Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Paul Craig Roberts: Military Surgeon Says Videos of Las Vegas Gunshot Victims Are Fake

It looks like readers are not going to let me let go of the Las Vegas shooting. Some tell me that it is my fault for having alerted them in previous articles to anomalies in other shootings and terrorist events, so now they are more skeptical and pay more attention. Others say that as I emphasize that this is their website supported with their money, I have to see this through to the end. They say it is a cop-out when I say that there are too many disparate accounts for us to know.

One reader made an excellent point. According to mainstream media reports, 59 people were immediately killed in the shooting and 527 were wounded. Among those 527 wounded, wouldn’t some of them have died from complications, blood loss, trauma? How come none of the wounded, people allegedly hit with military rounds, succumbed?
I agree. This does seem to be inexplicable.
And then I received via email a letter that purports to be from a general surgeon who dealt with gunshot wounds in military hospitals. He links to a video of an operation on a real leg gunshot wound, its life threatening nature, and the incapacity that it inflicts for a long time even if the operation is successful. He compares this to the rosy-cheeked laughing alleged victims shown on YouTube with gunshot wounds in support of the official story and says without equivocation that they are actors, badly acting the part.
I appreciate the reader’s point that none of the 527 wounded have died from the wounds. This is not what happens in reality. I am posting the letter below from the surgeon in the hopes that knowledgeable surgeons, military medics, anyone with knowledge of gunshot trauma will assess it’s truth and provide their name and credentials. Not being a military surgeon who has treated gunshot wounds, I cannot attest to the validy of the letter. But there are those who can. Retired surgeons and former military medics can still speak their minds. So let us hear from you. I will compile your comments and present them without your name.
As for my readers, this is the deal: If there are validated replies, I will provide a report, and that will be the conclusion of my participation in this issue. If there are no validated replies, I will conclude that no qualified people are willing to commit one way or the other on the issue. Without expert opinion, the matter cannot be resolved.
This is the letter from the person who represents himself as a surgeon familiar with gunshot trauma. It was sent to a person named Jack and forwarded to me. I eliminated “Jack” so that it would read to you simply as the expression of a purported trauma surgeon’s opinion. Note also, that all of the fake videos of the wounded to which links are supplied have been removed from YouTube. Apparently, as people are catching on, the authorities are being more careful about their “fake news.”
“As a patriotic American, I must say I was, like most people here, initially totally shocked by the Las Vegas shooting and I hate to admit naively believed the media. However, after receiving disturbing emails about it, with references to others with doubts, I began to look at the media reports with more suspicion, and from a medical point of view primarily the almost complete absence of blood on site from the around 550 victims apparently shot was an immediate give away.
“I am a retired general surgeon, and when younger served in a number of military hospitals in Asia and the Middle East, and I can assure you, few would have had such extensive experience in treating bullet wounds as I. Unless you’ve actually seen bullet wounds from a clinical perspective from high powered weapons they claim were used in the shooting, it is hard to appreciate the extent that the mainstream media are plainly lying.
“Most of these military style weapons now shoot high velocity bullets above 3000 f.p.s. muzzle velocity and when these bullets strike a human body they often cause the bullet to yaw (or tumble) and fragment into about a dozen pieces of various sizes thus creating wounds way out of proportion to the calibre size. Often these wounds are so devastating many have considered the modern M16 type assault rifle rounds (and other similar type of rounds) to be inhuman. Most media sources claim the victims were hit at a range of about 500 meters. To use the U.S military M16 assault rifle as an example. It uses 5.56 x 45 mm high velocity, flat trajectory cartridges giving it an effective range of about 200 meters, but with now more common M855 cartridges and heavier projectiles this is increased to 600 meters, with the bullet being lethal to over 3000 yards or 2700 meters. The M855 round produces massive wounding effects. After about 200 yards, as the velocity declines the projectile is less likely to fragment when it strikes the target, but it still does a huge amount of damage, way above wounds delivered from a regular hand gun for example.
“So with this knowledge in mind, I have now viewed most of the mainstream media reports on YouTube of the victims in hospital and I can assure you they are all actors and not one of these people is a legitimate patient. Being shot with a high-powered weapon and struck with a high velocity bullet is a very trumatic experience and indeed more patients routinely die from the trauma rather than the wound itself. Yet all these patients being interviewed in bed are not surrounded with emergency care diagnostic equipment at all, are looking completely normal, relaxed and comfortable. This is not how patients feel one or two days after being shot with a high-powered assault weapon I can assure you and even if its only in the leg it is still serious. Here is a short YouTube video of what many typical gunshot wounds to the leg of a patient actually looks like

“Here is possibly some of the greatest government/mainstream media/propaganda yet about the Las Vegas shooting, showing President Trump actually visiting a patient in a Las Vegas hospital who apparently was shot through the leg. I can assure you, if he had genuinely been shot through the leg with a high velocity bullet as they claim, he would not, so soon after the event, be able to stand up, neither would he have the desire to do so. This is a disgrace, and one finds it impossible to accept President Trump does not know it is all a completely staged event. 

