Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Something is wrong at amazon.com: The Protected Review

by Jim Fetzer

When I first published, AND I SUPPOSE WE DIDN'T GO TO THE MOON, EITHER? (2015), I anticipated that it would be controversial. After all, it exposes and debunks the moon landing theory (because we didn't go to the moon); reveals that the musician who currently goes by the name, "Paul McCartney", is not the original Beatle; explains that Saddam Hussein was taken out by a B-1 bomber on 7 April 2003 (and was not found in a spider-hole, tried and hung); that Osama bin Laden died on 15 December 2001 (and did not die in a raid on a compound in Pakistan in 2011); and that a widely-accepted narrative about the end of World War II (which claims 6,000,000 Jews died in gas chambers using Zyklon B) cannot be sustained.

So it was gratifying not to be pummeled by attacks from partisans of the Holocaust, much less moon landing lovers or fans of the Bush/Cheney sponsored stories about Saddam and Obama's taking out Osama, which were both political stunts of great importance to advancing the political agendas of those administrations, respectively. And when a few odd reviews popped up, I was really not overly surprised, because after 25 reviews, the book has a rating of 4.5 stars, which sound about right:

So it was not really a surprise when "Dark Shadow" cast his disdain upon the book, in a review that was remarkable for presenting the very positions that are refuted and debunked by the book, which I took as a sure sign that he had never read it. In good faith, therefore, I posted a reply, which is a common practice on amazon.com. Imagine my astonishment when my rebuttal disappeared--was removed!--by amazon.com. So I posted it again and then again: three times in a row it was deleted!

Click on the image if you have trouble reading it and it will expand. I thought this was so very odd that I tried another tac and posted a single sentence or two, explaining, "This review is completely absurd because it asserts the very positions that are refuted in the book, which the author obviously has never read". I thought surely that would be acceptable to amazon.com; but no, once again. I have reposted this short review several times and each time, it too has disappeared. This is unbelievable: 
James H. Fetzer says: 
This person has obviously never read the book. This person is a racist who promotes falsehoods to protect the image of Israel, which has benefitted immensely from playing upon the Western sense of guilt for an event that provably cannot have happened. 6,000,000 Jews were not put to death in gas chambers using Zykon B.
It is embarrassing when shills post, but I have come to expect it. We have 236 references to 6,000,000 Jews in dire straits or fear of loss of their lives beginning in 1890, as the book explains. The number seems to derive from a disputed passage in Leviticus, which has been interpreted as meaning that "the chosen people" can return to "the promised land" only when they are minus 6,000,000 "consumed in the flames". 
But that requires interpolation, since there was no sign in Hebrew for 6,000,000. And the claim has no historical or empirical support. The International Committee of the Red Cross visited all the camps and kept meticulous records, which were revised in 1993 and supported the conclusion that 296,081 persons had died from all causes. More Catholics than Jews died at Auschwitz. 
The author's ignorance is so vast that he has no idea that Zyklon B, as a form of cyanide, would turn bodies pink; and its interaction with the walls of chambers would turn them blue. But there are no reports of pink bodies and the only walls that turned blue were those used for delousing, which was being done to combat disease and keep inmates in good health. As the book explains, these were labor camps and you can't get work out of a corpse. 
On Sandy Hook, the theory he ascribes was long since abandoned on the basis of new evidence and alternative hypotheses. No one died at Sandy Hook or at the Boston bombing. Anyone who wants to know how we know can find "The Real Deal special Sandy Hook Update" and "The Real Deal special Boston bombing Update" on YouTube. We know much more now, but you are not going to learn anything from those who are here to disseminate disinformation of which he is a stellar instance. 
There are plenty of phonies and frauds, but all 13 of the contributors to this book are committed to truth with respect to the issues addressed here. We are in the process of editing books on Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing as well as another on 9/11. Anyone who wants an intro to 9/11 might want to visit the web site of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, which I founded in late 2005, at 911scholars.org
I added the links to the "Sandy Hook" and "Boston bombing" updates here. In the original, I used the word "racist" to bring home that deflecting criticism of the Holocaust narrative is a form ofracism, where in another version, I replaced that word with "Zionist". I had already learned that Wikipedia is a Zionist operation, where they gutted my entry after I participated in a conference on "Academic Freedom: Are there limits to inquiry? JFK, 9/11 and the Holocaust". But I am simply appalled at the growing indictions that even amazon.com is under the spell of Zionism. Unreal!