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Adam Lanza: The fictional perpetrator of the Sandy Hook hoax

by Dreadnought with Jim Fetzer

Here, "Dreadnought" reflects on the contents of (what purports to be) Adam Lanz's room and finds anomaly after anomaly, which support the inference that "Adam" was a creation of the imagination. But he also offers speculations of his own that the Lanza's had a real child, Ryan, and that "Ryan" may be Adam-moved-away. It is a fascinating review of an heretofore unexplored aspect of the elaborate event known as "Sandy Hook".

We know that Sandy Hook was a hoax. The school was closed by 2008 and used as a prop in 2012. We even have the FEMA manual for the event, which included a rehearsal the day before the "school massacre" would be presented as a LIVE EVENT on 14 December 2012. And in pursuit of his FOIA demands, Wolfgang Halbig has been obtaining more and more confirmation that no one died at Sandy Hook: it was a PR anti-gun scam!

But there have been lingering questions about the alleged shooter, Adam Lanza. Marsha Lanza, purportedly the sister of his father, Peter, for example, never actually mentions Adam by name in a two minute interview about him. She refers to his brother Ryan at least four times and even names a "PJ Lanza" as "gone" along with sister-in-law Nancy, but never says the name of Adam. 


Further compounding questions about his existence, we have two different ID photos, which were allegedly taken four years apart, yet they reflect EXACTLY the same image, verified by super-positioning one upon the other. That would be impossible, if they were real. Photoshop was used to flip the face (pointing his nose slightly differently) and change the background hair.

Now "Dreadnought" takes an inventory of (what purports to be) Adam Lanza's room, which offers further substantiation that Adam was not a real person but a fictional character who was concocted to play the role of the assailant in the elaborate fabrication known as "the Sand Hook School shooting". None of it was real, where the proof of fakery abounds from every nook and cranny--including the features of "Adam's room". 

Inspecting Adam's Room

by Dreadnought

I've looked at the gaming gear in Lanza's bedroom. It's all too old to be used by a kid in 2012-13. The Xbox 360 is from 2005, the games are all the same vintage or older. If we would believe the media, this computer whizz sat playing seven year old shooter games? And didn't get any new machines? From a doting mother? It doesn't fit. Ask anyone who has a kid over 13.

Also, I can't find any Internet trail for him. "Blarvink" is the name he's supposed to have used on gaming sites but it doesn't check out according to the sites I researched. Others have thought of this before me. On one of the gaming sites he's supposed to have used the name Blarvink. Someone was still using it on the same site in December 2013 (Ryan Lanza perhaps?). 

He's supposed to have started a Wikipedia site by that name but made no contributions to it. Gamers are internet denizens through and through, some would have come out of the woodwork with some tales of him even under a "known" user name if not the name of Adam Lanza. Check the 'net. Adam Lanza's Internet profile is and was a desert. Don't trust me, check it for yourself. It's as close as Google.

Oddities about his room

There are other odd things about his room and contents.

Not just no dirt--where he was supposed to be a compulsive cleaner--but no wear and tear.  No foot marks on the wall, no bumps of furniture. Two clean bowls.

No jumble. An empty waste bin.

The Antec computer case is old for a gamer; and I couldn't see any internet connection by way of a modem. This kid would have had Alienware, the latest 2012 games and a high-speed net connection. That's worth a check: did the house even have hi-speed? And there's no laptop. Just stop and consider what there is not.

There's nothing on the walls, no Spiderman posters, Darth Vader, Lord of the Rings, Anime heroes--nothing. 

Nobody obsesses about nothing.

There's a large empty bookcase in the room. An empty bookcase in the room of a young person who supposedly hides from the world?

The television is cathode ray. 2005 vintage. There's no sound system set up for gaming, just two speakers side by side.

No modem, no printer. A DVD player, but no DVDs. No Anime nor super hero films. No USBs. No writeable CDs or DVDs. Nothing recorded or to record with. No Tevo.

