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Robert Steele: The DHS-FBI Report Against the Russians is Absolute Crap — Our Own Traitors, Not the Russians, Are the Real Enemy


David Robert Steele
Robert David STEELE Vivas
UPDATE 1: John McAfee: ‘I Can Guarantee You, It Was Not the Russians’

The neo-fascist, neo-conservative coup against Donald Trump, the accidental president, continues. General Wesley Clark clearly articulated the success of the first coup. Others have articulated how the Deep State controls not just the US Government, but the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the parent of Gladio false flag terrorism (which just assassinated the NATO Chief Auditor and probably the Russian Ambassador in Turkey as well), and Germany, where Angela Merkel is planning a European army and a European war against Russia rooted in illegal immigration she has encouraged and false flag attacks in which she is complicit.

Vladimir Putin is to be saluted for not expelling US officers — most known to Russia, CIA’s dirty little secret is that it does not have a deep bench and will lie to the President about this — when Donald Trump takes power, among his priorities must be the cleansing of the FBI (cleaning out the pedophile, Zionist, Opus Dei, and Wall Street “protectors”) rapidly followed by a tripling of the FBI budget and a redirection on the 500 traitors — I have started a list — who actively betray the public interest on behalf of foreign powers.
Israel and Saudi Arabia, not Russia, are the most culpable sponsors of treason within the US Government. NSA and CIA are the absolute top culprits responsible for spying on — and blackmailing — US politicians including President Barack Obama who has been under constant electronic surveillance since he was a junior Senator. NSA and CIA — and through NSA the Israelis and through CIA the Saudis — have every intimate moment Barack Obama has ever had, on tape and ready for release. Similarly, many Senators and Congressman are “on tape” and being “handled” by the Deep State.

Below are a few facts and links that give the lie to the Clinton-Brennan-Obama narrative.

Were I not so committed to Truth & Reconciliation and moving on, I would call for the impeachment of Barack Obama, John Kerry, Jim Clapper, and John Brennan specifically, for high crimes and misdemeanors in fomenting war with Russia on the basis of lies. I am reminded of Dick Cheney’s 935 now-documented lies that led us to multiple elective wars and occupations in which Saudi Arabia funded our traitors and the tax-payer paid $5 trillion to create a swath of destruction from Afghanistan to Niger.

Here is the DHS-FBI report: DHS-FBI Crap Report on Russian Cyber

FACT: In no way does this unprofessional “high school level” report demonstrate that the Russians “hacked” anything, least of all the DNC (that was NSA hacking-leaking and insider leaking) and Podesta (that was a singleton phishing expedition by someone who does not speak Russian, we know this from their Yandex account set-up). As I note in the below proposed press release delivered to Jim Clapper via email — his last opportunity to grasp what little is left of his integrity — there is a difference between hacking, leaking, and manipulating. My summary for Jim Clapper is still the best summary of what actually happened, the other three links are the best technical denunciation of the lies from DHS-CIA-FBI, my own early summary with structured links, and a final link to all posts at this blog focused on the false narrative against the Russians.

FACT: NSA and CIA spy on US politicians to a degree that no foreign service could ever match. They do this with impunity. No one seems to have the balls to make this an issue. This is the story of our time, along with the pathological ineptitude of the US secret intelligence world, that collects everything digital, ignores everything known by humans that is not digital, and consequently knows nothing of value to the President, the Cabinet, Congress, or our military commanders — one them, Tony Zinni, is on record as saying he received, “at best” 4% of what he needed to know from US secret sources and methods.

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Graphic: Tony Zinni on 4% “At Best”
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FACT: The Russians have certainly done their share of cyber-snooping but in no way does this translate into “hacking” the US election — Clinton did the voting machines until DHS and others closed down that options, one reason Donald Trump won “accidentally,” and the Israelis did vastly more than the Russians in their camapign of cyber snooping, Google search manipulation, Facebook censorship, and fake news including very active slander against Donald Trump. The Israeli — and Saudi — and German — day of reckoning is coming. I pray that is rooted in Truth & Reconciliation — my version is “everyone gets the truth, no one goes to jail. From an objective point of view, there is no comparison between Russian (or Chinese, French, and German) cyber-snooping against the USA — at the high-school level — and Israeli cyber-control. The Israelis “own” not just NSA, but DHS and most law enforcement communications and computing networks across the USA.

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Review: Robert Maxwell, Israel’s Superspy–The Life and Murder of a Media Mogul

FACT: The US secret intelligence world is the foundation for the Deep State that rescued fascism after WWII — not only exfiltrating the top Nazis and their treasures but then turning around and using the Black Lily Fund (the gold captured in the Philippines, China is about to get the other 150 stashes, we only got 25) to restore fascist politicians in Germany, Italy, and Japan, while funding dictators across Africa and Asia — e.g. Indonesia — willing to pay lip service to anti-communism. The secret world — largely the rogue elements of the CIA and FBI — is also the facilitator for Deep State movement of drugs, guns, cash, and children — the latter into pedophilia/snuff pipelines — using conscripted military assets on a “no questions asked basis.” The degree of depravity within the rogue elements of the US secret world cannot be over-stated. Combined with torture and drone assassination, the latter with a 98% collateral damage or death of innocents rate, as well as the “gold war” against Russia, and there is every reason for President-Elect Trump to consider a deep deep cleansing of the US secret world with what we in the Latino world call “con significancia” — with significance. It will hurt. Leaving this cesspool of depraved amoral assholes intact will hurt more. Donald Trump’s toughest opponents will be the Republican Party leadership — they are heavily invested in war as a business model, they are “controlled” by the Deep State, and they are delusional in not understanding that the next big leak is going to bury them by name.

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FACT: 80-90% of what we need to know in the way of intelligence (decision-support) can and should be derived from open source and methods. The secret world calls Open Source Intelligence (and me, its founder) “open sores.” They are absolutely terrified that President-Elect Trump will focus on the one thing that Jim Woolsey and I agree on: 75% of the secret world is worthless, it’s budget could and should be cut to $25B (Woolsey’s number) to $30B (my number). An Open Source Agency (OSA) at $3B a year will not only provide the President and the Cabinet with what they need to know across 150 topics now ignored by the secret world, but will do so in tailored support to strategy, policy, operations, and acquisition, distinctions not understood by the existing “one size fits” all secret intelligence world. Intelligence reform can be job and revenue neutral across all political boundaries; it merits comment that migrating from an over-emphasis on technical collection that is not processed to a global open source and overt human collection emphasis where processing is multinational and multilingual, will create thousands of jobs for normal people — the only losers will be the beltway bandits over-charging by 50%.

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FACT: The era of secrecy enabling the few to profit from war and waste is over. The Internet is in its infancy — Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube are all censoring alternative views while the mainstream media continues to pump out “fake news” — what Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman so famously called “manfacturing consent,” our schools are “weapons of mass instruction,” but the tide has  turned. Unlike WWI and WWII, both wars started by bankers who funded both sides of each war and used lies to turn incidents into war, the public is smarter now. The public now understands that both the CIA and the NYT are shit — they cannot be relied upon to tell the truth because no one has been holding them accountable for telling the truth. Donald Trump may not rise to the occasion, but Mike Flynn, his National Security Advisor, is acutely aware of the mediocrity of both secret intelligence and the media as now owned by Wall Street, and also acutely aware that a Trump Channel and an Open Source Agency could change everything for the better. The revolution has begin. I pray it is non-violent.

Robert Steele: Throw Press Out of White House — Create the Presidential Grand Strategy, Public Communications, & Open Source Intelligence Center (Trump Channel) UPDATE 1: Schumer Channel Created!


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