lee Harvey Oswald, the Warren Commission's lone-assassin-designate, was not among them. 

During an interview published this past Nov. 20th in The Santa Barbara Independent, WCR critic/researcher Dr. James Fetzer of Madison, WI, and Chairman of the Oswald Innocence Campaign, revealed the names of five of those who appear to have been shooters, where he has identified the sixth separately:

(1) The first shot that hit, which struck Kennedy in the back, appears to have been fired from the top of the County Records Building by Dallas Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford. He used a 30.06 to fire a Mannlicher-Carcano (MC) bullet fitted with a plastic collar known as a sabot, which hit JFK 5.5" below the shoulder just to the right of the spinal column. This was a shallow wound with no point of exit.

(2) Jack Lawrence, a U.S. Air Force expert, who had gone to work for the automobile dealership that provided vehicles for the presidential motorcade just a few days before the assassination, fired the shot that passed through the windshield and struck JFK in the throat from the south end of the Triple Underpass.

(3) Nestor "Tony" Izquierdo, an anti-Castro Cuban recruited by the CIA, fired the shot that hit JFK in the back of the head after the limousine was brought to a halt. He fired three shots with two misses using a Mannlicher-Carcano, which were the only unsilenced shots fired, from the Dal-Tex Building, which housed a uranium mining corporation, Dallas Uranium and Oil, that was a CIA front.

(4) Roscoe White, a Dallas police officer with ties to the CIA, fired from the grassy knoll adjoining the motorcade route, but seems to have "pulled his shot," Fetzer said, "because it would have hit Jackie, so his shot went into the grass."  His son subsequently discovered his diary, but gave it to the FBI and it has not been seen since.

(5) Malcolm "Mac" Wallace, who shot from the Dallas Book Depository, may have murdered a dozen people for Lyndon B. Johnson. "Mac" appears to have fired from the west side of the book depository at Texas Governor John Connally in the mistaken belief he was Sen. Ralph Yarborough, whom LBJ despised. Wallace's fingerprint was found on one of the boxes in the "assassin's lair" in the book depository from which Oswald allegedly fired.

(6) Frank Sturgis, later complicit in the Watergate robbery, who also appears to have been connected to the CIA, is said by Fetzer to have fired from the north end of the Triple Underpass the shot that entered Kennedy's right temple. Sturgis is known to have ties to Meyer Lansky, a notorious crime syndicate kingpin, and confessed his role to a New York City Gold Shield Detective when he was arrested attempting to kill Marita Lorenz.

In his interview with the Santa Barbara "Independent," Fetzer said "there were shooters at six different locations," with a total of up to 10 shots fired, three of which missed. He asserted JFK was hit four different times: in the back from behind, in the throat from in front, and twice in the head after the driver had brought the car to a halt to make sure he would be killed. Another shot missed and injured bystander James Tague, while "one or more shots hit Connally."

By contrast, the Warren Commission concluded that a single bullet struck Kennedy in the back, exited through his throat and then wounded Connelly. Fetzer explained that the "magic bullet" theory propounded by the Warren Commission is not only false but provably false and not even anatomically possible, because cervical vertebrae intervene.

Ruth Paine, who appears to have been working for the CIA, arranged for Oswald to go to work for at book depository "just weeks before the assassination, which was part of the whole project to set him up as a patsy," Fetzer said. Right up to the time of the assassination, Oswald was a paid FBI informant, collecting $200 a month, which explains why his W-2 forms have never been released by the government.

As for the motivation to kill JFK, Fetzer noted that he was threatening to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces, that the Joint Chiefs believed he was soft on communism, that the Mafia was unhappy because Attorney General Robert Kennedy was cracking down on organized crime, that he was going to abolish the FED and cut the oil depletion allowance.

Fetzer said Vice President Johnson, who had forced his way onto the ticket with JFK in Los Angeles in order to succeed him when he would be taken out, "was a pivotal player" facilitating the assassination. LBJ sent his chief administrative assistant, Cliff Carter, down to Dallas to make sure all the arrangements for the assassination were in place.  And his close friend, J. Edgar Hoover, used the FBI to cover it up.

