Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Paul Craig Roberts: The War Against Ordinary Americans

The Saker is a level-headed person. I take it seriously when he spells out the threat to Trump’s presidency presented by the paradoxical alliance of the ruling oligarchs with what purports to be the “liberal/progressive/left.” It is amazing that the “liberal/progressive/left” are aligned with war and not with peace and are aligned with the OnePercent against the working class, whom they despise as “Trump deplorables.”

As my readers are highly intelligent, I am not surprised that some of them have arrived at the same conclusion as The Saker. Here is what one had to say:

I am totally astounded by the madness–even at formerly reasonable left-liberal websites. Alternet is one big hysteria factory. Although Counterpunch has had good articles by Mike Whitney, you (I presume, since I read your articles on your website), Diana Johnstone and a few others, I can’t believe how they’ve jumped in, too. I’ve been reading CP since the beginning of the newsletter in the 90s. Until this year, they were (after yours) my go-to website when I turned the computer on. I can’t believe they have a new article titled “Beyond Resistance – Defeating Trump’s Burgeoning Dictatorship”. And another: “Democracy in Exile and the Curse of Totalitarianism”. And another: “Muslim Bans, White Supremacy and Fascism in Our Time”. Patrick Cockburn has an article titled: “Trump’s Muslim Ban Will Only Spark More Terrorist Attacks”. Even the World Socialist Website has gone bananas.

Almost all of the German left-mainstream sites have gone insane. On the one hand, it seems like almost every protest group, in the end, has a source of money from Soros. On the other, it seems like 40% of the population must have been put through an MK-Ultra program. How could such mass hysteria otherwise be produced?

Readers share my amazement that there are large numbers of people so stupid as to think that a ban on Muslim immigrants is far worse than murdering Muslims in seven countries for fifteen years. Bush and Obama conducted genocide against Muslims over the course of four presidential terms, and no protesters sought their impeachment for what are most certainly war crimes and crimes against humanity. But Trump’s perfectly legal immigration action is alleged to be grounds for impeachment!

The protesters are completely nonsensical, so much so that it must be an orchestration. As the protesting websites, if not all of the protesters in the streets, accept the 9/11 storyline and the hoax “war on terror” that the storyline justifies, it follows logically that Muslims, already “terrorists” by definition (just ask the neoconservatives and Israel), fleeing their death and destruction by Washington might harbor thoughts of harm to Americans. Considering the ruling storyline, to let them in would be irresponsible.

But not to the protesters. It wasn’t the killing of their families and destruction of their homes and countries that might make Muslims into terrorists. It is banning them from entry as refugees that turns them into terrorists!

Try to imagine the absurdity of political leadership in the US and Europe during the 21st century. Western governments inflicted so much death and destruction that they created millions of Muslim refugees in order to accept as immigrants peoples who might harbor thoughts of revenge.

Are we to conclude that there is no such thing in the US and Europe as a liberal/progressive/left, only Soros-funded protesters for hire, as in the orchestrated Maiden protests in Kiev and today in Macedonia and Hungary?

Correct or not, this is the conclusion of many.

Illegitimate protests discredit all protests. Could we be witnessing the ruling oligarchy using its pawns to discredit in advance valid protests at the time when they move to reassert their control?

An astute citizen of Hungary sees similarity between the protests against Trump in the US and the Soros-orchestrated protests against the government of Hungary:

