Saturday, November 4, 2017

Vivian Lee: New York Truck Attack: A Hoax for Halloween

Vivian Lee, Ph.D.

Another day, another fake attack – this time a “vehicular” terror attack perpetrated by one Sayfullo Saipov, a native of Tashkent, Uzbekistan, who supposedly mowed down bicyclists and pedestrians in a rented Home Depot truck on a bike path in lower Manhattan on October 31, 2017. This “Halloween massacre” is billed as “the deadliest terror attack on New York City since September 11, 2001.”

Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov 
Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov. Image: New York Daily News.

The crack team of investigators from the NYPD and FBI figured the whole thing out in a matter of hours, helped by evidence provided by Sayfullo himself: his alleged cries of “Allahu Akbar,” a note found on the ground with language associated with ISIS (“It will endure”), and the 90 videos and 3,800 images on his cell phone, which of course the FBI recovered. Or, uh, we seem to have TWO cell phones left at the scene by Saipov, according to some reports.

NPR truck front 
The rented Home Depot truck that Saipov allegedly used to mow down cyclists and pedestrians in New York, although there is no trace of blood anywhere on the vehicle. Image: NPR.

The cell-phone videos reportedly show ISIS fighters killing prisoners as well as instructions for making an “explosive device.” The images include shots of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the supposed leader of ISIS. Saipov is said to have been inspired by one video in which al-Baghdadi “questioned what Muslims in the United States and elsewhere were doing to respond to the killing of Muslims in Iraq.”

This from a criminal complaint filed just 24 hours after the (fake) attack occurred, drawing on an interview of Saipov allegedly conducted by the authorities in the hospital, where he was taken after being shot by NYPD officer Ryan Nash. Nash is said to have fired nine shots at Saipov, injuring him, uh, in the stomach, as was first reported, and then it was the leg, and, well, we’re not quite sure about his injuries.[1] Saipov supposedly wanted an ISIS flag displayed in his hospital room.

NYDN - Saipov in court 11-1-17 
Sayfullo Saipov in court on November 1, 2017, artist’s sketch. Image: New York Daily News.

Although shot at close range in the stomach or leg or both, Saipov was able to appear in court the very next day, hunched in a wheelchair, dressed in a gray shirt and pants, with his hair sticking up slightly in the back, according to a colorful description reported by the New York Times. His hands and feet were shackled. Lest one think that he was being treated inhumanely, considering he had just been shot (up to nine times) by a police officer, we are told that his court-appointed lawyer, David E. Patton, asked that he receive a daily change of dressing on his wounds. Officer Nash has been declared a hero.[2]

NYT - Officer Nash 
Officer Ryan Nash, looking uncomfortable while speaking to the press. Image: New York Times.

Meanwhile, the photographic evidence of the attack itself consists of the bikes and bodies on the bike path, the Home Depot truck with its front end smashed (but no blood on the truck), and a school bus that Saipov reportedly rammed—although the damage to the bus was so high up that it could only have occurred if the truck had been airborne.[3] The debris on the bike path was also problematic, looking like props hauled in for the press. The bikes were suspiciously “mangled” (as described by the media) in a way that would not have occurred if hit by a truck.

NBC - mangled bike 2
Mangled bicycle after supposedly being hit by Saipov’s truck. Image: NBC News.

YouTube investigator Anaconda Malt Liquor has provided some footage of bicycles being crushed by a machine and run over by a tank, which look great compared to those on the bike trail mangled by Saipov.[4]

NYC Anaconda 11 flattened bike 1 
Bicycle being run over by a tank. Anaconda Malt Liquor 11.

NYC Anaconda 11 flattened bike 2 
Same bicycle after being run over. Anaconda Malt Liquor 11.

Then there’s the bent sign post on the bike path—but how did Saipov’s truck do this strange kind of damage?

NYC Anaconda 11 bent sign 1 
Bent sign post. Image: NBC News.

As for the victims, the alleged dead bodies were covered with white sheets, with no blood in evidence—although it was claimed by “eye witnesses” (crisis actors) and reported in the press that there was blood everywhere, and even “visible tire marks on the bodies of at least two of the victims crushed by the truck.”[5] As Hannity would say, “Really?”

NYDN body covered w sheet no blood 
An officer stands near an allegedly dead body covered with a sheet, with no EMTs on the scene, and no trace of blood anywhere. Image: New York Daily News.

The injured were transported with great fanfare for the cameras, with a multitude of participants, suggestive of the old light-bulb jokes.

