Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sandy Hook: Megyn Kelly and NBC perpetrate a Fraud on the Public

Jim Fetzer

With great fanfare, "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly" and her encounter with Alex Jones over Sandy Hook finally arrived. Although her viewing audience disappointed the network with only 3.5 million, the program itself--where Alex Jones was straddling the fence not wanting to lose fans who believe Sandy Hook to be a hoax, while trying to pacify the left watching NBC by saying he believed that children had really died there--was laden with false information, perpetrating a fraud on the public.

The most telling exchange occurs during the introduction, where Kelly asks Jones for the source of his information. He replies that 95% of what he covers comes from articles he has read, where she replies, "But if you haven't ascertained the veracity of that article and it's all BS, then you put out a bunch of disinformation!" Here's the broadcast for your viewing. Kelly and NBC have clearly never verified the "Sandy Hook Story", which is BS: They are putting out massive loads of disinformation.

Given the controversy swirling around the forthcoming broadcast, when I learned it was possible to write to NBC with comments or suggestions on their programs, I sent NBC the following advisory:

A responsible network, concerned about the accuracy of a program on such an inflammatory and controversial subject, would want to take pains to make sure what they were promoting was true or at least well-founded on the available evidence. But we have ample proof that it could have cared less!


(1) Neither Megyn nor NBC appear to have even read Stephen Sedensky's Report on the Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and 39 Yogananda Street, the purported residence of Adam Lanza, the alleged shooter or they would have known that his fingerprints were not on the .22 caliber rifle with which he is supposed to have shot his mother and that none of the 150 bullet fragments with the Bushmaster means it fails to tie the shooter to either his weapons or his victims. See note 53, page 37:

(2) Some lies are bigger than others, where Neil Heslin, who is supposed to have lost his son, Jesse, at Sandy Hook, talks about holding his body with a bullet hole through his head in his arms on the scene. But, as Wayne Carver, Medical Examiner, explained during his press conference, the parents were not allowed to see the bodies but only to identify them using photographs. So if you assumed that something like this really happened at Sandy Hook, who is telling the truth? Are they both lying?

(3) Had NBC downloaded NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015), which I released for free as a pdf when it was banned by in an act of political suppression--where Jay Carney went from the White House to become its Senior Vice President shortly before--it could have reviewed the FEMA manual included as Appendix A, which explains the sign, "Everyone must check in!", the Porta-Potties already in place and the number of those wearing color-coded name tags on lanyards:

(4) At one point, Megyn asks Alex, "What happened to the children?" The observations made by the contributors to the book--that the children were wearing clothing that appeared to be about 10 years out-of-date--has been confirmed by the discovery that Noah Pozner, for example, was created out of photos of his purported older step brother as a child, which they would have known had the followed the link that I provided to "Sandy Hook Charade: 'Noah Pozner' WAS Michael Vabner as a Child":

(5) Alex Jones and had been aware of the book having been banned and published an article about it not long thereafter, which was much appreciated by experts on the case. But it was only up for 38 minutes, during which it had received 138 comments. The swift removal followed by its erasure from the archives for the show appears to have been induced by the IMAGE CREDIT to CONNECTICUT STATE POLICE, who were running the show and which had to be covered up:

That image is one of 50 published in Ch. 8 Refurbishing the School to Serve as the Stage, where the SWAT team is already present and the four windows of Classroom 10 are undamaged, although they would be shot up after the event. A familiar figure is reclining against the wall, awaiting the arrival of his portable mortuary tent. And there is crime scene up for a crime that has yet to be committed. Such are the findings presented in a book that felt compelled to ban after just a month on sale.

(6) Kelly opens by attacking Alex for claiming that elements of the US government allowed 9/11 to happen to convey the impression: if Alex is willing to go that far on 9/11, why should he possibly be taken seriously on anything else? Evidence supports the far stronger position that the CIA, neocons in the Department of Defense and the Mossad did not simply allow 9/11 to happen but orchestrated its occurrence. The public doesn't know better, so she succeeds in raising doubts about his credibility. 

(7) Alex doesn't handle himself very well, being careless about the Manchester event, for example, where there was a rehearsal a year in advance and photos showing "victims" are of adult men lying on the floor, not teen-age girls. Manchester appears to be one of at least three staged events in the UK --at Westminster Bridge, at Manchester and at London Bridge--that appear to have been intended to boost the political prospects of Theresa May. Here's that rehearsal, which was captured on video:

(8) Megyn features Charlie Sykes, a right-wing opponent of Donald Trump from Wisconsin, which appears designed to introduce the notion of "toxic paranoia" as a prelude to Sandy Hook. Otherwise, there is no good reason for his presence. He was used as "filler" to connect the President's interest in Alex Jones with those who fault him on virtually every count. This was probably the least interesting aspect of NBC's coverage of Sandy Hook, about which Sykes knows next to nothing. Embarrassing!

