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Mona Alexis Pressly: Las Vegas Police Scanner for Mass Casualty Drill

Mona Alexis Pressley
Conspiracy Realist

[Editor's note: Mona has verified the transcription of the scanner by Jeremy Rubin (aka The Friendly Flipper!) to make it auditorily apparent that this was a drill. I have added several images to make it visually apparent that this was a drill. How much proof do we need to demonstrate that this was a complete and total hoax--a staged event?]

I found another smoking gun video. This guy video taped the entire drill. There were so many shootings in different hotels Mandalay Bay was just one of them and they said nothing about mass killings. They didn't say anything about shooting of security guard when they found Paddock--and they sounded like they had practiced finding Paddock: "No big deal" is how cop sounded and I also had the impression that it was only one cop. This police scanner tells the story of the Police Department's BIG LIE!  I downloaded this video also just in case they erase it from YouTube.  

Video from FaceBook Live:

Here is the time line:

00:01 - Shooting occurred less than 15 minutes ago - No first responders on scene yet 01:43 - “several subjects down at New York New York and (zoomanity?) 01:49 - First audible sirens from emergency vehicles 03:50 - Dispatcher says they are getting information about an active shooter at Tropicana 04:16 - Dispatcher getting multiple reports of multiple shooters at multiple locations 06:27 - Helicopter appears on screen 08:05 - Stressed sounding officer comes on radio (sounds like they have not caught the guy yet) 8:26 - People running in parking lot 8:58 - People hiding behind container in parking lot 9:10 - Officer on radio reports shots fired at New York New York

Moving bodies from funeral home to waiting ambulance
11:41 - Dispatcher “One suspect down inside the room” 12:28 - Officer reporting negative on shots fired at Tropicana 13:09 - One down, 32nd floor at Mandalay Bay, 13:16 - Dispatcher confirms room 135 14:29 - Officer states that there are no shots being fired at Tropicana 14:55 - New York New York security states that there were not shots fired 17:11 - Dispatcher - Reports of shots fired at Ceasar’s and Bellagio 19:28 - Male with a gun reported, 413 at Paris 20:16 - Dispatcher - Shots fired at Bellagio 21:52 - People running through parking lot 26:10 - Officer states negative shots fired at New York New York 26:47 - One suspect down, in custody per SWAT 27:48 - Officer states there was a player’s card near the suspect, with the name Mary Lou Danly 28:55 - Officer states he found address 1372 Battling Brook Court, Mesquite Nevada 29:24 - Dispatcher “Code 4 McHaren” 30:19 - Dispatcher “Male walking into Bellagio employee entrance with a rifle”
Crisis actors with sheets at Hooters waiting to be carried out on stretchers
36:53 - Dispatcher states there is a female with a gunshot wound to the head at Tropicana 38:51 - People squeezing through the fence 50:46 - Number on bus is 777 1:00:32 - Officer - Making entrance into Route 91 festival through gate 1 1:01:32 - Hotel employee #1 approaches me aka Toothy 1:01:50 - Hotel employee #2 starts cursing at me 1:02:33 - Hotel employee #1 says he just took 9 people to the hospital 1:05:19 - Hotel security telling me “you need to leave sir” 1:05:43 - Hotel employee #1 says he just to 7 people to the hospital, personally, all gunshot 1:06:41 - Numbers 777 clearly visible on bus 1:08:41 - Gathering my belongings 1:10:32 - Finish gathering my stuff 1:12:04 - Officer states that he has 1000-1200 people in the Michael Jackson theatre 1:17:08 - I drive on to Tropicana Boulevard

1:22:50 - Dispatcher “I just had a _____ approach me from the Flamingo hotel saying that their surveillance shows a WMA and two WFAs get out of a cab, grab a silver extinguisher and place it behind a slot machine about 23:__ hours” 1:23:30 - Officer (15 civilians barricaded inside a restaurant inside of Mandalay Bay?) 1:24:15 - Officer requests to have strike team check VIP stage area 1:25:14 - Officer “we’re getting information from one of the _____ lieutenants. 1:26:48 - North Las Vegas S.W.A.T. (got reports of?) shots fired at (Harrahs?) confirmation from strike team requested 1:27:06 - Strike team 7 at the Cromwell replies 1:27:17 - Strike team 7 states that they haven’t heard anything 1:29:41 - Unknown Voice - “Confirming officers out in the field know, that uh, there are victims who are injured at the scene, the original scene who have gone back to their hotels, this could be accounting for some of the __________” voice gets cut off 1:30:01 - Dispatcher “Re-advising that no units should be entering the Mandalay Bay unless they are reliving S.W.A.T. 1:30:40 - 419s and some people on the 15 freeway, in front of town square mall NB lanes, people standing around who looked injured 1:36:16 - Dispatcher - Someone hiding at Desert Rose Resort
Lest it be besieged with requests for death certificates and autopsy reports
1:37:06 - Chopper flys by overhead 1:40:28 - Officer? Asks if there are any casualties at Tropicana and if so how many 1:40:33 - No casualties to report at Tropicana, just minor injuries 1:40:42 - Dispatcher - Possibly another suspect on the 4th floor of Mandalay Bay per ____ Lieutenant 1:42:40 - Unknown Voice “Can you divert media please, we don't have all suspects accounted for” 1:45:53 - I walk over to Hooters 1:46:40 - Reports of gunshot wound victims at Reno and (Giles?) 1:47:41 - 100 more civilians being ushered into Michael Jackson theatre 1:52:07 - Officer confirms with dispatcher regarding 413 at Motel 6. [413 is person with a gun] 1:52:44 - 4th floor of Mandalay Bay has been cleared, there should not be anybody up there 2:01:42 - Bally’s security called and said that they’ve got one detained, who says he was involved 2:02:45 - No injures reported at Circus Circus 2:02:51 - White male in custody in holding room at Bally’s, no weapons were found on him 2:03:27 - Guy with pellet gun is custody 2:05:15 - I did not hear a gun shot, it was something else

Mona Alexis Pressley, Conspiracy Realist and M.A. in psychology, has also authored "Nobody Died at the Las Vegas Concert" (24 October 2017) and "CONFIRMED: Nobody Died at the Las Vegas Concert" (2 November 2017).

