Sunday, January 8, 2017

"False Flag Weekly News" (FFWN) CENSORS "PizzaGate" Reports (Part 1)

Jim Fetzer

Imagine my astonishment to receive a note that "False Flag Weekly News", which is produced by Allan Rees of, had taken down four shows that I had done for him as "Guest Host" with Scott Bennett, a former Army intel and spy-ops officer, who became a whistleblower and has published a major revelation about the financing behind 9/11, SHELL GAME (2015), and taken out our reports about major developments in the news, especially regarding stories about "PizzaGate".

Having co-hosted "FFWN" with Kevin Barrett from its inception to December 2015, when we had a falling out over his objections to my explanation of why Americans would be receptive to Donald Trump's proposal for a temporary ban on Muslims emigrating from the Middle East (where it was my view that, if he had defined the issue in terms of REGION rather than RELIGION, there would have been scant reason for objecting), when Allan Rees asked me to co-host for December 2016, I agreed.

Scott Bennett and I therefore co-hosted "FFWN" for 2 December, 9 December, 16 December and 23 December, because Kevin Barrett wanted to return to do the show on 30 December. Among our most important stories concerned "PizzaGate", which had emerged from the study of John Podesta emails published by Wikileaks. According to the stories--rampant on the internet and world-wide--leading US political figures have engaged in kidnapping, pedophilia, child sacrifice and even cannibalism.

In my view, "PizzaGate" will prove to be the greatest political scandal in American history. It would have been irresponsible not to address it, where we covered dozens and dozens of reports about it, which were by-and-large based on extensive research. I interviewed a leading expert on pedophilia, NYPD Gold Shield Detective, Jim Rothstein, who was unsurprised by these revelations, explaining that, based upon his experience, some 70% of the political elite in the US are engaged in pedophilia.

The active suppression of stories about "PizzaGate" appears unprecedented. For those who have been paying attention, the massive, even hysterical, reports of "Russian hacking", which have no basis in reality, are attempts to divert attention from the disgusting, even obscene, contents of the Wikileaks revelations. These emails were LEAKED, not HACKED, a point on which I am going to elaborate in Part 2. What astonished me is that "FFWN" should be participating so actively in their suppression.

Here is what "FFWN" has done to suppress access to information about "PizzaGate":

(1A) Note from Allan Rees after Show #1 (2 December 2016):

(1B) CENSORED VERSION of Show #1 (2 December 2016):

(1C) ORIGINAL VERSION of Show #1 (Stories 22-34 CENSORED):

"Fake News" about a Fake "First Family"

(22) Obama introduces "fake news" meme in Lima, Peru

(23) Facebook censors posts about Barack and Michelle

(24) Did Joan Rivers die because she expose Michelle as a tranny?

(25) Parents of Obama children are not Barack and Michelle

PizzaGate Scandal continues to grow

(26) PizzaGate/DNC-connected pedophile ring exposed by Wikileaks

(27) PizzaGate: What we know so far

(28) Obama himself appears to be centrally involved in PizzaGate

(29) French RT running stories about PizzaGate, but not US mainstream media

Ramifications of PizzaGate

(33) Was Andrew Breitbart murders for investigating PizzaGate?

(34) UN orders immediate release of Julian Assange

(2A) Note from Allan Rees after Show #2 (9 December 2016):

(2B) CENSORED VERSION of Show #2 (9 December 2016):

(2C) ORIGINAL VERSION of Show #2 (37, 40, 42-62 CENSORED):

"Fake News" from the mainstream

(31) The Real "Fake News" from the mainstream media

(32) Pentagon spent half-a-billion dollars on propaganda about al-Qaeda

(33) NC man goes to Comet Ping-Pong Pizza and shots it up

(34) Comet Pizza gunman is an actor

(35) "CometGate" gunman likes Alex Jones (fake news / conspiracy theories / take 'em down)

(36) A Convenient False Flag to suppress exploding Investigation of pedophile ring?

(37) Traffic camera shut down prior to gunman showing up at Comet Pizza

Covering for PizzaGate Scandal

(38) Gordon Duff, "PizzaGateHoax: Moron falls for fake story"

(39) Abby Martin exposes John Podesta (Empire Files) #PizzaGate

(40) Ole Dammegard: PizzaGate just the tip of an ICEBERG

(41) Interview with NYPD Gold Shield Det. Jim Rothstein on pedofile rings

The Global Pedophile Ring Exposed

(42) Hiding in Plain Sight: The Global Pedophile Ring Exposed

(43) Wayne Madsen 5-6 December 2016: When Fake News turns Deadly

(44) Hillary calls for censorship of "fake news", claims "lives are at risk"

(45) Denzel Washington Blasts the Media on Dishonesty and "Fake News"

PizzaGate continues unabated

(46) Multiple reports tie Clinton Pedestal Brothers to Child Abduction in Portugal

(47) Pizza Gate Expose - A Who's Who: Podestas, Clintons, Weiners, Obama, more

(48) Preston James, "Satanic Peophile Cabal's Iron Grip of Evil"

(49) Activist Angel, "The War between People who Rape Children against those who don't"

(50) #PizzaGate: This is what Evil looks like

Was Scalia protecting an international pedophile ring?

