Thursday, July 21, 2016

Preston James: Hanging on to What They've Got

 by  Preston James


Seizing power covertly in 1913 is one thing, but holding 
on to it after you are exposed for doing unimaginable 
evil,  such as on 9-11-2001, is another thing and becomes 
increasingly difficult as the public learns the facts.
And make no mistake about it the Perps who did 9-11-01 are
the same folks that run the American Establishment, including
its private Federal Reserve System, the USG and almost every
single American institution.
Insiders refer to this bunch as the Khazarian Mafia (KM) 
which just happens to be the world’s largest organized 
crime syndicate which is empowered and aligned with 
the Rothschild City of London Banking System and the 
Old Black Nobility that infiltrated and now run the 
Vatican, the Jesuits and their worldwide occult network 
of secret societies.
After the KM established a foothold in America in 1913,
they were able to print and issue all the money they needed
to buy, bribe or infiltrate and seize control of almost every
single elected and appointed USG official and almost every
single major American corporation.
But like any tyrants in history, once they reach a level of
almost total control over their targeted society they have
infiltrated and hijacked, they tend to become fat, lazy, overly
cocky and drift into incompetency, much like the
“Peter Principle”.
And as their various mechanisms designed to keep their 
illegitimate hijacking of America secret forever break 
down, they are now starting to becoming very, very 
nervous and fearful of being exposed and brought to 
justice and final judgment.
Yes, the Select Few wrinkled up old KM Kingpins that
control the KM Hierarchy in America, aka the US
Establishment are now becoming quite concerned that their
days of control are now being brought to an end.
 Some known US hierarchy participants. Colby was Opus Dei; Casey and Feulner Knights of Malta. Brzezinski worked closely with the Knights in Americares, and like Kissinger, is close to the Rockefeller interests

Some known current and former US hierarchy participants 
are pictured here; Colby was Opus Dei; Casey and Feulner 
Knights of Malta; Brzezinski worked closely with the Knights 
in America, and like Kissinger, close to the Rockefeller interests
Their fears of ever being exposed and brought to justice
have always led them to take extreme measures to prevent
that, including generating major American civil strife and
conflict and major, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual
foreign wars for profit and to help attain their age-old
Greater Israel KM Zionist plan.
Thus, it’s no coincidence that we now have Homeland
Security, a Stasi-style secret police state army in America
set up to oppress and tyrannize us, to stage fake terror
attacks and to set up dumbed-down Somali terror patsies.
Yes, DHS is all part of a well-organized, taxpayer-
financed process to consolidate control over all 
American Law Enforcement, Alphabets and Intel 
under one master agency, DHS in order for the KM
to be able to avoid being brought to justice and final 
Janet Napolitano
Former DHS head Janet Napolitano
DHS is often referred to as
Homoland Security by
insiders, thanks to its first
Director Janet Napolitano’s
perverted high command
which is now being sued
by some of its male victims
for its perversions on the job.
This master agency DHS
was started by and is now
still run by Israeli-American
“Israel First” Dual Citizen infiltrators and traitors,
in order to cover up or thwart serious efforts to
investigate and prosecute those responsible for
planning and deploying 9-11-01 —namely
themselves, the PNACers, the top NeoCons,
Dual Citizens, the USG, and American military
and Intel traitors.
Yes, it is important for all Americans to know that 
the KM PNACers, top NeoCons and Dual Citizens 
along with traitors in the US Administration, JCS, 
USAF, NORAD, were the very same ones who planned 
and deployed the attack on America on 9-11-01.

And this of course was all done to falsely blame their 

attack on the
Mideast Nations
Afghanistan and
Iraq and their
And to serve as a
justification to send
many thousands of
American Soldiers
to serve as what they
secretly describe
to each other as “worthless, sub-human Goyim”, disposable
cannon fodder for Israel’s age-old “Greater Israel” Zionist Plan.
Israel is run by the Likudists fanatics who are more like
Bolsheviks and Nazi mass-murderers and terrorists than
anything else.
They love to manipulate gullible Americans to fight and die
in their wars to expand the Zionist, racist Israeli state and
also for the American taxpayer to pay for all of it while they
still send vast aid and arms to Israel.
When will mainstream America wake up and figure out 
that they are being played and conned by the Likudists 
who are little more that the action agent of the City of 
London Rothschild private central Zionist Banking 
System, of which the American Federal Reserve System 
is a franchisee?
SMALL_ourlittleponzischeme1 (2)

