Monday, January 18, 2016

On Helen Thomas and the Castration of the American Press

by William Shanley

During a 2009 interview for my film, America's Divine Comedy (while we were discussing the post 9/11 behavior of White House Press Corps), Helen Thomas told me "the press has been castrated". The answer to every question, she said, was "9/11, 9/11, 9/11," and other reporters in the press room would snear at her if she questioned the accuracy or authenticity of anything the White House said. 

As you know, the Obama White House finally got rid of her uncomfortable questions in a sting wherein very, very few of her brethren came to her defense. Reporters became Court stenographers happy to operate in the atmosphere of power. Investigative reporter Wayne Madsen has reported that the NSA has a Q Group of over 1000 people covering what reporters write and do. 

Today, I cannot even reach people I've known since I was 25 years old, and interviewed over the years, like Judy Woodruff or Sam Donaldson. They must be terrified. As you may recall, in 2013, former President Jimmy Carter told NBC's Andrea Mitchell, Oprah Winfrey and others that, "At this point in time, the United States no longer has a functioning democracy... It is an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery." 

And the fact that neoconservatism was ever considered by the news media to be a legitimate approach to governing and anything other than a fascist philosophy that believes in controlling the citizenry through terror and the world through pre-emptive war was an unprecedented game changer. As such, today, as Ralph Nader told me in a 2009 interview, "we live under an inverted form of fascism." 

Nothing could convince me of the truth about this more than my own experiences of the past year, being imprisoned three times for filing Sandy Hook lawsuits, including watching ban NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK while it publishes MEIN KAMPF. 

My mother, Helen C. Shanley, was a reporter for the Waterbury Republican-American which won a Pulitzer in 1940 for exposing corruption in Connecticut--but will not today. I remember in the late 60's the paper sued the Thomaston Sewer Commission when it went into executive session to exclude reporters like my mother, who sniffed corruption in sweetheart deals between pols and mob contractors. 

Reporters in those days covered little towns and big cities towns "like Hoover vacuum cleaners." But today, those same newsrooms have been eviscerated. Papers print stuff like, "Mrs. Simoncelli Decorates with Green Balloons to Celebrate St. Pattie's Day."

In 2014, I called my late mother's boss, publisher William Pape II, 80, a Harvard grad, from whom I received The Newspaper Boy of the Year Award in 1967,  and asked him if he'd like to win another Pulitzer by reporting the truth that nobody died at Sandy Hook, that it was a hoax. He hung up the phone and his secretary told me that Pape ordered his staff not to even read, much less publish, anything from me.

The big change in news reporting came under Reagan in the 80's with the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine's equal time provisions for responsible points of view and the Wall Street takeover of news media by the asset stripping multinationals that I compare to the transformer monsters that kids play with and star in Hollywood movies. The 7-7-7 Rule, meaning one company could only own 7 TV stations, 7 Radio stations, and 7 newspapers, was also eliminated. 

I remember FCC chairman, Mark Fowler, comparing a TV to a toaster and subsequently companies like Clear Channel and Westwood One were permitted to own over 1000 radio stations, whiping out local radio news in one fell swoop. Print newsrooms were gutted with the ascendancy of companies like Gannett which bought up hundreds of newspapers. Since then, investigative journalism has all but disappeared. There is almost no coverage of crimes by elites, whether they be in business or government. 

When I wrote news at CNN in Atlanta post-9/11 during the early months of the Afghanistan war, we were not permitted to report the effect side of the war on innocent civilians, which was coming in from our own reporters in the war zone. When the news media consortium paid the University of Chicago $1 million to recount Election 2000 votes in Florida and the recount showed Gore won, we were ordered to report that the recount showed Bush won based on the fact that had a recount only gone forward in the counties where Gore was seeking a recount, Bush still would have won. 

Only MSNBC reported the truth, and media whore sleaze bags like The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz, whose wife was working for the Bush administration, told his CNN "Reliable Sources" audience (paraphrasing), "Well, that recount is history. We're doing journalism here. George Bush became president when he stood on the rubble of the WTC with a bullhorn and provided leadership to the American people." 

The CNN newsroom was run like a military operation. These were the days of the phony bin Laden tape taking credit for 9/11, Ashcroft's threats to Congress that it would have "blood on its hands" if it failed to pass The PATRIOT Act, anthrax laden letters mailed to Democratic Majority Leader Tom Daschel, Senate Judiciary Leader Patrick Leahy and "liberal" news media, the phony Jessica Lynch story, the Pat Tillman story, American Taliban, and other stories, including a DOD claim of a victory in a battle three weeks before it occurred

CNN trained US military psy-ops personnel during the war in Serbia under Clinton, so when 9/11 happened, they knew just what to do to bully reporters who wanted to keep their jobs. The place was permeated with intel operatives. Copy editors brow beat us over word choices that showed any compassion for innocent victims caught in the crosshairs, like the American Taliban. 

In the 90's, the FCC's public interest requirements of broadcasters for license renewal were all but eliminated by Congress. Bob Dole called it (paraphrasing), "the great American giveaway," essentially gifting broadcasters $35 billion for nothing. With that, value of broadcast properties skyrocketed on Wall Street. 

News organizations also began doing big business with DOD and other agencies--not just for time buys, but in partnership ops like, apparently, Sandy Hook. As such, it matters little to the media multinationals that audiences for CNN, et al., are very small. The business and propaganda values, and the value of not having critical reporting of elite deviance, are virtually beyond measure.

As such, today, virtually everything being reported by the dinosaur media is fake, a psy-op or promotion of money as the only thing worthy of human loyalty. Programs like CBS's "Survivor" teach kids that it's OK to cheat, lie, betray your partner--to do anything, even eat maggots as NBC's "Fear Factor" showed--to win money. Nothing is sacred or off limits.

The final betrayal to me is by people I have known and respected over many years, like Bill Moyers and Hedrick Smith and Walter Pincus, who have been CIA co-ops all along. The Arab Spring, Wikileaks, even the Pentagon Papers are psyops. As Wayne Madsen has told me, reporters today do not have jobs if they report the truth.

William Shanley, flim-maker and director, who resides in Connecticut, has been subjected to the full wrath of the Connecticut legal and judicial system after filing law suits in relation to Sandy Hook. See, for example, the blog by James Tracy about his experiences on


  1. This post consists of about 7 parts:
    From: Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    “For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled.” Richard Feynman (1918-1988) Richard Chace Tolman Professor of Theoretical Physics, California Institute of Technology, Shared Nobel Prize in Physics with Tomonaga and Schwinger, 1965. This quote is the last paragraph of the Appendix to the final report of the Rogers Commission of the Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster, 1986 found at this link:

    1. Really? You are using the Challenger as an honest example? HA!

    2. Yup, gotta side with Anonymous number 2 on this one. Looks like another pile of steaming BS.
      Thanks for the link. Now that this site is moderated, smart people like you have room to provide good information.
      I have to say that if you read the quote, in context of the "disaster" being another hoax, it then takes on new meaning!
      Dr. Abbe, do go and look at this if you haven't, it only would be surprising to those who don't already have your deep grasp of truth.

