Friday, May 8, 2015

SANDY HOOK: Wolfgang Halbig goes for the jugular in FOIA Hearing

by Jim Fetzer 

Wolfgang Halbig, a former Florida State Trooper, school principal and nationally recognized school safety expert, is the leading researcher into the Sandy Hook. After filing complaint upon complaint about the failure of responses to his FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests, he was granted a hearing, which was initially scheduled for March 31, 2015. Wolfgang waited, but the time came and went. It was re-booked for April 24th and has taken place. Here is an exclusive interview with Wolfgang by MBC (Media Broadcasting Center), where a video recording of the hearing and a panel discussion of what had transpired during the hearing with many serious students of Sandy Hook follow. 

For those who are less familiar with the background of the Sandy Hook hoax, here is a summary of key aspects, which include ample proof that the school had been closed by 2008, which included that it was not compliant with Connecticut laws implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act (where there is a complete absence of the familiar white-and-blue parking areas and corresponding signage, where the exterior of the building is in deplorable condition and the inside was being used for storage:

Among our most important discoveries has been the FEMA manual for the Sandy Hook event, which specifies that a rehearsal will be conducted on December 13, 2012, with the event going "LIVE" on the 14th, which explains why Wolf has been unable to obtain information about the Port-A-Potties, which on its face seems very obscure, but where releasing the documents he has requested would reveal that they were delivered on the 13th, which blows the cover for the whole event. Bear in mind that, while we already know that it was a scam, but Wolf is proceeding to establish that point as a matter of law.

Photos from "The Crime Scene"

One of Wolf's successes has been to gain access to dozens and dozens of photographs taken of the school the day after the alleged shooting. MBC has included them with its broadcast, where I am offering a sample of what they tell us about the condition of the school, both inside and out. These photographs provide further substantiation of my inference that the school had been closed by 2008, which I published (with Amanda) in "Sandy Hook Elementary School: Closed an 2008, a stage in 2012". The building is covered with moss and grime, with many indications of repairs left undone:

The interior shots provide even more damning proof that the school had long-since been abandoned, with loose electrical chords dangling, unkempt offices and rooms, with materials stored everywhere. Anyone who reviews these photos should have a more profound appreciation for the points that I made in "Sandy Hook: Ten More Proofs that Vitiate the 'Official Account'" and in "Sandy Hook Elementary School: Close in 2008, a stage in 2012", at least one of which remains accessible on YouTube today:

The FOIA Hearing (April 24, 2015)

Kelley Watt has summarized the event as follows:  On Friday, April 24, 2015, Wolfgang had his long overdue and awaited hearing before the Freedom of Information Commission. The Commissioner is a Governor Malloy appointee. The discussion dealt with the consent agenda regarding the Super Bowl permission by Dawn Hochsprung ("the hoax was sprung in the dawn"), documents for which Wolf had requested. Monte Frank, an attorney, was present representing the School Board, the Newtown Police and the Town of Newtown.

Frank claimed Wolf had the documents he needed and had requested but Wolf stood firm and stated he wanted permission slips of children to sing, authorization from Dawn and the school board approving the field trip and those documents he did not receive. Wolf also took issue with documents regarding Chatfield's in regards to the Porta-A-Potties and who called for them he wanted but did not receive the documents from the school board or the school since the school would have to be the party ordering them since they are on their property.

Wolf then brought up the fact that there were no documents pertaining to communications between Connecticut Trooper One and the Newtown police. Chief Kehoe of the Newtown Police Department has claimed there were no communication logs, yet it was the Newtown police who asked for Trooper One helicopter to help search for a shooter or multiple shooters in the woods behind the school. 

Then it was the man in charge of maintenance for Sandy Hook schools who garnered laughter from the crowd when he stated he had read the work orders but didn't know if they existed. The FOIA requests that Wolf received had two unsigned signature lines at the bottom stating that the work had been done and signed off on by a supervisor; however, this man stated that they were not signed and that they just signed off verbally. 

When asked when the new security system was installed, he stated it was last updated in 2007! This was new information to all researchers and when Wolf was asked why he thought there was a new system, Wolf said every news outlet in America reported the school had a new system and the school principal, Mrs. Hochsprung had sent out letters to parents describing the new security upgrades. 

Monte said it was "hearsay" and he objected to it being in the record based on hearsay. The question also arose during the hearing why, after the first 911 calls were made, the police records indicate the incident was "moderate" rather than an emergency, where the unknown person in the vicinity was said to be "unwanted". Most of the meeting consisted of Monte Frank, objecting to things, asking that things not be put in the record, and contending that most of the items Wolf was pursuing were irrelevant.

Wolf visits with Governor Malloy    

After the meeting it was decided to take Wolf over to the state legislature in order to go to Malloy's office and ask him a question. They had to park a mile away but they went to the Governor's office and Wolf made a request of his aide, "Can you ask Malloy who spoke to him during the press conference he referenced that, 'The Lt. Governor and I have been spoken to that something like this may be played out in our state'?" And you can watch and hear the Governor make precisely that remark in this video:

Much to Wolf's amazement, the Lt. Governor and Malloy walked right by Wolf, so Wolf said, "Hello, I am Wolfgang Halbig. Can I ask you a question?" Malloy said "Sure." So Wolf asked who had spoken to him in advance apprising him that something like this might happen in your state. Governor Malloy's response was "I never said that!", which was rather astonishing, since the Governor's press conference the day of the event was recorded and widely publicized at the time. Wolf now has his denial on film!

Governor Malloy blundered here, no doubt because he did not want to admit that the person who had warned him "something like this might happen" appears to have been Attorney General Eric Holder, who visited with the governor on November 27, 2012, which was only a few weeks before the event at Sandy Hook would go down. Yet the governor made no effort to warn Connecticut school districts to enhance their security due to an imminent threat. I surmise he was in fact told they were going to take an abandoned school and conduct a drill and present it as real to promote the admin's anti-gun agenda.

Conclusion and Discussion

The room was full of Wolf's supporters. Wolf was told subpoenas were irrelevant because it was not a courtroom, where Monte Frank told Pat Llodra and the head custodian they did not have to obey the subpoenas and not to show up. It was reported that Monte was trembling. They ran out of time so the hearing will be held at a later date to finish up. I just listened to the hearing once and I think this all pretty accurate. Wolf's attorney did a great job considering she believed at first this really happened. I wonder what she thinks now! Thus concludes Kelley Watts summary of the initial hearing. But many of Wolf's supporters joined him in a round-table discussion of what he had accomplished thus far:


While many other photos and videos of the deplorable condition of Sandy Hook Elementary School may be found in "Sandy Hook Elementary School: Closed by 2008, a stage in 2012", I would like to offer a few examples of the photos that are now in the public domain, which illustrate the key point--reinforced by the report that the school's security system had most recently been updated in 2007!--by examples of the deplorable state of the school inside and out, where it was clearly being used for storage and was not operating at the time, one of which I have taken from that article for inclusion here:

Exhibit (1): Absence of compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act:

Exhibit (2): Presence electrical hazards for teachers, staff and students alike:

Exhibit (3): Absence of wheelchair accessibility and of proper maintenance:

Exhibit (4): Presence of stored items of every shape, kind and description:

If these are not compelling, there are many more. You will find gutters in need of repair, walls covered with moss, leaks and stains that require attention, classrooms filled with boxes and miscellaneous stuff, which have now been released because of Wolfgang's heroic actions. I have no doubt that his approach is going to drive legal nails into the coffin of the Sandy Hook hoax, where I encourage everyone to visit his site and contribute to his cause. He is a good and decent man, whom I personally support 100%.