Sunday, December 20, 2015

An Open Letter to the South Florida Sun Sentinel

by Jim Fetzer

NOTE: When the Pozners took donations from the public, they lost their right to privacy, because it is in the public interest to avoid being taken for a ride by con men, shysters and frauds.  
James Tracy was probing the legitimacy of their claim to have lost a son, which was a very good question because: 
(1) Lenny had given a fabricated death certificate to Kelley Watt (which you can find in the book in Ch. 11); and, 
(2) Noah was reported to have died for the second time in Pakistan (on or about 16 December 2014, two years after 14 December 2012). 
We have proven that the school was actually closed by 2008 in NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015), which was BANNED BY AMAZON.COM because it blew apart the Obama "gun control" motive derived from faking the shooting.

Sun Sentinel Editors and Staff,

Does no one at the Sun Sentinel care about truth? Faculty never speak for their institutions; that is the role of the administration. Since Tracy is faculty, not administration, he cannot possibly be speaking for FAU. They know that.

Noah Pozner is an unusual young man, who reportedly has died twice: once at Sandy Hook (on 14 December 2012) and again in Pakistan (on 16 December 2014). You might want to ask Lenny Pozner how that could have happened.

We have no good reason to believe that Noah even died once. Lenny gave a death certificate to Kelley Watt, which turned out to be a fabrication. I included it in NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015), which is my 31st book.

Like the other families of Sandy Hook, the Pozners have pocketed over $1,000,000 due to donations from the public which has been taken in by the official account. If the hoax were to become public, they might have to give it back.

The book has 13 contributors, including 6 Ph.D. (current or retired) college professors and other experts on the case. I am copying some of them here. It has been released to the public for free after having been banned by

We have a mountain of proof that the school was closed by 2008, which means there were no students there and thus none for Adam Lanza (who appears to be a creature of fiction) to have shot and none to evacuate.

It was a two-day drill, with the rehearsal on the 13th, going LIVE on the 14th. Some participants did not understand and put up donation sites on the 13th. Even Adam Lanza was originally reported to have died the day before.

We even have the FEMA manual, which I included in the book as Appendix A. We have presented the thorough and detailed results of our investigation, which anyone can now download from, for example, and read for free.

We have 50 photos of furnishing the Lanza home to serve as a prop and 50 more of them refurbishing the school to serve as the stage. One shows the SWAT team in place. The windows to Classroom 10 (seen over the vehicle) are undamaged. 

That means this photo was taken before the shooting. Crime scene tape is up for a crime that has yet to be committed. And Wayne Carver, Medical Examiner, is awaiting the arrival of his portable mortuary tent. It was an elaborately staged event.

Here are the windows of Classroom 10 before and after "the shooting" as well as photos of the perps drilling the holes in the window frame and the pink rods showing the presumptive trajectories, which would never occur with a real event:

Here is a photo of the Nancy Lanza bedroom suite. Adam is supposed to have shot her four times in the head, but that is not real blood. And in their haste to finish arranging the room, they left a blue moving pad under the leg of the bed:

I am a former Marine Corps officer who spent 35 years offering course in logic critical thinking and scientific reasoning. Tracy is the only one on the FAU campus who has taken the time to study the case.  No one else has done it.

He may be the most outstanding member of the faculty but is being railroaded by those who believe everything they hear from the mass media. I would like to think that you might be an exception. This is a gross miscarriage of justice. 


James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. 
McKnight Professor Emeritus 
University of Minnesota Duluth


  1. This is definitely a good deed on your part, Dr Fetzer. It is all politics. The admin at the school already has dirty hands so putting them into the mud once more is hardly a problem once one is used to the condition. It should be clear by now that the Father of lies never uses contraception!

  2. Letter dated Dec. 12, 2015 to FAU president John Kelly, Dr. Tracy, Dr. Fetzer and Sun Sentinel:
    Dr. John W. Kelly
    Office of the President
    Florida Atlantic University
    Administration Bldg., Room 339
    777 Glades Road
    Boca Raton, FL 33431
    tel: 561.297.3450
    fax: 561.297.2777
    Dear Dr. Kelly:
    Professor Dr. James F. Tracy, Ph.D., a tenured associate professor in the School of Communication and Multi Media Studies at Florida Atlantic University, is evidently a very courageous minority of one at the school where you were recently appointed the new President about a year ago, who has the courage, guts and gumption and intense desire to find the truth, to question the official dogma and evident massive government lies about the alleged Sandy Hook Massacre in Newtown, Connecticut 3 years ago next Monday December 14, 2012. Since FAU has about 1000 faculty members this amounts to a tiny fraction of 0.1% of your “esteemed” faculty willing to hold views, justified by evidence and facts, which conflict with massive media hype and brainwashing of the gullible public and possibly the remainder of the other 999 or so of your faculty members as well, many of whom hold the highest research degree.
    Con't. below:

  3. Wow, Steve12 hasn't shown up yet? It won't be long

  4. Professor Kelly, it takes a special person to go against the crowd. About 4 centuries ago when the powerful Catholic Church told everyone the Earth was the center of our universe, it took a very courageous and intelligent physicist by the name of Galileo Galilei to speak truth to them. But instead of convincing the ignorant fools in the Catholic Church at the time, they nearly burned him at the stake for holding views contrary to their unjustified ignorant opinions, not based on any experiments or facts as were his beliefs. It took the Catholic Church nearly 350 years to admit they were wrong and the world’s greatest physicist Galileo Galilei was right after all.

