Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference II, Part 1: How it was done

On the eve of the 15th observance of the atrocities of 9/11, Stephen Francis and I have concluded that a second Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference is warranted, especially in light of the new evidence that has been presented in the new book, AMERICA NUKED ON 9/11: COMPLIMENTS OF THE CIA, THE NEOCONS IN THE DOD AND THE MOSSAD (2016), which substantiates what happened:

While the first Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference featured three speakers, including Wayne Madsen, the second features a broader array of experts, including several civil and structural engineers, who review the proof that this was a nuclear event. Some of the presentations here originally appeared on "The Real Deal", but were so comprehensive and thorough that we have included them here again.

                 The Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference

Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference II: Session 1: Jim Fetzer, "What we know now we didn't know then"

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer and McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, founded Scholars for 9/11 Truth in December 2005 and invited Steven Jones, Ph.D., to join him as co-chair. Ironically, they split over Jones' commitment to nanothermite and his opposition to introducing alternative theories into 9/11 research. Those who view this conference will be well-positioned to decide which of them had it right.

Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference II: Session 2: Dennis Cimino, "9/11: Who was responsible and why"

Dennis Cimino, who has extensive engineering and support experience with military electronics, predominantly US Navy Combat Systems, was the Navy’s top EMI troubleshooter before he went to work for Raytheon in the 1980s. He has collaborated with Jim Fetzer on many articles and videos about “false flag” attacks. In this presentation, he and Jim review 9/11 from the perspective of who was responsible and why--and how we know.

                       PART I: HOW IT WAS DONE

Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference II: Session 3: Chuck Boldwyn, "The Towers could not Collapse"

Chuck Boldwyn, a retired high-school math, physics and chemistry teacher, puts the combination of elements together that appear to have been used to destroy the World Trade Center, not just the Twin Towers but WTC-6 and WTC-7 as well, using nano-thermite combined with mini or micro nukes, which appear to have been refined from the nuclear warheads of Davy Crockett recoilless rifles, which were given to Israel by the US to be refined and brought back for deployment on 9/11. 

Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference II: Session 4: T. Mark Hightower,  "The Myth of Explosive Nanothermite"

T. Mark Hightower, a chemical engineer, did pioneering work on nanothermite in 2011, which demonstrate that nanothermite cannot possibly have been responsible on its own for the destruction of the Twin Towers. That is simply a myth. He and I did a radio interview on "The Real Deal" discussing these issues in even greater detail. One article he cites, "Nanothermite: If it doesn't fit, you must acquit!", can be found on-line here as well as in the book. It is disappointing that A&E911 has not been responsive to this evidence, which falsifies its preferred theory of how it was done.

Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference II: Session 5: Charles Pegelow, P.E. (ret.), "It looks like nukes"

Charles Pegelow, P.E. (ret.) Civil/Structural EngineerCharles has long held the key to understanding what happened in New York on 9/11 is accounting for between 70 and 90,000-tons of steel, which is missing and appears to have been vaporized. He believes that this was a nuclear event--probably 4th generation devices--substantiated by the US Geological Survey dust sample studies exposing nuclear elements. He thinks A&E911 should have made progress beyond nano-thermite and WTC-7 by now.

Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference II: Session 6: Joe Olson, "Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes"

Joe Olson, a license civil and structural engineer, reviews the evidence from the World Trade Center and explains how we know that the destruction of the Twin Towers was done using nuclear devices, which has been confirmed by the US Geological dust study evidence and by the epidemiological data of medical maladies suffered by first responders and residents in the vicinity of Ground Zero.

Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference II: Session 7: Don Fox, "Some Elements of Nuclear Events"

Don Fox has done extensive research on the role of mini-nukes by Dr. Ed Ward and on work by The Anonymous Physicist on the towers and has formulated an account of how it was done and why there is more to this story relative to very low-yield thermonuclear devices. In this presentation, he talks about the structure of the atom and the effects that result from fission and fusion events, with special concern for the correlations between the elements discovered in the US Geological Survey studies.

Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference II: Session 8: Dennis Cimino, "What Happened at the Pentagon"

Dennis Cimino, who has extensive engineering and support experience with military electronics, predominantly US Navy Combat Systems, was the Navy’s top EMI troubleshooter before he went to work for Raytheon in the 1980s. He has collaborated with Jim Fetzer on many articles about “false ag” attacks. In this presentation, he and Jim discussed what did and did not happen at the Pentagon on 9/11.


  1. Jim Condit, Jr. is having a one hour radio show on 9-11-16

    This is the only show that offers a live venue on 9-11-16 that tells something close to the truth about 9-11 that I know of.
    All the local remembrance gatherings and broadcasts for tomorrow in my area are all part of the nanothermite gang and its offshoots.

    Remember folks, NO PLANES.

