Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sandy Hook: Michael Vabner may very well be Lenny Pozner's son


Couple of quick things about the Michael Vabner/Noah Pozner theory.

The story goes that Veronique Pozner was married to a man named Reuben Vabner, had Michael and Danielle Vabner with him, and then got divorced and married Lenny Pozner, and had Noah and his twin with Lenny. 

Lenny has taken this picture off of his google plus page, although with this older URL, that I managed to catch with a screenshot about a year ago, you can still access it. Make sure to click on the photo details arrow on the right side. I also attached a copy and a portion of the screenshot.

As you can see, the photo is named Lenny-Vero-1989-2.jpg. This would suggest that Lenny and Veronique's relationship goes back further than the births of Michael and Danielle Vabner, and I believe the striking physical resemblance between Lenny Pozner and Noah Pozner can be explained as follows: the images of Noah Pozner are actually images of a young Michael Vabner, who is Lenny Pozner's biological son.

[Editor's note: This is the thesis first advanced by Kelley Watt (in a blog that has disappeared from this site, but which was published in Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (2nd edition, 2016), as Appendix D. Here is the key photo from that chapter, where everyone Kelley has shared it with has agreed that Noah is Michael Vebner as a child:

Another contribution to sorting this out has recently been published here by Anonymous, "Sandy Hook: More on Noah Pozner / Michale Vabner".  Bear in mind that "Anonymous" and "Anonymous2" are two different authors.]

Just to repeat myself, Lenny had this image available to the public February 2016, but it is now hidden from the public yet still accessible with the URL I posted above, the additional old-id argument of the URL is necessary in order to access the photo.

Another piece of interesting information is the following video, ostensibly of Noah: click here for the video from which the following is a cropped frame:

In this video, the child is recounting a scene from a Spiderman movie. If you listen closely enough, he includes enough information to indicate the scene he is describing is from the original Spiderman reboot, Spider-Man, released 3 May 2002. Here is a youtube video of that scene:

Now, you could argue that Noah Pozner saw this scene of the movie on television or a dvd, but I think the chances are this recounting is from 2002, immediately after Lenny Pozner and the young Michael Vabner had left the theater. Children have such short attention spans, and surely a dark theater with a huge screen is a better explanation for how the child is able to recollect the scene.

Since the alleged shooting was on 14 December 2012, "Noah" would have been ten years older than he appears here. But he cannot have been six years old in 2002 and still be six years old in 2012, which provides strong confirmation that the person Lenny Pozner has alleged to have been his son, "Noah", who died on 14 December 2012, is in fact his son, Michael Vabner, as a young child.


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  2. Thanks for the information. I don't think there should be any question about the fact that this hypothesis is correct!!

  3. LOL

    You people just make shit up as you go along.


    1. Your so right. Us making up the lack of any proof, Robbie Parker laughing at press conference, Gene Rosen Rehearsing his lines, David Wheeler playing both a parent and FBI Agent, Lenny;s kid dying multiple times, Kids at superbowl halftimes with gag orders, the "must sign-in sign" as video and photo's show, the resistance to school safety expert Wolfgang, the medical examiners bizarre behaviour,the fact that closet doors do not lock from the inside, the fact that this list goes on and on!! Really your F**ked.


    2. All of your Sandy Hook questions answered here:

      Do you have the courage to believe?

      Or at the very least the intellectual honestly to present rebuttal evidence?

    3. It would be nice if Mr. Fetzer would do the research himself and actually provide actual evidence.

      To date, not a single hoaxer or hoaxer leader, to include Jim Fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig, or James Tracy, has stepped up and provided even one piece of court admissible evidence of hoax that could help themselves or their followers in court.

      Let that sink in. Some of the biggest names in Hoaxerism have active cases; not one piece of evidence has been present.   James Tracy, Jonathan Reich, Wolfgang Halbig - where is the evidence of hoax?

  4. Look at the ears; they appear to be identical. Ears have been deemed almost as trustworthy as fingerprinting for positive id.

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