  5. Galileo Galilei, the genius level physicist from Italy is considered the Father of the Scientific Method where what we mean by “truth” is what different observers agree upon at different places and different times in the Universe, not religious superstition or mythology or astrology or “feelings” or other unverifiable claims. True science demands experimental facts which can be reproduced by others. At the bottom of this effort is common honesty and openness and integrity. In law these concepts are embodied in the well known phrase, “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” Taken together, along with other concepts, these form the basis of what we call the Scientific Method today. Lying, cheating , secrecy, prejudice, bias, preconceived ideas, dishonesty, …are all antitheses to the goals of reaching the truth as defined by the Scientific Method elucidated by Galileo Galilei and which has produced the many benefits, as well as evil, to our modern civilization.

  6. Professor Tracy has been improperly ridiculed, bullied, threatened, attacked and more for simply holding and discussing his reasons for believing that the official narrative of the Sandy Hook Hoax is false, while he justifies his claims with evidence and facts just as Galileo Galilei did some 4 centuries ago. Evidently we have not come very far as a civilized society in the past 400 years except we no longer burn dissidents at the stake in public. But humiliation is still humiliation isn’t it?
    Dr. Kelly, you are obviously a busy man. But how long would it take you to read the free book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook of which professor Tracy is one of the authors? If you log on to the site, you can download a free copy of this 426 page book. But it will be more difficult reading than a fiction novel. One must exercise brain function to read it. I urge you Dr. Kelly to read this book personally before making a judgment about what is right or wrong about Sandy Hook. Just

  7. . Just pretend you have never watched a single television propaganda program about this incident. Try to clear your brain of all that garbage the media told you was true, when, in fact, it was all lies. Ask yourself these questions: How do I know anyone died at Sandy Hook? What forensic and physical evidence proves anyone died there? How do I even know the school was a functioning school that day or even for the preceding four years? How do I know any of these kids are really who we were told by the media they were? How do we know Adam Lanza was even a real person? Why was the crime scene kept a carefully guarded secret, with the full military force and power of government, with even the wrecking crew sworn to secrecy with criminal sanctions? Could it be that there were no bullet holes in those inside walls of that school building? Could it be that there was not blood splattered all over in this alleged crime scene as there was in the former crime scene of say OJ Simpson fame? Where are the true death certificates Dr. Kelly? Where are the 27 200+ page autopsy reports for each alleged victim Dr. Kelly? What do you think is in those 27 caskets from the closed casket hidden funerals? Why are not the names of the alleged dead victims in the death index Dr. Kelly?.... This is not conspiracy theory Dr. Kelly, this is what true science is all about. As an expert in Horticulture, a very fascinating subject, you must also be familiar with science and its rules.

  8. I think it is fascinating that a perfectly normal looking ear of corn can contain no, zero, iodine, thereby leading to the disease we call goiter, or inflammation of the thyroid gland due to iodine deficiency, in those humans who consume such iodine deficient corn, a problem solved about a century ago by a very smart medical doctor in Cleveland, Ohio who proposed the magnificently simple solution of adding small amounts of iodine to common table salt. Otherwise we would all be enriching the corrupt pharmaceutical companies by likely being forced by the corrupt FDA to purchase iodine supplements today to avoid this “disease”.
    President Kelly, the amazing thing about all this is not that professor Tracy had the gumption and courage to go against the mob of “flat earth believers”, but the deafening silence of virtually all the rest of the intimidated gutless cowards on your faculty. Dr. Tracy is in the image of the great scientists like two time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, Ph.D. who had the guts to speak up about the dangers of the nuclear arms race and atomic bomb testing. He even became persona non grata at his own institution Cal Tech because they feared the bad publicity might affect their selfish interest in government dinero at the expense of the truth.

  9. The ALIEN AGENDA, threatening Americans and all of Humanity with ENSLAVEMENT and eventual DEATH is REAL and SINISTER! Learn all about it at:

  10. . Dr. Tracy is in the image of the top physical chemist professor Dr. John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D., who as a graduate student in 1943 under Glen Seaborg at UC Berkeley produced the first plutonium for the first atomic bomb, but had to go up against his own supervisor in blowing the whistle on the government lies about the safety and promise of nuclear power for “unlimited”, “safe” energy supply “forever”. Professor Dr. John Gofman became a world authority on radiation and public health. Other courageous individuals could be listed like Marie Curie, one of a very few, especially women, who was awarded two Nobel prizes, one in physics the other in chemistry. Yet the prejudiced French Academy of Sciences refused her admission to that “elitist mutual admiration society”. It takes about 6 pages of small print to list all her medals and decorations from around the world. No Polish jokes allowed for this genius level scientist from Poland whose discoveries changed the world.