    3. AA sounds like he's getting ready to fellate old Winfield. :O (just checking to see if AA's favorite Moderator is on the job). The last paragraph is simply NAUSEATING.

    4. GodSend,
      You claim to be Christian? Really? Every real Christian on earth would be appalled by your foul mouthed personal attacks.
      What a revolting comment. It does show, however, exactly what your true nature is.
      Moderator, I ask you to look at the fact that GodSend does not engage in real debate, only spews the same capitalized calls to violence, and is, on his face, a complete hypocrite.
      He also constantly refuses to answer questions, only "referring" people to his blogs in order to garner "clicks."
      I posit that he spends his entire old white war monger days going to various sites and posting provocative comments in order to get traffic to his blogs. He alleges that people from many countries have fallen victim to his tactics.
      I further posit that he is not genuinely interested at all in supporting Dr. Fetzer or engaging in creative or substantive dialogue.
      I do NOT propose moderating him. He has cleverly not crossed your stated boundaries. It is not technically an insult to say I am "getting ready" to fellate "old Winfield." In fact, in some pagan circles that would be a compliment.
      I do not approve of moderating off rude, hypocritical, un-christian, war mongering comments any more than Dr. Fetzer does.
      I am happy to call this utter fake un-christian out for exactly what he is; a foul mouthed opportunist who uses the cloak of religious authority just like the Zionists do, to instill fear and make money. He is most likely a money changer; one who the real Jesus would throw out of the temple.

  2. Part 2 of 7 of above post:
    Here is the last sentence of the previous paragraph of this report: “ If in this way the government would not support them, then so be it. NASA owes it to the citizens from whom it asks support to be frank, honest, and informative, so that these citizens can make the wisest decisions for the use of their limited resources.” While these two sentences were made in connection with the failures of NASA in the improper use of rubber O-rings at temperatures outside their tested temperature ranges of safety, thereby causing the massive failure and loss of life of the Space Shuttle Challenger, these are perfect examples of scientific writing by a top physicist which apply to unlimited situations beyond this tragic national catastrophe.

  3. Part 3 of 7 of post above:

    What professor Dr. Feynman was saying here is that it is patently dishonest to seek to fool the public with public relations lies which seek to obfuscate or camouflage the underlying causes and truth of a situation. This is what happened with the horrible Challenger Disaster and this is what happened with the horrible Sandy Hook Hoax almost 30 years later and counting. In the massive Sandy Hook government lies, all the well established rules for crime scene investigations were abandoned and replaced by fakery and secrecy protected and delivered by the full military force and power of the same government which planned and carried out these crimes on all Americans. In this example, the “successful technology” was the well established system of procedures for objectively investigating all crimes, however egregious, with protocols like autopsies of all dead bodies by top independent medical examiners, all published and later provided to any members of the public,

  4. Part 4 of 7 of above post:

    detailed crime scene pictures however gruesome, all made public later to any citizen, all DNA and other physical and forensic evidence prepared carefully according to well established rules, and all done honestly according to the well established rules of physics and science without any prejudice to anyone or any group or any religion or any government official or office totally and truthfully presented to any member of the public without obfuscation or intimidation or lies or anything else blocking the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from being fully discovered and known and presented to all Americans. Properly and truthfully prepared death certificates, made publicly available and more would be part of these protocols. None were followed in the Sandy Hook Hoax.

  5. Part 5 of 7 of above post:

    These well established rules and procedures for all crime scene investigations were clearly not followed in this horrible scam on America. Rather than doing their job of properly exposing and investigating this massive crime on America by various government agencies and political subdivisions like the State of Corrupticut and corrupt town of Newtown, Corrupticut, the media, newspapers and so called “journalists” chose the same route that NASA did almost 30 years ago, and which the great physicist Richard Feynman so eloquently criticized; namely to use or misuse public relations or massive media lies, in a deliberate effort to obviously fool a gullible and unwitting public of the true facts of the situation.

  6. Part 6 of 7 to above post:

    As Feynman pointed out, nature itself cannot be fooled. But people can easily be fooled and you are the easiest person to fool yourself. The mass media are accomplices to these crimes. They have aided and abetted them. They are engaged in a massive obstruction of justice and should be prosecuted for these crimes, but won’t be, because the government,, responsible for prosecuting them, is the lawbreaker this time. Reality was replaced by mythical staged events. Truth and honesty were replaced by deception and lies. These are what professor Dr. Richard Feynman, one of the world’s greatest physicists and scientists warned against with his prescient last paragraph of the Challenger Report: “For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations for nature cannot be fooled.”

  7. Part 7 of 7 to above post:
    The recent 426 page free book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” by professor Dr. James Fetzer, Ph.D. and professor Dr. James Tracy, Ph.D., et al, exposes the many media and government lies about Sandy Hook and conforms and returns to the demands of the rules of logic, science, physics and truth and objectivity, not blind emotion to obfuscate lies, as elucidated so eloquently by professor Dr. Richard Feynman one of the world’s greatest physicists about 30 years ago.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics
    A copy of this document was sent electronically to Mr Jeffrey P. Bezos, Owner and CEO Amazon.Com and the Washington Post. It has also been sent to professors Fetzer, Tracy and Mr. Wolfgang Halbig.

  8. The late President John F. Kennedy once made this moving statement in a public speech to America:
    “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”.
    The time is long overdue for the deafening silence from so many good Americans regarding the Sandy Hook Hoax to come to an end. How about putting all personal selfish interests aside and, just for this one time in your life, put the interests of your country, ahead of your personal selfish concerns? Your once great country has provided you the protection, freedom and environment to enjoy your pursuit of happiness. The foundations of your freedoms are being severely challenged by criminals in government itself. Only good Americans can reverse this horror in America today. It may be too late now. How about it all physicists, all scholars of all subjects, all professional crime scene investigators, all top pathologists with M.D. degrees, all police officers, all district attorneys, all judges, all members of Congress, …. all of whom must recognize the massive scam and fraud which has been foisted on duped Americans by criminals in the media and in government at all levels in the massive Sandy Hook Hoax on America? It is time to take a stand and display some guts, courage and gumption as many of our great ancestors did in earlier times of crisis. Is the survival of your country not more important than getting the car down to the car wash or putting more poison on the front lawn to make it green and possibly kill life forms which may walk or play on that lawn? “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    1. Amen, Dr. Abbe!
      I wish I could post this on every bulletin board in the country.

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  11. “In the last analysis all tyranny rests on fraud, on getting someone to accept false assumptions, and any man who for one moment abandons or suspends the questioning spirit, has for that moment betrayed humanity.”
    Bergen Evans as quoted from “IBM and the corruption of Justice in America”, Earl Carey, Bismarck House, 1992, page 75.
    “I have no use for liars, national, international or those found in private life.”
    Theodore Roosevelt, Ibid, page 85.
    “The jails are full of petty thieves, but the grand thieves are running the country”.
    Howard Zinn, Ph.D., former professor of history, Boston University
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    1. "The tree of liberty MUST be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots" (Thomas Jefferson). Thomas Jefferson did NOT mean blood donated to the Red Cross!

    2. Yes! GodSend, an old white guy, is calling for other people to shed blood for his fake christian cause!
      Where have we seen THAT before???

