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Istanbul Airport Opens 4 1⁄2 Hours after Triple Suicide Bombing Attack

Vivian Lee

Istanbul airport attack 15
Photo of emergency workers loading a body bag into an ambulance after the June 28 attack at the Istanbul Airport. Image: ABC.
In a stunning turnaround, the Istanbul Ataturk Airport opened for business at 2:20 am local time on Wednesday June 29, after the alleged triple suicide bombing that began at 9:50 pm the night before. In a little over four hours, the airport was able to clean up all the blood and body parts that would have resulted from the mass shooting and three bombs that were said to have been detonated.[1] At present, the death toll is reported at 42, with 239 injured.
This would be a Herculean feat, requiring hundreds of specialized workers trained in biohazard cleanup, outfitted in safety gear, utilizing highly technical equipment under specific protocols – in order to deal properly with the hazardous waste. According to the World Health Organization, both “infectious waste” and “pathological waste” are considered hazardous and require special treatment. These include “waste contaminated with blood and other bodily fluids, …waste from autopsies, …human tissues, organs or fluids, body parts” and various pharmaceuticals and toxic materials.[2]
However, nothing of this sort is seen in any of the photos or videos said to record the events following the attack. Also not seen is the tremendous amount of blood that witnesses report. This curious phenomenon is typical of other “mass shootings” and “terrorist attacks” such as the recent “massacre” at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.[3]
Istanbul airport attack 22
One of the many Istanbul victims who do not show any visible signs of blood or injury. Image: New York Times.
According to Diana Eltner, 29, a Swiss psychologist who was flying through Istanbul:
There were little babies crying, people shouting, broken glass and blood all over the floor. It was very crowded, there was chaos. It was traumatic.[4]
Judith Favish, who was heading to South Africa, said she had seen “blood everywhere near the entranceway.” And in the words of Eylul Kaya, 37, who was with her one-year-old child:
There were blood splatters everywhere. I covered my boy’s eyes and we ran out.[5]
However, there is very little blood to be seen in the images released. This includes the expanse of floor that surrounded one of the alleged attackers, who was supposedly downed by a shot from the authorities, seen in a video seconds before he blew himself up.[6]
Istanbul airport attack bomber
Screen shot from a video showing one of the alleged attackers, supposedly felled by a policeman’s bullet, seconds before blowing himself up. Image: NBC.
The absence of blood surely made the clean-up easier. In fact, it seems to have been very straightforward. According to a ludicrous statement by CNN:
As passengers at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport waited to board their flights Wednesday, workers picked up shattered glass and washed away blood that was barely dry.[7]
Many more anomalies have emerged, such as confusion regarding the location of the shootings and bombings in the airport, reports of up to seven attackers, and conflicting accounts by witnesses, most of whom say they did not actually see the attacks. Some witnesses confirmed the story, however, such as Paul Roos, 77, from South Africa, who said he saw one of the gunmen “randomly shooting” in the departure hall from a distance of 50 meters:
He was wearing all black. His face was not masked… We ducked behind a counter but I stood up and watched him. Two explosions went off shortly after one another… He turned around and started coming toward us. He was holding his gun inside his jacket. He looked around anxiously to see if anyone was going to stop him and then went down the escalator… We heard some more gunfire and then another explosion, and then it was over.[8]
A brave man, Paul Roos, and a lucky one indeed.
Istanbul airport attack NYT  1
Dead or injured victims at the Istanbul Airport, lying on the ground, while emergency workers do nothing to help them. Image: New York Times.
Supposed victims are seen lying around, with no one attending to them or rushing them to the hospital. This weird concept is found in other recent “terrorist attacks” in the US and abroad, including the Brussels Airport “massacre” of March 22, 2016, with which this new attack has been compared in the media. Not only are the victims unnoticed and unrealistic, but in both cases the gunmen arrived at the airports via taxi, and the most pronounced visual evidence is not the sight of “carnage” but the proliferation of ceiling tiles and shattered glass.
Istanbul attack Sidney Morning Herald
An entrance of the Istanbul Airport with ceiling tiles on the ground. Image: Sidney Morning Herald.
The attack on the Brussels Airport has been analyzed and deemed a staged event, used to incriminate ISIS and strike fear into the populace over the westward advance of “Islamic jihad.”[9] The new Istanbul attack is being pinned on ISIS as well, and shows every indication of being staged for the same purpose. Although there is no real evidence for the accusation, former US Ambassador to Turkey (and Iraq), James Jeffrey, has no doubt. Making the rounds of the networks, Jeffrey has called for more boots on the ground, and more support, for the battle against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
This is almost certainly an ISIS attack. The sophistication of it, the selection of a target, an international terminal, the use of suicide bombers – that has all of the earmarks of ISIS. They’ve launched four attacks in Turkey over the last year. They’re ever more at odds with the Turkish government. And I’m almost certain that when this all clears out, we’ll point the finger at ISIS…[10]
But this points the finger at the US and its allies, who fund and control the Islamic State.[11]
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Vivian Lee is the nom de plume of a tenured professor at an east coast university.

