Wednesday, August 12, 2015

ISIS and the CIA: Treachery from Within

by Jim Fetzer

We already know that the DIA allowed ISIS to form and that the US has been supporting ISIS, both financially and through the use of military advisers, as I explained in "Top Ten Reasons WE KNOW that ISIS was "Made in the USA". We have proof upon proof, including the DIA document that facilitated its creation and photos of alleged "ISIS terrorists" sporting US Army tattoos. What comes as a greater shock is emerging evidence that John Brennan, the Director of the CIA, converted to Wahhabism, which is a virulent form of Islamic extremism, while stationed in Saudi Arabia:

Here is the interview with Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former head of the DIA, who was in a position to know exactly how ISIS emerged, where it is striking that the host for Al Jazeera made a concerted effort to undermine what Flynn was explaining to him--that the US, especially DIA, was responsible for the emergence of ISIS--which rather strongly suggests that Al Jazeera is not a trustworthy news organization but a source of managed news and disinformation, where this should have been welcomed as a significant development in understand the course of events in the Middle East:

Thierry Meyssan, a leading intellectual, has disclosed the plan adopted by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Turkish PM, for reorganizing the Middle East by absorbing the Kurdish region of Iraq and its oil wealth into a Greater Turkey, where large regions of Iraq and Syria will become the new state of Sunnistan, dominated by ISIS.  In partial defense of his audacious scheme, which is outlined here, Erdoğan claims that Vladimir Putin has "given up" on Assad and Syria, which is simply absurd. On the contrary, he has threatened going to war with Turkey over Erdoğan's continued support for ISIS.

While Erdoğan has been reported to be opposed to ISIS, he instead appears to be in collusion with Benjamin Netanyahu, especially in exacerbating tensions with Iran, which Netanyahu has done his best to demonize, even though it has no nuclear weapons program. Indeed, for his part, Netanyahu is advancing the agenda of a Greater Israel, which has long been the ultimate Zionist objective and which accounts in part for the massive abuse and suppression of the Palestinian people, who, unlike the occupants of Israel, have bona-fide claims to the lands of Palestine, both historical and genetic.

What Americans must appreciate is that the old "Axis of Evil" announced by George W. Bush -- Iraq, Iran and North Korea -- has been displaced by the new "Axis of Evil"--the US, the UK and Israel -- which has the advantage that there are good reasons to believe that this "Axis of Evil", unlike the other, is grounded in reality. With the UK doubling its military training in the Ukraine, where the US Neo-Cons appear to be intent upon precipitating a war with Russia a large part of the world is forming a BRICS "financial firewall" against the new Axis of Evil, which is perhaps best described as the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM), the world's largest organized crime syndicate.