Friday, August 25, 2017

Preston James: The Disturbing Truth about All American Wars in the Mideast since WW2

America had no legal or constitutional right to be involved in any Mideast Wars since WW2.
The USG never had any valid legal right to attack Iraq over its invasion of Kuwait in 1991 under US law, the US Constitution or International Law either.
Why? Because Iraq was very craftily manipulated by the USG and the CIA to invade Kuwait.
Here’s how it happened.

April Glaspie
It was a very crafty CIA covert operation that created the Invasion of Kuwait through political manipulation.
The CIA had approached the leaders of Kuwait with a plan to engage in horizontal drilling into Iraq’s main oil field.
Kuwaiti production was waning, and the CIA proprietary drilling company from Sante Fe [sic] assured Kuwaiti officials that the plan was foolproof and would never be discovered by Iraq.
After the horizontal drilling was completed and the oil was being pumped, it is alleged by some well-informed insiders that US Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie met with Saddam Hussein.
She informed him that Kuwait was using a new type of drilling (horizontal drilling) and was pumping oil from Iraq’s biggest oil field.
It has been alleged that Saddam Hussein was also provided with satellite photos made with ground penetrating radar that showed the horizontal drilling.
Saddam reacted with anger and asked Ambassador Glaspie what would happen if Iraq invaded Kuwait and took back the land which was rightfully theirs in the first place, taken away by the British earlier. Glaspie supposedly replied, the USG would view that as an “inter-Arab” affair and would consider it none of our concern.
Saddam Hussein took this as a green light from the USG and proceeded to invade Kuwait. Immediately there was an outcry in Congress that something had to be done to stop this Iraqi aggression, which was supposedly threatening the security of the whole Mideast.
Of course the public was never informed that Saddam Hussein had started working for the CIA as a bicycle hit-man at 15 years of age, and worked his way up through the system to become a full-fledged CIA dictator-puppet like Noriega and so many others. Saddam Hussein was willing to attack Iran on Israel’s behalf, in a lengthy war that resulted in millions of dead, with many of these being innocent women and children non-combatants.
Right now Iraq is a destroyed nation. Its major infrastructure has been destroyed by American bombs, and a once modern nation has been reduced to rubble.
Sadly that is what Israel and the Pentagon have long planned for Syria and Iran too.
This is not likely to happen however because the Russian Federation has stepped in and is now defending its Mideast allies, Syria and Iran.
Advanced Technology

Electronic warfare device
The Russian Federation’s electronic warfare systems are reputed by deep insiders to be back-engineered alien ET technology, and at present, are far superior to America’s electronic warfare weaponry.
Proof of this is the incident in March of 2014 when two Russian Su-24’s armed with the Khibiny system shut off the USS Donald Cook’s main power bus, temporarily rendering its Aegis missile system and all onboard sonar and radar completely inoperable during that time. 
The USS Donald Cook was dead in the water until the Su-24s left and turned off their Khibiny system.
It is a very good bet that this same advanced electronic warfare technology was used to set up the two recent collisions involving US Navy destroyers, with state of the art radar, sonar and other electronic warfare systems.
Since so many of the CPUs used on these ships were manufactured in China, it is possible that they all have secret backdoors that could be accessed remotely, but my best guess is that the ship’s GPS, radar and sonar were spoofed by someone’s satellite transmission using Quantum transmissions and Dimensional waves (D-waves).

USS Donald Cook
There’s a sucker born every minute” – P.T. Barnum
After the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, the CIA’s Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) began immediately to publish and broadcast USG propaganda, big lies and false narratives.