Dear Dr. Roberts, Being the citizen of Hungary, a country heavily infested by Soros-financed NGO’s, and with a government that is openly anti-Soros, it breaks my heart to see the USA in a situation very much like what we have had to put up with since 2010, the year when Viktor Orban won a two-thirds majority, which he won again in 2014. Today, there is one piece of experience that is, I think, crucial for us, Hungarians, to share with the USA. It is this: nothing is sacred or too dear for Soros, his NGO’s and associates of all stripes in their fight for power. This has been a concept quite hard to come to terms with for many of us in Hungary. They will sacrifice the country, the future, the people, they will sacrifice anything, just to (re-)gain power. As I follow news from the USA, I see photos of crowds that appear to be filled with hatred. They are like the (fortunately quite diminished) crowds paraded around by the Hungarian opposition parties, who like to call themselves “democratic” as opposed to the government elected to office by the people, which they refer to as “fascist, nazi, anti-democratic, anti-semitic” etc. These crowds are the embodiment of hypocrisy. Chanting slogans of “love”, they act out of pure hatred, for power, and refuse to be reasoned with. They refuse to consider facts. They call themselves liberals, but act against liberty through exercising total intolerance. I assume that the people who voted for President Trump are patriotic. If my assumption is correct, this also means that it will take quite some time, until the reality sinks in that Soros, his NGO’s and allies will trample down, unhesitatingly, the nation and the empire that they seek to rule unchallenged. This is because they do not rule for the people. They need the power to be in the position to exploit the nation and the empire, for their own benefit. This is not an easy thought to come to terms with for a patriot. The sooner the US electorate understands this, the more resistant it can become against the propaganda campaign and high visibility demonstrations so happily covered by the mainstream media. It is important to keep in mind that the room to maneuver President Trump has is directly proportionate to the popular support he enjoys, at any given time. Dr. Roberts, thank you for all your valuable work invested into making the world a better – and safer – place, for the benefit of all Mankind. Kind regards, Anita


  1. Despite aleady having censored the great book by Jim Fetzer, et al on the Sandy Hook Hoax Gun Grab, Jeff Bezos is now being asked to censor another one in Germany:
    Please express your displeasure with this outrageous demand for book burning and censorship which should have ended in the Dark Ages. Let's encourage people to read anything they want and come to their own conclusions without prior censorship or preconceived bias. Isn't this what true freedom is or should be about?

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  2. If your question is not merely
    rhetorical, it must be put to Germans who know their history of law.

  3. One can easily extrapolate this mostly obscene laden talk into the action it will lead not if but when the bottom falls out of the dollar and economy. Imagine what will happen when there is no gasoline, no food and the welfare checks have either stopped or bounced and what if all the stores are out of ammo too? How many guns can you hold and shoot at once to defend your home and family from roving gangs of thugs and hoodlums and .... All H is going to break loose in America. And suppose that to add insult to injury some bombs or missiles are arriving at the same time from the sky. Is your bomb shelter stocked? Oh, you don't have one yet? Yes America is not going to avoid being bombed any longer bet on it. You think the four stars will defend you? How did they do on 9/11/01?

  4. Formally reliable information source, Veterans Today got turned. In March 2015 they fired Dr Fetzer and removed all articles by FBI 'informant' Stew Webb, in part over child sex ring. Then VT delighted in Scalia sex ring info, then recoiled at Reptillary sex ring info. VT refuses to mention PizzaGate, yet constantly hounds DJT as sex ring Antichrist. Hopefully our new AG will hammer these Ping Pong Perverts....

    "Arrests Imminent in PizzaGate" at BeforeItsNews

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  6. Another problem with immigrants is horrible diseases brought into this country. A formerly common disease years ago, but now rare is TB. This is a very dangerous contagious disease formerly requiring quarantine or isolation of the patient which was enforced by the police as a criminal offense. Read this disturbing article about TB in Minnesota and how authorities sought to cover it up:

  7. It is very important to realize that Islam is not a religion in the sense we tend to think but a political system and movement that like Communism wishes to rule the world. Just imagine Communism with a God. There can not be a moderate Islam; that would be an inauthentic Islam. A moderate Muslim is just a back sliding, bad Muslim. If I told you I was a Christian minister but kept to myself that I was a pedophile, you might not object to my taking your children on a picnic. Islam will be a religion of Peace when it has subjugated the entire world!

  8. Dr Roberts,

    Thank you. I have come to think Mr Trump is not fair-dinkum but is trying to fight with Pope Francis et al. If he were sincere about Muslims he would ban Saudi, Qatari, Emirati, etc. The folk of Syria are genuine refugees who must be allowed to America. As are Libyans, Yemeni, etc. These people need to be compensated by America through the immigration process for the killing by US proxies of their relatives and destruction of their cities. The Saudis are up to their eyeballs in derring-do.
    His immigration ban should be opposed by the Courts on moral if not legal grounds. The USofA owes the World BIGTIME. Start paying up, guys. If you get occasionally bombed then that’s life in the big city. Get over it.
    Mr Trump needs to stop fluffing around and start showing leadership. At this point I, a world person, am totally dis-affected and feel no sympathy for the US. I suspect US citizens are heading to mass dis-affection. ACT, do something – lets see action on a daily basis. US military planes should be flying in Syrian refugees.
    With respect.