Friday, December 30, 2016

Like Hillary, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel also used private email account for government business

Since narcissists hold themselves as superior to others, a defining attribute of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder is their “rules don’t apply to me” grandiosity. Thus, grandiose Democrat politicians like Hillary Clinton flout the law by unlawfully using an unsecured private email server to conduct her secretary-of-state government business, thereby endangering national security.

Thanks to the dogged work of Better Government Association, the citizens watchdog group that seeks to shine “a light on government in Illinois” and hold “public officials accountable,” we now know that Chicago mayor and Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is another Hillary in that he also uses a private email server to conduct city business.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Better Government Association (BGA) reports on Dec. 21, 2016 that although Emanuel claimed from the start of his tenure at City Hall in 2011 that his leadership would be among the most transparent in the nation, accessing public records at City Hall—especially those pertaining directly to the mayor himself—has often been met with delays, obfuscation or court battles.

But as a result of BGA’s more than a year of investigation and hard-fought litigation — comprised of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and lawsuits — the City of Chicago and Mayor Rahm Emanuel eventually agreed to release all of Emanuel’s private emails related to city business—subject to any applicable legal exemptions—as well as institute a new policy that will ban city employees and officials from using their private email accounts to conduct city business.

The Chicago Tribune had also separately filed lawsuits that, together with BGA’s lawsuits, resulted in rulings by two Cook County judges that public officials’ emails are not outside the scope of FOIA simply because they are on a private account.

BGA President and CEO Andy Shaw said:
“It’s unfortunate that it took a lawsuit to produce the transparency we all deserve. But that said, this is a major step forward in the fight for transparency at City Hall. Use of private email accounts that hide the transaction of public business threatens to render meaningless the open records laws that allow citizens to hold their government accountable. The new city policy requiring public business to be conducted where it’s subject to public scrutiny is a sea change in transparency and consequently in good government.”
To settle a lawsuit filed by BGA in the fall of 2015, Emanuel was forced to release about 2,700 pages of emails from his personal accounts.

As described by BGA, those emails show him routinely using his personal email accounts to conduct city business, including:
  • Conversing with city employees and key community members.
  • Receiving updates on crime.
  • Chatting cattily with powerbrokers.
  • Monitoring his press coverage.
  • Soaking in flattery from aides — another defining attribute of narcissists.
  • Giving special access to select journalists and those with political power and influence.
One email in particular shows Emanuel bragging about trimming the city budget by eliminating retiree health care. So much for the Democrats’ portrayal of themselves as “bleeding hearts” who care about and fight for people.

Reporting for Gateway Pundit on Dec. 22, 2016, Andrew Marcus has reproduced the damning email exchange between Emanuel and his friend, Henry J. Feinberg.

Note: Henry J. Feinberg, 64, is the Director of Mattersight Corporation, formerly known as eLoyalty — a publicly-traded company that provides “behavioral routing software” for call centers. Its address is 200 W. Madison St., Suite 3100, Chicago, Illinois 60606.

On Oct. 17, 2015, at 2:52 PM, Henry J. Feinberg wrote an email to Rahm Emanuel about city budget cuts, with the subject, “The Shock and Awe Budget Address Rahm Should Have Given”. Feinberg wrote:
“Since when did Rahm Emanuel let a judicial ruling get in his way and not find a creative work around solution
Heart’ J. Feinberg
Chicago, IL 60614”
Below is the email Emanuel wrote in response to Feinberg:
Rahm Emanuel <>
Sent: Saturday, October 17, 2015 7:53:51 PM
Recipient: Henry J. Feinberg
Subject: Re: The Shock and Awe Budget Address Rahm Should Have Given
Never which is why I eliminated retiree health care. Only elected official to eliminate not cut or reform a benefit. Thank you very much. A 175 million saving!
Sent from my iPhone
Despite Emanuel’s release of hundreds of his emails, there remain several problems:
  1. We don’t really know if Emanuel has released all pertinent emails because the court left it to Emanuel — via his attorney Michael Forde — to determine which emails were strictly private in nature vs. those that were government-related and therefore should be made public. BGA, however, retains the legal right to re-open its lawsuit if it later believes that the Emanuel administration had misrepresented its determination of what emails on the mayor’s accounts were public in nature.
  2. Many of Emanuel’s emails which were released included large sections of redactions, which appeared to black out email addresses, talking points and responses from the mayor to queries. BGA is in the process of determining whether these redactions were proper and will address any that are not.
  3. Prior to the filing of the BGA and Tribune lawsuits, Emanuel’s personal email accounts were programmed to auto-delete files after 90 days, which means that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of his emails had been erased before his attorney Michael Forde scrutinized them to determine which ones to release to the public.
In other words, we don’t really know what was in Rahm Emanuel’s private email account.


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