Thursday, August 17, 2017

Disqus: "Top discussion on CBS"! So why did CBS censor this post? Silly question!

Jim Fetzer

To my astonishment, CBS has allowed a (largely unfettered) discussion to flourish in response to the "60 Minutes" rebroadcast of, "Return to Newtown, 4 Years Later", which I have described as a "sob story" and demanded equal time, which has been reported by State of the Nation:

I am convinced that they repeated this program from a year ago as a response to the brilliant study by Carl Herman in relation to the ages of the Sandy Hook mothers, whose average age at birth was 36, ten years older than average, the improbability of which he calculated at 109.4 quadrillion to one.

CBS, however unexpectedly, has not only allowed a discussion about Sandy Hook--to which I have now contributed some 20 comments!, where others, including Carl Herman and Winfield Abby, Ph.D., have also contributed, but Disqus sent out a blast to millions about it as a "Top Discussion on CBS": 

 When it went out, there were 59 comments posted. Now, as I write (1 PM/CT, Thursday, 17 August 2017), there are 131, as you can see here. My enthusiasm for CBS has taken a heavy hit, however, because there ought to be 132. I replied to MrOctober77, but it was taken down, not once but twice:

Here is what I submitted, which was "moderated" and rejected. There is nothing inflammatory, abusive or personal in this post: it is strictly factual, citing specific pages of the book banned and I released as a pdf for free, which is easily downloaded from the internet. I protested and posted it again:

But of course the reasons could hardly be more obvious. Not only is this cast-iron, slam dunk proof that Sandy Hook was staged, but the author turns out to be a former Marine Corps officer, who had 15 DIs and 300 recruits under his command during marksmanship training! That's a nightmare for CBS, which probably had no idea of my identity before allowing this exchange. Here's Exhibit (26):

Notice the windows of Classroom 10 just above the roof of the SWAT vehicle, which are undamaged, proof that this was BEFORE the event, since they would be shot up AFTER (allegedly by Adam Lanza). That you can see Wayne Carver, Medical Examiner, leaning against a wall with arms folded is another plus--and that crime tape was up for a crime that has yet to be committed! The others: 

Exhibit (26) provides decisive proof that this was a staged event, which occurred with the complicity of the Obama administration, including Eric Holder, then Attorney General, Vice President Biden, Governor Malloy, the Connecticut State Police and other city officials, not to mention the fake parents and the fabricated children. Infowars actually used the image when it published about the book ban:
This story had accumulated 178 comments before it was taken down about 38 minutes after it had been posted. The reason has to have been the IMAGE CREDIT to the CONNECTICUT STATE POLICE, from whose files it was obtained. CBS did not allow my post about it to stand for 38 minutes, but deleted it as quickly as it could. That, however, does not appear to have been quickly enough.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota. He edited NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015).