    3. My guess is, AA, that you're a HS student with a "B" average - go do your homework, after you do the dishes and take out the trash.

    4. GodSend.
      Do you know, it really makes me sad. Once this section got cleaned up, I had hoped that you had real honest intentions. I had hoped we would engage in a conversation that benefited us both, and enlightened the other commenters.
      Just in case GodSend is sitting in a basement getting money like those other ops for every reply, or only using this section to steer people to his websites;
      I propose that any post from GodSend that includes a link to his blogs or BS "patriot" fear porn be moderated away.
      What do you say, GodSend? Care enough about this forum to NOT advertise?
      I will, in return, promise to not "reply" to GodSend any more unless he specifically requests it and abides by that agreement.
      Watch everyone, as GodSend creeps back in to the shadows with this one.

    5. GodSend and Activist Angel.
      I have been watching your exchanges and enjoying them.
      Dr. Fetzer has made it clear that we are to be very liberal with our moderation policy, and neither of you have crossed the boundaries in these latest exchanges. Contentious though they may be.
      GodSend, however, has pushed those limits as far as he could.
      We are hoping to make this site a valuable place for scholars and supporters. So far it is working.
      It is no longer going to be a site for Operatives to get money for each reply, or for bloggers to troll for hits on their websites.
      I am going to adopt Activist Angels proposal, as it seems totally reasonable.
      GodSend, you have a chance to prove that your intentions are good. Do not post any more links to your personal websites or blogs.
      Any links that you provide that are informational or on topic will be OK. I will have fun looking at them.
      Activist Angel, I think you are right to refrain from "replying" to any of GodSends posts, in case he is an operative like the ones that have left this post.
      For the record, I have moderated away only one comment, at Jim's request, in the last three articles.
      Three of the main commenters have simply disappeared. The explanation I favor is that they were paid for each reply (by their own admission) and moderation ended their ability to make money off our site.
      GodSend, I look forward to you proving that is not the case for you.

    6. Mod:

      Jim is a reasonable and VERY patient man and has done more to expose the major HOAXES of our trying time than anyone I know. Anyone who visits my blogs and websites and puts the pieces together intelligently, is unlikely to conclude that I'm a professional "clicker". I troll for Truth and for ACTION by American patriots to RESCUE America and Humanity from the ALIEN MENACE! In that regard, Preston James, PhD comes closest to the truth - but not THE Truth! David Icke, David M. Jacobs, Jeff Rense, Les Visible and even Alex Jones have BIG pieces to contribute BUT they are all missing the most important piece of The Puzzle of human existence - Jesus the Christ!

      America and Humanity are facing ENSLAVEMENT and EXTINCTION and 311 (Fukushima) is also a BIG part of the ALIEN AGENDA. Not surprisingly, all roads lead to the Rogue and Satanic State of Zionist Israel and all the Zionist Slimeball AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE who make it their "Homeland"! I know this all sounds FAR OUT and in a way, IT IS - about as far as Orion, probably farther!

      Unless enlightened and concerned American patriots and citizens of other countries TAKE ACTION (blogging AIN'T IT!), America and Humanity are DOOMED!

      We are confronted by an EXTREMELY CUNNING and CALLOUS mortal enemy! Now who would pay me for exposing that truth?

    7. I neglected to give deserved credit for exposing truth to Jim Stone and to whoever publishes Smoloko. Their websites are also worth reading - but the information must be taken with a grain of salt and verified through other sources! What ALL of them lack, however, is an effective ACTION PLAN to solve the overwhelming problems which Americans and Humanity are facing! Personal Salvation (not of physical survival) should be the front-running objective of EVERYONE!

    8. We are all "spiritual beings, having a physical experience", here on planet Earth, but our possible, fantastic and ultimate destiny beckons in another dimension! There is only ONE "Shining Path" there, and it is Jesus the Christ! "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. NO ONE comes to the Father except through Me!". These words ring out throughout the universe!

    9. "For the record, I have moderated away only one comment, at Jim's request, in the last three articles."

      Mod, that is incorrect! You deleted several of my comments from this thread alone! None of those violated the Jim Fetzer "Ciderhouse Rules", by the way!

    10. PCR (Paul Craig Roberts) is also "clued in" - but he keeps identifying the problem as "Washington" when it is actually "Tel Aviv" and he keeps saying "Neocons" when he should be saying ZIONIST SLIMEBALLS! The HIDDEN HAND is attached to Zionist Israel!

    11. GodSend
      After I wrote that last post, I did go in and attempt a clean up. In fact, I removed several of your comments that were simply one line snarky "come backs" that did not add to the discussion.
      Please repost any you think are valuable with the word "repost" above them.
      We have had "operatives" whose goal seemed to be totally overwhelming these threads with meaningless pollution. I have received many messages of gratitude that this practice has been effectively stopped by the mere presence of moderation.
      Now that you have made your point, I am sure you do not want to be thought of as one of those operatives who seemed to be paid by the comment and reply.
      I look forward to any further substantive contributions on your part that do not include links to your personal blogs.
      The Moderator

    12. "I removed several of your comments that were simply one line snarky "come backs" that did not add to the discussion."

      I think this comment expands upon Jim Fetzer's definition of what is objectionable. Comebacks, snarky or otherwise, add color and entertainment value. Besides that, you deleted my comments about AAs credibility and my BIO link, as well as comments about Winfield's gender. Why not stick to censoring what's truly objectionable and within Jim's "Ciderhouse Rules"? None of my deleted comments are worth reposting, however. All of my blogs and websites (and comments here) are a "labor of love" (including "tough love") and I do not profit from any of that. Aside from all that, I think your presence here has added value to Jim's blog! :)

    13. Godsend, I have REPEATEDLY asked you REASONABLE questions about your constant CAPITALIZED fear mongering.
      You have refused to answer any of them.
      All you have to do is ask, and I will restate them all, numbered, and we can see whether you are a legitimate philosopher and contributor, by how you answer... each one... by number.
      But you won't do that, because you are not a legitimate person. I know, I took the time to look at your websites. It is REALLY hard to get past the DONATION buttons and find anything. Then when you DO it is simply your utterly bastardized HATE RUSSIA AND ET'S ARE ALL DEMONS pile of unsubstantiated PROPAGANDA.
      You offer not a single recommendation for action or solution, except to "water the tree of liberty with blood." WHOSE BLOOD GODSEND? Certainly not YOURS!
      Who do you want to open their veins, water the tree, and create violence? Young people? Patriots? Veterans?
      You are either a fiend or an unwitting tool of fiends.
      I am not interested in your "color and entertainment value." Although your constant fake christian diatribes might be called colorful, they were not entertaining. They are the pollution that the moderator has mostly eliminated. God I hope you're next. I want to hear from Dr. Abbe, Jeannon, Dreadnought, JIm and other thoughtful smart people. You add absolutely nothing to this forum except long threads, insults, and repetitive fake-christian Galactic Family and Israel bashing.
      The good people of Israel are NOT the problem, it is the FAKE jewish people, just like the FAKE christian people who are the real terrorists.
      If what I have learned is true (moderator?) the phony and disgusting Apsterian and the terrifying Steve12 have simply "gone away."
      They did not have anything real to contribute, and didn't want to waste time on a well moderated site. It probably means they are part of the "machine" people that make money off hijacking comment sections. We didn't offer a source of income any more.
      I wish you really were willing to have a conversation. That would have been great.
      Your calling me names and insinuating sexual acts between me and other commenters several states away shows exactly what kind of "christian" you are.
      Jesus said, "Love thine enemy" He said, John 14:2 "In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you."
      How do you in your small fear mongering world not understand that the mind of God is so vast that one planet could not possibly contain His creativity? Mansions = worlds!
      I am glad you agree that the moderator's "presence here has added value to Jim's blog! :)"
      But if I had said your last line to the moderator, you would have called me "nauseating" and looking for "brownie points."
      I don't need brownie points, I put the time and effort in to well produced television shows that feature Jim along with other great people.
      I look for solutions and take the time to expand my worldview, using reason, research and yes, sometimes healthy debate.
      I no longer trust you are willing to engage truthfully at all, but PLEASE prove me wrong. Answer my questions. Let me know I will repost them, numbered so you can't weasel out of them.
      If you are legitimate, you have nothing to fear from answering questions.
      You've done it again, haven't you? Sucked up my valuable time.
      Jim's blog is worth it.
      Prove you deserve to be here.