Guess what, the answer is that they are waking up now thanks to
hundreds of Intel witnesses, insiders, and major whistle-blowers
that are going public and providing massive amounts of hard
proof on the Internet that America was infiltrated and hijacked
in 1913 by the City of London Rothschild private central Zionist
Every day that passes, more and more Americans learn that
America is basically an occupied nation, occupied by the KM,
City of London Rothschild private central Banksters and we are
paying interest to use what should have been our own money in
the first place, except is isn’t even real money anymore after the
US Petro Dollar was set up in 1971 by Heinz Kissinger a KM
This attack on America on 9-11-01 as well as the Federal Reserve
Act of 1913 and the assassination of JFK were major coup d’états
in America a nd have been pretty much kept secret until the last
few years. Now thanks to the worldwide Internet, the world’s
New Gutenberg Press, all the facts on these major KM coups,
especially the one on 9-11-01, are now being exposed all over
the world and to millions of Americans at the speed of light rather
than the speed of ink and paper.
Right now the Khazarian Mafia and their phony City of 
London private central FIAT Banking System is under attack 
all over the world.
It has now been fully exposed for being the world’s largest most
evil organized crime syndicate in the world and also the most evil
one in history.
Doubt this? Then do a little basic Internet research on the Khazarian
Mafia. It’s name is becoming mainstream all over the world as their
cover is blown, their Cutouts exposed and their engineered Gladio-style
false-flag synthetic terror is exposed for all to know.
Actual penetration details demonstrated by the missile during the 9/11 Pentagon strike
Actual penetration details demonstrated by the missile during the 9/11 Pentagon strike
Until the Perps who actually planned and deployed the attack on America on 9-11-01 are fully exposed and then brought to justice 
and final judgment, America’s wounds from 9-11-01 will remain 
and open sore.
And all the evidence is now readily available, only a human ostrich
could refuse to consider it, or a corrupt DC politicians or USG official bought off by the KM Banksters.
And all the dead, horribly wounded and disabled American soldiers
and millions of dead innocent civilians because of this unimaginably
evil crimes of 9-11-01 will go un-avenged with no justice. Their blood
and suffering cries out for judgement and final justice for these
unimaginably evil KM Perps and the traitors in the USG, JCS, USAF,
NORAD and the FAA that did 9-11-01.
Donald (dad) Victoria, Robert and Fred Kagan
Donald (dad) Victoria, Robert and Fred Kagan

These 9-11-01 Perps never expected to be exposed for 
what they did, but that is exactly what is now happening!
It is now indisputable that the preponderance of actual, hard
evidence and testimonies of various Intel close by prove beyond
any reasonable doubt that the PNACers, top NeoCons, Dual
Citizens and other traitors in the US Administration, JCS,
NORAD, and the FAA did 9-11-01 and have been working
hard to keep it covered up forever.
And as millions of Americans discover that the KM Zionist
Banksters did 9-11-01, they also discover along the way that
these same Perps are responsible for the JFK, MLK and RFK
assassinations and every major war since they took over in
their first major coup d’etat in 1913. Their second one was
on 9-11-01 and now they are being exposed for not only
9-11-01, but all their secret crimes against America and
Americans since 1913.
More of the PNAC Gang

More of the PNAC Gang
Everyday more and more Americans discover and believe
these facts to be true and want justice and final judgment
delivered to these Perps, despite the fact the the KM’s
News Cartel and Mainstream Media ignores it.
After all, it is only just that these Perps get some of their
own medicine. They demanded that anyone whom they
knowingly falsely accused for being involved in doing
9-11-01 be attacked and killed in revenge and their nations
liberated — which actually meant destroyed. And they
demanded these falsely accused, so-called terrorists
defending their own nation be tortured in violation
of numerous International laws, US Law, the US
Uniform Code of Military Justice and the US Constitution.
So far these Perps have not been indicted, prosecuted 
convicted or hung on a military gallows like they so 
well deserve. So far that is. But now they are beginning 
to get very afraid of the American masses for the first time, 
as well they should be.
All their little games to gain sympathy like: the faked heart
attacks, fake heart transplants; “it was an error in Intel”, the
Intel agencies didn’t cooperate, didn’t share Intel, and weren’t
coordinated; we ignored warnings; the Saudis did it, etc., will
be of no avail when the American People finally decide to rise
up in mass and make sure justice is finally done.
And that day is probably coming sooner rather than later, 
as the Federal Reserve System collapses upon itself and as 
the US Petro Dollar System is dumped by the world as their 
Reserve Currency.
Because the Perps own and control the Major Mass Media,
which functions as an illegal cartel or monopoly through six
media mogul Cutouts, they felt certain that the American
public could easily be mind-kontrolled to believe their big lies,
false-narratives and war propaganda after they did 9-11-01.