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  11. Dr. Kelly, only when the faculty of Florida Atlantic University and its administration up to and including your office and your supervisors on the Board of Trustees publicly admit professor Dr. Tracy was right and you all were wrong after all, about the Sandy Hook Hoax, will anyone believe FAU is truly a great university of the world. Until that day, FAU is little more than an institution of lower indoctrination and brainwashing, not in the search for knowledge, truth and understanding, as the few remaining institutions of “:higher” learning left in the world today. Professor Dr. Tracy should be awarded The President’s Distinguished Service Medallion for outstanding courageous service to the truth.
    Yours sincerely,

    Winfield J. Abbe, 150 Raintree Ct., Athens, GA 30607
    Born Cleveland, Ohio, 1939
    Raised at Sierra Madre, California 1943-1966, citizen of Athens, Georgia almost 50 years.

  12. Graduated Pasadena High School 1956
    A.A., Pasadena City College, Pasadena California, 1958
    A.B., Physics, UC Berkeley, 1961
    M.S., Physics, California State University at Los Angeles, 1962 under professor Dr. Earl D. Jacobs, Ph.D.
    Ph.D., Physics, UC Riverside, 1966 under professor Dr. Peter E. Kaus, Ph.D.
    Institute of Science and Technology Fellow, University of Michigan Ann Arbor under professor Dr. Marc Ross, Ph.D., 1966-1967.
    Early research expertise: Experimental low temperature solid state physics; Theoretical high energy elementary particle physics. Ph.D. Dissertation: “A Possible Reggeized Bootstrap Theory” published in about six papers in the Physical Review and other journals.
    Assistant-Associate Professor of Physics, University of Georgia, 1966-1978; voluntarily resigned a lifetime tenured position due to, among other things, lying and cheating by two deans and three department heads, all of whom had Ph.D. degrees, to the tenured faculty for over 5 years. One Dean the late John Stephens had a Ph.D. degree in English, while the other the late Jack Payne had a Ph.D. degree in microbiology. Both were deans of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia almost 40 years ago when these horrible events occurred.
    Awards for superior or outstanding achievement in mathematics, physics and chemistry.
    First prize in contest for the best scientific explanation of how the “Dunking Bird” works, presented and awarded by Dr. Harper W. Frantz, Ph.D., Chemistry, UC Berkeley, Chairman, Physical Sciences Division, Pasadena City College, described in an article in the Pasadena Star News, 1959, the newspaper I delivered on my bike as a boy growing up there.
    Highest score on 18 hour qualifying examination, at the doctoral level, given in 6 three hour parts for a week.

  13. Last 15 years studying the failed war on cancer.
    Book self published because virtually the only books an orthodox publisher will publish on cancer are sympathy scam books: “An Unsuccessful Effort to Deny Use of State of Georgia Facilities for Fund Raising by the American Cancer Society” by Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., May, 2000 with copies placed at the University of Georgia Library and local Athens, Georgia public library, about 100 pages.
    Recent invited presentation: “Unethical to Criminal Conduct some Failures of Self-Regulation from UGA to MIT” by Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., a presentation to the Conference on Academic Freedom held at the University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, Saturday April 26, 2014., sponsored by professor Dr. James Fetzer, Ph.D. and Stephen Francis.
    Copy of this presentation enclosed.
    Also enclosed “Secrecy is the Antithesis of the Truth”, by Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., book review of “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”, now banned by Jeff Bezos, E.E., CEO of Amazon.Com, and “top” Princeton University graduate of Princeton University electrical engineering 1986 some 24 years after another top Princeton University graduate professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. (philosophy) (1962) another author of the above seminal book exposing the Sandy Hook Hoax with evidence and facts which can be verified by anyone. This is NOT conspiracy theory, this is true SCIENCE. There is not one iota of physical or forensic proof that a single person died in the alleged Sandy Hook Massacre December 14, 2012.
    If this message is sent electronically, a hard surface mail copy will be sent along with enclosures.
    Copies to:
    Professor Dr. James F. Tracy, Ph.D.,
    Professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.,
    Lynn Laurenti, Special Assistant to the President: Please forward above message to President Kelly.
    Rita Gelin, Executive Secretary,; Please forward above message to President Kelly.

  14. So far as of today December 20, 2015, there has been no response from either Dr. Kelly, president of FAU or Howard Saltz, Editor, Sun-Sentinel. Both were sent the above letter electronically and by surface mail with attachments documented above. I do not expect to hear one word from either of them based on many similar other letters I have written in the past to similar folks. Winfield J. Abbe

    1. What did u expect?--they're just gate-keepers and glorified assassins in this day of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

      For them, Kelly and Saltz (who's obviously a kike) reality doesn't exist but for what the rabbis say ("midrash"), who determine according to "what's good for Jews," but especially what's good for the top kikes.

      This is the way the Jew world order works--a totally SUBJECTIVISTIC reality, society, system of justice, and edjumacation.