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Hillary Clinton, the CIA, the Mob


Hillary Clinton and her parents.

Hillary Clinton (Hillary Rodham) was raised first in Chicago and then, from the age of three, in suburban Park Ridge, Illinois.

Her father, Hugh Rodham was a curtain salesman.

"It seems that the family name of 'Rodham' was once 'Rodomski' and her father's family came from the Jewish ghetto in Lodz, Poland and settled in England before emigrating to the Chicago area."

Hillary's mother was Dorothy Emma Howell.

Hillary's parents.

Hillary's father had been a chief petty officer in the Navy during World War II and trained recruits.

Hillary was raised in a politically conservative household.

Hillary and Bill.

Bill Clinton "spent much of his childhood in Hot Springs, the capital of gambling, drug-smuggling and organised crime in the central United States, where his powerful uncle and mentor, Raymond Clinton, was a member of the Dixie mafia."

Bill Clinton "was recruited by the CIA while at Oxford."

Hillary Clinton with Giovanni Gambino, the son of heroin kingpin Francesco 'Ciccio' Gambino and the cousin of Carlo Gambino, one-time head of the American Mafia's governing body. dailymail.

After Oxford, Bill Clinton attended Yale Law School, where he met Hillary.

Hillary and mother.

Dr. Alma Bond, a psychoanalyst, has written a study of Hillary Clinton. 

Dr. Alma Bond writes of Hillary's oppressive upbringing by her father Hugh Rodham. 

'Hillary yearns for an intimate relationship with a powerful woman,' claims Dr Bond.

Hillary Clinton is lonely

Hugh Rodham, a curtain salesman, "was a combative, working-class man from eastern Pennsylvania who was riddled with prejudices against anyone who wasn't like him. 

"He raged about minorities in derogatory terms when he was not subjecting his family to his own violent emotions."

Hillary Clinton is lonely

Hugh Rodham was "was a 'bullshit artist", a family member once said.

Hugh "excessively spanked the couple's three children. He verbally abused Hillary's mother, Dorothy, and Bond describes their relationship as 'sadomasochist'."

All three Rodman children were, in fact, abused children, Dr. Bond writes.

The Clintons, like the CIA, have been linked to the trade in narcotics.

Don and Kevin were murdered.

In 1987, seventeen-year-old Kevin Ives and sixteen-year-old Don Henry were murdered in a rural part of Arkansas, south of Little Rock.

Kevin and Don had inadvertently witnessed a drug drop that was part of the international drug smuggling operation out of Mena, Arkansas. (Kevin Ives and Don Henry)

There have been allegations that the Clinton family are linked to the CIA and organised crime and murder.

Jorge Cabreras, 'a convicted drug smuggler', with Hilary Clinton.

In The Times of London, 19 February 2001, William Rees-Mogg wrote "When Uncle Sam was a drugs runner." 

(On Mena: When Uncle Sam was a drugs runner)

Rees-Mogg was editor of the Times from 1967 -81.

Rees-Mogg explains that Mena, in Arkansas, was the centre for cocaine coming into the US in the 1980s.