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    My 9-11 Truth Memorial Show, 2 PM EST, on Sun 9-11-2016

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    Sunday, 9-11-2016 is the 15th anniversary of the 9-11-2001 Terror Attacks, and at least there will be this one hour of programming on the BIG MEDIA – telling the truth about 9-11.

    The show is called “Let Freedom Ring – The Radio Show” sponsored by my congressional campaign, Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2016. The show will air at 2 PM EST on WKRC-AM radio in the Greater Cincinnati/Southern Ohio/Eastern Indiana/Northern Kentucky area – and worldwide on the internet on

    1. Remember folks, there WERE planes, as proven by DNA, plane part serial numbers, and hundreds of eye witnesses. The original planes were taken over by Remote Control Take Over, an explanation of all the evidence without discounting any. RCTO is so simple and elegant that Wild Goose Droppings (faked photos, Murray Street wrong engine, faked FDR data, etc.) were released to send people on wild goose chases, endless internal debates, and delay a new investigation. We need just 1 irrefutable theory, to get a new investigation going to get all the details.

    2. Sad to see you, otherwise intelligent looking, fell hook line and sinker for and are chasing the Wild Goose Droppings. There are many photos of the plane parts if you look. Many of the parts, identified by serial number, are on display in the 9/11 Museum. The simplest, invincible way to do 9/11 was Remote Control Take Over of the original planes.

  2. Horse pucky. Thin exterior perimeter panels and exploding bolts, with the very strong indication thermite served to soften the steel for the military standin jets to knock the panels out of place.I was present and had advised my father to ask NASA where he could get a few thousand exploding bolts. Astronaut Gus Grissom had used exploding bolts to escape his sinking space capsule. The exploding bolts were delivered to the jobsite about two years later in 1970.

    1. We conducted a 2 year analysis on 911 from a survey of the published reports and conferences. Having said that, one ... and only document rose above all the rest -- a Federal Lawsuit filed by a former engineering professor (Qui tam or whistleblower lawsuit). Judy Wood, Ph.D.'s lawsuit, affirmed, containing sworn declarations and named defendants, was, in our opinion, the most credible and complete single document relating to the 911 "Truth Movement". The rest of the published materials was either incomplete, inaccurate, untrue or relied on speculation. But, having said that, the amount of PSYOPS funds provided in duping the alternative stories would naturally result in many false conclusions and followers. After all, you don't run an operation such as 911 without considering the coverup. Gate keepers and COINETLPRO agents populate the landscape. Amazing what people will do for money.

  3. Hello, Where is Judy Woods?? The ONLY, LONELY MATERIALS Scientist who analyzed this event from a true scientific/ journalistic perspective. Otherwise this is just conference is C.O. eyewash...

    1. Indeed. We conducted an exhaustive retrospective analysis of published materials on the "911 Truth Movement" over 2 years. Our results? Unanimous. The single most important document we determined was the Federal Whistleblower (Qui Tam) lawsuit filed by Dr. Wood, followed by Dr. Morgan Reynolds Not only did these studies win the comprehensive analysis, but also the credible. An affirmed complaint with sworn declarations has weight in our opinion. The others can make (unsubstantiated) claims at will, without risk. However, no such assurances are afforded a frivolous complaint which is subject to sanctions and other civil and criminal penalties. Despite this, the only disagreement we found in Dr. Wood's thesis had to do with a relatively minor part of the story -- the genesis of the plane-shaped, cookie-cutter holes. We also noted the presence of COINTELPRO and other PSYOPS designed to obstruct a credible analysis primarily aimed at the novice or lay person. But good to see someone else came to the same conclusions as we did.

  4. This begs the question: If Jew Israel did this then they will do it again. To stop it ever happening again then you have to remove all Jew DNA to the last strand including all graves so that no future Dr. Frankenstein can ever clone another Jew race.

    1. Thanks for the advice,Adolf!

  5. The 4 original planes, taken over by Remote Control, killed over 3000 people, as verified by DNA, plane part serial numbers and 100's of eye witnesses. Faked photos were released as smoke screen to muddy the waters and cause endless debates. We only need 1 simple theory that is irrefutable to get a new investigation going.

    1. The wrong jet part dropped off at Murray Street was also a Wild Goose Dropping to cause confusion, and indeed many have chased after this wild goose.

    2. Sad to see you, otherwise intelligent looking, fell hook line and sinker for and are chasing the Wild Goose Droppings. Many of the parts, identified by serial number, are in the 9/11 Museum. The simplest, goof-proof way to do 9/11 was Remote Control Take Over of the original planes.

  6. Many plane parts were found and identified. Remote Control Take Over explains all the evidence from 9/11.
    Photos at

  7. godsend is right. you tube the ball theory on 9/11. It was an antigravity drone shot from a helicopter located over the river. You can't deny the only real footage shot that day.

  8. All the guests are saying stuff they've repeated for 5 years. I don't see the point.