No desk or workspace in use for projects. A cleared desktop.

No stack of super hero comics or computer magazines.

Gamers usually do modeling, too; none of that here.

Both neat and messy 

It hasn't got the odds and sods that kids pick up and keep. No junk under the bed. No clothes tossed around like every other kid's room in the known universe.

The few items in the drawer. Too sparse. Some coins, a spare Honda key, a science club membership card. Two pairs of glasses? Did Adam even wear glasses? I can't find any Internet evidence that he did. No items post-dating 2010. Nothing of importance to a kid.

But a drawer full of .223 mags taped together. 

There's two photos of the same bedroom, one jumbled, one tidy. Two different states for the same room. 

Evidence should be “as found”. Don't trust what I say. See the photos for yourself. They're annexed to Sedensky's nonsense report.

Ryan as Adam-moved-away

I think it looks like a bedroom of an older son moved away with some stuff left behind. I think Ryan Lanza was Adam. Adam moved away and became Ryan? 

That's why there's two pairs of glasses there left in the room near the science club membership card. They're similar to the pairs Ryan was seen in. Ryan can tell me different. 

It's a sterile and artificial, contrived scene. An ersatz killer's ersatz room.

And here's a picture of the devil himself at his machine, supposedly taken by a gamer but only lately released. If it's genuine, note he is not wearing glasses and uses a mic and headphone set, which are both absent from the room photos. 

Those who set up the scene had the money and time to fake a good legend of a young deranged shooter, but like other government perfuncteries, they were lazy. The usual crazed loner story. Why not? It's always worked before. Ryan Lanza or Peter Lanza saying anything in the press? After three years? There's one article by Andrew Solomon in The New Yorker ,“The Reckoning”,  which  Solomon claims to have conducted over several lengthy interviews but Solomon won't say specifically when or where that took place. He took no photos. 

He claims that he initially met Peter Lanza in a New York restaurant prior to the interviews, but he won't say which one. I've asked him personally both questions by email and he simply stopped answering.

Solomon claims, “Scientists are sequencing Adam's DNA to see if they can find anomalies that might explain what was broken in him.” What scientists, Andrew? In which laboratory? What nonsense. 

What DNA could tell us

DNA on the Adam Lanza clothes, rifle, cartridges, most importantly the gloves which were open fingered therefore DNA on the rifle without doubt. All that police evidence had DNA on it if it's genuine evidence.  

All that DNA should be compared to the DNA on Ryan Lanza's driver's license which Adam was supposed to have on him. If the driver's licence doesn't show two different sets of DNA (brothers have different DNA), and only one person's, that will be Ryan's. 

John Rapapport has said we will never get the full medical picture of Adam Lanza because it's a defeat for "Big Pharma": that isn't the reason at all, the reason we'll never get the full medical history is because it will point to Ryan Lanza. The DNA from anything surviving will turn out to be Ryan Lanza's.

If there is any way anyone could have the remaining clothes held by Newtown Police examined for DNA? And then get a sample from Ryan Lanza?

Ryan was the gawky kid who moved away and changed his name from "Adam" to "Ryan". That is why Peter Lanza mistook his own son's birthdate by four years on the release document here:

According to Andrew Solomon, "scientists" are sequencing his DNA (Adam's), but they can't let out those results.  What are they sequencing it from? Give us that DNA result and let us ask Ryan for a DNA donation? 

What's he got to lose? The result could only embarrass me couldn't it? I don't mind. When Peter Lanza doesn't even know his own son's date of birth, the pattern of fraud and deception at Sandy Hook has come full circle. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

PressTV: CIA trying to link conspiracy theorists with Osama bin Laden (UPDATED!)

byJim Fetzer 

A new government report revealing a list of books    
allegedly seized by US special forces when they   
raided Osama bin Laden's compound and killed him               
in 2011 is “ludicrous” and a “complete fabrication,” 
an American scholar says.