Rees-Mogg quotes from a letter, believed to have been written by Congressman Bill Alexander:

“January 26, 1989.

"To Governor Bill Clinton, State Capitol, Little Rock, Arkansas.

"Dear Bill:

"... Deputy Prosecutor Charles Black... knows of witnesses who
will testify that planes loaded with guns went to South America
and returned loaded with drugs.

“Certain DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) agents have stated that
the late convicted smuggler Barry Seal was flying weapons to
Central America in violation of US foreign policy and, in return,
the federal government secretly allowed Seal to smuggle drugs
back into the United States.

"Congressman Bill Hughes’s Sub-Committee on Crime had learnt
independently that at the time Seal was working on the famous
Nicaraguan ‘Sting’ operation for the DEA and the CIA in 1984, he
was still running drugs. Sources in Mena indicate that smuggling
activities at Meana continued after Seal’s murder in 1986 and are
still continuing . . .”

CIA pilot Barry Seal who reportedly had links to the Bush and Clinton families and to drug smuggling.

Rees-Mogg makes the following points:

1. Seal was murdered by Colombian gunmen while in federal custody.

2. Barry Seal was a billionaire. According to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in The Sunday Telegraph of October 9, 1994, one of Seal's associates claimed that between 1980 and his murder in 1986, Seal imported 36 metric tonnes of cocaine, three tonnes of heroin and 104 tonnes of marijuana.

3. A Little Rock private detective, Jerry Parks, was a friend of Seal. In the 1992 presidential campaign, Parks was Clinton’s security chief in Little Rock. In 1991, Mrs Parks discovered that the boot of her husband's car was full of $100 bills. Mrs Parks accused her husband of running drugs. Parks said that Vince Foster, Bill Clinton’s lawyer, paid him $1,000 in cash for each trip. In 1993 Parks was shot dead. In 1993, Vince Foster was found dead in Fort Marcy Park, Virginia.

The Bush and Clinton families reportedly have close links to the CIA.

4. The Seal operation was related to the policy of arming the Contras.

5. Clinton did not respond to the concerns that were expressed to him, by Congressman Alexander and others.

Some of Clinton's friends and financial supporters, such as Dan Lasater, the Arkansas bond salesman, were involved in the drugs business.

"There is ample evidence to support the charge that he (Clinton) neglected his duties as Governor to enforce the law."

The following is taken from: / /

Hillary Rodham Clinton

"It seems that the family name of 'Rodham' was once 'Rodomski' and her father’s family came from the Jewish ghetto in Lodz, Poland and settled in England before emigrating to the Chicago area.

"... Hillary was, according to a California State Police report, found naked in bed with a black woman! Wonderful but not a surprise to those who know her. This was written up, and published, by San Francisco ‘Chronicle’ columnist, Herb Caen. When Bill became President, he sent the FBI to seize the report but copies had been made and circulated."


Cathy O'Brien (born 1957) claims to be the victim of a CIA mind control program.

Reportedly, she has given details of being forced to have oral sex with Hillary Clinton.

Cathy O'Brien - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )


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Robert Faurisson risks jail for 60-word summary of his research during Tehran conference