                  Click here for "JFK at 50: The Who, the How and the Why"

Fetzer said further there where "more than 15 indications of Secret Service complicity in setting Kennedy up for the hit": two agents assigned to the President's limousine were left behind at Love Field; that JFK's limousine, which should have been in the middle of the motorcade, was put first; that the motorcycle escort was reduced to four and instructed not to ride ahead of the limousine's rear wheels; and after the first shots were fired, the driver pulled the limo to the left and stopped.

What's more, Fetzer produced an AP photograph that appears to show Oswald standing in doorway of the book depository at the time JFK was shot. They may be compared with Oswald's photograph taken later that afternoon in Dallas police headquarters. When questioned, Oswald told Dallas homicide detective Will Fritz that during the shooting he had been standing with Bill Shelley, one of his supervisors, in front of the building.

Note the missing left shoulder and the figure who is in front of and behind the man in the doorway at the same time, which are obvious indications the photo has been altered.  Facial features have been distorted, but the clothing is the key. "If you look at the height, weight, build, and the clothing he's wearing---especially the highly unusual shirt and the t-shirt he has on---they correspond very closely to what Oswald was wearing when he was arrested," Fetzer said. 

For more proof that the man in the doorway (Doorman) was Lee Oswald, visit the Oswald Innocence Campaign on-line. While they altered features of Doorman's face, the only other candidates for having been there were not wearing comparable clothing or did not fit the height, weight and build of the man in the doorway.  When you consider the totality of the evidence, no alternative explanation is reasonable.

In his Santa Barbara Independent interview, Fetzer said public opinion polls "have shown over the years that as much as 85 percent of the public has expressed disagreement with the Warren Commission and the lone assassin theory." Fetzer elaborated on the points he made in great detail during his keynote address, "The Assassination of America", for the Santa Barbara JFK conference that he organized and moderated, which is now available at

Fetzer is a former Marine Corps officer who earned his Ph.D. in the history and philosophy of science.  He has published 29 books, including three collections of studies by experts on different aspects of the assassination. Distinguished McKnight University Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, he is also an editor for, and contributor to, Veterans Today.

(This news release prepared by Sherwood Ross Associates, of Miami, Florida (305) 205-8281; also


  1. Ed Perkins
    11:27 PM (1 minute ago)

    Mr. Fetzer,

    I wanted to post a comment on your blog but couldn't. It's not the first time I've had this trouble. You need to change your blog' s system.

    Here's my comment.

    Fetzer's "Six Shooters" post has been up for a month and a half. No one's commented until now. What's that tell you about how Americans and JFK assassination researchers care about the most significant American political event up to 911?

    Jim Fetzer is the most insightful and discerning of those investigating the JFK assassination. His books, conferences, analyses, and comments are brilliant. The Zapruder film analyisis, Oswald in the doorway photo (Altens #6), etc. -- in every case I was a sceptic , but with an open mind - and in every case Mr. Logical Thinker and Analyst, Jim Fetzer, convinced this Doubting Thomas that he was right.

    So why do so few Americans seem to care about the murder of their Presidnt, a governmental coup, and crime and corruption at the top of their country;? Also, why can't researchers and analyst mush heads think logically and cogently when it comes to analyzing all the JFK assassination info? And, why is it that so few care anymore and so much is all slipping so fast down the memory hole?

    1. Good text as historical background.
      But are this blackwater-dronwar-NSA issues not more relevant today?
      Snowden, Assange
      from Germany

    2. Yes, they are relevant, if not related in a distant, although significant way.

      You miss the not only the practical consequence of the assassination (a very illegal change of government, i.e., a coup d'etat), you also don't seem to understand the consequences of it that remain today. Obviously, there aren't many people left who can be charged for this crime, but that's not important.. What's important is how exposing the truth would affect the people of the U.S.

      If the media did it's job and covered these facts honestly (instead of yielding to the powers that ostensibly control them, as evidenced by their support of the single bullet theory 50+ years later), the American public would grasp the implications of what this means today.

