Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wisconsin was Stolen, fair and square: Progressives in Denial

by Jim Fetzer

Blow-hard Charles Sykes and his merry band had nothing to do with the loss by Trump in our primary. During the day, I was on The Mitch Henck Show the second hour and explained how I knew the election was rigged. The radio show hosts were the beard--the disguise--to conceal it.

I had seen this film before. We had a similar Marquette School of Law poll shortly before the Walker campaign against Burke. Democrats were fired up: Michelle had been here twice; Barack once; the big dog, Bill Clinton had been here, too. It was an historic turn out, yet they lost.

Richard Charnin, a brilliant statistician who has published two books on the theft of elections using voting machines, collaborated with me on an article, "Voter Fraud vs. Election Theft: Scott Walker's Wisconsin Reelection". He demonstrated with graphs how it had been rigged.

In Milwaukee County, for example, which is a bastion of Democratic support, the votes started off with 80% for Burke and only 20% for Walker. But as the tabulation continued. the greater the number of votes cast, the greater the percentage that went for Walker, which is simply absurd.

The Marquette School of Law poll reporting a 20 point shift against Trump was the sign that this election was going to be stolen again. Shifts of that magnitude are virtually unheard of in politics, especially among voters as dedicated to Trump as those in Wisconsin and across the land. 

The data supports me. Charnin, in fact, has proven that at least five contests in Wisconsin have been stolen: the Walker recall election, including the Prosser vs. Kloppenburg contest; the Walker vs. Burke election; and this Trump vs. Cruz thing. But the magnitude of the theft here is enormous.

Look at these poll results from, based upon a far larger sample size than the Marquette Law School poll, which makes them overwhelmingly more reliable than that poll, which was based upon a sample of less than 1,000 prospective voters.

Bill Still reported that an observer in a Wisconsin precinct had watched as the votes were being recorded, with the precinct percentages the same as the absentee balloting. But when the tabulated vote was posted, Trump had been shortchanged to benefit Cruz.

I am simply sunned. No one bothers with research anymore, where Richard Charnin has shown that Bernie should have taken between 63% and 65% of the vote. And I have no doubt that Rebecca Bradley only made it onto our court because the Wisconsin GOP stole yet another election.

Shortly before the judicial selection, held on the same day as the primary, columns that she had published as an undergraduate at Marquette--which savaged gays and lesbians--had been revealed, where polls done in response showed she had a 75% unfavorable rating,

So they stole another election, which received widespread press coverage as though it had been legitimate. As I had explained on the air with Mitch, the theft had three objectives: to defeat Trump; to minimize the margin by which Bernie beat Hillary; and to place a Walker protege on the Supreme Court. 

The Wisconsin State Journal has betrayed the trust of the people by buying into the mythology of this election. But neither The Capital Times nor The Devil's Advocates, to whom I have also written, want to cover it, either. Progressives in Wisconsin appear to be in denial. Freedom requires eternal vigilance. We are not exercising it.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps office and McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, has published 32 books. His most recent academic book, co-edited with Ellery Eells of the Department of Philosophy, UW-Madison (now deceased), is The Place of Probability in Science (Springer 2010).


  1. Thanks JIm for staying on this issue. It is one of the banned topics because it is so pivotal. The foundation of our democracy rests upon it. They are being so blatant this season, we may have a chance to regain paper ballots counted in public as our gold standard.
    If we don't stay on top of it, they are pushing for "e-voting" which will simply be the constitution's final death knell.

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