(53) Justice Scalia had secret meeting with Obama prior to his death

Monsters move against alternative media

(55) Web giants to crack down on "fake news" and "extremist content"

The latest on vaccinations

(57) Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Children's Health Study left unpublished

(58) Obamacare forces healthcare workers to be vaccinated

The Fake "First Family"

(59) Michelle accidentally pops out and Obama laughs 

(60) Is Michelle Obama a man?

(61) Did Obama have Joan Rivers whacked for exposing Michelle as a tranny?

Remembering Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941

Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen by FDR to draw the United States into World War II

There were 49 stories for Show #1, of which Allan Rees removed 13 (including that the UN had directed the release of Julian Assange) and there were 62 stories for Show #2 (plus one on "Remembering Pearl Harbor"), of which he removed 23, including all those about "PizzaGate", some of which are of enormous importance (such as that the death of Justice Scalia may have been connected to "PizzaGate").

For more, see "False Flag Weekly News" CENSORS "PizzaGate" reports (Part 2).


  1. I think the U.S. claim of Russian hacking the recent election is a diversion from PizzaGate.

  2. You have it exactly right, as I explain in Part 2. Kevin Barrett is a convert to Islam, by the way, and would not tolerate any criticism of Muslims. When I wrote him several innocuous questions about Islam (in relation to beheading homosexuals, stoning adulterous women, and the like), he told me I should "just die"! That was a learning experience.

    1. Can one be a religious fanatic and a scientist at the same time?

    2. I no longer regard him as "fair and balanced" but as a religious zealot who will not countenance any criticisms of Islam or of Muslims, no matter how factual and well-supported by evidence they be.

    3. . . . and this is where PizzaGate collides with Islam. Apologists for Islam hate the fact that pedarasty is rampant in Islamic countries, and try to quash any mention of it.

      Reformed Islamist Waleed Shoebat is one of the few willing to point out that in the 19th century and early 20th, European elites travelled to Islamic countries to engage in the practices that were rampant there, but illegal in Europe.

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  3. I believe what Rothstein said is that 70% of the political elite are compromised in some way....not that 70% are engaged in pedophilia. There is a difference.

    1. Not much. Ever hear of a criminal conspiracy? Accessory before or after the fact?

    2. Egad! I did the interview. Do you want to provide (what you take to be) a transcription of the works in question? I would be very surprised if I were wrong.

  4. I am glad you are bringing this topic to light, Jim. Tread carefully. A rabbit hole opened momentarily after the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State and quickly closed regarding the underworld of these heinous crimes.

  5. Not so surprised. Have a look at Veterans Today. They've been carrying water for the Hillary camp to the extent they've refused point blank to touch anything to do with Pizzagate or any of the Hildebeast revelations. Yet they are going full bore in every little nutty bit of nonsense being tossed up against Trump. They've lost the plot and are acting like stupid, naive kids. Almost all their readership is gone and the few who remain are mostly scathing of them over this thing they have shown themselves to be. Looks like what I heard about Mr Duff a few years ago in a private meeting which saw the person telling me dead a few days later, was true and what it indicated was too.

    1. Which thing I won't mention myself even yet but the conclusions are becoming obvious anyway and this is just another indication of the untrustworthy nature of that gang.

    2. When I was still with VT (from 2011 to April 2015, when we had a falling out because he did not want me to publish about JADE HELM 15, Duff told me that he had been CIA and had worked the Libya desk for 20 years. It appears to me to be a psyop to manage the attitudes of veterans so they won't become involved in issues where they would make a difference. Kevin is very much under his influence and Hillary was their candidate.

  6. Hi Jim; this blog "Mami's Shit" ( has been posting FFWN shows for a couple years, both embedding the youtubes and also creating MP3 audio versions which they host at So the MP3s of these 4 shows, created at the time & hosted beyond ReesCo's reach, are still available:

    Just google up
    "False Flag Weekly News with Kevin Barrett and Prof. Tony Hall 2016.12.02"
    but adjust the date for the other 3 shows you did. Did ReesCo also chop out the spoken PG dialog from these shows, in addition to removing the show links?

    Thanks for staying on PG; I've followed it closely; and agree it's the super scandal which could bring down TPTB. Their whole "Fake News" campaign was so transparent & desperate!

  7. Oh, yes! They edited the programs to remove everything we had to say about PizzaGate from the videotape as well as deleting all the corresponding links, which proved that what we were reporting was based upon published research. And this Rees guy has the nerve to call himself ""?

  8. It's sad to see this happen. And I always wonder why?
    Is he scared to touch it? Was he warned/threatened? Liability concerns?
    Thinks it is a hoax?
    People should explain their reasons when taking this kind of censorship decisions.

    btw I highly doubt the Madeline McCann connection.

    1. I see my question is answered in part 2.

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