By Alison Chabloz

Published: 2016-06-26
In contrast to the Court of Appeal hearing given last March, this latest bout of Zircons persecution of revisionist, Robert Faurisson, was held in the 17° Chambre Correctionelle of the High Court at the Palais de Justice in Paris, ensuring that numerous members of the public who’d gathered there to support the professor were able to witness the proceedings from the courtroom’s spacious gallery.
 Professor Robert Faurisson
Starting an hour late because of the morning session having overrun the allocated time-slot, magistrates initially dealt with several other cases before it was the turn of the world’s foremost ‘Holocaust’ revisionist to defend himself against three separate charges. Two charges for contesting a crime against humanity (one of which brought by former Justice Minister, Pascal Clément) and a third for racial defamation brought by the LICRA (Ligue contre le racisme et l’antisémitisme).
All three complaints targeted a speech made by the professor in 2006 at a conference on the ‘Holocaust’ in Tehran, Iran. A star witness,  Lady Michele Renouf,  who had travelled from London for the hearing would testify after the initial debates. For once, the number of lawyers on the side of the accused outnumbered those of the prosecution by five to two (five to three, if we include the state prosecutor). Three immense dossiers were produced and placed on the judge’s desk, almost completely hiding the magistrate himself. Cue: hushed, slightly amused tittering from the public benches.
The defence’s principal argument rested on the fact that Faurisson’s speech in Tehran had been delivered in English and had lasted only ten minutes. As his speech had been given outside French territory, French law would not apply. In this case, however, it was the professor’s written essay The Victories of Revisionism, published in Tehran then distributed on the Internet,  that had led to the three charges. The article details the major successes of Robert Faurisson’s revisionist career and, in particular, confessions of his adversaries which substantiate the professor’s outright technical and moral victory over his detractors. It is this same article which the professor's lawyer uses consistently in defense of his client during the many trials brought by a judicial system which is plainly rotten to the core.
The judge, a man in his forties with curly, dark ginger hair and a beard, began by reading out Faurisson’s article. The longer the reading went on, the more the judge seemed to be taking in Faurisson’s words. Towards the end, the judge’s face had completely disappeared behind the stapled bundle of A4 sheets in his hand.
Faurisson’s principal counsel Maître Damien Viguer asked that the two complaints for contesting crimes against humanity be dismissed because of legal non-compliance. After a short break for deliberation, the court reserved its ruling in relation to this matter until September 27. Thus, only the third charge of ‘racial defamation’ would be deliberated on this humid afternoon in the centre of the French capital.
The charge of defamation brought by the LICRA concerned the following passages of Faurisson’s article:
“President Ahmadinejad (then head of the Islamic Republic of Iran) used the right word when he said that the alleged Holocaust of the Jews is a myth: that is to say, a belief maintained by credulity or ignorance.
“The alleged ‘Hitlerite gas chambers’ and the alleged genocide of Jews form one and the same historical lie, which allowed a gigantic political and financial swindle whose main beneficiaries are the state of Israel and international Zionism and whose main victims are the German people (…) and the Palestinian people in their entirety.”
The prosecution’s charge of defamation lay solely on the ‘argument’ that, by these statements, Faurisson was clearly targeting the Jewish community. The judge asked Faurisson to explain.
Faurisson’s retorts were confident and unrelenting: citing Israel and international Zionism is not the same as citing “the Jews”. The public as well as the officers of the court present were then treated to a two-hour exposé by the man himself. Unlike orthodox historians who merely repeat the given narrative, he would actually go out on the job, tape measure in hand. The 60-word phrase, he explained, is the summary of his lifetime’s work in the field of revisionism. As he advised his students, the key to success when researching any subject is the ability to distill this work into a phrase of approximately 60 words. The enormous body of work he carried out began in the 1950s when he first asked:
“Show me a photo, an architect’s plan or even a drawing of a gas chamber.”
Faurisson continued his testimony with an explanation of Rudolf Höss’s witness statement at the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal, gained via torture, in particular sleep deprivation. Then, a brief lesson on the explosive quality of Zyklon-B with analysis of actual execution chambers which employ this same gas (no longer used) in the USA. In the 187 pages of court transcripts from Nuremberg concerning Auschwitz, practically nothing is dedicated to the subject of gassing.
The professor went on to expose the lies of Elie Wiesel in his book Night as well as other fabrications concerning execution by boiling water at Treblinka which also feature in the Nuremberg transcript. So many false witnesses: only last week we learned of yet another in the news.
The judge, at this point, interjects with “You’ve therefore not modified your proposals after all this time..?” The female magistrate present appears to have fallen asleep! Such is the contempt for Faurisson’s indisputable strength of character, as apparent and all the more humbling here and now, at the grand old age of 87, as when he started his research more than six decades ago. Faurisson’s conclusions are based on fact, hard evidence, and repeatable scientific experiment and, above all, are the fruit of a lifetime’s study and research. What reason other than insanity would make him change his proposals “after all this time”?
Faurisson elaborates on the magical six-million number. In August 1944, Wilhelm Hötll, friend of Eichman, gave a witness statement purporting that the sensational sum could be reached by adding the four million in the Auschwitz ‘extermination camp’ to another two million slain Soviets. This was the first time the phrase extermination camp was used in place of concentration camp. However, Hötll was never called to testify at Nuremberg.
The prosecution declines the opportunity to cross-examine Faurisson; Maître Viguer invites the professor to talk about the conference in Iran.