During Nayirah al-Ṣabaḥ’s testimony to the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, she claimed Iraqi troops pulled babies out of incubators and threw them on the hospital floor to die. It was later revealed that she was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States and that her testimony was proved false. It was a pretty convincing tale with tears and all, and Amnesty International even backed her story at first but later admitted it could not be verified. We now know for certain it was a fabricated story, a big lie and a clear case of false-atrocity propaganda.
The DC Establishment public relations firm Hill & Knowlton, hired by Kuwait, immediately prepared atrocity propaganda to motivate mainstream America to support a big American war to crush Saddam Hussein and Iraq.
The Kuwaiti Ambassador’s daughter told a very tall tale that was later shown to be a complete fabrication, that the Iraqi soldiers pulled Kuwaiti babies from incubators and threw them on the floor of the hospital to die.
Voice of God Alien ET Technology was deployed in the Gulf War.
Insiders have claimed for years that back-engineered Alien ET electronic warfare technology was deployed against Iraqi soldiers by the American Military.
There have been reliable reports from vetted, respected individuals that the “Voice of God” technology was deployed.
This technology was able to remotely entrain a voice believed by the Iraqi soldiers to be the voice of Allah that they plainly heard coming down from the heavens above.
Reports indicated that this voice of Allah instructed these Iraqi solders to lay down their arms and accept death and receive their immediate rewards from Allah. Thousands of Iraqi troops did so and were bulldozed into the ground to their deaths without any attempt to defend themselves.
Saddam Hussein did not have operable weapons of mass destruction when America attacked Iraq the second time and invaded its capitol city.
The second Mideast War was wrongly fought over false claims by the CIA and the Pentagon that Saddam Hussein and Iraq had operable weapons of mass destruction and was planning to deploy them against America. This claim was later proved to be completely false and was knowingly concocted by the Pentagon and fully supported in the UN by General Colin Powell.
So it is clear beyond any reasonable doubt that both the first Gulf war that stopped short of a complete invasion and set up “no fly zones”, and also the second Iraq war were major international war crimes, crimes against humanity and major acts of aggression against Iraq. The claim that it was the nations of the world that demanded these invasions through the UN was a concoction too, and the coalition forces were economically and financially manipulated into cursory support.

Rare Earth Elements found in Afghanistan
Now for the US invasion of Afghanistan.
The DC Establishment had wanted to take over Afghanistan for many years to get the opium and the rare earth minerals like Lithium for batteries. Plus the Pentagon PNACers and top NeoCons in the USG, most of whom were Israeli-American “Israel-first” Dual citizens wanted to protect Saudi Arabia as part of the Petro Dollar agreement set up in 1971 by Henry Kissinger for Richard Nixon.
The Soviets had the same intentions and invaded Afghanistan in late 1979 and finally ended in early 1989 because the CIA had created and built up the Mujahedin army inside Afghanistan and armed them with hundreds of shoulder-fired Stinger missiles. After the Russians withdrew, the Pentagon and the CIA kept the Mujahedin army viable and operative. 
When the Mossad (assisted by the Pentagon, NORTHCOM, the Administration, and the FAA) attacked America on 9-11-01, the USG immediately laid blame on the Terrorists run by Osama bin Laden that were based in Afghanistan.
This fake meme was broadcast and published day and night – 24/7 – by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), which neglected to inform the American masses of the real truth – that Osama bin Laden was just another CIA man used to run the Mujahedin for the Pentagon. His CIA trade-craft name was “Colonel Tim Osman”, and he was seen numerous times going in and out of the Pentagon long before 9-11-01.