Note: in this video the girl patients are almost uncontrollably laughing, knowing that they are lying. During one or two days after getting shot through the hip with a high powered assault weapon and after having been operated on, I can assure you no patient is ever laughing or looking like this!
“Lastly, in the past material has been ‘censored’ off the Internet, and in relation to this recent Las Vegas shooting, links have been blocked over the last 2 or 3 days as well. You might like know that you are not on your own. Because both Facebook and YouTube are working together to censor everything they and the government doesn’t like and don’t want the public to know.
“YouTube has just changed its search algorithms from Thursday night 5th October 2017, to block and censor all the most persuasive videos making claims that the Las Vegas shooting event is a hoax, designing them conspiracy theories, especially videos exposing the crisis actors involved portraying themselves as victims in hospital. These are not wild allegations. It is from their own public admissions. Here is a report showing, “YouTube takes action against offensive conspiracy videos that claim Las Vegas massacre was a hoax.” The arrogance of it all! This is the resurrection of Nazi Germany all over again.
“Therefore, my conclusion is that the whole event was staged, there were no real shooters at all, and probably even Stephen Paddock’s brother is a crisis actor as well. When a handful of powerful wicked men like this control the banks, the global mainstream media and the government, no one can effectively now speak up to criticize, because when they do their words will never be published or heard. I think the real reason why they are using actors and staged events like this at this early stage, is that when they use real, bigger more serious events in the future, those patriots who have previously exposed these earlier events as not being real, will be made to appear stupid. Hopefully I have helped clarify this medical aspect at least.
Yours truly.
Dr K.S.
Gunshot Wound To The Leg Surgery At Shock Trauma

Surgery for a gunshot wound to the leg at the University of Maryland’s Shock trauma Center.
This e-mail was sent from a contact form on (


  1. Powerful evidence to refute the official story, Jim; thank you. 32nd floor right next to the "all-seeing" eye of the Luxor also seem to be intentional symbolism that our .01% opponents like to "signal" as their work.

  2. The more I look at this event, the more I move to Nobody Died at Madalay Bay position.

    I wish Dr. Stan Monteith was still with us to tell us his take on this matter though, he as an orthopaedic surgeon would only have operated on gunshot wound patients who sustained bone fracture. General surgeons handle gunshot wound surgery when bone is not involved.

    Dr. Lorraine Day ought to chime in on this too but again she is an orthopaedic surgeon.

    The only other person I can think of is the M.D. that was on the U S S Liberty when it was attacked and who is an activist for truth on that issue. He probably has most experience in battlefield gunshot wound surgery.

    I would hope that we get facts on this issue quickly because we should not dwell on this one hundred percent hoax much longer. We should be focusing on stopping the theft of our liberties.

    All of this awakening is one of the most positive aspects of this latest big hoax.
    We take this wonderful opportunity to hasten the crumbling of the cabal and at the same time to build up truth and justice for all.

    1. You had me at "No One Died" lol

      You are correct no one died:

  3. Harvest 91 on 10/1 = 9/11/01

    From comments on this meta-analysis:

  4. No one died:

    The whole thing was a Sandy Hook style gun grab.

    1. Except it's a different government now, and they're bought by the NRA, dumbass.

  5. Jim,I knew you would catch up to the rest of us sooner or later.

  6. thanks for posting
    just another hoax like so many others

  7. like Hook the tribe cant tie up all their loose ends ...

  8. For what it's worth...!/page41

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    Re: Mass shooting at Vegas country music festival. AUTOMATIC GUNFIRE!


    I comment on real seriously injured or killed people at false events.

  9. This disgusts me... people died, that is a FACT. 45 people are in critical condition and could yet die. Do you really believe the government would not kill its own for a purpose? Shameful.

    1. yes. the government does these gun massacre events every few years, and then immediately announce bills into law. CA just passed bill 620 decriminalizing crimes involving guns. thats a FACT. those I. power in the US would kill way more people if it kept them rich and in power. if they cared about you, healthcare, taxes, smd jobs would make sense. there wouldn't be as much poverty, low income earners, and the rich would pay the same taxes proportionately to their income. yes, people died. and will continue to die at white flag events. they'll die until we have NO RIGHTS, then we'll die by larger numbers.

    2. Anon, you're an idiot if you think a massacre would have any links to laws that DEcriminalise gun crimes. How the fuck does that even work.

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  11. I'm aware of the shooting hoaxes but know people that were there one with military experience. He dragged inured people out of the kill zone. That being said is it possible they're using advanced special effects to convince the populace and even those present at these events?

  12. James Fetzer is a fraud in my opinio. He claims that no planes hit the towers and believes in Judy Wood's absurd space beams. He gives the perpetrators and fence-sitters just what they need to dismiss truthers as deluded nutjobs
    I have a lot of respect for Paul Craig Roberts, but James Fetzer is bad news