      First, if a president was killed 50+ years ago as a result of a politically motivated conspiracy involving the highest government officials--yet no one in any subsequent administration (or elsewhere in the federal government) has ever even honestly discussed or investigated (without obvious obstruction which the HCSA suffered) this murder, then it follows that many today are subsequent/successor beneficiaries of the change that occurred in 1963.

      Second, as this lie as been foisted upon us for so long either directly, indirectly, or tacitly by powers in government, what does that say about their trustworthiness today and over the past 50 years if the truth were revealed? If our "government" has lied, is currently lying, or continuing to allow the lie of this event, what does it say about the credibility, character, or trustworthiness today?

      As Greg Burnham has often suggested, the revelation of the truth would very likely shake the public to the core, and there would be a "revolution of mind", meaning the populace would wrest back the power that was taken from them 50 years ago. This would likely be effectuated by overhauling the federal government at every level. It might finally dawn on the public that no government is to be trusted and that our blind trust of government for the last century or so, has led us to a very abysmal place -- the revelations of Assange and Snowden are but a small part.

    3. This is without question the most preposterous of all the conspiracy theories given the light of day. Six shooters firing ten shot? What happened to all the bullets. The majority of assassination witnesses hear three shots. Oswald's first shot fired at Z161 missed. Hissecond shot at Z223 hit JFK and Connally. The third head shot was fired at Z313. We know Zapruder's camera operated at 18.3 frames per second. Thus, Oswald fired three shots in 8.36 seconds, achieving only one "kill" shot, hardly a remarkable feat. Furthermore, William Brennan saw Oswald firing from the sixth floor window of the TSBD. Oswald's prints were in the murder weapon and several boxes comprising the sniper's nest. He ordered the rifle and pistol using the alias A.J. Hidell and had a phony Hidell ID in his wallet when he was arrested. Clearly Oswald brought the rifle into the TSBD that morning and lied to Buell Frazier about the package containing curtain rods. Oswald had no corroborated alibi for his whereabouts during the assassination. He flees the building within three minutes of the assassination, goes to his rooming house and gets his pistol. He murders officer Tippit, who stopped Oswald because he matched the description of the man seen firing from the TSBD by William Brennan. Six witnesses identified Oswald as Tippit's killer. He attempts to murder arresting office Nick MacDonald in the Texas theatre. And in April 1963, Oswald attempted, unsuccessfully to assassinate Gen. Edwin Walker. These mindless JFK conspiracy "theorists" ignore all the hard evidence in this case and never provide any of their own. It boggles my mind.

    4. According to Buell Frazier the package fit under Oswald's arm. Rifle would be too big. Can't you see Oswald was set up man?

    5. There were two significant bullet fragments recovered from within the limo: CE 567 and 569. Also, a bullet was found in the grass on the far side of the road (away from the knoll area). There's video of it being turned over to a man who represented himself as FBI... he put it in his pocket (!)

    6. I think many Americans care about what happened to JFK, but after years of reading books and watching videos about the assassination I only learned of Fetzer's work an hour ago (and that was by chance as I was searching for 11/02/1963 info). I have yet to process what Fetzer wrote or form an opinion.

  2. To the previous post: I think people are interested in the truth. My concern is that the news media does not seem to want to tread near the subject as we have seen over the years.

    Further, it is made difficult to separate facts from so much disinformation out there. It takes the effort of individuals Like Prof. Fetzer, Mark Lane, and many others to continue the pursuit of truth and to provide venues and avenues to share this information.

    My question with respect to the original post (of six JFK shooters) is why there is no mention of James E. Files - the man who claims he fired the fatal headshot from the Grassy Knoll firing a Remington XP-100 Fireball using mercury filled bullets. Files claims he drove John Roselli and Charles Nicoletti to the Dal-Tex building shortly before the assassination. Files would have seen Rosco White if he was there... yet Files claims to have been alone in his area behind the fence. Since reading some of the Files claims and just now reading Fetzers blog - thought i would open up the question.