Contrary to media reports, the 2008 conference was inclusive of all opinions concerning the ‘Holocaust’. The professor remembers one adversary challenging him to go to the National Archives in Washington where he would see the evidence that his findings were erroneous. The poor fellow hadn’t bargained on the professor already having been to these very same archives where, amongst other clues, he uncovered documents relating to the 32 RAF reconaissance sorties over Auschwitz, none of which had succeeded in showing smoke billowing out from the crematoria chimneys.
Maître Viguier questions the professor further on the origin of all these lies surrounding the “Holocaust”. Faurisson replies that it’s impossible to say; the rumour runs and runs. The International Red Cross had also heard rumours of gas chambers at Auschwitz, yet their investigation team was unable to find anyone confirming these rumours.
At this point, the judge decides to call Lady Renouf to hear her witness statement. As this will be in English, the court has arranged for an accredited interpreter to be present. After giving her name and details, Lady Renouf first congratulates Maître Viguier for his bravery in accepting to defend the professor. Her witness statement follows in short phrases which are immediately translated for the benefit of the court. We hear confirmation that Faurisson’s speech was an impromptu affair which lasted only ten minutes and Lady Renouf makes reference to the professor’s Anglophone heritage, owed to his mother being a Scot. She repeats Faurisson’s anecdote, often used to introduce himself to an English-speaking audience that his French ear should not listen to his Scottish ear because, whereas Scottish law permits inquiry and research into the “Holocaust”, French law does not.
Linguistic confusion arises when Lady Renouf speaks of guidelines (in French, “les consignes”) on how the “Holocaust” should be taught in schools, published in Stockholm in 2000. The translator is unable to translate the word for guidelines, using “guides” instead. Whether or not the greffière recorded a corrected version is uncertain; perhaps the court thought that Lady Renouf was talking about “tour guides”, at Auschwitz or elsewhere?
The Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust where the ‘Holocaust’ education guidelines were first announced was also the site of two physical attacks on Faurisson by Jewish terrorist organization LDJ (Ligue de Défence Juive or Jewish Defense League). These guidelines instruct all public and private schools worldwide to deny any and all platform to revisionistism. Lady Renouf summarizes, stating that historical debate and rational argument do not seem to be part of educational guidelines on this subject. There are no questions from the court.
Maître Viguier promptly urges the professor to talk about a case dating back to 1983 when he was accused of “falsifying history”. Faurisson explains that this was the catalyst which led to creation of the 1990 Fabius-Gayssot Act. He also recalls the work of British historian and semi-revisionist David Irving, along with the fact that neither Churchill nor de Gaulle ever mentioned any gas chambers in their extensive memoirs. In fact, during WWI already, UK national newspaper the Daily Express had written about enemy gas chambers as early as 1914. An investigation after the war ended in 1918 proved that the story was a propaganda lie. Again, in 1943, the same story about gas chambers appears in the Daily Express. This time, however, there was no similar post-war investigation.
The professor then relates his victories over Raul Hilberg and Jean-Claude Pressac and describes Valerie Igounet’s visit to Vichy to interview him for Le Monde: Igounet didn’t know who Hilberg was. Faurisson also cites Director of Yad Vashem 1953-1959 Ben-Zion Dinur, who resigned after coming to the realization there were far too many false witnesses.
Change of tone as Mâitre Christian Charrière-Bournazel representing the LICRA comes to the bar. He’s clearly unhappy about having been forced to listen to Faurisson for two hours (although it’s doubtful he’ll be complaining quite as much when he receives his fat fees). His only accusation is restricted to the same old refrain: when Faurisson mentions the state of Israel and international Zionism, Faurisson means Jews. Faurisson is a racist. Faurisson has already been convicted on numerous occasions, etc., etc.
The state prosecutor raises even more eyebrows as she tries to stabilize her microphone (no working mic and a dodgy interpreter suggest the French judiciary can’t afford to run their courts properly?). Diabolical smears regarding Faurisson’s personality as well as the obligatory jibe about using the courtroom as a platform from which, according to Madame la Procureure, Faurisson would take immense gratification. Perhaps the most telling phrase amongst all the outright lies and smears (paid for by the French taxpayer, of course) are when the prosecutor states Faurisson should no longer be alloiwed further court appearances.
Maître Viguier once again stands to contest the prosecution's claims. That the professor’s words in Tehran constitute ‘defamation’ is a fraudulent lie. The professor’s work is that of an historian. Viguier protests his colleague’s conflation of Israel and Jews, defiantly and correctly stating that conflict in the Middle East could be seen as one direct result of the lies of the Shoah. Faurisson’s work, he insists, will last as long as does this mensonge (“lie”). Viguier deplores the moral order inflicted upon revisionists in the name of war and war crimes, and which effectively prevent revisionists from doing their job.
The judge invites Faurisson to have the last word. Faurisson is finally able to respond to Charrière-Bournazel’s earlier attacks by comparing the lawyer’s attitude and manner to that of an enflure (in the sense of over-exaggerated, self-importance and turgidity). This warrants an admonition of Faurisson by the judge, who then fails to chastise Charrière-Bournazel for leaving the court in a huff while Faurisson is still speaking.
Faurisson finishes with another couple of examples of dubious witness statements and mistranslations which have been used by propagandists to bolster the case for a presumed genocide of countless Jews. We’re told of the wildly varying death-toll estimates and asked why those who revised the official Auschwitz death toll – down from four to one-and-a-half million – were not punished in the same atrocious manner which Faurisson has been subjected to throughout his career.
The prosecution is demanding a month’s prison sentence and a 3,000-euro fine in the event of a guilty verdict. We shall now have to wait to September 27 to hear the court’s ruling.