The CIA is trying to create a connection between so-called

conspiracy theorists who are in fact critics of the US

government and Bin Laden, said James Henry Fetzer, a

retired professor in Madison, Wisconsin.

The US government labels its critics as conspiracy theorists

in order to dismiss them in the eyes of the public, Fetzer told

Press TV on Friday.

Independent analysts, dubbed by the mainstream US media

as conspiracy theorists, have always maintained that the

September 11, 2001 attacks have been covered-up by the

FBI and senior US officials because it was the “mother of

all false flag” operations.

A man stands in the rubble after the attack of September 11, 2001. 

“The fact of the matter is [that] Osama had nothing to with
9/11,” Fetzer said. “This is another desperate attempt by

the government to suppress information about 9/11, about

Osama bin Laden and about US complicity in the events of

9/11, all of which is attempting to do with this single, simply

completely ridiculous story about Osama bin Laden's

reading list which is a complete fabrication.”

On Wednesday, the Office of the Director of National

Intelligence released an extensive list of materials which

they said were collected by US Navy SEALs during the 2011

raid that supposedly killed Bin Laden.

The agency, which oversees US intelligence agencies,

unveiled the contents of Bin Laden's library from his

compound at Abbottabad, Pakistan, in an effort to increase


The release comes four years a reported US military mission

that allegedly killed Bin Laden and allowed commandos to

seize letters, books and other intelligence on the al-Qaeda

terrorist network he founded.

Osama suffered from lung and kidney diseases. A man suffering 
from these diseases could not have survived another decade to 
be murdered by a SEAL team in Abbottabad on May 2, 2011.

Washington announced on May 2, 2011 that Bin Laden

was killed in his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, by US

special forces and CIA operatives.

Osama was the founder of al-Qaeda, the terrorist organization

that allegedly claimed responsibility for the September 11, 2001

attacks on the United States.

The September 11 attacks, also known as the 9/11 attacks,

were a series of strikes in the US which killed nearly 3,000

people and caused about $10 billion worth of property and

infrastructure damage.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Osama bin Laden: The "Conspiracy Theorist"

by Jim Fetzer

"I’m disappointed that he only had one of my books. He should’ve read The New Pearl Harbor Revisited!" -- David Ray Griffin

Osama bin Laden -- "Conspiracy Theorist"

It both surprised and pleased me when a reporter for The Guardian, a well-regarded paper in the UK, called to ask about the report that Osama bin Laden's "library" had included a copy of David Ray Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor, one of the first and best exposes of the orchestration of the attacks on 9/11 as having occurred very differently than we have been told.