  15. Jim,
    I'm in total concordance with your views on the obscene and shameless dismissal of Dr. Tracy..
    But I am writing this to point out what I think may be a few errors in some of William Powell's suppositions that you are now positing as fact...
    1) the blue moving pad doesn't appear (on close inspection) to be jagged or ripped as you might expect. It is cleanly cut and circular. I suspect it is a temporary protector pad (maybe hand made) to protect a recently shampooed and wet carpet from being stained by the metal disc at the bottom of the bed legs. A better picture can be found on under the subdirectory [10_Assorted_files] then pdf file "Backup scene 1" it is picture no. 665.
    Also, it is instructive to view picture no. 464 in the "Primary Scene" file in the section pertaining to the Yolanda House. Notice the white pads under the bed legs in that photo? Ask a carpet cleaner for their opinion...
    2) You and Mr. Powell keep going on about those white forms in all the rooms... if you look closely at the form on the bathroom sink (picture 468 of the "primary scene" pdf) using your zoom to nagnify, about 2/3 of the way down the form, where it's indented, you can make out the word "evidence". That would be a rather unusual form for a moving company, don't you agree? My idea is that it's to indicate what, or if evidence has been removed from the room.
    There's much more I could point out about Powell's far fetched observations, but I don't want you going all "cog dis" on me, as I see you rely very heavily on his opinions.

    Wishing you well.

    1. Have you read the book? No one is going to claim infallibility, but you are mistaken about sources. The blue moving pad was noticed by Kelley Watt, who owns a commercial and home cleaning service, not by Allan Powell. That the forms are evidence could be correct, but note they are arranging and rearranging rooms, such as Adam's room ("neat" and "messy"). Surely you would agree that crime scene investigators would not be arranging and rearranging rooms. Keep 'em coming. But you might want to take a closer look at those chapters of the book.

    2. Those images are from Ch. 7 and Ch. 8, which were authored by Allan Powell, so you are right about "heavy dependence" upon the author of those chapters in relation to his own chapters. But Kelley also contributed to Ch. 7. Surely you are not suggesting that the house had been occupied. There are none of the tiny signs that anyone was living there.

    3. Anon: You are focusing on the smallest chairs on the Titanic. Focus on the bigger picture. I'm always amazed by the nitpickers who come here anonymously. Really?

    4. Thanks for responding.
      I have one of your "banned" copies... and have read it, but have to admit, some of the points which were covered in some of your prior videos I may have just skimmed. I didn't know Kelly Watt was the source... but do know that Allan had covered it also.
      I'm kind of a stickler for not taking as fact the meanings of photos that might have alternate explanations. There is so much strong evidence that it was all a hoax.. I just would not want to see that evidence diluted by weak or faulty data.
      I pointed out to Allan (under a different name) the problem with the sun in relation to both the school and Yolanda [indicating afternoon not morning) months before the book was published. See comments on Real Deal #104.

      Regarding the rearranging of rooms, I am not yet convinced, since the pictures have no accompanying assertions (ie. initial forensic photos vs photos after search and removal of evidence). One of the PDF photo files is called "Scene Search Day 3" Wish we had an explanations of what the photos are supposed to depict...
      Did you notice the three bags of recycled plastic bottles in the garage? Seems like a pretty clever detail to include if this site was really staged. Like I said I'm just not convinced yet. I'll re-watch the videos and compare with the Conn. pictures and try to reserve my comments.....
      I am not a fan of Powell's. However, I AM a fan of yours. Thank you for not taking offense. Appreciate all your efforts.

      Best regards.

    5. Jim... I might as well get this out of my system. Regarding the new "iconic" and damning photo showing the third window with the cutouts intact showing that there was staging the day before....
      I've been studying a photo set that shows that the window had the cut outs intact on the 14th as originally supposed, and not on the 13th.
      You really need to go to the Connecticut site for this one. The sub-directory is called [10_assorted_files] and the PDF file is called "Sec 13 Aerial photos". Note pictures 34 and 35. Zoom to about 300%. Same, right? Now compare other features like the cars near the ball field to show that this is a sequence of pictures (1 - 36). Flip back though the other pictures as the helicopter circles the school until the field of vision encompasses the fire house or down town with the backed up traffic. Pictures 1 an 3 are pretty good at showing all the commotion at the firehouse...
      Don't know what this means, but when were the pictures of the destroyed cut outs taken? And was the flag supposed to be at half mast sometime?

      Be well.

  16. I PERSONALLY blew up the pics (because of invalid timing), the early memorial sites (again,invalid timing), the death certificate (which has so little evidence behind it that it's sort of funny), and "he looks likeso and so" (you can find people with similar resemblance, especially if you hunt for the right photos, anywhere).

    Just look at the last thread.

    Yet JIm keeps them in w/o countering. Cause he's a liar, and the more I read the more I realize that he knows what he's doing.

    After spending some time at, I've come to realize that it's not only these seminal 4 pieces of info, its' the whole thing. All of it is countered there.

    So to anyone tempted to believe this nonsense should go to that website, follow particular pieces of evidence and you'll find that this is the most evidence-free fraud of all time.

    And you can't get any info from these cult members - they only discuss their "evidence" with other believers.