    14. AA: "I will, in return, promise to not "reply" to GodSend any more unless he specifically requests it and abides by that agreement."

      It didn't take long for AA to violate his own agreement and break his promise! I did not request a reply from you, AA, and I never will - but here it is anyway, and a pile of garbage, to boot!

      "Galactic Family", huh!? There is the Family of God and there is the Family of Satan.

      "I know the blasphemy of THEM which say THEY are Jews and are not, but are the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN". (Revelation 2:9). So much for the Israeli Zionist Slimeball AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN, whose "Homeland" is Israel and whose MORTAL ENEMY is the Human Race! Get thee hence, AA - and keep your promises!

    15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    16. So now we know to which "Family" AA belongs!

    17. "I took the time to look at your websites. It is REALLY hard to get past the DONATION buttons and find anything." (AA)

      There is only *ONE* DONATE button on all of my websites and one of them specifically states that NO donations are accepted. It appears that AA not only violates his own agreements, he also LIES! I expected nothing else.

    18. It would be nice to see AA "coming out of the closet" and revealing his identity and connections, if any, to the Rogue and Satanic State of Zionist Israel! Like VP Joseph Biden said: "You don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist" {Slimeball}. We should all remember what Dr. Alan Sabrosky (ex-USMC Officer, like Jim) said about 911: "It is 100% certain that Israel {MOSSAD} did it". It wouldn't surprise me if Zionist Slimeballs are also behind (as in HIDDEN HAND) the Sandy Hook HOAX, all the other "mass shooting" HOAXES - and the firing of James Tracy!

    19. And, as "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" (especially Protocol # 12) reveal, THEY are definitely behind the castration of the independent American Press and the persecution of William Shanley, Helen Thomas and all other journalists who try to speak out "inconvenient truths".

  12. Leading people to the Truth is not advertising! Like I said, I don't make a dime from my websites. Of course, leading people to the Truth does not guarantee that they will believe it. By now, most visitors here have seen my links, so I don't intend to repeat myself. I'm satisfied with "leading a horse to water" and if it's thirsty enough, it will drink!
    As for your comments, AA, when they are not nauseating, they are just slightly amusing. On the other hand, it's good that you believe that Sandy Hook was a HOAX! :)

    Sons of Light do not creep in the shadows!

    1. GodSend,
      What is nauseating? Can you be specific? No? Would that be because you are not truthful, just insulting?
      Your websites don't "lead people to the truth." Period.
      I have asked you questions, in several article comments, that you have REFUSED to answer. (see below).
      You only say, "go to my blog, click on it and add to my monetization,"
      You have never ONCE, not EVER ONE TIME EVER, answered a SINGLE question I have posed to you in ANY of the blog comment sections.
      You have only continually posted links to your blogs and websites, along with LARGE capitalized words, all designed to create FEAR about REPTILE ALIENS and lead people to distrust the real truth about our galactic family that can be learned about with Dr. Greer's Nov 21 2016 expose.
      Right after this post, I will repost the questions I asked you before that you REFUSED to answer.
      If you have nothing real to add, other than "click on my blogs and you will get the revelations of how much Jesus HATES evil Russians and ET's" then PLEASE go to other blogs to do it. Jim Fetzer and his fine work are deserving of being freed from your brand of utter steaming BS.

  13. The repost of my questions for "GodSend" from Jim's January 16 Post:
    Activist AngelJanuary 17, 2016 at 6:02 AM
    Godsend, what is your goal? I know you claim to believe that we should all suspect one another of being a secret demon reptoid alien from satan, that is clear. But why suggest Jim should not go on record and rebut a major publication's false reporting?
    Who is your target audience? Fetzer Fans? The nutjobs and ops that seem to have fled now that there is moderation?
    It is appropriate for Jim to have, on record, a serious piece of actual scholarship to refute the phony piece of faux scholarship that this "journal" vomited forth.
    Could you come out clearly and tell us what you would have us do, what actions we should take, if we believed your semi biblical account of alien covert invasion and the futility of Jim's response to "every zionist publication?"
    I really want to know your proposed plan of action, other than "give up, suspect your neighbor and be afraid."

  14. The following post was posted minutes ago January 19, 2016 to the Washington Post propaganda article on Sandy Hook, but vanished before I could copy it in the posted condition:

    Here is the headline on AOL News this morning Jan. 19, 2016:
    “Academy pledges ‘big changes’ amid diversity dispute”.

    Is this the most important issue in the world today for Americans to think about? The Academy Awards, Golden Globes and incessant pictures and articles about the porn and sex and violence promoted by the Hollywood Perverts are nothing but propaganda to continue the stream of billions of dollars pouring into their bank accounts form duped, dumbed down Americans. How about the issue of being lied to by your own government to induce you to lose fundamental Constitutional rights which have been fought for with many dead and suffering U.S. Servicemen and Servicewomen for over two centuries? Isn’t this issue more important than hearing more propaganda garbage to sell more violence and porn filled entertainment garbage from the Hollywood Perverts who also poison and own a large part of the totally corrupt mass media in America today? The headline should be: “Media pledges ‘big changes’ amid Sandy Hook Hoax dispute”. This issue is at least 1 million times more important than entertainment propaganda and maybe infinitely more important. But we hear not a peep about this issue of vital importance and significance to the basic freedoms of all American Citizens. Shame, shame, shame… a thousand times, on the lying, cheating corrupt media today, which must be totally shut down and have all their assets confiscated by the U.S. Government which has been gang raped by these scoundrels along with all good, honest Americans.’
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    1. " This issue is at least 1 million times more important than entertainment propaganda and maybe infinitely more important. "

      The "two issues" are in fact one and the same issue.

      Suggest reading Libido Dominandi by E. Michael Jones.

