Monday, November 7, 2016

Everybody Is Telling Me That Trump Is Going To Win – So Why Do I Have Such An Ominous Feeling?

Michael Snyder

vote-november-8-public-domainI hope that I am wrong.  On Tuesday night we will find out who our next president will be, and I have a very ominous feeling about what is going to happen.  But all around me there are people telling me that Trump is going to win.  They tell me to disregard the polls because they cannot be trusted, and that very well may be true.  They tell me that new voters and independent voters will overwhelmingly vote for Trump, and they tell me that it is obvious that Trump has more enthusiasm for his campaign because of the size of his rallies.  I have even heard some people say that God told them that Donald Trump is going to win the election.  Well, we will find out on Tuesday night who was right and who was wrong.  Personally, I don’t know what is going to happen, but I am quite skeptical of Trump’s chances and I can’t shake this ominous feeling about what Tuesday night will bring.
Even if Trump could legitimately get the votes that he needs, would the elite just stand by and allow him to win the election?  There was evidence of widespread fraud in the last election, and there have already been reports of vote switching in this election.  Bev Harrisof has been documenting how our elections have been stolen for many years, and at this point I have very little faith in the integrity of our system.
But I still voted.
Early voting is available where I live, and on Friday I voted for Donald Trump.
I just wish that I could believe that my vote is going to matter.  On Sunday we got another glaring example of how rigged the system is.  In a letter to Congress, FBI Director James Comey announced that his agency is ending the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. By some miracle, the FBI was able to examine approximately 650,000 emails in just eight days.  But there are only 691,200 seconds in eight days.  So the FBI somehow reviewed these emails at the rate of about one every second, and now they have conveniently come to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton is totally innocent just two days before the election.
When this story broke, it really did hit me on an emotional level, and I already detailed my thoughts in an article for The Most Important News entitled “I Just Lost All Faith In Our Deeply Corrupt Legal System And In The Rule Of Law In The United States“.  I don’t know how any American is going to be able to have faith in our system of justice after this.  We truly do live in a lawless nation, and if the American people elect Hillary Clinton they are willingly choosing lawlessness.
But let’s pretend for a moment that our elections are completely and totally fair and that Donald Trump has an honest chance.  Even though the polls have tightened up over the past week, it is still very difficult to see a path to victory for Trump.
Virtually everyone agrees that the electoral map gives the Democrats a built-in advantage.  In order to win the election, Donald Trump is going to have to win all of the “battleground states” plus steal a mid-size state from Hillary’s column.
For Hillary, there are many paths to victory for her.
If Hillary Clinton wins Florida, she wins the election.
If Hillary Clinton wins Ohio, she wins the election.
If Hillary Clinton wins North Carolina or Arizona, she almost certainly wins the election.
In order for Donald Trump to win, he has got to win Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Iowa, Arizona, Nevada and either Pennsylvania or Michigan.
Of course that is possible, but it is not probable even if the fight was fair.
And apparently I am not the only one that has an ominous feeling about what is coming.  NBC News is reporting on a tremendous surge in emergency food sales as preppers get ready for the outcome of this election…
In case of an election night Doomsday, preppers are running up sales of emergency survival food.
While sales for “long term food” typically see an increase around natural disasters and elections, “this is more intense than what we saw in 2012,” said Keith Bansemer, VP of marketing for My Patriot Supply, a manufacturer and seller of survival food. During the previous election his company saw sales double. This time it’s triple.
“We have everyone we can on the phones,” he said. “We are overwhelmed.”
And a Yahoo article is warning that militia groups “are preparing for the possibility of a stolen election”…
As the most divisive presidential election in recent memory nears its conclusion, some armed militia groups are preparing for the possibility of a stolen election on Nov. 8 and civil unrest in the days following a victory by Democrat Hillary Clinton.
They say they won’t fire the first shot, but they’re not planning to leave their guns at home, either.
Tens of millions of Americans are very deeply emotionally invested in this campaign, and undoubtedly some of my readers will get upset with me for writing this article.
But I am not writing this article to get people down.  In fact, I am strongly urging everyone to vote.
If you don’t vote now, you may never get a chance to vote in a pivotal election such as this one ever again.
And everyone needs to be watching for signs of election fraud when they go to vote.  People are freaked out about the potential for a stolen election because of what has happened in the past, and we want to do our very best to make sure that it doesn’t happen this time.
If Donald Trump wins on Tuesday, I will be very, very happy to have been proven wrong.
And if Hillary Clinton wins, I will take absolutely no joy in being right.
I truly do believe that this election represents America’s “last chance”.  The most evil politician in the entire country is on the verge of becoming our next president, and the American people have a decision to make.
If the American people willingly choose Hillary Clinton, I believe that will be the final nail in our coffin.
So please vote on Tuesday, because the fate of our nation hangs in the balance.
Courtesy of Michael Snyder


  1. I don't have a clue why you would feel anything is amiss. President is telling illegals no prosecution for voting illegally, press is colluding with the DNC, massive poll fraud with oversampling to the point of absurdity and we can't forget good old Broward County now "fixing" the ballots...easily in the running for most corrupt county in America but they do have one hell of a congresswoman...Debbie Washerwoman Schultz. Nothing to worry about at all. :)