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The Orlando "False Flag" Shooting: The Musical II

Scott L. Alexander

In part one of this article I explained my reasons for believing that the music industry has played a major role in the recent Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting. Specifically, I covered the recent release of two interesting songs by two of today’s most popular recording artists, Melissa Etheridge & Christina Aguilera, who also happen to be key supporters of the LGBT community and enthusiastic supporters of Hillary Clinton. My main critique surrounding these artists was the seemingly unbelievable fact they were able to write, record and release their music within seven-two hours after the first media reports of the shooting. 

I went into great detail as to why I believe these recordings to be dubious at best and laid the foundation as to how and why this is just another element in a highly orchestrated false flag event. It is highly recommended that you read the first part of this article, posted on this sight June 21, 2016, before you begin reading part two. Part one can be accessed at "The Orlando "False Flag" Shooting: The Musical.
In my first article I explained that for the past twenty-four years I have been a police officer while spending fifteen of  those years as a detective. In addition to law enforcement I have also been a musician for most of my life and have acquired degrees in music theory/composition and music multimedia Technology. Combining these two fields gives me a keen insight that many may not possess.

As I explained, I first stumbled onto this story quite by accident while reading a local Orlando news article which detailed how both Melissa Etheridge and Christina Aguilera were inspired to write songs each memorializing the victims and survivors of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting, which is alleged to have taken place during the early morning hours of 12 June 2016. Upon posting part one of the article I truly thought that would be the end of it. However, I found that I could not have been more wrong. This rabbit hole goes very, very deep. Hang on. This is going to be a wild ride!

The Emotional Impact of Music

Music has a very strong impact on the emotional centers of the brain. The social engineers and those entities responsible for conditioning the public in order to program our minds to accept certain contrived narratives know this all too well. Most of us do not stop to think just how much music influences our everyday lives. It is one reason why music has come to be known as the “universal language”. It was this realization that once led the great eighteenth century composer Richard Wagner to make the following statement regarding music in general, “I am convinced that there are universal currents of divine thought vibrating the ether everywhere and that any who can feel these vibrations is inspired.”