    1. When Files' "Confessions" tape first appeared, I was asked to review it by a local TV station. I told them that, while he seemed to know a lot about the assassination (where I give him an 80% truth rating), his failure to mention the limo stop (when it set up his shot) indicated to me that he was not there and the very idea that he would have been invited to be a shooter the morning of the event was incredible. I find the Remington "Firefall", the high-velocity hand gun he describes, more interesting than Files, but there are those who stick with him regardless. My most recent articles on JFK and more are at

    2. Files age at the time (21) along with his claim that he was alone behind the fence, were the two things that made me draw the conclusion that he was paid to make this claim.

      His age, first of all. Now really, who is going to hire a 21-year-old to assassinate the President in a high pressure, out in the open situation? It struck me as rather ludicrous. Too young for such a critical assignment. That stood out to me like a sore thumb from the very beginning of his story.

      He's convincing because he is a calm, cool liar. But that's typical for career criminals!

      Consider what Files told us that was valuable: nothing at all! He incriminated dead mobsters. Big deal.

      I believed Files at first and thought his detail was proof, but he had 20+ years to learn to learn the details and as I said, a career criminal can lie with ease. There were too many credible witnesses that said there were two men behind the fence and that's where files messed up, along with, as J.F. said, not mentioning the car stop. Mentioning that would have been a two-fold evidence; one that he really was there and that he had no problem implicating the Secret Service, who set JFK up.

      But the people who paid Files don't want the Secret Service implicated or the government implicated because it was a coup d'état and implicating the government is the last thing they want to do and you'll notice that Files never implicated the government. He just said, basically, "Here's my story and I didn't ask any questions" to keep from revealing or confirming anything. He was a diversion to get people to say, "OK, Files did it and now we know the mob was guilty. We'll probably never know anything more than this. We'll move on with life."

      But, until the government tells the truth in the media and in the record books, there are still guilty criminals hiding things are meaningful TODAY.

      Notice the claim of Files that he was trying to get his life straight. Good point to give a little more credibility to his claim.

      In the end, he told us nothing about who in the government planned it.

  3. Files appears to be a liar from what I see ! , The Origional Nix film shows a man who looks like Files and like David Ferrie also ! , David Ferrie was On FAA Flight Plans to Dallas with General Edwin Walker - Walker was CIA Bush's Cousin , Also General Ed Lansdale was photographed passing by Charles Harrelson one of The 3 Tramps behind The TSBD building . The CIA already had Ties with David Ferrie not with James Files . And in Files story his friend shot Tippit , Dallas Policeman USMC Roscoe White wrote in his diary that He missed JFK to avoid hitting Jackie and that He then went and Killed Officer J.D. Tippit . Eye witnesses described a man who looked like Just like David Ferrie at the scene right before the shots were fired at JFK .
    . The Evidence points to David Ferrie and (Frank Fiorini ) known as Frank (Sturgis) shooting JFK in the right temple at almost the same time . James Files would have known David Ferrie through The Mobs New Orleans leader Carlos Marcello and James Files would of known that Ferrie was already dead also .Two of Ferries gay room mates said that he was in Dallas on that day ! . Ferrie dies hours before he is scheduled to testify before Jim Garrison , Consider all of the dead witnesses and just ask Yourself why David Ferrie is dead and James Files is still alive ? ! . Even Mob figures who knew David Ferrie are all dead now but James Files is still alive ! It makes no-sense at all they would kill everybody else and let Files live ! .

  4. Wow. 66 people think Hamas is "Delicious on pita bread" ?

    It's as if your friend and fellow "scholars" member Espada is an incompetent buffoon who's completely lost control of his website.


    1. Your response shows that you are unable to debate properly in an intellectual fashion. Abusing people because you have a different opinion shows you are intellectually inept and not mature enough to tolerate someones opinion or explain your own point of view. Because of that it makes anything you say totally invalid and you won't be able to be taken seriously.