  2. Regardless of the outcome of the election tomorrow, not only will one group be elated while the other group be depressed, there is no reliable objective system in place for any citizen or group or outsider to check the results to verify that each person's vote was done by a legal citizen, recorded the way the citizen intended and properly and truthfully added into the vote total for that precinct, then added truthfully into the total for that county and ultimately truthfully added into the total for that State. It is a national disgrace that some objective system has not been put in place for such independent verification of these virtually meaningless "elections". All these inside machinations are a carefully guarded secret which details are only available to government employees. While most are likely honest, all it takes is one somewhere to create lies and fraud and scam the whole election. Electronic voting machines only make fraud much easier than the old hand written ballots. Early voting increases the chance of more fraud. Americans obviously love to be fooled and had. If government will lie about events like 9/11 or Sandy Hook or Obamacare, etc., you think they won't do a little hanky panky in secret to stuff the ballot boxes especially when they can operate in secret just like the government does every other day of the year? No one will really ever know who won.


    I agree with the article. All early voting must be halted. There are many other problems with voting law in most states. For example, why should an incumbent judge running unopposed be automatically "re-elected"? This is the case in Georgia and most other states so far as I know. Also, all abstentions are flushed down the toilet. To abstain is just as fundamental a right as voting for or against a candidate or other ballot issue like a tax increase. Normally if enough people abstain they can prevent anything from happening. But that is not how our voting laws are written. If one person shows up at the polls and votes for a candidate or tax increase and no one shows up to vote against, the candidate "wins" or the tax increase is "passed". This is not majority rule but minority rule. The law should be written: "No one wins or no ballot issue passes unless and until a majority of the registered voters say so period." This would be true majority rule although it still would not include the opinions of the non registered voters either. Our elections are a total sham designed for the convenience of running government all based on minority rule or the tyranny of the minority. How would you like it if your local city council did business with only one person showing up for the meeting or if your state legislature allowed one person to show up and double your taxes? Well that is how these disgusting sham elections operate. This is not to count all the fraud and illegal ballots by non citizens or dead people.
    Winfield J.Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  4. As a corollary to the above comment, why is the act of voting voluntary? Why not have a voluntary system of compliance with all laws? For example isn't jay walking trivial compared to voting? So why fine people hundreds of dollars for jay walking while no fine for not voting? Do you ever observe anyone jay walking?
    I have even observed, where I live in Athens, GA, the late former Judge Gaines jay walk across Hancock to the Post Office almost every day with impunity. Who would have given him a citation? How about a fine of $10,000 for not voting? This would pay off the national debt pronto wouldn't it?

    Of course we know the answer. The powers that be love minority rule. They thrive on it. The last thing they want is everyone going to the polls unless they all support their selfish agenda. And of course these fines are easy money for local government, like taking candy from a baby. Imagine if government sought to get ten thousand dollars out of a citizen every time they failed to vote! They would have to build many more jails. Our system of government is badly broken beginning with the totally corrupt voting laws where no objective system is in place permitting a true independent scientific confirmation of election results posted by the State officials. Americans love to be fooled and had. Much of this problem results from the hate of most Americans of science, mathematics and physics classes in high school and college. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics.
    Winfield J. Abbe

  5. Dear MF Snyder,

    You need more faith. Americans have made themselves as a NATION odious to the rest of the World. We (the rest) hope for better things and don’t revile you (America). However, you can expect appropriate action vis-à-vis this horrible situation – from your point of view. The election is no more important than any other. America will still worship its idols as indeed this voting will show. Failure to change will bring an unpleasant consequence at whatever level or in whatever manner.
    Relax God has our back and your best interests at heart.

    1. All German and Swiss media have been publishing for weeks, months propaganda for Hillary and against Trump. Swiss newspapers predict today Hillary's election.

    2. "The election is no more important than any other."
      - The author of such a sentence conceals the fact that he fails to understand the meaning of this election.

    3. Fair enough. This is a process of being nationally put on the right or left hand of the Great Judge at the start of the Millenium possibly. So it is important in that way. It shows something like this IMO; a grasp by the deplorables of their status as enslaved people living in a crumbling elite modern-day Babylon. However, this doesn't mean without continued action on the part of this movement all will be well with such a choice. America was once its currently-enslaved people but today it is America = Babylon the Great. It is America that must change to be on the right-hand of the GJ. This involves Sabbath-keeping that has NO CONNECTION to Judaistic practice. I mean genuine - not Jewish - Sabbath-keeping and it is this aspect that makes this election undistinguished. This has been the call for 30 years almost one entire generation of Americans.

    4. You will have difficulties getting your conviction about Judaism across.

    5. Yes, I think you are right. No-one has ever listened to a word I have said in blogs and forums whenever I write what I think is sense. Some have communicated in private messages but that is about all. I even had my papers impugned and so I said to myself "I don't need this grief". And that's how I am about this issue. I won't debate or help anyone to 'get it'.

    6. You should find new sources and put the religious-believer aspect aside.

  6. I felt the same way. I am honestly shocked they let him win. The volume of votes for Trump was clearly too large to attempt the steal. Nevada & Colorado were stolen for KiIIary but it did not matter in the end.

    Trump blew HRC out big league.

  7. I would like to acknowledge Jim Stone's efforts in getting people to be aware that without diligence the election would have been stolen. See Had enough people not have checked for vote flipping all WOULD have been lost. Might we say it was close - VERY CLOSE.