  1. The following post was just posted at the CBS site but flagged for review. We shall see if they post it:
    Edward R. Murrow: Born in a log cabin North Carolina April 25, 1908 of a Quaker family; died April 27, 1965, Pauling, NY, age 57. Graduated high school and college, Washington State University 1930. Rose to pre eminent fame by direct, honest field reporting by radio in WWII via Columbia Broadcasting in New York now CBS News. Millions world wide eagerly awaited his blunt and honest reports from the field. Quote: “Fellow journalists Eric Sevareid, Ed Bliss, Bill Downs, Dan Rather, and Alexander Kendrick consider Murrow one of journalism's greatest figures, noting his honesty and integrity in delivering the news.” He pulled no punches even with top brass of CBS over the years. He was prescient and foresaw the mental decline at the crossroads from radio journalism to television journalism; here is what he said at the time: Quote:
    “During the daily peak viewing periods, television in the main insulates us from the realities of the world in which we live. If this state of affairs continues, we may alter an advertising slogan to read: Look now, pay later.[28]” Edward R. Murrow
    “Murrow's last major TV milestone was reporting and narrating the CBS Reports installment "Harvest of Shame", a report on the plight of migrant farm workers in the United States. Directed by Friendly and produced by David Lowe, it ran in November 1960, just after Thanksgiving” He died at age 57 from lung cancer; he smoked about 2 packs a day, usually Camels. Considering how much he smoked 57 was not bad was it especially considering his seminal contributions to journalism and humanity and truth?
    In 57 years this giant of honesty, integrity and truth of the true investigative Journalism accomplished more than most of the cowardly journalists today put together in their whole mostly worthless lifetimes.
    Watch his remarkable moving broadcast of perhaps his most important report near the end of his magnificent career and stunning life of honesty truth and courage from the front about the criminal plight of the lowest people on the economic ladder in the richest nation in the world; the migrant farm workers:
    After you watch this hour long magnificent but depressing presentation by the genius of journalism Edward R. Murrow from a log cabin in North Carolina, which may be the greatest journalist effort in the history of CBS News before its dramatic decline into the cesspool of lies and propaganda and brainwashing today, ask yourself what he would have done and said to journalistic whores Henry Schuster and Scott Pelley and their cowardly employer today CBS News, successor to the giant corporation which fostered the rise of the giant journalist Edward R. Murrow, if he knew their total betrayal of honesty and integrity and truth in their blatant lies about the Sandy Hook Hoax? He would have dressed them down and shamed them with words as he did many times earlier in his career before firing them on the spot. Thank you Edward R. Murrow for your priceless courage and unselfish contributions to humanity and honesty and truth for 57 years on this planet. Shame on you both Henry Schuster and Scott Pelley; you have both sold out the great memory and legacy of a predecessor at CBS News, a warrior for honesty, integrity and truth, the giant of journalism Edward R. Murrow.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics, United States Citizen, born Cleveland, Ohio for 78+ years.

    1. It is now about 5:10 o'clock P.M the next day and neither this comment nor the one by Jim Fetzer nor many others have been posted. CBS is just as deceptive on the comments board as it is in the article itself about the subject of the Sandy Hook Hoax because they should at least list all rejected comments with all specific reasons for rejection, not just vague references to general guidelines, as it is they are obviously selectively rejecting comments to favor their lies of their narrative to a gullible public all the more reason they should lose their operating license for deceptive and false broadcasting to the public they purport to serve. Or how about a billion dollar fine for deceptive and false lies to the public in addition to firing Schuster, Pelley and the current president of CBS News? Would that get their attention? Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  2. Should you have called it an un-fetzered discussion?

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  4. Comment Number 181 just posted:
    wjabbe • a few seconds ago
    Hello Scott Pelley. I hope you are having a good day. I read you make about $ 4 million. If that report is true I am sure you are having a good day. Since you have not accepted responsibility for deceiving the public about Sandy Hook here is a way you could atone for your sins: There is a mountain of evidence and facts that Israel did 9/11. One great article by James Perloff is even posted on Professor James Fetzer’s blog. Professor Fetzer has been studying 9/11 for years and is also an expert on that hoax as well. Just contact him at the same email he provided in his demand for equal time for the Sandy Hook Hoax stuff and he will be glad to provide you with a mountain of evidence and facts that Israel did 9/11. In fact he would likely be glad to appear on your program for free even though you get paid good money for it. However he might ask CBS to pay his air fare and meals at McDonalds and lodging at Motel 6. Then, present this mountain of evidence and facts to the gullible public. If you do this you will have atoned for your sins on Sandy Hook. You can watch an overview he presented on “The Brian Ruhe Show: 9/11: Who was responsible and why", which demonstrates how massively we have been misled by our own government.

    1. Here is a reply by anonymous gender hidden poster Pirateer12 about 2 hours ago:

      pirateer12 wjabbe • 2 hours ago
      "Keep pushing the conspiracy theories, someone is bound to believe in them. LOL, I mean, is anything not fake for you guys?
      Sandy Hook, 9/11, Boston Marathon bombing, Manchester/Ariana Grande concert bombing, San Bernardino shootings, Charlie Hebdo shootings, Paris attacks, Brussels Airport bombing, London Bridge attack, Berlin Market attack. All declared fake! What did I leave out?"


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