(9) When Alex published his "Father's Day Message to Newtown Families", I posted a comment on the basics of the case, only to discover that his own web site would not allow it to stand. This was so stunning to me that I returned to post a second time and then, when that post was likewise deleted, one final time for emphasis. That Alex Jones has sold out Sandy Hook Truth is now beyond dispute, where none of us should continue to place any trust in him at all. He's just one more limited hangout:

(10) Even Matt Taibbi, whom I have regarded with a certain degree of respect in the past, decided to stand with Megyn in her attack on Alex, "Megyn Kelly Vivisects Bloated Conspiracy Hog Alex Jones", Rolling Stone (20 June 2017). What he displays is that he knows no more about Sandy Hook than do Megyn Kelly and NBC, where, however, i am less disposed to infer that his motives are equally corrupt. I posted the following comment, which disappeared less than 30 minutes later:


The proof that Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax is both abundant and compelling. Because so much of the evidence is visual, here are three of the videos I have done on Sandy Hook, The first provides a general orientation, the second focuses upon the SWAT team and Wayne Carver, and the third--with a highly qualified EMT--explains that proper medical procedures were not followed at Sandy Hook or in San Bernardino, where we even have the Craig's List ad for extras on the set. It's simply appalling:

Alex has published the interview with a running commentary, but nothing he does henceforth can restore public confidence in his integrity. He has sold out Sandy Hook and I can see no prospect for his redemption. Standing up for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is demanding upon us all, where I and others have lost friends and relationships over this highly emotional issue. Someone we regarded as a champion of truth in the alternative media turns out to have feet of clay.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of The University of Minnesota. His most recent books have been published by


  1. Former CNN fake news reader, Amber Lyon blows the whistle on directed narrative puppets and parrots....

  2. There have long been signs that Alex Jones is nothing more than controlled opposition. He continues to prove this on a daily basis. Glad the ratings sucked. MK is tyring to work both sides too and it backfired this time. Apologizing to James Alefantis for the "terrible" treatment he received after the Wikileaks info surfaced but didn't bother to talk about his absolutely disgusting Instagram posts that were disturbing, pornographic, and in my mind proof positive that Comet Pizza is nothing more than a front for pedophiles. HRC and the DNC have succeeded in creating an international incident to keep from being jailed and prosecuted for their crimes. HRC destroyed the Democratic party from within, and the repercussions of this Russian hacking lie have been sending ripples throughout the world, leading Russia to cut all diplomatic ties with the U.S. All so this bitch can continue her crimes against kids and continue stealing billions from unsuspecting taxpayers. Don't think there aren't serious ties with Sandy Hook either. This wasn't about gun control, far from it. There was a reason the Connecticut legislature had all child homicide records sealed, all of them from police reports to photographs, to death certificates. That was done just months before the so called incident. But even before that, the state of CT had a serious problem with child sex trafficking and the Huffington Post, a mainstream news outlet even did an article on it. Then the two Newtown "choirs" travelling all over the country under suspicious circumstances to sing "Over The Rainbow" a known MK Ultra mind control tactic. The whole purpose behind the SH so called massacre was to get and keep child homicide records SEALED!. If it was about gun control then why did Lenny the Poser buy a handgun under a fake name in Florida? So much for the outraged parents hating guns. His fake wife Veronique even had the audacity to tell a news outlet that they had an OPEN CASKET funeral for Noah!! Seriously!! So open and honest that Anderson Cooper was there with the green screen production interviewing the lying fake Mrs. Pozner. Anybody still thinking Alex Jones is a credible source for anything needs to have their head examined. This is why they call it "controlled opposition." MSM has been planning all along to use him to completely discredit the Sandy Hook truth movement. But they have a serious problem because along the way millions of Americans started to ask the same questions we have been asking and realizing that the whole thing appears to be nothing more than a government sponsored domestic terror event.