Recent studies have shown that music has a profound affect on our memory by stimulating the brain’s hippocampus. This is the region of the brain that governs our long-term memory and it’s recall. It’s the reason we can be driving down the road listening to the radio when a certain song is played that immediately reminds us of a specific event in our lives; the death of a loved one, that high school girlfriend who broke your heart, etc. Music is, quite literally, the soundtrack of our lives. Further research has also found that listening to music has the ability to reduce seizures, calm anxiety and even repair brain damage.

Using music to to respond, think and react to specific circumstances, events and situations has been used for decades by not only the corporate, government media but also by Hollywood and the music industry. Imagine going to the movies to watch the latest blockbuster release only to find there is no accompanying music soundtrack. The Motion Picture Industry pays millions of dollars to such film composers as John Williams, Danny Elfman and James Newton Howard for composing music that fits perfectly into their films in order to illicit a desired response to particular scenes. Imagine watching Darth Vader walk menacingly through the halls of the Death Star without hearing the familiar Imperial Death March playing in the background for dramatic effect. Without it you simply have a man walking around in a really cool costume. It is the music that assists greatly in creating the emotional response.

Pulling out all the Stops

After San Bernardino and the attacks in Brussels I didn’t think the government could keep pulling off these false flag attacks with much success. Then came the Orlando mass shooting at the Pulse Nightclub. Based upon my research I believe this attack was planned months in advance. It seems everything but the kitchen sink was thrown into planning this event. Even the location, Pulse Nightclub, was chosen specifically for psychological reinforcement. Everything has a pulse, or a vibration. The heart has a pulse. Blood pulses through our viens. Music has a certain beat, timbre and a pulse.

With the Orlando Shooting we find something heretofore not seen in false flags such as Sandy Hook and San Bernardino. My investigation has found that not only is the corporate media complicit with regard to Orlando, but this time they have also recruited the music and entertainment industry into their psychological operation. The songs released by Melissa Etheridge and Christina Aguilera on June 16th were not the only tributes made in order to support this charade. There is more and it is as stunning as it is entirely unbelievable.

My curiosity got the better of me and I began searching to see if perhaps other artists and/or musical groups had also recorded performances related to Orlando. Well, I hit the jackpot. It didn’t take long before I came across a site called “Unicorn Booty”, which is a website that caters to the gay and LGBT community. On this site I found an article posted on June 21st entitled, “The 5 Best Musical Responses to the Orlando Shooting”.

In addition to the recent song tributes from Melissa Etheridge and Christina Aguilera there were three others that I had not yet discovered. If I thought that writing, recording and releasing a song in three days time was amazing what I found on this website was even more miraculous! Of the three I will save the best for last.

There's no business like show business!

According to the Unicorn Booty article sixty-five the biggest stars on Broadway and the American Theater came together to record a song and video. Entitled, “Broadway For Orlando — What The World Needs Now Is Love” the brightest stars of the stage appeared together in a New York recording studio in order to pay tribute to the victims and survivors of the Orlando Shooting by performing the Burt Bacharach song, What the World Needs Now is Love”.

The article does not give the exact date that this video was recorded. However, according to iTunes it was released for purchase on June 19, 2016. That is just one week following the shooting. I encourage the reader to watch the video. Some of the stars include: Wayne Brady, Bernadette Peters, Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gloria Estefan and Fran Drescher just to name a few. It even has Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell performing!

When you watch this video pay particular attention to the performance credits at the end. This shows the absolutely Herculean effort that went into producing this video tribute, which was completed in less than seven days! Are we suppose to believe that all sixty-five performers were able to come together, learn a piece of music, rehearse that piece of music and then record it in a matter of a few days!? Did these artists not have prior obligations that they were contractually obligated to fulfill that they were able to take the time to make this video? This had to be a logistical and PR nightmare. On top of that someone had to arrange the music and print out each part. Secondly, an orchestra had to be assembled, which then had to rehearse. There are great musician’s and arrangers on Broadway, but this is simply unbelievable and quite impossible. Realistically, this would have taken weeks to plan and execute, not a few days. 