  15. I think Mr. Jeffrey P. Bezos paid way too much for the Washington Post when he paid $250 million in cash for it to the former owners. They should have paid him to take this once greatest investigative newspaper in the country, but now worthless piece of propaganda garbage which seeks to publish propaganda lies which cheat all good, honest Americans out of their most fundamental Constitutional rights provided by the great Founders of America, and defended by the blood, sweat and tears of thousands of good American Soldiers for over two centuries. This sorry excuse of a newspaper is a gross betrayal of the very America which provides the security, opportunity and viability and freedom which makes its operations possible. Please, Mr Bezos, do all us good honest Americans a favor and hire the same Wrecking Crew which demolished the abandoned Government Sandy Hook School Crime Scene, sworn to secrecy under the criminal penalties imposed by the corrupt State of Corrupticut, and have them demolish this expletive deleted sorry excuse of a newspaper you own in Washington, D.C. It is stinking up America and polluting our once great country and brainwashing its good American citizens. It stinks worse than a meat locker with a power failure!
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics
    The above statement has been sent to Mr. Bezos.

  16. A current article on VT quotes Jesse Jackson advocating that crime scene tape be placed around Flynt, Michigan due to the horrible current water crisis there. How about the current crisis of massive corruption from the lowest to the highest levels of government in the corrupt State of Corrupticut? Even Governor Malloy directly lied to Wolfgang Halbig about a statement he made on national television before the whole nation. Wolfgang has been criminally obstructed by the corrupt Newtown School Board and other agencies from being provided simple information as demanded by the Freedom of Information Act of the State of Corrupticut but those criminals there are violating their laws with impunity and refusing to provide the information. The criminals in the injustice system of the corrupt State of Corrupticut have illegally gang raped Jonathan Reich of his Constitutional rights and also shafted a good citizen William Shanley, of his Constitutional rights, as documented currently on this blog. Yet nothing, zero, is being done about any of these horrible crimes by public officials by the criminals in the U.S. Department of Injustice either. Do you believe they don’t know about any of these crimes? Do you believe Obama himself does not know about them? Do you believe in the tooth fairy too?

  17. Evidently crime scene tape must also be placed around the entire border of the corrupt State of Corrupticut. If you don’t know Corrupticut is the new and more appropriate spelling of the former honest and formerly law abiding State of our Union. This is an example where Obama should send in our military and arrest every member of every government in this corrupt State of Corrupticut and hold them without bail pending trials in federal courts. This includes the lying Governor too and everyone of the criminals in the U.S. Department of Injustice as well. By the way, New Haven, Corrupticut is where that bastion of knowledge, truth and understanding called Yale University is located. Observe the deafening silence from that intellectual and academic cesspool just like the deafening silence which came from that other academic cesspool Florida Atlantic University about 1350 miles away. Evidently both of these academic cesspools have something in common: Thousands of gutless cowards called professors paid to set a poor example for unwitting duped brainwashed students. Is it any wonder their students are just as yellow bellied chickens like they are? Are not all these gutless wonders a threat to the very survival of America today? Don’t all of them require a psychological examination to determine the level of their cowardice as well as their criminal activities and intents?

    1. Great comments! The academic cesspools in America are legion, with the heaviest concentration of Zionist Slimeballs in the Ivy League! How do I know? I graduated from 1 of them and was heavily involved in their Alumni activities. The Ivy League is a living graveyard of Skulls & Bones! Some of the dumbest people like to be seen in black robes. Senator Fulbright would say: "American Universities are ISRAEL-OCCUPIED TERRITORY"!

  18. Here is a post to an article in VT about water problems in Flint, Michigan posted by Gordon Duff.
    First, here is a brief quote from the above article:
    “[ Editor’s note: Again, Russia Today tries to blame the Obama administration for something its political enemy, extremist nutcase Michigan governor Rick Snyder has done. Snyder, part of the Hitleresque triumvirate of Midwest dictators, Kasich of Ohio, Walker of Wisconsin and Snyder of Michigan, continue their war on veterans, the working poor, pensioners and the elderly and, of course, blacks.”
    wjabbe January 19, 2016 at 8:39 pm
    Suppose this group of three states were expanded to four: Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Connecticut. Where would Governor Malloy rank compared with the other three which have already been ranked in the article? Would he be above or below them? Connecticut has benefitted substantially from the 3+ year old and counting Sandy Hook no? Connecticut has also had economic problems. Here is a speculation: Could there have been a secret federal government drawing between these four states as to which state would be the ”lucky” one to receive the Sandy Hook spoils? And Connecticut “won” the secret drawing. Recall that video on about Dec. 14, 2012 showing Malloy stating something like “we have been spoken to that something like this might happen…”. Now watch the video by Wolfgang Halbig asking Malloy about this and Malloy contradicts his earlier comments on national television. Are these early signs of Amnesia of Alzheimers? Hey Jesse, why not visit Connecticut and help get some justice for white people for a change? While there you could put up some crime scene tape too.

  19. I was delighted, as much as I am able to have that kind of feeling these days, to read this fine article by William Shanley.

    It appears that he has survived "the full wrath of the Connecticut legal and judicial system after filing law suits in relation to Sandy Hook."

    When Dr. Fetzer was first to bring Mr. Shanley's case to our attention on his radio shows, I posted several supportive and enthusiastic comments about this both here and at the MemoryHoleBlog.

    My REASON for enthusiasm about these law suits is that I felt it was important for the Sandy Hook Hoax to put as strong a legal challenge as possible to our legal system. I stated back then that that action was important and crucial no matter how grim the prospects were of winning the lawsuits. To me, filing law suits was something that had to be done if we were going to really continue to seek Sandy Hook truth in all its violent terrorist horror.

    Mr. Shanley here also gives us good insight into the inner workings of our mainstream media and its machinations.

    I personally believe the corruption of the U S Media at least began with Texas U. S. Senator, Oscar Calloway, in 1917 put the congressional record

    SCAN: 1917 Congressional Record Confirms Purchase & Manipulation Of The MSM

    This page has a photo of the congressional record verifying Dr. Stan’s (Monteith) quote about
    Congressman Oscar Calloway and 25 newspapers editorial policy purchased and controlled by j p morgan interests.

    Dachsie could post the content of that congressional record entry if so requested. It slam dunks the fact that our media and journalism was co-opted at least a century ago. I say "at least: because, from my study of the Illuminati and Judeo-Freemasonry, print media corruption began way back in the late 1700s. The Illuminati members were men of letters, top writers and journalists of the day and they founded "reading rooms" in several countries to infiltrate Illuminati agenda into the intellectual leadership entities.

    My main reason of following Dr. Fetzer's Work and the Memory Hole Blog is that I was lead over the years to want to look at these "false flag"events of the last 100 years, with special interest in 9-11, Boston, and Sandy Hook, and look at them AS A WHOLE. That is to say, I want to examine and comment on the fact that these false events are really all being perpetrated by ONE ENTITY. The people make-up of that one entity changes over time, but basically is of, as Dr. Stan Monteith always called it, the Brotherhood of Darkness. We are talking about the whole of all these false events being part of the EVIL Entity's plan.

    I relate everything to a Christian worldview, but I am of a Catholic christian worldview and I therefore cling to employing right reason and human truth to the fullest extent in studying this main modus operandi of the Bortherhoof of Darkess, the serial perpetration of false flag events for their purposes, ultimate purposes that were explain to us throughout the pages of the Good Book.

