Sunday, October 4, 2015

Occupy Democrats promote New Anti-Gun Scam

by Jim Fetzer

A new "Occupy Democrats" anti-gun campaign has begun, featuring a host of actors and actresses who are completely ignorant of the facts about Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing and the other frauds that have been perpetrated upon the American public. It began in earnest with Sandy Hook, which was an elaborate FEMA drill to promote gun control. Here is the pitch from some intelligent and well-meaning figures in Hollywood who have never looked at the evidence! This is embarrassing beyond words. Don't allow yourself to be played for a sap. Share this article with everyone you care about. We have to push back against ignorance!

Here is a link to the page where you can watch it: click here. I have posted a series of responses, with which those who follow "The Real Deal" are already aware.

The situation has gotten completely out of hand. The government is using the mass media to brainwash the public about gun control, using staged events to promote it. Don't be taken in!

Think about it. If someone were to break into your home, how could you protect yourself if you had been disarmed? Why would you call the police? BECAUSE THEY ARE ARMED. But, in the meanwhile, you and your family may already be dead.

The magnitude of the scams is breathtaking. The Boston police knew what was going on. The Boston Globe knew was was going on. The prosecutor, the defense counsel and the judge knew what was going on!

The scandal here was so blatant that the alternative media cracked the case long ago. There was no surge of EMTs into the building. There were no ambulances. There was no current handicapped parking. The cars were parked pointing in the wrong direction. There was no evacuation. IT WAS A DRILL!

Even the footage of the brothers at the marathon was faked. Tamerlan had a beard, but in the footage, he is clean-shaven. Not only were their backpacks not out of black nylon, but Tamerlan was arrested and place in a police car BEFORE he was found dead. A witness reported seeing the police drive over him several times with (what appears to have been) his own car. But official claim that Dzhokhar killed his brother! How is that possible after his arrest?

John Remington Graham observed that, since the backpacks were not black nylon, there was no probable cause for an arrest, much less an indictment and conviction. And Paul Craig Roberts, our nation's most respected public intellectual, has now been convinced and published about it himself. Don't allow yourself to be played for a sucker. Obama has an anti-gun agenda that would leave the public helpless to respond to tyranny imposed by our own government. STAND BY THE 2nd AMENDMENT. The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing. They knew an armed citizenry was the strongest way to enable us to protect ourselves from tyranny. Tyrants take guns. Don't fall for it!