Janet Jackson was touched

In 2015 Janet Jackson released her single “Shoulda Known Better”. When an unnamed fan made a video for her song using footage and images from the Orlando Shooting Janet Jackson stated that it touched her heart so much that she just had to post it on You Tube for all the world to see. According to You Tube, the video was posted on June 15th, 2016. When you watch the video you will hear and see media reports and interviews with victims families along with still photos, including various candlelight vigils taken in the days following the shooting.


Janet Jackson is another celebrity who is very active in the LGBT community. Although the song itself was recorded in 2015, it is still hard to believe the fan who made the video was able to do so in only a couple of days. The video shows a good amount of production skills as well. However, I will admit that out of all these songs and videos this one is the most plausible. 

The Grand Finale!

Last, but not least, meet Eli Lieb & Brandon Skeie. According to the article these are two relatively unknown gay singer/songwriters who wrote a song entitled, “Pulse” (no relation to the Melissa Etheridge song with the same title). You might want to sit down, relax and have a drink while reading about this one. These gentlemen have quite a tale to tell.

I found this songwriting duo so fascinating that I just had to do some more research. In addition to the video of their song found embedded into the article on the Unicorn Booty website, I also found an MSNBC interview the two conducted with Lawrence O’Donnell.
This is a video and story that you simply have to see and hear to believe, but I will do my best to tell you the details. During their interview Lawrence O’Donnell had this to say about these inspiring songwriters, “Lieb and Skeie wrote the song we’ve been waiting for, the song that captures our feelings. It is the perfect song of remembrance for the 49 who lost their life.” O’Donnell then called it, “A miracle of a song.”

Here is the story as to how this “perfect” song was born. According to Lieb and Skeie, they were both inspired to write a song and make a video after hearing about the terrible “tragedy” in Orlando (Are you beginning to see the pattern?). Both men stated that they wanted to show respect for all the people who lost their lives, thus a song was born.

Both men stated that they wrote the song together in the span of about two hours. So far this seems plausible. Many recording artists have written song lyrics and come up with the music within this time frame. Bruce Springsteen, for example, has been known to come up with song lyrics within just a few minutes time. Keep reading though, it gets better.

Both Lieb and Skeie state that the song was recorded in their Los Angeles home studio using only piano and vocals. Once completed the pair stated that they then  mastered the recording and edited the accompanying video. When Lawrence O’Donnell asked the two how much total time was spent recording the song and the video both gentlemen stated that it took only ... six hours from start to finish! Seriously? Six hours? That’s amazing!

Ladies and gentlemen, this should be considered an insult. I cannot fathom that there is anyone on this earth whose brain is capable of firing at least one synapse who could possibly believe this. We are being played for absolute simpletons!

When you watch the video you will see clips of the two supposedly recording this song in their modest home studio. However, what you will hear is music that was almost certainly recorded in a professional studio. Also, throughout the video you see photos of the victims, survivors, candlelight vigils and random persons expressing themselves on behalf f this event. The video editing is complex. It was not completed in six hours. I am simply speechless. I would be especially interested as to how two unknown songwriters could secure a copyright so quickly?  

This song is not currently available on iTunes, however you can find it on Soundcloud as a free download. According to Soundcloud the audio recording was first posted eight days ago. As I write this it is June 22nd , which means the song was first posted on June 14th, two days after the shooting!

The inescapable conclusion 

What we are seeing and hearing is an elaborate psychological operation executed by devious minds. To think that some of our nation’s most beloved entertainers could be complicate in the manufacturing of such an obvious and epic fraud is beyond words. This should cause anger throughout the masses. Please share these revelations with your friends and family and anyone else who will listen. I don’t know what else to say. Sadly, I truly believe that there will be more of these events taking place in the near future. It’s up to us to start calling these people out and start saying that we have had enough.