  20. Posted to above article:
    wjabbe January 20, 2016 at 6:15 am
    Hypocrisy in our institutions, especially the cesspool called the Academy, where all letter heads state the meaningless words “equal opportunity employer” is rampant. For example, once upon a time a physics professor at a top university, Princeton I believe, sought to find a job for one of his graduate students. This arrogant professor found out about a school across the country, I believe in Oregon, who had just made an offer to a young physicist. He then called that school and sought to use his hegemony to secretly have that offer revoked and his student hired instead. Another example is in Georgia where a few years ago, they went through the motions of a “national search” for a new Chancellor of the University System of Georgia, but after wasting about $100,000 of public tax money on this sham search, they “discovered” the most “qualified” person in the nation to hold this plum soft $500,000 per year job was already one of their local friends and cronies who likely never had a job or even travelled outside of his provincial home town in his life. Ditto for the recently appointed UGA president who makes, but does not deserve about $1 million a year. These despicable whores could care less about fair treatment of anyone; all they care about is trading favors with friends and cronies in secret. There is no practical way to enforce these nice sounding but meaningless hot air laws. The Good Old Boy System is alive and well in America Today.

  21. Posted to above article:
    o wjabbe January 20, 2016 at 6:25 am
    There is another cesspool of the Academy called Florida Atlantic University. It has about 1000 so called professors most with the highest research degree Ph.D. But when one of them a tenured associate professor of Speech Communications did the job he was hired to do, and criticized corruption in the corrupt newspapers and media of America today for their criminal aiding and abetting of the many crimes of government in the massive Sandy Hook Hoax on America, while the other 999 members of the faculty of FAU clam up and suddenly lose their voices in support of him like the cowards slapped by General Patton In WWII, who gets fired? Why professor James Tracy of course while the other 999 gutless cowards get to keep their jobs. Isn’t it too bad General Patton is no longer alive to walk by each of these worthless professors and publicly admonish these “yellow bellies” with a slap on each of their faces too, and return them to the front lines of battle or shoot them with one of his pearl handled pistols?

    Four Star United States General George Smith Patton, Jr. (November 11, 1885-December 21, 1945) is considered one of the greatest generals in history, especially by the top German generals he opposed. He would never ask any soldier under his command to do anything, or take any risk, he would not do or take personally himself. He rode on top of his tank in battle and survived many risky war situations. He insisted on the same excellence from his men that he demanded of himself. He had the fearless courage of Andrew Jackson, one of our earlier American greatest patriots, generals and presidents. He was afraid of nothing. He was born at San Gabriel, California November 11, 1885. Here is a brief quote from the above article
    “One of the most complicated military men of all time, General George Smith Patton, Jr. was born November 11, 1885 in San Gabriel, California. He was known for carrying pistols with ivory handles and his intemperate manner, and is regarded as one of the most successful United States field commanders of any war. He continually strove to train his troops to the highest standard of excellence. “
    “In October 1945, Patton assumed command of the Fifteenth Army in American-occupied Germany. On December 9, he suffered injuries as the result of an automobile accident. He died 12 days later, on December 21, 1945 and is buried among the soldiers who died in the Battle of the Bulge in Hamm, Luxembourg. “
    : Recent information “Target Patton” by Robert Wilcox about 2008 and a sequel article in American Thinker, convincingly demonstrates that General Patton did not die in an innocent automobile accident after WWII, but was murdered by our own government in a plot conceived at the highest levels involving Ike himself. Almost none of the top brass even attended the funeral services in Germany of this giant genius level United States four star general and citizen. Had he not been murdered before his time by our own government, he would likely have been our next president instead of Ike. This is a shameful disgrace and permanent stain on the face of America.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  23. The castration of the independent American Press is NOT an isolated event! Media LIES and DECEPTION about the Sandy Hook "mass shooting" and all the other "mass shooting" HOAXES fit into a pattern openly identified by former Senator Fulbright, when he called the Senate "Israel-OCCUPIED territory". We already know that "Hollywood" has been Zionist-OCCUPIED territory for a very long time! So now, all of America has become "Israel-OCCUPIED territory", including the American Press, Academia, Washington DC, ALL presidential candidates (via AIPAC, etc.), the Pentagon and Military, Federal agencies (NSA, CIA, FBI, etc.), State governments and agencies (Connecticut, Colorado, Virginia, etc.) and even local governments and agencies (Newtown, CT the most obvious).

    So WHAT are American Patriots gonna DO, as they see the American Republic become "Israel-OCCUPIED territory"??? (besides blogging!)

    1. "Seven Days in May" comes to mind!

    2. There is nothing magical about the month of May or the number 7. Any month of the year and number of days will DO!

    3. GodSend
      On behalf of the community here, many of whom have contacted me, we would like to politely ask you to stop advocating for any sort of violence, whether in code or overtly.
      We would also like to ask you to stop with the constant stream of inflammatory rhetoric. Screaming that Israel/Zionists are behind everything is simplistic, and may be misinterpreted by many as part of a counterproductive campaign.
      We ask that you keep your posts on topic, refrain from baiting other posters, and from the practice of posting numerous comments that do not add to the discussion.
      Activist Angel, he has a point that you are continuing to reply to him, and I for one am sorry to see you spending time that could otherwise be used to share your thoughts about the topic as well.

  24. Mod:

    I would much prefer a non-violent REGIME CHANGE in America, if possible! "Seven Days in May" would be a non-violent solution - maybe the ONLY non-violent solution at this late stage of the game. Unfortunately, the political and judicial systems are broken, as the last few "elections" and the unfortunate demise of attorney Edgar Steele have proven. It appears that the economic system is broken as well, with the dramatic drop in price of oil likely to trigger economic COLLAPSE. Zionists Greenspan and Bernanke planted the seeds of America's coming economic armageddon with deadly interest rate cuts and "quantitative easing" goosing of the financial sector. The "chickens are now coming home to roost"!

    Under America's dire circumstances, it's time to look for the CULPRIT. I have found the CULPRIT and have thoroughly documented my case on my websites and blogs - which shall remain unidentified! :)

    When ex-USMC Officer Dr. Alan Sabrosky said: "We are coming for you!" (after having identified Zionist Israel as the main perpetrator of 911), he had something effective in mind, I'm sure! :)

    The topic here is the deliberate infiltration and destruction of America by a SINISTER, CUNNING and RUTHLESS enemy. The castration of America's independent Press, as detailed by William Shanley in his article, is just 1 plank in a comprehensive and diabolical platform, leading to America's destruction and loss of our Constitutional freedoms - and my most recent comments are therefore "right on topic".

    Besides all that, I'm the one who gets baited by AA!

    I do appreciate your polite request! :)

  25. “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” (George Orwell)

    Some people on this blog may not want to hear (or be confronted with evidence) that Zionist Slimeballs are behind most of America's severe problems, including but not limited to: 911 and its ramifications, castration of the Independent Press, selling-out of Academia to Zionist interests, destruction of the economy through the policies of the Zionist-controlled Federal Reserve and "Wall Street", criminalization of the Federal government and its Agencies, corruption of traditional moral values through the Media and "Hollywood", corruption of Christian doctrine via CUFI and similar organizations, castration of the JCOF (Joint Castrati Of Staff) and Military, sacrificing American "blood and treasure" to Israeli interests ("Israel Lobby" and Israel-FIRST CONgress Critters), interference in America's political process through AIPAC and foreign agents (Israeli katzas and sayanim),...and a lot more!

