Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Significance of Intentional CIA Leaks of Future Staged Events

by Dennis Cimino

It’s becoming evident that as far as I am able to discern, the Central Intelligence Agency as well as the Department of Homeland Security and other federal entities, are now using highly advanced Psychological Warfare techniques on the American and world public in the form of intentionally leaked and disseminated sensitive information, both by the MSM and by alternative media. They are intended to desensitize the threat by inducing a lack of concern due to repeated false reports. It is the modern version of "The Boy Who Called 'Wolf!'"

We have seen leaks of this kind before in a known AGITPROP venue known as BLACKLISTED NEWS, run by a government asset whose last name is "Owens", in concord with another website known as WHATREALLYHAPPENED run by a Michael Rivero, about the hiring of "crisis actors" from Canada at a thousand dollars per day rate, to participate in a future event at an undisclosed location in the State of Colorado, between the 17th and 19th of September 2016. 

This is not the first or the last time we’ll see this sort of intentional leaking of probable future events on these two sites, and the very high likelihood of these two now coincidental leaks such as is the Army document that stipulates that a Ft. Collins Army Unit would be trained to implement a ‘martial law’ eventuality in the State of Colorado. Here is the leaked document:


This turns out to be a very clever forgery that may in fact now be part of a "cover and deception" plan whereupon the alternative media draws the conclusion that too much advance warning was given for this to have been anything except a massive ruse and or ‘red herring’ thrown at us. My conclusion is somewhat different in that in my professional opinion, it is entirely likely that this information was crudely leaked out intentionally to provide a form of "cover" for a future September operation in the State of Colorado, most likely in the Ft. Collins area.

Here is my analysis of this document, where distortion of the typed content by comparison with the lines is a product of cutting and pasting info into a form that is blank, where, if the data had been native to the form, it would not have simply been restricted to having distortion on the data itself, where and the lines are distortion free relative to what is seen. Those lines should also have distortion boundaries but they do not. Consider their difference:

  There should be no difference between them.  There ought to be a distortion halo on the upper and lower line areas but these are clean.  If anyone would like to test the proposition, what you could do is just take any document you have and convert it to a JPG file and then blow it up and you will see what I am talking about. The whole document would have the same level of distortion through and through, not be so radically different as this document is. In other words, they used a template, filled it in and that created the distortion boundary, which should be uniform but is not.  

Why it matters

The relevance of this is not too unlike the Jade Helm exercise in that it’s purpose was to ultimately be pooh pooped into a "non event" scenario where a harmless government exercise which took place in multiple states at once, was no more than just a simple training evolution when in fact it had a two fold purpose, the primary one being to "detente" the population into a state of non-concern, and in a lot of ways it in fact did that effectively. 

The second purpose was to get the civilian population very comfortable with the militarization of many cities in the United States in a de facto preparatory drill to set into place key components of command and control structures specifically designed for the mass incarceration and or control of large civilian populations in the event of a major upheaval in the United States for yet to be specified reasons.

What is extraordinary about these events is that as the OPERATION GLADIO hoaxing is now not just in the United States but is taking place globally in virtually all countries that are part of what I call "the Rothschild Central Bank Consortium", is that now, these same Psychological Operations techniques are being used across the globe to instill panic and fear in the populations of the affected nations who are coordinating these GLADIO events with the probable intent of instituting some form of GLOBAL MARTIAL LAW enactment and policy. 

Is it not unreasonable to presume that the broad spectrum Psychological Operations will incorporate more and more intentional leakage of events to be staged with the aim to causing the populations in the affected countries to induce them to become skeptical of attempts by alternative media journalists to warn the citizenry, for example, of a pending global financial collapse. They need to control the world population in the fore of the collapse rather than try to gain control in the aftermath.

Operation GLADIO

One of the most potent and effective tactics of GLADIO fear mongering is to have a significant amount of doubt and uncertainty in the public psyche about the veracity of staged events vs. whether or not they may have in fact been real or not, where this gulf of ‘doubt’ ultimately leads to both a form of inaction and or paralysis in the global populations much in the same way as would someone screaming; “FIRE! FIRE!” in a crowded venue.

Over time, it causes people to be unsure of the imperative to take action to evacuate and get away from an incipient hazard or threat that apparently is over used and warned about too often. As a growing pattern of coordination between the Rothschild-dominated nations, the intent is to control by lack of certainty more so than the brute force application of force alone. This is a very powerful method of population management, by the way.

In any case, intentional leaks of such information serve manifold purposes, primarily to provide the necessary skepticism about the intent of the illegitimate and criminal governments, and to allow for more consolidation of forces across the globe for the overall goal of global population subjugation and full control by virtue of very constant bombardment of so much information as to cause a form of overload due to the cadence and the randomness of the GLADIO events necessary to put forth the concept of disarmament across the board in every single country, under United Nations (Rothschild) auspices.

In time, given the path we seem to be on, it’s not out of the question to bombard the public in all countries with so much pre-leaked information about future operations of GLADIO that in the aggregate, it provides a great deal of ‘cover’ by virtue of the desensitization of the public because far too much information is being leaked to discern what is truly imminent and what is not. The Mossad motto, “By Deception Thou Shalt Do War”, seems to be very much alive and well in a world that now is awash in terror fabricated by the CIA and the MOSSAD--and the British MI-5/6. It would be foolish to presume that even obvious forgeries are of no significance when they warn us of upcoming GLADIO event leading to a GLOBAL MARTIAL LAW or STATE OF EMERGENCY status in virtually all of Europe and the United States controlled by Rothschild assets. 

Dennis Cimino was the Navy's top electronics trouble-shooter before he left and joined Raytheon. He has made many astute contributions to the study of current events, including "The Real Deal Ep #103 9/11: Who was responsible and why".