    Shame on all of you for putting these families through all of this on this flimsy evidence.

    1. Exactly. Why would anyone spend so much time arguing at a website they keep saying is manned by lunatics? Who continues to argue with "lunatics?"

      Either an idiot or a shill.

  17. The "burden of proof" that there were "massacred" children is on the OFFICIALS who claim they were killed! WHY are they all keeping MUM and not showing the world ANY COMPELLING EVIDENCE - or answering FOIA demands? WHY have they passed laws preventing the release of evidence to the public? WHY were doubters of the SH HOAX threatened by CT State officials? NO DEAD BODIES or verified photos of them! CLOSED CASKETS! NO autopsies released to the public!

    WHY are THEY REFUSING to exhume the "bodies" and proceed to prove that they contain the remains of positively IDed, allegedly murdered children? WHY???

    Because the SH "mass shooting" was a HOAX, that's WHY!!!

    1. The OFFICIALS who claim that there were murdered children and who examined the CRIME SCENE MUST BE FORCED to produce COMPELLING EVIDENCE which can ONLY be in their possession!


  18. Sandy Hook Justice






    Avielle Richman, 1 of 20 Students That Supposedly Died At The Sandy Hook School Shooting, Has Been Verified By 28-Year Veteran Forensic Expert Witness As Being The Same Girl In The Photos of Lenie Urbina

    Wolfgang Halbig

    By Wolfgang Halbig,
    December 19, 2015






    CU-25A veteran 28-year expert witness and legal consultant, whose services have been utilized by the Dept. of Homeland Security, U.S. Marshall’s Office, U.S. Attorney’s Office, U.S. Secret Service, FBI, and the Dallas County DA’s Office has verified that the photos of both girls suggest that they are in fact the same person. We believe that the expert opinion provided to us is factual and have no reason to doubt his expertise, therefore the conclusion is that the pictures provided to the expert of Avielle Richman & Lenie Urbina suggest that Avielle Richman does not exist, however Lenie Urbina does exist shown at the 2013 Super Bowl with her mother, Michelle Urbina.

    Jeremy Richman & Jennifer Hensel continue to deceive and defraud the American public and collect donations for The Avielle Foundation, for Avielle Richman claiming she is dead, when in reality, she is alive and was never their daughter. Governor Dannel P. Malloy continues to exploit Sandy Hook for gun control laws, while clearly lying to his residents over and over again. Corruption runs deep in the State of Connecticut, especially at the Hartford Community Court, for more information visit The corruption, fraud, and treason must stop, especially at the Bridgeport, Connecticut Law Firm of Pullman & Comley LLC, managers of the My Sandy Hook Family Fund, actively engaging in FRAUD by soliciting donations from the public for a murder victim who is still alive.

    Please Support Our Mission For Justice & Donate on our website:

  19. You know what IS high quality? The level I'm trolling you at.

    I am handing your collective ass back to you WHILE maintaining a noxious mix of mean-spiritedness and - dare I say? - whimsy?

    The DD on this act is high, yet I continue to impress.

    Even Allan - Australia's biggest national disappointment since they got dumped from the Duel in the Pool - can't help but admire me. If in his own anti-semitic way.

  20. Okay--I am new to this. I believe there are many things about this that don't add up, but not the fact that the school was not in session. You are saying THERE ARE NO HONEST PEOPLE in Newtown? Really? My friend's relatives were there that morning. In fact, it would have to be many more people than just Newtown residents that would be complicit in the fraud.
    And how do we know that's Wayne Carver in the photo when it is so tiny? Did you do a facial recognition test?
    Please quit saying you "proved" anything with respect to the school. The wayback machine could have been a trick to get you to go out on a limb to say all this. I believe it was pre-meditated scam, so the stagers could have done this to suck you and other rsearchers in.

  21. Are you a resident of Connecticut who still has a conscience and personal honesty and integrity? Do the many lies and misconduct by many officials and citizens of this state bother you, but for some reason you fear reporting it? Why do you fear reporting it? Do you know first hand if Sandy Hook School was closed from about 2008-2012? Have you heard people talking about how they got free easy money donated to them but did not have any children die from the staged event at Sandy Hook School 3 years ago? Does all the secrecy surrounding this event bother you? Does it bother you that the Newtown School Board has stonewalled and refused to voluntarily give out simple public information about their activities and how they suddenly developed amnesia and Alzheimer’s disease and can’t even remember authorizing the trip to the Super Bowl the next year? Does it bother you that Governor Malloy lied to Wolfgang Halbig and said he did not say “they had been spoken to that a shooing like this might happen” on national television 3 years ago? Please contact the authors of the book or the site You could be of help in overcoming the many media lies about the criminal activities of many people there. Have you been threatened if you said anything about all this? Do you know if others have been threatened by authorities if they spoke up about things they know are true but which contradict the claims of authorities? Have you heard people talking about how the book is true and no kids died at Sandy Hook? There must be some honest people still living in Connecticut aren’t there? Do not respond to this unless you are an adult and prepared to provide full identity information. Thank you.

