Saturday, December 3, 2016

Threat to Alternative Media: House passes HR 6393 ‘Russian propaganda’ bill

Three days ago, on November 30, 2016, the House of Representatives passed a bill that can be used against the Alternative Media, maliciously labeled “fake news” by the corrupt MSM — proxies of Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, and the ironically-named Democratic Party.

The bill is H.R 6393: Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017, sponsored by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and co-sponsored by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). See full text of HR 6393 here.


HR 6393’s purpose is to authorize FY2017 appropriations for the conduct of intelligence and intelligence-related activities of various federal government agencies, including the CIA; FBI; the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Justice, State and Army, Navy and Air Force; and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Where the Alternative Media come in is where HR 6393, in its Title V: Matters Relating to Foreign Countries, addresses alleged efforts on the part of the Russian government to secretly influence American politics.
ACTIVE MEASURES BY RUSSIA TO EXERT COVERT INFLUENCE.—The term “active measures by Russia to exert covert influence” means activities intended to influence a person or government that are carried out in coordination with, or at the behest of, political leaders or the security services of the Russian Federation and the role of the Russian Federation has been hidden or not acknowledged publicly, including the following: 
(A) Establishment or funding of a front group.
(B) Covert broadcasting.
(C) Media manipulation.
(D) Disinformation and forgeries.
(E) Funding agents of influence.
(F) Incitement and offensive counterintelligence.
(G) Assassinations.
(H) Terrorist acts.
To counteract the alleged covert Russian efforts, HR 6393 “places travel restrictions on personnel and consulars of the Russian Federation in the United States,” as well as “establishes an executive branch interagency committee to counter active measures by the Russian Federation to exert covert influence over peoples and governments.”

HR 6393 Section 501 (e) says the duties of this special interagency committee shall be as follows:
(1) To counter active measures by Russia to exert covert influence, including by exposing falsehoods, agents of influence, corruption, human rights abuses, terrorism, and assassinations carried out by the security services or political elites of the Russian Federation or their proxies. 
(2) Such other duties as the President may designate for purposes of this section. [Note from Eowyn: The vagueness and open-endedness of this clause should concern every American who cherishes our civil liberties.]
As Kurt Nimmo of Activist Post — one of the List of 200 websites, including FOTM, identified by a shadowy and anonymous group called Is It Propaganda Or Not? as as “fake media” sites that “reliably echo Russian propaganda,” whether consciously or unconsciously — points out:
“It’s easy to see how this law, if passed by the Senate and signed by the president, could be used against [alleged] ‘fake news’ websites. 
At this point it is unknown if the bill will work its way through the Senate and become law and if it will be used to shut down or curtail websites anonymously characterized as useful idiots or willing participants in disseminating supposed Russian propaganda.”
Contact your senators (click here) and ask them to vote against HR 6393 in its present version that contains the dangerous Section 501!



  1. These two need to be elected out of Washington. Let's hope it doesn't pass and contact our local representative to put a stop to this self serving legislation of convenience to only benefit government. It serves no purpose but that. These insidious politicians need to be held accountable for their actions. Enough is enough!

    1. It's ALREADY PASSED November 30, 2016, the House of Representatives passed a bill

  2. Hopefully Trump will be in office when it comes up for vote.

    1. how the hell will THAT help. He is a patsy, committed to the extension of corruption by billionaires!

    2. The Senate passed it. It needs a constitutional challenge.

  3. how does this protective Bill comport with the 1st Bill of Rights - that protects our Freedom of the Press?? Which is superior?

    1. Bill of Rights. It now must have a Supreme Court challenge.

    2. Bill of Rights. It now must have a Supreme Court challenge.

    3. Bill of Rights. It now must have a Supreme Court challenge.

    4. Bill of Rights. It now must have a Supreme Court challenge.

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  5. 'Covert influence'? Do they think the American electorate is not intelligent enough to sniff that? 'Agents of influence', that's Soros's Open Society Foundation, isn't it. I have often read RT but every time I checked for facts they were accurate. (I never read the Op pieces).

    If the leadership democracy is as great as Obama says, then nobody would listen. People only listen when there is discontent and they are looking for other answers than the pre-fabricated ones.

    If the Trump Presidency does not deliver in the first 2 years, so Ted Cruz, there will be pitchforks and torches, but typically for today's media you see it once and then it gets buried. Not me saying that, Ted Cruz.

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