Monday, June 29, 2015

Charleston Church Shooting: An Obama/Katzenberg/Spielberg Production

by Jim Fetzer

The Charleston Church shooting not only has the earmarks of a staged event, featuring an alleged shooter, Dylann Storm Roof, who has been depicted as a racist but using photoshopped images and a contrived "manifesto", where his videotaped entry into the church displays the wrong date and time; and we have no actual proof that any of the nine purported victims actually died, where the open casket funeral for Pastor Clementa Pinkney presents a close but not close-enough fascimile. This event appears to have been very well-planned by Hollywood professionals, where Obama's recent meeting with Spielberg and Katzenberg, I now believe, was to plan future events and thank them for the excellence of their Charleston production.

Not only does the video of Dylann making his entry into the church show the wrong date (7/06/2015), when the shooting allegedly took place on the 17th, and the wrong time (08:16:58), which is 8:16:58 AM/ET, when the event is supposed to have taken place during "an evening prayer meeting", but there anomalies pile up on anomalies, not least of which is the use of phoenix imagery, including from no less than Barack Obama! Art Olivier, who produced "Operation Terror" to provide an historically-based narrative for understanding the context of 9/11, has a keen eye for oddities, reinforcing the conclusion that the Charleston shooting is another contrived event.


A child actor with fake ears?

Although I was originally disposed to distinguish between the child actor/Marine officer and the alleged shooter because of differences in their ears, the discovery of prosthetic ears that have the same crinkle as those of the alleged shooter has forced me to reconsider, where I now accept the argument that, if the hoax were to be exposed, then the use of JADE HELM as a cover by having a commissioned officer involved could be cited under the changes in the law implemented under NDAA 2013, which allow the intelligence agencies of the US government to employ the same kinds of disinformation/propaganda in use in foreign countries right here at home to mislead American citizens:

It looks to me as though the earlier arrest was intended to create an excuse to exonerate the Captain on the basis of a previous arrest of the alleged shooter that would pose an apparently cast-iron alibi, since he could not have been in two places at the same time. But the image of the child actor wearing fake ears would be perfect--and just the kind of touch that Spielberg and Katzenberg might concoct. On the basis of new information about the availability of prosthetic ears with features indistinguishable from those on the alleged shooter, I am inclined to believe we are probably dealing with one person: the child actor who became a Marine Captain and cast in the role of a racist shooter for the Charleston vignette.

Is Clementa Pinkney dead or alive?

A new interview with James Tracy--who has done exceptional research on Sandy Hook--during which I discussed the Charleston shooting as a staged event led to the post by a commentator of an fascinating critique of the body of a man lying in the open casket during the funeral service for Clementa Pinkney. I shall review a half-dozen of the points of comparison on which they deceased and the living are not in agreement, where those who were plotting the hoax may have depended upon the old saw, "They all look alike to me!" In this instance, they do not look alike at all--and I think that it's not even a close call.

Among the points made are (1) that the corpse is more jowly in the lower face; (2) that the neck is too short and too thick; (3) that the living Pinckney is angular, lean, broad-shouldered and more athletic appearing; (4) that the ears are not a good match; and (5) that the Pinckney nose is larger and has more of a flare. I think he is right on all counts and agree with his speculation that the corpse appears to be of Haitian descent, while Pinkney was an African American. Pinckney was also married, yet the deceased has no wedding ring--or any signs of having worn one. This looks like a very shoddy piece of fakery.

Redsilverj blows apart the Charleston hoax

The student makes other important points about their differences, including that the corpse, unlike the  pastor, appears to have enormous feet. But then again, virtually everything about the official scenario comes across as very odd, including "fast tracking" $29 million for the families of the victims. No doubt, it is merely a coincidence that the historic church suffers from massive termite damage and needs expensive repairs, just as Sandy Hook Elementary School was laden with asbestos and with other bio-hazards, which led me to ask the Newtown School Board, "When were the parents informed that their children we attending school in a toxic waste dump?" These scams seem to be Obama's stock in trade!

Our alleged racist shooter has black friends on his facebook page. He goes from being a non-racist for his whole life of 21 years to suddenly becoming a racist! We are being besieged with media reports claiming that this was an act of terrorism; that Dylann Roof is a classic "home grown" terrorist; that he was radicalized by watching the website of southern politicians; that even Hillary Clinton is calling for reconsideration of freedom of speech in the USA! His step-mother says he was a good, church-going young man until he became addicted to the internet! This would be the script for a bad B-movie, were it not being used by elite politicians to promote a fabricated event into a national catastrophe. We have fallen so far as a nation, the situation is completely pathetic.