Several Israeli leaders, including Barak and Netanyahu, chortled about how 9-11 helped redeem and justify Israel’s hard-line position against its enemies, hoping that the US would realize what Israel had been dealing with
ISIS is the private mercenary army of the CIA, Israel and Saudi Arabia and has now been defeated.
There is substantial reason to believe that the CIA worked with Israel and Saudi Arabia to create a private mercenary Army called ISIS, ISIL or Daesh et al. This massive, well-supplied and -paid heterogeneous mercenary army was trained, supported and paid by the CIA with help from the Saudis.
This private foreign mercenary army of the CIA, Israel and Saudi Arabia has now been defeated by Syrian forces for Assad, with the help of precision Russian air-power. The Russian Federation is Syria’s legitimate and official ally, and was invited to be in Syria, to help defend Syria. Russia is a strong partner of the Syrians and has invested a lot of money there.
America has never had any business fighting anyone in Syria since it was never an ally and was never invited by Syria, who never wanted America there. Besides, the US Military has been accused by Syria of attacking its Syrian troops, like Israel occasionally did, and of supplying ISIS. It has now been admitted that ISIS’ wounded have been taken to Israel for medical treatment and that is strong evidence that they represent Israel and were created by Israel – the progenitor of Mideast terrorism.
Foreign CIA puppet/Cutout leaders get disposed of when no longer needed.
Like all other CIA foreign puppets, Osama bin Laden (Colonel Osman) was quickly discarded when no longer needed. But this time, he was used as a super devil to motivate the American Masses to attack Afghanistan. He died late in 2001, either from Americans bombs or of Kidney disease (Marfan’s disorder, the same genetic disorder that Abe Lincoln had and would have died of soon after his presidency, had he lived). He was buried in an unmarked grave, according to Mideast newspapers. But the Pentagon propaganda psyops masters decided to keep him officially alive, even though he was dead.

Afghanistan (Fine Art by James Dietz)
So now we know for certain that the USG’s officially stated reasons for America invading Afghanistan, as in both the Gulf War and the Invasion of Iraq, were all based on big government lies, false-narratives, and blatant propaganda.
Since WW2, the USG never had any valid reason to ever go to war in Iraq or Afghanistan or in any other war in the Mideast. These were all wars fought for the International Banksters, run out of the City of London.
But now the USG has recommitted American soldiers to Afghanistan and is sending in at least 6,000 more to fight in this illegal war of aggression for the Banksters, Israel and the Dual Citizens in the Pentagon.
Afghanistan did not attack America on 9-11-01.
Ever since the USG invaded Afghanistan in 2001, after falsely blaming them for the Israeli attack on America on 9-11-01, the US Army has been protecting the poppy production, which has increased many fold and is now the world’s largest.
The USAF flies the opium out of Afghanistan, and it ends up on the streets of America. Now, in America, young deaths from cheap, pure Heroin are the highest ever. And this is all done by the CIA to provide vast sums of drug money for black ops, money that is off the books and unaccountable to the Congress or the American people.
More American troops are now be sent to Afghanistan, because the Pentagon claims it is the root of most terrorism and there are many terrorist groups supported there. This is just another big USG lie. Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UK, and the USA are the world’s biggest terrorist countries. This is a hard, cold fact that needs to be faced.
Is this new American troop deployment to Afghanistan a secret way of trying to build up the Mujahedin into ISIS again?
America had no right under international law, American law or the US Constitution to ever attack Libya and murder Muammar Ghaddafy.
The Pentagon and the US Administration were ordered to do so by the International Banksters based in the City of London, a one square mile private nation inside London proper with its own ambassadors and police. It pays no taxes to the UK, but runs the global fiat interest-bearing, debt-note money systems.

(Copyright Gilbert Yu)

General Smedley Butler
Each of these nations – America, Israel, the UK, and Saudi Arabia, which foment terror all around the world through the CIA and NATO – has a war-based economy. This is because they have private Fiat money production that uses pernicious interest-bearing debt notes as mandated tender, which produces continuing inflation.
These terrorist nations must keep engaging in wars of aggression to acquire cheap natural resources and oil for the large International corporations and big profits for defense contractors and the Banksters.
The most decorated US Marine ever, General Smedley Butler, who was twice awarded the Medal of Honor, explained all this in his classic book, War is a Racket.