Under the heading, "9/11 Truthers (naturally) wary of Osama bin Lade's conspiracy theory obsession" (20 May 2015), it published the following story only hours after having spoken with me, which was fine and accurate as far as it went. But there was much more to the story:
Obsessed with plots to ruin America, terrified of bugs implanted intooth fillings or women’s clothing, and secluded away from even his confidants, Osama bin Laden may not have been in the most healthy frame of mind during his years in hiding. 
It should perhaps come as no surprise, then, that his personal library included conspiracy theories about the occult, the Illuminati – and even 9/11. 
Documents and details released by US intelligence officers on Wednesday from the raid that killed bin Laden in 2011 revealed the al-Qaida leader’s collection included The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11, a book that aims to dismantle the official story of the September 11 attacks and alleges that president George W Bush was complicit in them.  
“It’s such a crazy story,” Griffin said. “I’m disappointed that he only had one of my books. He should’ve read [The New] Pearl Harbor Revisited!”
Informed by the Guardian that Bin Laden owned a copy of his book, author and retired theologian David Ray Griffin said “it’s a surprise” and that he was at a loss for words.
“It’s such a crazy story,” Griffin said. “I’m disappointed that he only had one of my books. He should’ve read [The New] Pearl Harbor Revisited!" 
Griffin’s book poses more questions than it does theories about what happened on September 11, arguing that the 9/11 commission and Bush administration concealed and distorted the truth in the service of larger geopolitical aims. 
“I don’t doubt that Osama would have found Griffin’s brilliant book really informative,” said Jim Fetzer, a founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, “but Osama died on about 15 December 2001. He was suffering from serious diseases, including a kidney disease, and it’s hard to get those dialysis machines in and out of those caves in Afghanistan. 
“Even Fox News reported this at the time, although I don’t regard that as an always reliable source,” Fetzer added. 
Indeed, while the wrinkle of Bin Laden’s taste for tales about 9/11 truthers and the occult was “fascinating”, Fetzer said, the entirety of the documents released Wednesday, as well as the 2011 raid by US Navy Seals on Bin Laden’s Pakistan compound in which the al-Qaida leader was killed, constitute “elaborate political theater” in Fetzer’s mind. 
“Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11,” Fetzer said, dismissing the 2004 videotape in which Bin Laden took credit for the attacks. “The whole story we’ve been told is a complete charade.” 
The reaction at hubs of conspiracy theory was similarly unbowed by revelations from the 2011 raid.  
“Am I the only one who thinks that a bunch of CIA documents released years after the fact are nothing more than propaganda?” asked Jesse Wyneck at InfoWars, the website of conspiracy theorist and radio host Alex Jones. 
“I wish they’d get more creative with this nonsense,” bemoaned another commenter. 
“We live in a world of lies. Nothing more,” said another. 
The commenter badgerpit suggested that Bin Laden’s possession of a book about 9/11 might be “a sort of wink”. “They get away with everything so I imagine their confidence to rub stuff in our face is high." 
Jones himself did not broach the disclosures on his Wednesday radio show, instead railing on about changing gender norms in American society and declaring: “The fall of humankind is here. It’s going down.” 
On the other great center of truthers, Reddit, people were less credulous about conspiracy theories. There reactions ranged from “9/11 was a fraud” to blaming Nasa to “I bet they used to sit around the compound at night and read each other the theories for laughs.” 
Bin Laden’s odd collection also included The Conspirators’ Hierarchy, a book about how an elite cadre of manipulators are somehow involved in everything from the Kennedy assassination to the East India trading company and the international drug trade.

Fake Death Photos of Osama bin Laden 
Bin Laden also owned Bloodlines of the Illuminati, by Fritz Springmeier, an Oregon man who has written extensively about the eponymous semi-historical sect, mind control, Jehovah’s witnesses and Freemasons. 
At least one believer maintains that the fatidic date of 1 May links the Illuminati to the deaths of Adolf Hitler and Bin Laden, even though Hitler killed himself on 30 April 1945 and Bin Laden was killed in the early hours of 2 May 2011, Pakistan time. 
Jones has also linked Bin Laden to the Illuminati, albeit through the more tortuous route of the Mossad, CIA and MI6, among other agents. 
The al-Qaida leader’s taste in rightwing perspectives on conspiracy did not end with Springmeier: he also had a copy of The Secrets of the Federal Reserve, a book by Holocaust denier Eustace Mullins, who during his life shared his antisemitic sentiments with Ezra Pound and wrote an article in praise of Hitler. 
Mind control was also plainly a fixation for Bin Laden, whose reading materials included Senate testimony from 1977 on the CIA’s MK Ultra program on behavioral modification, and a book by Noam Chomsky titled Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies. 
Perhaps the oddest book in Bin Laden’s collection was The Secret Teachings of All Ages, a 1928 tome by the Canadian mystic Manly Palmer Hall. The son of a dentist and a chiropractor, Hall became a famous spiritualist and lecturer, and filled his book with ideas about tarot readingsalchemy and Shakespeare trutherism. 
Despite the eager discussion of conspiracy theories, few online dared to theorize what Bin Laden might have made of Hall. 
Virtually all the most popular theories about 9/11 have been thoroughly debunked by both the investigators of the 9/11 commission and independent experts in aviation, engineering, the military and other fields.
While this newspaper report could be interpreted as complete and accurate, the fact of the matter is that it only cites my conclusions without citing any of the evidence that substantiates that finding, rendering my position as an argument with no premises.