But now they are beginning to see that they have been 
wrong, dead wrong and their basic survival fears are 
increasing by the day.
Their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) is failing
by the day, only a small minority of Americans believe its
lies, false-narratives and its KM Establishment Hierarchy
(EH) Propaganda anymore.
The American people use of the alternative news websites
on the Internet is growing by the day and they are becoming
extremely sophisticated in their ability to believe truth nuggets
and reject misinformation.
Why shouldn’t these perps get some of their own medicine — 
how about a lot of it? 
Once the Perps of 9-11-01 are fully exposed, tried, and convicted, there will be no problem finding wounded and disabled vets they harmed to serve as hangmen or hangwomen. (File photo: the hangman at Nuremberg, Master Sergeant Woods).
How about RICO indictments, indictments for murder,
mass-murder, war crimes, crimes against humanity followed
by swift trials and convictions and then public executions
consisting of hanging by the neck until dead on a military
gallows, like the folks that helped Booth assassinate Lincoln
(one of whom, Mary Surrat, was a woman)?
The crimes of these Perps were certainly just as bad as the Nazis,
who were hanged at Nuremberg, and the Japanese war criminals
who were convicted and executed.
All the crimes of these Perps are the most serious capital crimes
imaginable, and they all deserve death sentences in public executions
televised worldwide.
So far these Perps continue to control all LE, including the 
Alphabets and the US Department of Justice, which should be 
now indicting and prosecuting them.
But their days of such control appear to be waning fast and the
whole KM Rothschild City of London private central banking scam
gets derailed by the impending death of the Petro Dollar.
They have worked hard to militarize the American police and have
used Israel IDF and ADL types to train them to believe most American
patriots are either actual domestic terrorists or potential domestic terrorists.
But this too is now going to fail and many American Police are realizing
they too have been set up to serve as disposable cannon fodder to battle
with the American Masses who start demanding major political changes
and the end to such corruption inside the Beltway.
The Perps feared the possibility of major urban rebellion and an attempt
for the American masses to dislodge them from power and that is why they
created DHS and militarized the American police. But that is why they also
made sure they provided a token black president to appease and con the
blacks and shove political correctness down our throats.
Usually they make sure to have control over both Republican and Democratic
candidates that run for President. We know they own Hillary and need her as
either their token woman president or as a disposable, shamed token political
criminal for concentrated American disgust; and you can bet they will stop at
nothing to attempt to gain control over Trump.
As the KM struggles to maintain power, their only option left is to characterize all American dissent as Domestic Terror; and then to bring the full force of DHS, the US Military and local militarized police departments against dissenters and political activists, or anyone who attempts to use their Free Speech right. This Right is supposed to be guaranteed by the First Amendment of the US Constitution.
DHS was created by the 9-11-01 Perps to help them hang
on to the power they have acquired through many years of
corruption. Not only is it a foreign based Israeli-American
“Israeli-first” Dual citizen run espionage front for the Rothschild
Zionist KM  and its chief action agent Israel, but it is also completely
unConstitutional. Those who set up and run DHS must be
indicted for Treason, Espionage and Sedition, arrested, tried,
convicted and hung by the neck until dead for their capital crimes
against America and all Americans. And no DHS is not keeping
us Americans safe, it is working hard to keep the KM and Dual
Citizen traitors safe from us Americans.
An earlier CIA hit team "Operation 40"
                An earlier CIA hit team “Operation 40”                                                                                                                  
And all of 
of such
has been
by their
private central Bank, the Federal Reserve System, which allowed
them to buy off almost every elected or appointed USG official.
Those they couldn’t buy, they attempted to compromise.
Those they couldn’t compromise, well, they paid to have the CIA
murder them using secret assassination teams like OP40 run out
of Room 40 at Langley, or J. Edgar Hoover’s secret assassination
team called “The Squad”, which Mafia Hitman Michael Milan
was a member of and later came forth and described in his book.
Despite all their staged mass-shootings in gun-free zones, some
real and some faked — like at Sandy Hook and the Boston
Marathon Bombing — Americans are catching on that such terror
is synthetically produced by these same perps who were responsible
for attacking America on 9-11-01 and covering it up.