  5. Mr. Fetzer,

    In all the chatter I have seen on this subject, I don't recall ever hearing about the Muchmore film showing a rapid double shot to JFK's head and would like your opinion on my observation.

    The Muchmore film shows two head shots in very quick succession. The one pushes his head forward then the next shot is the head explosion round comparable to the Zapruder film. Study this video closely starting at about the 1:35 mark.
    Go to 1:35 mark, tap your space bar to move through slowly and you will see the first head spray (1:39), car travels, then second explosive shot (1:40).

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It's real tough to see but i see what your saying for sure. It's almost simultaneous. Man Oswald was a face shot............. now the picture of him in the doorway is now all over the place showing the poor guy watching that helpless woman collect her husbands brains and didn't know until recently that she was just trying to cover her husband up from the world seeing him dying and being so helpless.

  6. your friend and fellow scholar's member gustavo espada thinks moving to disqus is going to help

    actually all it proves is he's logging into his website and therefore is active online continuing to promote the sleazy conspiracy everyone's an agent fraud and ignoring other responsibilities

    talk to him directly
    or you can publish this and send a link to a friend of a friend of a friend and try to pretend you don't know him?

    decisions, decisions....

    it's not like anyone reads his fake website.
    all he can get is 7 people
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    7 people max read that fake website
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    shit dude, ever hear of cost/benefit analysis?

  7. To be completely honest I find the shooting of officer J.D. Tippet to be much more troublesome for me. Maybe it's because we have so little information on it. Is it possible that although Oswald didn't shoot Kennedy, that he did in fact shoot Tippet?

    1. Impossible. first of all Oswald had an actual alibis at the Theater given by the fellow who sold him popcorn; & by a patron. It's a little tricky as an Oswald Double came in later. In fact a shoe-shop owner was sure he had seen Oswald arrested as he was taken out the back of the Theater. He was amazed a couple of decades later to see him taken out the front!

      A teenager was in the basement bathroom of the Police Station when two men came in arguing; he held up his legs, as he was crying & didn't want anyone to know. One of them swore to the other-whom the teen later IDed as Rosco White-: You were supposed to ...& instead you kill a cop! the reply was that he needed to be killed as he refused to do his job.

      Oswald was supposed to believe that Tippet would take him to this small airport where a plane was waiting. He would be flown to Old Mexico; & later to be sent to Cuba by the CIA. Instead Tippet was to kill him.

    2. This is confused. It knows too much and it knows nothing. It is disinformation meant to gum up logical thought.

  8. On E. Howard Hunt's deathbed confession, he links French Assassin Lucien Sarti with the grassy knoll. Anyone else heard this?

  9. it is appealing and looks true

  10. I think the shot that bring JFK hand up is from a injury to the back. I surmise this only because if JFK had been shot in the throat, which I believe will come later, then:

    He wouldn't have been able to say anything.......

  11. How did the Fed make the payoff to the shooters?

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  13. If you notice just before the head shot, the back of Kennedy's head is higher than his temple. If a bullet goes in the temple and wants to exit the back rear then it has to be fired from nearly directly in front and Kennedy's temple was exposed to the front because he was slightly turned to his left. The shot had to come from below the temple area to exit higher up out the back. I was stunned to see a quicktime stabilized version of the driver Greer: , and : - look at the picture and video, his left hand is off the wheel comes from left to right across his body. At the moment of the head shot everyone in the car reacts quickly except Jackie. Watch a quicktime stabilized version and see If it doesn't look like the driver shot him from BELOW the temple area. By the way, Greer was left handed. You can see in the pic the two arrows one pointing to an apparent gun and the other to Kellerman's arm on the steering wheel. Notice what this guy says on the second link:
    dutydriven said...
    While in collage (1983) a good friend showed me a BW film taken from above and on the left side of the car. In this film that I have never seen released in any public forum or news anywhere, you see the front seat passenger speak to Greer, reach over to hold the wheel while Greer shoots over his shoulder with his left hand. Clear as day and you even see the recoil of the weapon. He had this film from his father, an American dissident in the sixties. Where he got it, I don't remember. Wish I had a copy though.