    1. Are you a resident of Connecticut who still has a conscience and personal honesty and integrity?

      If so, do your homework, realize that this is all nonsense, and leave these families alone.

      Can you imagine what it's like to lose a child? In this way?

      Now imagine that the guy no one would talk to in high school shows up at your door screaming at you that it didn't happen.

      Don't buy the BS. Leave these people alone.

  22. ALLAN!!!!! ALLAN!!!!!

    What's the word kid? I'm a-itching to get on the show!!!!!

    Are you afraid to have me? I wouldn't want to debate someone who's twice as smart (and devastatingly handsome*) either, but you seemed into it! Answer the 2Qs and we...are...there! Cleared it with my Mossad boss and everything.

    *Odds are I'm a better guitar player than you as well.

  23. u guys r hilarious! Happy Winter Solstice.

  24. despite challenge from gun rights groups
    Published December 23, 2015 Associated Press
    Facebook598 Twitter0 Email Print
    SEATTLE – " A judge upheld Seattle's so-called gun violence tax Tuesday, rejecting a challenge from the National Rifle Association and other gun rights groups.

    King County Superior Court Judge Palmer Robinson dismissed arguments that Seattle's tax, adopted last summer, exceeded the city's authority under state law.

    The measure — one of only a couple of its kind in the nation — adds $25 to the price of each firearm sold in the city, plus 2 or 5 cents per round of ammunition, depending on the type. Officials expect it to raise up to $500,000 a year to help offset the costs of gun violence. The measure is set to take effect next month."

    Quotes from above article on Connecticut Governor Malloy:
    “Growing up, his mother – a nurse – told him that he has an obligation to leave this world a better place for having lived in it. Throughout his career, he has routinely returned to his mother’s words as inspiration to help others overcome obstacles and take on challenges the way his parents and school teachers helped him overcome his disabilities and reach his goals.
    Governor Malloy is the youngest of eight children. He was born and raised in Stamford, where he served as the city’s longest-serving mayor from 1995 to 2009. As a child, he struggled to overcome learning and physical disabilities, eventually gaining the skills he needed to go on to graduate Magna Cum Laude from Boston College and continue on to Boston College Law School. After graduation, he became a prosecutor in Brooklyn, New York, serving for four years as an Assistant Attorney and winning 22 convictions in 23 felony cases.

    He has received honorary degrees from several higher education institutions, including the University of New Haven, the University of Saint Joseph, the University of Bridgeport, and Nichols College.

  26. Collaborating with local, state and federal agencies, in addition to community-based nonprofits and other community advocates, he helped implement initiatives that are resulting in Connecticut experiencing its lowest crime rate in nearly four decades. During his first term as Governor, Connecticut had one of the largest decreases in violent crime and property crime rates of any state in the nation – more than double the national average. In 2013, he was proud to sign what some have called the most comprehensive gun violence prevention legislation in the country.”
    He must have abandoned this good advice from his mother since he recently lied to Wolfgang Halbig about his statement 3 years ago on national television “we have been spoken to about an event like this school shooting might happen here” on December 14, 2012. If he is such a great lawyer and prosecutor from Boston Collge Law School, with all these accolades, why has he been obviously covering up horrible crimes committed in his state as a result of the alleged Sandy Hook Massacre 2012 as documented in the book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.”?

  27. .”? Not only has he not directed any investigation of these many crimes, he has participated in an obstruction and cover up of such investigations as documented in the book and also documented by Wolfgang Halbig, a former Florida State Patrol Officer and School Principal and Safety expert on his site Isn’t it time for Governor Malloy to be arrested and jailed just like the common criminal he is for obstructing justice and aiding and abetting horrible crimes against all Americans since Nobody Died at Sandy Hook? The State of Connecticut is now the corrupt cesspool of America since Malloy has become its liar lawyer in chief. How about it U.S. Attorney General Lynch? When will you do your job and arrest the common criminal head of Connecticut? “When the government becomes the lawbreaker it breeds contempt for the law”. Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis. The corrupt government of Connecticut is now clearly a lawbreaker.

  28. Note that the above Connecticut Crime Statistics are grossly distorted down because they did not include all the many crimes of the hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of criminals who planned and carried out the crimes against all Americans of the alleged Sandy Hook Massacre Dec. 14, 2012 where as documented in the book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" and on the website of Wolfgang Halbig, former police officer and school safety expert, If and when our corrupt government investigates and prosecutes all these crimes, these deflated statistics will obviously go through the roof. All this just another day at the plant of fooling duped Americans by our totally corrupt government. This is all a shameful disgrace on America today.

  29. U.S. Attorney General Lynch: In case you have not noticed, over $27 million; this means twenty seven million United States Dollars, have been donated to the alleged families of the Sandy Hook Massacre, which, according to the evidence and facts in the book which Jeff Bezos, E.E.and CEO of Amazon.Com, a top Princeton University graduate of 1986, banned from his website, although he allowed the other 19 propaganda books to remain available to continue to fool duped Americans and other readers, were donated on the basis of false claims and pretenses, or criminal fraud. There is a mountain of such evidence Attorney General Lawyer Lynch. When will you do the job you took an oath to do Lawyer Lynch? Or are you another lying lawyer too wilfully and deliberately violating a meaningless oath of office? "When the government becomes the lawbreaker it breeds contempt for the law" Former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis.