    If certain people here don't want to hear the "inconvenient truth", let them go where their ears will be "tickled".

    "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of Darkness, but rather EXPOSE them..." (Ephesians).

    I don't intend to be "politically correct", here or anywhere, because some people don't want to hear the truth. Jim has the right to ban me if he so chooses. My voice will continue to be heard on the Web, regardless!

  26. I am not a person who does not want to know about or be confronted with the truth that "Zionists" are a big part of America's problems. I do not want to see anyone banned from this blog for expressing that view and information. Most of us already know this stuff and we are still getting more revelations every day. However, I still think books like "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" are the best weapon. Another book by Dr. Fetzer et al. is coming out within the next couple of weeks about The Boston Bombing. I hope it is as strong a weapon as Nobody Died book.

    Constantly pointing out the Zionists' cupability can be used as just another Zionist trap. I have seen that too many times with too many website, radio shows, and show hosts and other various truth seekers.

    I would prefer that truth seeking establishing beyond any doubt that an event is false or staged. The stronger the case we make based on strong evidence, the less we have to bother with falling prey to anothe Zionist, Cass Sunstein type of trap.

    As far as "corruption of Christian doctrine via CUFI and similar organizations" is concerned, Dr. Robert Sungenis, Catholic theologin, has done more than anyone to blow that nonsense out of the water.

    For the next few days you can listen to and freely download an excellent recent exposition of what the bible has to say about the modern day physical land of Israel and "Zionists."
    Go to
    and click on

    Dr. Robert Sungenis

    Jews, Gentiles, and the End of the World

    Listen to the inverview using the player below, or download it*!
    Audio Player

    In this talk, Dr. Sungenis only focuses on Romans Chapter 11 where St. Paul states "all Israel will be saved." That has been grossly interpreted by many Protestant most of today's "Catholic Church of Nice" theologins who won't touch this biblical truth with a ten foot pole.

    All of the land promises God made to the Israelites were COMPETELY FULFILLED during Old Testment times. Won't pop proof texts at you but could. All this drivel about modern day Zionists' right to take over Palestine because God promised it to them is absolutely wrong and totally unbiblical and unChristian.

    This one hour audio is worth listening to by those of any faith or no faith at all.

    Wonder if this posting will survive here.




      That has been grossly MISinterpreted
      "That has been grossly interpreted

    2. Thanks for your support, Dachsie!

      I'm not so sure about the effectiveness of books - even if they're not banned by Amazon! They used to play a much bigger role in informing people and now most of them rely on MSM TV to make sure they don't miss the latest "mass shooting", tornado and sports scores! How about this verse: "And further, my son, be admonished by these. Of making many books there is no end, and much study is wearisome to the flesh." (NKJV).

      I'll listen to Dr. Sungenis' talk. Not content with massive land theft and terrorizing the poor Palestinian native population, the Israelis have been busy periodically "mowing the lawn" (genocide of Palestinians) in the GAZA GULAG since 1948. Occasionally, they bulldoze a Rachel Corrie, shoot up a "Freedom Flotilla", do a 911 "False-Flag" or assassinate an American president who doesn't agree with them - all with total impunity and just for the fun of it. Then they get a James Tracy or Norm Finkelstein fired because they expose their "mass shooting" HOAXES and their "Holocaust Industry" rip-off. It's disgusting!

    3. How about this "Open Letter to Pope Francis" (

    4. Thanks for link to Open Letter by Michael Hoffman. It is right on!

      Pope Franky put out that B S (Bad Science) about "God's unrevoked covenant with Israel."
      Dr. Sungenis revokes this not only in the audio link I provided in previous posting but also in this scholarly paper...

      I think it is good to point out the Zionist / Israel connection to our many problems but whenever it becomes the constant mantra of any truth seeking website, something bad always happens to that website. It has to be mentioned but in a scholarly way, not in a hate-filled way because that is against Christ.

      I become very concerned if any website, show host, etc. absolutely considers it verboten to every mention a word on that subject, such as Alex Jones Inc.

      In fact, in research any false flag event or any malfeasance of our government, there cannot be any area of inquiry that is verboten. One has to look at ALL the evidence, then choose the best evidence and put in forever in paper print as well as easy access on the web.

      I personally believe that the "Zionist / Israeli" connection is not the basic and real source of the destruction of Western civilization. It is Satanic in nature. But you cannot focus solely on that fact to the exclusion of mentioning the Zionist, Mossad, Israeli connection.

      But the basic truth is that this is Satanic in nature.

      Here is another link I like

      NWO: International Jewry Hugh Akins Part 1

      2 years ago1,555 views

      Talk given on international Talmudic Jewry. The Jews are behind the Vatican II apostasy and behind the new world order. Vatican ...
      NWO: Jew World Order, Hugh Akins Part 2

      2 years ago1,001 views

      Talk given on international Talmudic Jewry. The Jews are behind the Vatican II apostasy and behind the new world order. Vatican ...

      These two video interviews of Hugh Akins, author of Synagogue Rising will probably not be on YT much longer but they are good for people who do not read much.

    5. "I personally believe that the "Zionist / Israeli" connection is not the basic and real source of the destruction of Western civilization. It is Satanic in nature. But you cannot focus solely on that fact to the exclusion of mentioning the Zionist, Mossad, Israeli connection."

      I totally agree, Sachsie! There is another step to be taken, however, to get to the root of Evil. Jesus gave us a hint: "I know the blasphemy of THEM which say THEY are Jews and are not, but are the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN!" (Revelation 2:9). In other words, the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs ARE of satanic origin and nature! That explains their diabolical and COLD-blooded actions and DECEPTIONS. Deception is the hallmark of Satan AND the motto of the Mossad. That's NO ACCIDENT! But there is a still deeper meaning here and that is that the ALIEN presence on Earth (for eons) is of the very same Satanic origin and nature! THEY LIVE (film by Jim Carpenter) was allegorical and revealed how THEY have infiltrated the human race. Dr. David M. Jacobs explains that very well in his book "WALKING AMONG US" and there is an excellent interview of him by Jeff Rense on YT. Jeffrey Lash was one of these hybrid, humanoid, reptilian critters. There are MANY of THEM, now deeply embedded in human society, especially America. There is a further connection between the Nazis, who dabbled in the occult and with ALIENS (die Glocke technology) and who imported this knowledge to America (operation "Parer Clip"). It's NO ACCIDENT that America is now INFESTED with ALIENS, original form and the new, re-engineered hybrid race, (since Ike signed the GREADA treaty with THEM in the 1950s). Phil Schneider and William Pawelec are credible eye witnesses of their presence, especially in DUMBs, of which there are well over 100 in America alone. Zionist Israel also has a connection to ALIENS and possess an ALIEN craft. THEY have ALIEN technology and used it on 911!