It is becoming exceedingly clear by the day that the 
Perps  main objective is becoming an increasingly difficult, 
desperate, and doomed struggle to hang on to what they’ve got.
If I were a betting man, I would bet KM’s days of running free and
evading justice and final judgment are going to become quite limited
as the American economy and the world economy goes over the cliff.
Putin has already called them an evil Satanic organization publicly.
Right now the whole world is turning against the Khazarian Mafia (KM)
and their private “for-profit via pernicious usury” FIAT Bankster system
run out of the City of London. Not only has the curtain been completely
pulled back exposing the Wizard of Oz (as in Ounce of Gold), but much
of the world is now organizing and plotting covert ways to take down
the KM and annihilate it once and for all. Thus we see the emergence of
the BRICS Development Bank, the Chinese AIIB, the Chinese Swift
type wire system, and numerous private trading deals between China,
Russia and many other nations that are now independent of the failing
US Petro Dollar.
The most shocking part of this whole situation is going to be when it
finally becomes exceedingly clear to the KM’s top Kingpins that they
have been used as Cutouts all along by the Darkside will soon be cut
loose because they are no longer needed to produce a Globalist NWO
System. This will be one of the World’s biggest defrockings in history
and will likely stun the whole world.
Stay tuned, because this is going to be very, very interesting as it unfolds.
Here is court room ready indisputable evidence beyond any reasonable
doubt of who the actual 9-11-01 Perps are. This is just the tip of the iceberg,
because there is an immense amount of court room ready evidence and
hundreds of surviving NYC Fireman and witnesses, including over 25
FBI Agents that will come forward and testify when this case finally
breaks open:
Watch extreme panic set in when these KM 9-11-01 Perps and the US
Traitors who helped them, sweat and squirm and come unhinged as they
are exposed for all they have done. Right now these 9-11-01 Perps are
holding on for dear life to what they stole from us, but such efforts are
now doomed thanks to the Internet and the legitimate Alternative News


  1. How many times does it have to be said; the walls of Babylon fell on 1 in Tishri, 2003. Babylon is great confusion in doctrine i.e. the Western doctrine of acquisition by murder and mayhem, etc. In other words sin; punishable by death when not repented of. The walls of jericho (a type of sin) also fell down. The walls of Babylon far from being physical and thus subject to dramatic miraculous collapse are lies and deceit. However, their fall have been just as miraculous. The above article literally expresses the drama of their fall. Thank you Preston James.

  2. FYI: This article by Preston James has a posting date of July 21. As of yesterday July 30, the last entry to appear at at my internet connection was the article also dated July 21 by Paul Craig Roberts on Nice and Operation Gladio. Today the 31st is the first time I could see the article by Preston, although I check this site nearly daily. Are the dates screwed up or is this website being censored?

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    Here is the BOTTOM LINE for America (and Humanity):

    The ENEMY WITHIN are the (ISRAELI) AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN. THEY LIVE, THEY are "WALKING AMONG US" and THEY CONTROL the American and other governments. There MUST be a MILITARY COUP ("Seven Days in May") to overthrow the TYRANNICAL and CRIMINAL Federal government!

  5. The next item on the ALIEN AGENDA is MICROCHIPPING Americans and the rest of the Human Race! See David Icke for the true objective and significance of microchipping (Remote TOTAL CONTROL over human thoughts and actions! - a GLOBAL COLONY of human "bugs" [William Pawelec]).

  6. Part of the ALIEN AGENDA is to SUPPLANT the Human Race with the "New and Improved", Hybrid, Humanoid, Reptilian ALIEN RACE of SATAN, secretly genetically re-engineered in DUMBs (since the 1940s and 1950s). Jeffrey Lash was a specimen. Hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) are already "WALKING AMONG US", including at Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, Orlando, Paris, Nice, etc. THEY look just like us - BUT AIN'T!

  7.'s difficult because the page is being attacked, but I'm able to comment on one of your artilces. For those of you who don't know, I am being held a virtual prisoner and am usually not allowed to comment on our dear Dr. James' articles. How lovely I can do so here.
    My comment? The same for over three years yet as fresh as the morning sun. Our Preston is the best in my eyes and always will be. Thank you

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