What The Guardian didn't tell you

What I told The Guardian during the phone interview included that there were local obituaries at the time, that he was buried in an unmarked grave in Afghanistan in accordance with Muslim tradition; that David Ray Griffin had published a book about it, Osama bin Laden: Dead or Alive?, that Nicholas Kollerstrom had published an article about it; and that Fox News on 26 December 2001 had reported his death, which makes Fox the leader in coverage of all the newspapers in the world. 

So when I discovered that The Guardian had omitted my premises and only published my conclusion, I composed a comment on the article, which was still there the last time I checked. Here is what I published about the article and my interview:

Indeed, as I explained in a recent article exposing the "revelations" by Seymour Hersch (that Obama had taken more credit than he deserved in tracking down and taking out Osama, because it was largely the work of Pakistan intelligence agents), it was convenient to resurrect him and kill him again to benefit Obama's political requirements.

Pakistani Compound Owner watch TV using a remote

None of the residents of the town in which the compound was situated had ever seen Osama bin Laden, where the man using the remote to watch TV was identified as the compound's owner, who was not Osama bin Laden. As I explained in "Zero Dark Thirty: The deeper, darker truths", the raid was a piece of political theater that had no correlation with reality.

There is an irony here because, when I concluded my conversation with the reporter for The Guardian who had called me, I expressed my admiration for The Guardian as one of the few newspapers in the world that continued to show dedication to the truth and determination to pursue its publication. I noticed he seemed to be affected by my remarks but, in retrospect, it does not appear to have been for the reasons foremost in my mind at the time.

Osama was suffering from debilitating kidney disease and was also reported to have Marfan syndrome. It's tough to get those dialysis machines in and out of those caves in Afghanistan. His purported burial at sea was not in accord with Muslim traditions and the claims to have DNA confirmation of his identity were far too fast to have been scientifically possible. The death photos were faked. None of the official account warrants belief. It's all a fabrication. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Planes/No Planes and "Video Fakery"

“9/11 Fake: Media Make Believe”

The serious question that has to arise at this point, of course, is “Why?” Would it not have been far simpler just to fly a real plane into the North Tower and another into the South?Where the answer turns out to be, “No”. Pilots for 9/11 Truth discovered that it is extremely difficult to hit an edifice 208′ across at more than 500 mph. After 20 or more tried it repeatedly, only one was able to hit it once. In addition, a real plane could not enter all the way into the building before it would explode.

But that was a requirement of the mission, since otherwise there would have been no pseudo-explanation for the subsequent “collapse” of the buildings due to fire. And equally important, the explosions that were planned for the subbasements to drain the towers’ sprinkler systems of water so they could not extinguish the relatively modest fires that would remain after the pre-positioned jet fuel was consumed in those spectacular fireballs. The plan was to explain them away effects of jet fuel falling through the elevator shafts–a flawed theory, but good enough for a gullible public.

“The Theory of a Ghostplane”

                         “Proof Plane that Hit was Hologram”

The mission required something that looked like a real plane but could perform feats that no real plane could perform by entering the building before it would explode, which would have  been impossible with a real plane. And that had to be timed to coincide with explosions in the subbasements that, even with the most meticulous planning, would inadvertently take place 14 and 17 seconds before the planes officially hit the buildings.

It was an audacious plan, brilliant in design, and nearly perfect in execution.  But those who were working this out did not realize that they were also creating the image of a plane that would turn out to be traveling faster than a Boeing 767, violating Newton’s laws, and passing through its own length into the building in the same number of frames it passed through its own length it air.

As in the case of the Pentagon, they thereby violated laws of aerodynamics and of physics that gave their game away.  And those blemishes, subtle as they may have been, have provided the opportunity to expose a fantastic fraud, which has been used to justify wars of aggression and constraints upon civil rights that our nation continues to endure to this day.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.