  1. Congress must not raise the debt limit one penney. Illegal corrupt wars of the U.S. cannot be conducted without borrowed and printed money since they no longer tax the population directly to fund these outlaw wars all over the planet. The debt is now over $21 trillion and oounting. This number is so large it is almost inconceivable. If this debt insanity is not addressed pronto, our government will steal all of our life savings directly from our bank accounts leading to civil war and anarchy and destruction of our way of life. Drastic measures must be taken immediately to reduce this massive debt lest it go on auto pilot and destroy our way of life. All foreign aid must end immediately especially to Israel. All foreign wars must stop. Close most of these outrageous foreign bases costing enormous amounts of money. Reduce the so called "defense" budget by about 80% and shut down the totally outlaw criminal secret CIA immediately and forever. Adolf Trump must get his small mind off war and on reducing our massive debt lest our country go on auto pilot to self destruction. Trump is a documented liar, cheater, bully and con artist from New York. This was documented by top investigative journalist the late Wayne Barrett for over 30 years in numerous articles and some books. Google them up! Trump is an ignorant fool and must be impeached ASAP before our country degenerates to civil war again. Get out of that red light district in DC you whores in Congress and place the interests of Country above self for a change; or else please do us all a favor and resign immediately.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    1. Here is one example, of thousands or millions which could be provided which just a certain as the Sun rises in the East every day, will self destruct this nation from uncontrolled debt: wjabbe August26, 2017 at 11:14 am

      Just try to top the hypocrisy of Leon Panetta: As U.S. Department of Offense Secretary he flew home to California every week, not on a scheduled airline, but in a government U.S. Air Force Private Jet at his disposal in order to “be with is family” over the week end. The jet was parked all week end with U.S. Air Force pilots waiting twiddling their thumbs in case he had to return to the cesspool DC for an emergency. He claimed to have been provided permission from the Chief himself as a condition for accepting this soft job in government as if he were the only special lying lawyer in the world who could have done it. Just try to imagine the cost, the waste of thousands of gallons of fuel and time of Air Force Pilots, and pollution to our environment by a lying insolent arrogant worthless lying lawyer who has received favors all his life having been discharged from the military in 1966 so he did not have to face getting killed in the illegal Viet Nam War. What a worthless expletive deleted piece of human garbage Panetta was and is. I can’t think of better proof than this true story to prove our government has gone down the cesspool.
      Let's face it folks. Ben Franklin was right. Corruption would destroy our country and it has. This country is out of any rational control. It is only a matter of time. Stock up on survival supplies, guns and ammo. The end is near. It will be as a result of financial collapse where our outlaw government can't pay its bills.

    2. wjabbe
       August 26, 2017 at 12:27 pm
      The most likely destruction of America today, is not from a nuclear war, but from a financial self caused melt down because we cannot pay our bills due to blowing trillions of borrowed and printed dollars on illegal wars all over the planet and maintaining military bases all over the planet as if we were still fighting WWII! Let’s stop lying and call our military department the Offense Department because that describes it perfectly. Let’s stop the lying that it is a “defense” department when the corrupt four star generals did not lift a finger to defend our country on 9/11 did they? If they voluntarily stood down or were ordered to do so, either way they are guilty of the crime of treason but not even indicted or convicted by our totally corrupt Injustice Department. A financial melt down is imminent due to the insanity of the whores in Congress to continue to foolishly think they can borrow and print fake money forever. Stock up on survival supplies, guns and ammo and keep ammo dry; it is useless if damp or wet. The inmates have taken over the asylum in our forgotten land, forgotten by the whores we elected in Congress who spend all their time in the red light district having sex all day long. Frankly we deserve our plight into oblivion.

  2. Given the rather obvious failure to communicate at any level beyond 'need-to-know' it hardly seems possible for any matter to be addressed in US society. This probably goes back to Dale Carnegie's 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'. This kind of Yankee-doodle crazy is bound to one day result in a giant headache - nationally-speaking. If the headache is not treated then the head (of the nation) will be blown away by the only friend they could have had because the thrashings of the US, in headache mode, are more than likely to result in the friend and all other folk in the near vicinty being crushed, destroyed - partially or completely - or just plain persecuted to death. Since no-one listens to sense in this scenario, except the friend(s, why bother even to write such an excellent essay? Well done, Preston but I fear it is to no avail.

  3. "Best 9/11 Video Ever" at

    "WTC-7 Free Falling" music video

    In less than ten min you can wake up a few sheeple

  4. Where Did Their Credibility Go?

  5. Mr. Abbe, does your repeated promotion of your educational status make your arguments more cogent? In my opinion, the jury is still out on Trump but the clock is ticking about getting things done.

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