CBS - strappin in - how many NYPD does it take 5 
How many emergency workers does it take to move a stretcher? Image: CBS News.

Five of the dead were reportedly friends from Rosario, Argentina, who had made the trip to New York for their 30th high school reunion.[6] Of course they rented some bikes and hit the bike trail immediately once they were in the cultural capital of the western hemisphere—what else could they imagine doing? The group totaled eight men (three of whom survived), photographed in their LIBRE T-shirts—said to be a “joke” as they were traveling without their wives. Or perhaps I should say Photoshopped in their LIBRE T-shirts, since the image is a bizarre concoction of huge and small fellows, with odd-looking arms draped around each other in a way that could only be accomplished digitally.

NYT 1 Argentine vicsims
Photoshopped composite of eight Argentine friends, five of whom supposedly died in the New York truck attack. Image: New York Times.

The other alleged dead included Ann-Laure Decadt, a tourist from Belgium; Darren Drake of New Milford, NJ; and Nicholas Cleves of Manhattan. So much easier to control the narrative when most of the dead are foreigners.

Meanwhile, ISIS has now claimed credit for the (fake) attack in its weekly Al-Naba newsletter, calling Saipov a “soldier of the Caliphate” who carried out the attack in response to their call to target “citizens of the Crusader countries involved in the alliance against the Islamic State.”[7] Saipov is said to have been planning the attack for the past year, in response to the al-Baghdadi video. According to the New York Times, Saipov had followed instructions in the November 2016 issue of the Islamic State magazine, Rumiyah, which called for truck attacks on “the enemies of Allah.”[8]

Rumiyah Nov 2016 
November 2016 edition of Rumiyah with instructions on vehicular attacks.[9]

The Times cites the following details: (1) the driver should continue to keep driving as long as possible and not exit the vehicle during the attack, (2) continue crushing the remains of the victims until it is no longer possible to do so, (3) then jump out of the vehicle with a secondary weapon like a gun or a knife, (4) write a note, including the phrase “The Islamic State will remain,” and (5) throw it out the window of the vehicle as the attack is being carried out. Bingo! Saipov carried out these instructions to a tee—or the perps who orchestrated the attack made sure it would look that way.

Those following the Islamic State will know that ISIS was—and is—a creation of the Western military alliance, including Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. The Islamic State was inserted into Syria and northern Iraq to give “us” an enemy to “fight,” with the primary goal of taking out Assad and taking over Syria.[10] So either way—fake attack or ISIS operation—WE carried out the New York Halloween massacre.

But, as is patently obvious, the official story of the New York attack is absurd. This was terrorism but not “Islamic.” It was a hoax, like all the rest of the post-9/11 attacks—meant to terrorize the citizenry, impose higher levels of “security,” and take away our rights. This includes deleting accounts from YouTube, subverting searches on Google, censoring books on Amazon, and firing tenured professors, in the guise of protecting us from bullying, hate speech, etc., but actually to quash our research on these cruel hoaxes. How disturbing that so many people—intel agents, politicians, government and corporate employees, academics, the courts, police, firemen, EMTs, doctors and hospital workers, the mainstream and alternative media, and paid crisis actors—are involved in the perpetration.  

Vivian Lee is the nom-de-plume of a tenured professor at an east coast university.


 [1] Benjamin Mueller, William K. Rashbaum, Al Baker, and Adam Goldman, “Prosecutors Describe Driver’s Plan To Kill in Manhattan Terror Attack.” New York Times, November 1, 2017.

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[4] “It’s just……what’s the word I’m looking for?” Anaconda Malt Liquor 11. The Anaconda Malt Liquor 11 YouTube channel has already been taken down as of November 4, 2017. Check Anaconda Malt Liquor 12, now in production; then 13, 14, and so on.

[5] Steve Robson, Jane Lavender, Danya Bazaraa, and Toby Meyjes, “New York Terror Attack Leaves Eight Dead and 11 Injured As Truck Ploughs into Cyclists and Pedestrians.” Daily Mirror, November 1, 2017.

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  1. these guys did a good job documenting also.

  2. Is there a website for this wonderful Vivian Lee?

  3. just a straw in the wind-a connected dot perhaps: the father of one of the local fatal victims was on local TV this past week and insisted repeatedly that he felt no anger towards the alleged terrorist murderer (and he was explicitly prompted twice by the interviewer to do so) --- it was in the church shooting in Charleston where that sentiment was blandly expressed by at least two of the surviving teen/20-something relatives of the deceased - the morning after the shooting iirc.