  3. Thank you again James for your terrific work. Please don't stop investigating these charades being placed on the masses. Anyone seriously looking into the raw evidence would easily see thru the MSM and government BS lies. Unfortunately, the masses put too much trust into those in positions of authority and believe anything they say without much proof. For these people, I have some nice beach front property in Arizona I can sell you. Trust me, there's a beach there, but don't look at any pictures to make up your own mind - simply listen to me as I'm in a position of authority:)
    It's time for the masses to wake up and critically analyze events around them. Question everything. Read books people. Ample evidence is out there disproving the governments version of history.

  4. I also appears HRC has succeeded in getting any and all stories about the "Clinton Body Count" completely purged from Youtube, Google, and all mainstream news outlet archives This was proven recently when DNC lawsuit lawyer Jared Beck posted a story about Linda Ives, mother of 17 year old Kevin Ives who was murdered by conpirators while witnessing a drug drop in Mena Arkansas. She filed a lawsuit against some 13 govenment alphabet agencies for their failure to bring justice to the killers of not only her son Kevin but his friend Don Henry. The source of the story was "Russian Insider" leading many of his followers to cry foul and declare the story "fake news". This story was ALL OVER mainstream media when it happened back in the 80s while Bill Clinton was governor and setting his sights on the White House. Amazing that many adults were completely unaware of the story. American media did their usual stellar job of under-reporting and reporting disinfo on that story as well as the Virginia McMartin preschool case and the Franklin Savings/Boystown scandal. Many came to Mr. Beck's defense that the story was completely credible, and it is. I immediately set out to source the "Boys on the Tracks" story. What I found astounded me. Just a few years ago there were dozens if not hundreds of mainstream outlet news stories on this. GONE!! All youtube videos, internet links, and network archives have been scrubbed clean of original sources on the story. What is now in their place is only, you guessed it, ALTERNATIVE sources, and what does our MSM call all these outlets?? Of course, FAKE NEWS! Score another one for Hillary. I only found one msm story and it was oddly enough from the Wall St. Journal. But the story itself treated the subject as if it was some sort of huge mystery as to what could have happened to these boys. So that story appears to be planted on purpose. This is how absolute power dictates what we see and hear on any news, even alternative. This is why msm has worked diligently to declare all alternative news sites as fake news. This is why we have to be cautious as to which alternative news we read, listen to, or choose to believe. Because not all of them are out there to inform us. As has just been proven by Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones, many of them are set up by our own media and intelligence agencies to murder the truth and deem us truthseekers as mental cases.

  5. A brilliant marshaling of the facts! Oh, how I pray people stand up for truth and justice in the face of such tyranny. Instead of the State of Connecticut think Stepford State of Corrupticut. The brainwashing combined with fear of ridicule over Sandy Hook keeps everyone in line. I feel like I'm living in East Germany under that gaze of the Stazi, where everyone is brainwashed or afraid and truth is the enemy. Thanks for your impeccable scholarship and courageous leadership, Gen Dr Jim!

  6. Unknown made a comment on your blog about this, Jim, so I pulled these articles.

    State's Attorney Kane doesn't enforce the law:

    I've been living here a mighty long time, and narry a peep in the MSM about any of this.

    Like Jimmy Saville, they'd likely been sex trafficking mental patients at Fairfield Hills in Newtown for many a year... Death and madness. Torture and suffering. Masons, International Church of Satan, Sandy Hook, Skull and Bones, the inversion of Truth, why trafficking fits right in.

    I wonder how deep this rabbit hole goes?

  7. I was never a follower of Jones but wasn't able to make up my mind about him. This "interview" with Kelly has done the job for me. Now I can ignore him to my heart's content. Thank you for an informative article.

  8. Oh, and the crisis actor footage was amazing, what a find!

  9. Thanks, Jim. Excellent work. Thanks guys for backing Jim up. It won,t be in vain. We are going to win.

  10. Thanks, Jim. Excellent work. Thanks guys for backing Jim up. It won,t be in vain. We are going to win.

  11. Love to see NBC (Megyn Kelley) inter view you would probably put to rest any doubts.

    1. See my latest blog which elaborates upon the fake testimony of Neil Heslin,

  12. Since Neil Heslin made a dramatic appearance on Megyn Kelly's TV show stating that he "carried his son's body" that day, let me remind you that in fact, NONE of these parents ever came in contact with their "deceased children"! In fact, identification was made by Law Enforcement Officers and the Coroner ONLY, by use of photographs that were provided TO them BY the families!
    Never in history has this process been performed that way !!

  13. Stop lying that Michael is Noah. They are siblings, so of course they would look similar.

    1. Well you either stupid or a shill. ESAD NotaHOax.

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