      So YES, SATAN is at the root of all the DECEPTION and his primary human AGENTS are Israeli Zionist Slimeballs. It's ALL biblical, of course, to those who have "eyes to SEE!". The Sandy Hook "mass shooting" HOAXES and the others are ALL part of the ALIEN AGENDA, or, to put it another way: SATAN's AGENDA to enslave and ultimately destroy humanity. God, of course, has other plans for humanity and He will ultimately prevail and BANish Satan forever! :)

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Those are EXCELLENT interviews of Hugh Akins, Dachsie! As you probably know, there are 8 of these in total. You may recall that Hugh issues a CALL TO ARMS or ORGANIZED RESISTANCE! I have issued a similar CALL on one of my websites! In order for (Christian) PATRIOTS to OCCUPY AMERICA again, we must first END the Occupation of America by Israeli Zionist Slimeballs and their embedded and brainwashed Israel-FIRST, mostly dual Israeli-American citizen STOOGES!

    8. Well, Dachsie, you have led me to a VERY important book by Hugh Akins: "Synagogue Rising". Here is the YT link to the introduction:

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Dr. Fetzer, your latest JFK show on Israel was stellar. Finally Michael Collins Piper's work gets the attention it deserves.

    For those who may be unaware, I would also add that his book Final Judgement is free to download on PDF right here:

  28. Just a reminder. Dr. Fetzer's YouTube channel was discontinued, I think because of "Rebeka Roth" actions.

    You will find the most recent uploads of of his shows at the new

    MBC Official Backup Channel

    I would enjoy discussing specific shows but I, for some unknown reason, have never been able to post comments on YouTube. (maybe one or two times ten years ago or so)

    The chat facility with each show is very strict character limit and not for serious discussion of the show topic.

    Probably this blog is also not the best place to discuss these shows.

    Michael Collins Piper gave us much important truth but for some odd reason, he, along with much of the American Free Press writers and show hosts, were strongly against Dr. Fetzer and Sandy Hook truth.

    There is something VERY UNIQUE about the Sandy Hook false event. Paul Craig Roberts will never mention it and Dr. Kevin Barrett, to my knowledge, rarely if ever mentions that particular false event.

    1. Very interesting, and downright strange. I had no idea Piper was so opposed to Sandy Hook truth.

      From the VT article you referenced, I got the impression that Keith Johnson fellow was the instigator of the discord.

      It is also strange that Michael died within a year of those events. All in all I find it difficult to believe Piper was a government agent. Regardless of his views on Sandy Hook, the over 700 pages he wrote on JFK was rock solid, and his info on JFK shouldn't be dismissed on the basis of his other views.

    2. Yes, Michael, did indeed give us much great information.

      I am reluctant to conclude that anyone is a government operative, but things are so convoluted these days, there is no way I am a good judge of that.

      Deanna Spingola did a radio show with Piper as the guest and that just ridiculed Dr. Fetzer and all top researchers who question Sandy Hook. Spingola sort or launched into a new sub-program and had several shows against Sandy Hook Truth and I believe she even wrote a book about it.

      All in all, these American Free Press related people who were against Sandy Hook seemed to lapse into some really weak reasoning and argumentation whereas the quality of their argumentation of the Zionist connection to events was generally strong.

      There is only one person that I had a strong feeling was a government operative from the beginning and that is Dr. Steven "Mr. Nanothermite" Jones who co-opted and diverted a large part of the 9-11 truth seekers from the very beginning.

      The thing that slam-dunked 9-11 as a false event also was very early on and that is that there is zero evidence for commercial airliner crashes at the four designated sites and therefore there were no hijackers and therefore the "war on terrorism" was a Big Satanic Lie.

      Dr. Jones and the entire nanothermite gang apparatus always and consistently subtly supported real planes and real hijackers and spurned any talk of Zionist / Mossad / Israeli involvement.

    3. Many of the "truthers" are Zionist shills and agents, whose objective is to OBFUSCATE truth and muddy the waters. Jim Fetzer is one of the few who actually PROVED that NO AIRLINERS crashed at any of the 911 alleged "crash" sites, so-called "eye witnesses" notwithstanding. The infestation of Zionist Slimeballs in America is MASSIVE and is present in all important public and private institutions. Also, ALIEN MIND CONTROL is always a factor that must be considered - in Michael Piper's case, for instance, on the issue of the Sandy Hook HOAX. Of course, even Jim Fetzer (not sure if he's an atheist or agnostic) does not comprehend the entire MATRIX and the spiritual dimension. He correctly identified several individual pieces of The Puzzle, however, more than anyone else I'm aware of. Books and blogging have limited potential to effect positive change. Like Hugh Akins said, we need ORGANIZED RESISTANCE on a large scale by Christian American Patriots!

    4. "Seven Days in May" may still be the best and non-violent option to SAVE the American Republic - but the hour is late!

  29. I'm with you on that. There were no real plane crashes whatsoever on 9/11. There weren't even any people in those buildings. The 3000 figure is BS.

    For anyone who doubts 9/11 was a hoax, check out Simon Shack's "911 PROPAGANDA" video on YouTube. In 10 minutes it is demonstrated conclusively that many crisis actors were used. Which would never have been necessary had there been any real victims.

    The 'jumper' videos were just more Hollywood style fakery that they released a little later on. I don't even think the Jersey Girls were for real. Certainly not Willie Rodriguez either, a former magician who claims to have possessed the 'magic key' that saved many from being killed.

    It's just like Sandy Hook but on a much larger scale with even greater effects on the public psyche.

    1. I favor the position that the focus should be on WHO DID IT and to pursue the perpeTRAITORS. By now, there are countless videos of dubious authenticity and authorship, including the videos televised on 911 and shortly afterwards. It may take many more years to establish exactly WHAT happened, giving the Perps a clean get-away opportunity. I'd like to see the perpeTRAITORS and COVER-UP TRAITORS HANG - ASAP!

  30. One thing for me is that all of these false flags makes any talk of candidates and elections and voting and all that a total irrelevant joke.

    Same goes for paying taxes. It seems immoral to me to send money to these criminals to spend it on fighting wars for Israel and killing our soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

    1. I totally agree. The sad fate of JFK (and several others) is proof that anyone who seriously resists TPTB will be simply and promptly "eliminated". THEY have several means at their disposal. I'm afraid that another HIDDEN HAND-picked "president" will be shoved down our throats in November. My educated guess is that THEY already HAND-picked that CRIMINAL and TRAITOR and "Bibi-Bitch", HHH. No sense voting - unless you want to write-in Putin!

  31. Lynch: Congress gave Obama right to dictate gun control
    Here is a quote from the article:
    “No one is immune from gun violence,” said Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md), the Hill reported, “whether you are a congresswoman … named Gabby Giffords, whether your children go to elementary school in the wonderful suburban community called Sandy Hook, whether you’re just simply going to movies, or going to a community college, or sitting in a Charleston church.”

  32. No one is immune from Brotherhood of Darkness terrorism.

  33. I will conclude my contributions to this post on the topic of ALIENS (for the doubters who may still be skeptical) with a VERY fascinating link about a mysterious, yet familiar object on the Dark Side of the moon, covered-up by NASA and DoD for too many years:


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