Sunday, December 3, 2017

Missing the Boat on Charlottesville: Open Letter to Attorney Timothy Heaphy

Jim Fetzer

Report: Officer safety put ahead of public safety at Charlottesville rally

The report said the city of Charlottesville had failed to protect public safety

Attorney Timothy Heaphy, gestures as he ...
Attorney Timothy Heaphy, gestures as he delivers an independent report on the issues concerning the white supremacist rally and protest in Charlottesville, during a news conference in Charlottesville, Va., Friday, Dec. 1, 2017. (Steve Helber, The Associated Press)




Having studied Charlottesville from A-Z, I was a bit taken aback 
by the stunning superficiality of your investigation as reported by 
the Associated Press. You write as if improved communicatIons
between the local police and state officials would have obviated
or minimized the problems, which is a complete and total fantasy. 

This was a carefully contrived and well-planned event, which was 
rooted in political corruption.  I wrote to the President of UVA within 
a few days including three studies of the event to demonstrate that 
there had even been 2 drivers and 2 cars and 2 takes. I have a new 
book with multiple contributors, which I am going to send to you.

Here is a summary overview of our findings:

The Charlottesville production was staged in three distinct parts:
Act I: A torch-lit protest around the statue of Thomas Jefferson 
on the campus of the University of Virginia, designed to draw 
the attention of the nation for the events the following day;
Act II: Local police stand down so VA State Police and National 
Guard could channel peaceful protesters of the removal of a 
statue of Robert E. Lee into a violent confrontation with Antifa 
and Black Lives Matter;
Act III: At an intersection several blocks away, the actors were 
set and the vehicles in place to film dramatic—and carefully 
contrived—video footage.
The objective was to transform Donald Trump (who wants to 
reallocate American resources from the Middle East to 
benefit the American people by putting “America First!”)—
by successive stages in a semantic sleight-of-hand—into a 
White Nationalist, into a White Supremacist, into a neo-Nazi, 
and to promote the unraveling of American culture by an 
assault upon our history through the removal of icons of the 
past and an excess of “political correctness.”
The key players in this staged event turned out to have been:

George Soros, who financed the event, Executive Producer;  

Terry McAuliffe, Governor of Virginia, Director, who controlled 
the National Guard and the VA State Police; 

Michael Signer, Mayor of Charlottesville, Assistant Director
who ordered the local police to stand down; 

Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler, who impersonated  
White Nationalist leaders to give the event a neo-Nazi flavor; 

Brennan Gilmore, a U.S. State Department operative who 
appears to have served with the CIA in Africa, Witness

Ford Fischer, as the On-scene Videographer; with

Antifa, Black Lives Matter and stuntmen as Extras.
Left-wing zealots not only produced the Charlottesville 
event but others, such as Angela Rye, a former executive 
with the Black Congressional Caucus, has called for the 
removal of all monuments—from George Washington 
to Thomas Jefferson to Robert E. Lee—which would 
disfigure our nation’s capital. Even the United Nations 
has called for the suppression of freedom of speech 
under the First Amendment, claiming that America 
must not allow Constitutional Rights to be “misused” 
to promote “hate speech.” Charlottesville was designed 
and continues to be promoted to change what it means 
to be an American and to subvert our rights under the 
United States Constitution. 

It was profoundly disappointing that you seem to have 
missed the boat on Charlottesville. When someone 
in your position, who has been entrusted to reveal the 
truth for the benefit of the public--falls so short on 
exposing the chicanery perpetrated by political zealots,
it's hardly surprising that we as a nation are in such dire 
straits. I am sorry, but I really expected more of you and 
of UVA. Our nation's future, alas, hangs in the balance.

James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.
McKnight Professor Emeritus
University of Minnesota Duluth


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Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-editor of


  1. It is sad when Jim has to write these letters. The country long ago lost its values and reason. Very sad. Thanks Jim.

    1. I hope you included in the book that Heather Heyer's burial was done in secret and in a secret location and there's not death certificate and probably no birth certificate for her either.

    2. That's great stuff! It's amazing that we are played with these fake deaths. The fact that two State Police did not die in a chopper crash is clearly made. I will see about making these points in later printings. Send me some links.

    3. "Bro buried her daughter in a private location, in a grave that does not even list her name. “I just wanted her left alone,” she said. Last Monday, Bro took Heather’s grandparents, her brother and his wife, and her young niece to visit the grave site together.”

    4. Futher, the sloppy Bro looks nothing like the professional Heather - and the "father" bears no resemblance either. In some press set ups Bro holds up a photo of herself and Heather that is doctored to make them look more alike, but Bro holding the photo is the proof they don't look alike at all. Also, Bro is a terrible actor and can't fake grieving.