    Is this an attempt to suppress natural sensibilities? ... a certain psych element so to say of the psy-op? and as such a marker of a hoax event? I dunno.

  4. No way, I didn't think Fetzer would endorse another conspiracy!

  5. ...

    New York Bike Path Attack - Early Signs of Fakery (18+ for Fake Graphic) Tags per YT Censors
    Published on Nov 2, 2017

    So far - ZERO blood, admitted fake guns used in "attack", and apparently drill mannequins. Oh yes, and probable involvement of British military.

    Also, this coincides with Steve Pieczenik's previous warning of early November false flag attacks (see VidArticle on this channel).

    500 subscribers

    1. Yes - recommended video from NowTheTruthTV-15. This channel is now resuming at NowTheTruthTV-16.

  6. there is a void of an internet homepage that covers the hoaxes. AJ co-opted, and now rense. There is not really a good central source anymore.

  7. Assume everything you see is a lie unless it can be proven to be true.... which is impossible considering how ridiculous these stage managed bad acting scripts can do.

    1. Assume everyone you read or speak to is a complete moron until proven otherwise. I am still waiting....

  8. Oh thank you Dr. Fetzer. You are THE MAN!

    Lula Jean Dade

    ps Did you check out my profile on

  9. I don't believe the picture of the bike being run over by a tank. I saw a tank run over a car on the original Batman series and it completely flattened the car.

    1. But Cheif O'Hara survived.... that's how I KNOW no one was killed in this incident. It wasn't even a tank!

    2. That was in a 60's era police car. I bet he would not survive in a modern police car.

  10. The guy in Texas didn't act alone.
    David Patrick Kelley = Captive Killer Dyad K

    So this would be the K (11th) cell of two person (Dyad) assassination (killer) squads embedded (captive) in the US.

    1. You are on the right track, but wrong name.
      Stephen Craig Paddock= "DC, Daesch got crank pipe"
      Clearly some tie in with Washington, ISIS and the global drug trade

      Devin Patrick Kelley =
      "Dick pay event killer"
      probably reference to Paddock's handler (Dick) being cleared to make payment to Paddock's designated payee.

    2. LOL, this is awesome. Be careful, though. Even though you are mocking Beefaroni Jim, he might turn this into one of his bizarre realities.

    3. I am not mocking Dr. Fetzer, and I don't appreciate you suggesting I am.

      The CIA always plants clues in their work; these guys were probably MKUltra subjects.

  11. Hey don't blame us crisis actors. Its good money, interesting work, and completly legal. I am traveling the country with a bunch of fun people and getting paid to do it.

    1. Are you serious, or are you just trying to mock the impeccable work of Dr. Fetzer? You must be a shill.

    2. I'm in a tough spot. As a crisis actor, I don't want the gravy train to end. I am afraid that Dr. Fetzer is close to blowing this whole gig wide open so, although he is correct, I kind of want to discredit him.
      What tangled webs we weave....

  12. So now everyone in alternative media is claiming the Texas Church shooting was not a hoax?

    1. Of course it was a hoax. It wasn't even a church. More crisis actors, more co-opted police, hospitals, etc. Uncle Jimmy has taught me so much.

  13. Vivian Lee worked for local New York news station NY1 in 2012.

    1. Nope - not me.

    2. Did you write "To Kill A Mockingbird"?

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  15. Vivian Lee is so smart. I hope Dr. James doesn't like her. I want him all to myself.

    Lula Jean Dade

  16. I like the scene where police and fire department folks were tending to a lady in the weeds to the left of the bike path. She did manager to reach forward during their tending to her. When they got her on the stretcher she had a neck brace. And then they wheeled her to an EMT who was waiting close by. I thought, how could she reach out so far with that injured neck and why did no EMT do the tending to her?

  17. That eye witness was hilarious when asked about how fast the truck was going. He was able to gauge the speed based on the two mangled bodies on the ground. Also, he was able to see that truck hit a bus 5 blocks away. Next time you are in NY, look down the street 5 blocks... how much detail can you see? He was looking down a bike path. He was also able to hear the gun shots 5 blocks away... that may be so, but sounds unlikely to me.

  18. Peter, great job mocking Uncle Beefaroni. The way you pretend to be stupid is sublime; it seems like you are totally serious, but we all know nobody is THAT stupid! Well done!