  30. The underlying reason professor James Tracy, Ph.D. and the other 12 authors of the now banned book by "top" Princeton University electrical engineering and computer science graduate Jeff Bezos and who also paid 250 million in cash for the Washington Post, "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" and former police officer and national school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig on his site did all this investigation of all these many crimes by hundreds or thousands of criminals, in and out of our government, is exactly because the authorities in both Connecticut and the federal government like Governor Malloy and Attorney General Holder, now Lynch have dismally and corruptly failed to do their jobs for which they took a meaningless oath to do. Are not they now the criminals? Who would investigate and arrest them? "When the government becomes the lawbreaker it breeds contempt for the law" former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis.

  31. Jeff Bezos, E.E., CEO Amazon.Com, not only banned the only one of 20 books on the alleged Sandy Hook Massacre which disputed, with facts and evidence, the official lies that anyone died at Sandy HOOk December 14, 2012, but he paid $250 million in cash for the Washington Post despite the fact that his company has either lost money or barely broke even in its quest to put Wal Mart and and every store on main street America out of business! He still had enough money provided to him by his Wall Street Bankster friends and cronies who have become rich on the backs of mostly senior citizens who have been shafted by zero percent interest rates for over 15 years dictated by the corrupt Federal Reserve Bank. Remember how the Washington Post once did real investigative journalism from the Watergate era? Did Jeff Bezos direct his "top" investigative journalists at his new play toy the Washington Post to investigate the Sandy Hook Hoax? Why no he did not. In fact he likely told them specifically not to print a word about all this horrible corruption on America. This is the thanks and gratitude Mr. Bezos gives America for making him a very rich man at the expense of many shafted Americans. "Ask not what your country can do for you; Ask what you can do for your country" President John F. Kennedy, before 1963. Since Jeff Bezos was born in 1964, he evidently never heard or learned this quotation in any of his propaganda history classes at Princeton did he, or if he did, did not pay any attention to it. Mr. Bezos, you can redeem yourself by placing this book back on Amazon and ordering your top investigative journalists to immediately investigate the Sandy Hook Hoax with the same vigor as they did Watergate nearly 50 years ago.

  32. Here is the answer of Jeff Bezos, EE and CEO Amazon.Com, "top" Princeton University graduate Summa Cum Laude, 1986, to the question posted by former President John F. Kennedy: "Ask what you can do for your country". Not only does Mr. Bezos become obscenely rich from his Wall Street Bankster friends, even after seeking to obliterate Wal Mart and every main street store in America with this dirty money, made off the backs of American Senior Citizens, he has enough change left over to pay $250 million cash for the Washington Post, which he orders to stand down on any investigation of the numerous crimes of the Sandy Hook Hoax in addition to banning the only book documenting these crimes of all 20 such books on his website: "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook". In other words, Mr. Bezos answer to the question posed by former President John F. Kennedy is to aid and abet a massive criminal and terrorist fraud against the American Public to deceive them of their most fundamental rights to own and bare arms for self defense and other legitimate purposes as provided by the great Founders of America over two centuries ago! If this is a demonstration of the answer to the question: "Ask what you can do for your country" I would hate to see what he can do against our country wouldn't you? In addition, one of the authors of this book may lose his job for doing the investigative work which Mr. Jeff Bezos is obviously obstructing with all his powerful friends and easy money from the corrupt Wall Street gambling casino. Shame, shame shame... a thousand times on you Mr. Bezos. You are a disgrace to America. You should read about truly great former rich Americans like Andrew Carnegie who wrote the book on contributing to America while rising from the ashes of about a penny per hour to the richest man in the world.

  33. In the brave new world called SCAMerica, where the government workers aid and abet 24/7 terroristic scams on its own duped citizens with impunity but if those same citizens sought to engage in such criminal and monstrous acts they would be arrested and jailed and fined by this same Nazi style government. The former main streets of America will be obliterated orders of magnitude worse than any Wal Mart ever did. For example, while the drones of the day of the Richest Man in the World of Andrew Carnegie’s day of the nineteenth century were good for nothings who spent all day having sex, the modern drones will deliver anything to your home on demand including but not limited to sex on demand for the modern good for nothing drones. If your car needs gas, you don’t have to drive to a local station, but a drone will drop a hose into the automatic door on your car. Need sex, no problem. A drone will deliver a naked man or woman and drop them onto your back yard trampoline. You can have fun to your heart’s desire or failure while the neighborhood kids watch the action and learn all the tricks. Need gambling, the drone will provide all possibilities for betting on everything from college football, to professional baseball or anything your heart’s desire which goes on now all over the world anyway. All gambling and sex will be legal. Professors at universities and colleges can have a box lunch with students every day. The pre med students can check for VD. Why not? Isn’t this what professor Fish means when he talks about “doing what comes naturally”? How long will it take before there will be no one left to do any productive work in society and we can then all return from whence we came; namely the dark ages of the jungle without any self defense because government confiscated all the guns and weapons with all its military force and power we lowly citizens provided to it with our hard earned tax money except from the government criminals.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Is Bezos plural for BOZO?