  2. This comment is off topic.
    I have a bad feeling about the James Tracy trial.
    I have only heard about the JT trial, which apparently started last Wednesday or Thursday, from the local Florida online newspapers, who are obviously biased.
    It appears that JT & Team will be able to bring in almost nothing about Lenny Pozner and the facts about Sandy Hook. According to the newspapers, JT had to admit last Friday on the stand that Pozner was the real father of a real son Noah. "Reportedly, yes", said JT to a question to that effect. The defense has piled up a good deal of evidence to show that JT spent a lot of time on the MHB blog, and not reported it, when he should have been doing "official" research, whatever that might be. Of course I agree with JT, but all of this looks bad, and much worse without any explanation as to why he was doing what he was doing.
    Unfortunately I do not think he and his team will have the time at trial to explain things properly. The trial is only scheduled to run 8 days, and when you take away two days for initial arguments and summation, that leaves maybe six days for presentation, only three of which would be for the plaintiff. And of that three much time will be wasted on inefficient introductions of plaintiffs witnesses (as to reporting requirements of FAU faculty for outside activities). So really you have maybe one day of JT testifying on his own behalf, and virtually nothing about the truth of what he was reporting in MHB.
    I suspect that this trial was a set-up. Eight days for a trial worth potentially more that $2 million compensation/damages and presenting multiple factual and legal questions seems rather ridiculous. The official explanation would be that Federal Court's time is more valuable and therefore the trial must be shorter.
    I think that JT's lawyers walked into a trap. They presumed that they would get a fairer trial at Federal Court than in District Court. Wrong. The Feds threw out 8 of the 10 counts on summary judgement a month or two ago, leaving only counts (simple wrongful termination ones) that eliminated the possibility of bringing in Pozner and SH. Furthermore, they assigned the trial a ridiculously short time period. On top of that, JT has to get a unananimous 8 of 8 jurors, rather that 10 out of 12 in District Court. Federal Courts, like (US Fed) Tax Court, as anybody in the business knows, are more often than not kangaroo courts that disfavor small, non-institutional parties.
    All this reminds me of the April Gallup 911 trial, in which the Federal Court headed by the notorious fix-it judge Hellerstein narrowly limited the number of issues and the amount of evidence that could be introduced and assigned the trial a mere 30 days, including jury selection.
    I sincerely hope that my my fears are unfounded and JT prevails. But I doubt it.

    1. I share your concerns. He even apologized for saying that the parents were as phony as the kids and were making out like bandits from the donations that had been sent in, when we know the children were made up out of photographs of other kids when they were younger. He should be aggressively defending his position on Sandy Hook and offering proof why he was attempting to protect the public from being ripped off by a elaborate scam. It doesn't look good.

    2. Maybe James Tracy should include Fetzer as a character witness!!!OL

    3. Still, Tracy tried to walk back his attack on the Pozners. “I was distraught,” he told the jury. But when asked if it was true that the Pozner’s son, Noah, had been shot at Sandy Hook, he stuck by his conspiracy theory. “Reportedly, yes,” he said.

      (Can't say it was a hoax under oath Mr. Tracy?)

    4. "One smiling supporter of Tracy’s showed up in the courtroom on Monday wearing a white T-shirt with the words “Conspiracy Theorist” printed across his chest." By any chance, was that one supporter James H. Fetzer?

    5. What's your size Jim? XXXL???

    6. Does anybody really believe JT would get a fair trial? Does anybody believe Hillary Clinton will be jailed? Look at the ridiculous insurance awards for the WTC, a rathole filled with asbestos. Who was the judge, who were the lawyers, who handled the payoffs to the families of the deceased? Who tried to talk a few remaining plaintiffs into NOT suing??? I kinda feel, and you know it, too, that Khazars were behind this brouhaha. It was a set-up from the get-go. Good ol' American "justice" system. Goldstein is a joke, a bad joke. Probably a bad person, too.

  3. Thanks, Jim, for this incisive summary of the matter re: Charlottesville.

    Don't ever overlook the salient fact that the mayor had, back at the time of Trump's inauguration, announced that his town would become (something like) "the beginning of the resistance". And so it became. Prescient of you, there, Mayor Signer...

  4. Keep in mind that Jim Fetzer's blog (Like the James Tracy blog) is for entertainment purposes only and that any reference to those living or dead is purely coincidental.

    Which one of Jim Fetzer's many conspiracy theories do you believe and why? Also, which ones don't you believe and why? ;-)

    1. "Dr. Goldstein", whom many of us believe is actually Judy Wood, is an apologist for the DEW group, which refuses to discuss who was responsible and why. If she had anything serious to say, she would say it instead of resorting to sarcasm and ridicule to defend an indefensible position, where Judy cashed in her scientific credentials when she refused to take into account the USGS dust sample studies, which confirm that it was a nuclear event.

      Judy and her groupies are one of two 9/11 "limited hangouts", the other being A&E911, where Richard Gage (on C-SPAN) left 9/11 Truth in a time warp: These guys have syphoned off the donors to 9/11 Truth and what do they have to show for it? Nanothermite, which cannot have possibly blown the Twin Towers apart. They are both blowing smoke to confuse the public about 9/11 and what we know. Check out

    2. Sorry, the BIG FAT LIAR here is Fetzer himself. I don't have a dog in this fight. Maybe I'll send an email to the newspapers reporting on Tracy and ask them to investigate Fetzer.

    3. You're an idiot, a fool. You don't have a dog in the fight? You ARE the dog, Goldy.

  5. Does anyone know if Judy Wood is Jewish? That Emmanuel Goldstein character (in '1984') was, and Judith is a popular Jewish name. Only asking. - HW

    1. (I hear James Tracy is Jewish. Don't tell anyone it's a big secret.)

    2. Coltman, and other university officials, said they didn’t buy Tracy’s protestations that he didn’t believe he had to report activities like his blog because they had repeatedly told him that he did. Coltman has since left FAU for a position at another university.

      One reason FAU officials didn’t believe Tracy was confused was because he was a former president of the faculty’s labor union and had negotiated and signed the most recent version of the collective bargaining agreement, they said.

      That meant he knew more than most employees about what was required, they said.

      “He was a tenured faculty member who had been a president of the union,” Coltman testified. “This wasn’t a surprise, he wasn’t ignorant of his responsibilities.”

  6. Jim, I haven't seen much of anything online debunking the Sutherland Springs church "massacre" although I suspect it is just another false flag. Many of the players seem to have a military background, the shooter in mil intel no less. Are you looking into this?

    1. What's your size JP Wolf? ;-)