  14. Additionally, if he was shot from the overpass which is above JFK how does the temple shot exit the back of the head where it was higher than his temple? It seems like the shot has to come from below the temple area since the occipital/parietal are was perhaps 2 inches higher than the temple entry. There's only one potential shot that was both directly in front of JFk and below his temple and that's a shot from Greer the driver. Certainly, Connally was in on this and his wife is not going against that, certainly if Kellerman took the wheel he was in on it. The gun is below the top of the door and can't be seen, it's too low and with two loud motorcyles right off the bumpers the shot may not have been heard well. Also, while turning to the right who takes there left hand off a steering wheel, only Greer apparently

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  24. "lol at u STILL pretending you don't know/never met/heard of craig lazo aka killtown. especially when his ex has a front row seat at most of ur portland events."

    Boring. What we really want to know are the contents of the email Lazo/Kt received from Fetzer Sept 26th 2010. Lazo( as KT) bragged about it on Facebook ala "explosive news" but he never said what was in it.

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  27. Another shot missed and injured bystander James Tague, while "one or more shots hit Connally."visit

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  29. There is a reason JFK jr named his magazine "George" watch JFK2 and the Jim Garrison interviews from the mid 80s. Anyone needs links let me know.
    But at what point will you people (Americans) wake up and see that this isn't old news?
    When will you see We are still dealing with the repercussions of that day in Dallas November 22 1963.
    The thing is, you go down, you take most of us with you. That includes my children and theirs.
    Are you that complacent and distracted that you don't care as long as your little bubble isn't popped?
    It's not that hard to see that the Lone crazed gunman who was wanting attention didn't seem to want ANY attention nor was he crazed. In fact there is a few photos of him in the doorway of the front entrance of the book depository as the motorcade drove by and the shots fired.
    All the conspirators had to say was that all the credible evidence was "crazy" and only seen as valid by tin foil hat wearing nut cases when anyone who believes the warren commisons who was led by Allen Dulles who shouldn't have ever been allowed to have any part in the investigation. His buddy Prescott Bush and his skull and bones son George HW Bush made sure to protect their CIA family from being splintered into a thousand pieces as JFK had famously said. Is that not motive enough? No?!
    Ok how about his famous speech at the UN challenging the Soviets to a "peace race"?
    Vowing to have a UN supervised disarmament of nuclear and conventional weapons only leaving enough for nations internal issue which had the support of the soviets who mattered. Then his resistance to covert operations in Vietnam/Asia, the Caribbean, south and Central America and an eventual war in Vietnam which his "friend" Lyndon Johnson had given the green light less then a month from his bosses murder in his home state.
    The Zapata oil rigs owned by George HW Bush's conviently placed in between Cuba and the US which did what other then give him a cover for him being in the CIA since the Mid 50s which he denies which was later proven in a memo left by Hoover after the POTUS head was blown off in front of his wife who was trying to gather her husbands head and keep him covered up so people wouldn't see him like that.
    Now you have some sick fu(ker putting graffiti on monuments in Washington saying "Jackie Killed JFK"........... they should be tarred and feathered and then forced to watch her in the Zapruder film over and over.
    So now you have the arms manufacturers, military and the intelligence agencies pissed off.
    Then his vow to rid the states of the reserve banking system, now you have bankers like Prescott Bush who's buddies at the Fed reserve are beyond mad. Prescotts Union Bank had been seized after it was linked by Hoover to the nazi parties economic machine that was funding the remilitarization of Germany before WWII

    Why is it so hard to see it for what it is? Just the fact alone that Allen Dulles was heading the commisons into the murder of the man who fired him from an agency that the Victim had threatened and planned to "splinter into a thousand pieces"
    We, the rest of the world, just don't get it.
    ......... And your still the only country to call oil "fossil fuel". It's the second most abundant liquid on the planet next to water and is a constantly being produced by the planet. Keep buying into the "peak" oil and the prices that they charge based on it "running out" eventually. Just is harder to find. We are a disgusting species