    Nice analysis by Anon! Pretty soon, you'll be able to "marry" your pet or favorite farm animal and "entertain" yourself with any convenient dead body! The Gov'ts "war on drugs" was failure. The Gov'ts "war on poverty" was a failure. The Gov'ts "war on terror" was a failure. The questions is, will the Gov'ts "War on the American People" also be allowed to be a FINAL FAILURE? Remember, the Gov't is INFESTED and CONTROLLED by a genetically re-engineered race of Hybrid, Humanoid, Reptilian ALIENS! THEY LIVE and are WALKING AMONG US! (Prof. David M. Jacobs).

    1. THEY want our guns before THEY start their all-out "War on the American People"! THEY also want to deliver BOMBS to targeted "Domestic Terrorists" (American Patriots) with their KILLER DRONES, just like THEY have been doing in Afghanistan and other places FOR YEARS!

    2. We must remember that Academia, just like the rest of America's public and private institutions, is INFESTED by Israel-FIRST Zionists (aka AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN). THEY want to elevate academics to "figures of authority", which the ignorant public blindly believes and OBEYS! Note that many of these "figures of authority" are UNIformed - State Police, Doctors (white frocks), Academics and Justices (long robes, mostly black), Military, Firemen, MIB (Men in Black Suits), etc. The American People have been brainwashed for decades to blindly believe and OBEY these UNIforms and "Empty Suits" (Edgar J. Steele)!

  36. Anyone ever seen Jim Fetzer and Jabba the Hutt together?

    Just saying....

  37. Using your methodology,clearly the same guy:

  38. Here is a great short story by one of the decent honest citizens of Connecticut entitled
    “An Old Fool, A Young Fool and an Old Car” by Jarvis S. Barton, Hartford Courant April 1, 1998
    He was 76 at the time this story was written in 1998. If anyone knows if he is still alive at 93, send him the link to “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”. He might enjoy reading this book as much as this trip 17 years ago. He served in the U.S. Navy on a Submarine in WWII.

  39. That's why u ought to clk the link and find-out for sure before writing something that might dis-courage anyone fm ck-ing into it. U DON'T NEED PAID SUBSCRIPTION.

    Wolfgang reports the dash-cam vids he was given by the Newtown people WERE TAMPERED WITH (a), and (b) they've POSITIVELY ID'd one of the kids who sang at the 2013 Super Bowl as one of the reported dead kids fm Sandy hoax.

    I wanted to place this reply under ur original posting, above, but the box wouldn't appear when I clk'd the box for it.

  40. Has anyone seen the video "The Life of Adam" which was advertised to come out on Christmas Day? It was promoted on memoryhole.

  41. "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." The Founders were very careful in their choice of words and as an article in VT today shows, the word infringed was carefully chosen here to mean no further meddling by lying lawyers on this issue. But today a lying lawyer illegally occupying the WH did exactly that and dictated some arbitrary federal red tape which will illegally limit the intent of the 2nd Amendment above. Lying lawyers now have hi jacked all three branches of our government. Here is a simple story which illustrates why lawyers must be banned from holding any government office or job at any level:
    Here is a story which illustrates the questionable reputations of lawyers especially when nobody is looking over their shoulders: A lawyer thought he might need cash in the after life. So he gave each of three of his lawyer buddies $500 in cash to be placed in his casket at his funeral. After the service, the three lawyer buddies were having drinks at a local bar. The first piped up, “I couldn’t do it, I only put $300 in the casket.” After silence, the second piped up: “I only put $200 in the casket”. After a long pause, the third lawyer blurted out: “I left my personal check”. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics
    Remember, the entire Sandy Hook Hoax was designed to undermine this most fundamental right to bear arms in our magnificent Constitution, which Obama personally gang raped today.

  42. Fetzer seems to be clearly lacking in any critical thinking ability and simple rational. Other then the fact that Noah Pozner's Death Certificate is clearly not a fabrication it is also a certainty that nothing suggests, by any stretch of the imagination, that Noah was killed again in Pakistan. The photo of Noah that was seen in Pakistan is clearly the same photo that was taken of him inside the Sandy Hook Elementary school lobby and released to the media after his death. Fetzer's conclusion from this photo that Noah was killed again in Pakistan demonstrates that Fetzer is either a nut or a Loon. Fetzer also mentions that he is in possession of a FEMA manual...the same FEMA manual that anyone can get. He fails to give a reason for mentioning the numerously printed manual. Fetzer also mentions he has 50 photos of the Lanza house and 50 photos of the school, he also fails here to mention that those photos are all available in the CT police report of the shooting and are available to anyone. The most telling of his inability for critical and rational thought is in his claiming that a photo of the police investigation vehicle in front of the school was taken in the morning. In that photo the sun is shining on the west walls of the school that do in fact face to the west. Someone should tell Fetzer that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

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