Mike Palecek: Announcing PENN Magazine

Mike Palecek

WE INVITE YOU to visit Penn Magazine at

This brand new publication is named in honor of Penn Jones, Jr., perhaps the first researcher of the John F. Kennedy murder.

We thank him.

​— Penn Jones 

"There are NO wrong questions, about 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston, Bigfoot, UFOs, Las Vegas, RFK, MLK, JFK, Paul Wellstone, OKC, Waco, Aurora, San Bernardino, Charlottesville, Tucson ..."

We launch on yet another anniversary of the John F. Kennedy assassination. It still matters. It’s all that matters. Everything changed on that day. 

It’s not ancient history. On the little timeline of world history at the bottom of the sixth grade world history textbook with time measured in millions of years it’s still the same day.

Some of us don’t think much about the Kennedy assassination, some of us have thought of nothing but.

Some have spent years working on that puzzle at the kitchen table, over time they fade away, others take their places, the puzzle takes shape.

And over the years the puzzle has become very big, with large pieces and very tiny pieces, the paid puzzle-makers hard at work, every day, for years and years. they are full-time.
Lucky for us, there are among us unpaid, volunteer workers who toil just as hard.

painting by Doug Auld, "The Whistleblowers"

These men, our "Enigmatologists," [PAGE 6] are doing the jobs of journalists who chose not to follow in the intrepid shoes of Penn Jones. Professors Jim Fetzer, Kevin Barrett, James Tracy are among those who have sat at the table in recent years, laboring, picking up pieces, trying to match them to the existing work.

They are the reporters sent out by Penn Jones, Jr. They are the ones like you and like me ...
“... those hundreds of people, in Biloxi, Baraboo, Barstow, Butte, Bancroft and Brooklyn, ... those people who, on Nov. 22, or Nov. 23, or Nov. 24, 1963 ... or sometime during the following week, on a long or short walk ... or at the kitchen table pouring Froot Loops for the kids or for themselves — those first persons who sat upright in bed at 2:35 a.m. and said, “This is bullshit.”
You know who you are.

IN THIS INAUGURAL ISSUE of Penn Magazine you will also find stories on The New American Dream Radio Show and some of the regular guests on that show:

SUSAN LINDAUER — a harrowing account of her arrest by the FBI

KAREN KWIATKOWSKI — was stationed at the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001

FRANK CORDARO — member of the Des Moines Catholic Worker, former Catholic priest, has spent over six years in federal prison for fighting the U.S. military machine

RICHARD FLAMER — from the Chiapas, Mexico Catholic Worker

ANTHONY RAYSON — former Chicago toll-booth operator publishes the writings of America's prisoners, writing from behind prison walls

MK DAVIS Believe It Or Not: Bigfoot is real

MICKEY Z — from Astoria, Queens New York City, writer, activist, now working with homeless women


AVA BIRD — poet from Los Angeles

by PENN JONES, JR. — "Dan Rather Blinked"

PHILIP A. FARRUGGIO — "Fools For Phony Wars"

MICHAEL & ME — I visit New York City and we meet Michael Moore and Garrison Keillor along the way"
These are not stupid men, presumably. 
They are too tall and wearing suits and they are on TV and people know their names — and they know full well how their bread is buttered and by whom. They also did not say boo or you betcha when their fellow Minnesotan, Paul Wellstone, was murdered for having questioned the official 9/11 story.

Ruth and I saw Moore in his Broadway Show and well ...
Jim Fetzer, Jessica Reznicek, Kevin Barrett, Ruby Montoya, Sophia Smallstorm, Frank Cordaro, and James Tracy should be preaching, cavorting, singing, dancing commando-style in the Belasco Theater every night for the next two years.  ... Then you would have something.

More from The New American Dream Radio Show:

"The New American Dream means never having to say some question or idea is not valid.

We are allowed to ask any questions that we have ... there are no wrong questions.

There is no hidden black military budget, there are no UFO files Americans cannot see, no JFK documents that will not be opened during our lifetimes, no destroyed RFK murder photos by the L.A. police, no evidence from Ground Zero taken away before we can even look at it — we are not the U.S.S.R. of the 1960s — this is supposed to be America. That is our dream, to become America, The New America, the real hope of the world. ...

... We have a dream ...

... of bringing the United States politicians, journalists and generals who have brought about this long 13-year war and debacle to trial — and put on TV just like O.J. — every afternoon — so every American can watch  ... just like the McCarthy Hearings and the JFK funeral procession ...

What we need is a New American Dream.

Not of new homes and toasters and microwaves, but of becoming the type of country we always thought we were.

Right now we live on lies. We subsist on lies, but it’s not really living.

911 was an inside job.

They all know that. 

What we need in America is a Truth Commission like they had in South Africa to heal their broken country. We need to put certain people on the stand and we need to be allowed to ask questions.
Our country is surely broken as well.

The troops are not protecting us. That is someone’s spin on the day’s news – somebody’s advertising slogan --- someone else’s sermon.

The troops serve the empire. They are not heroes. They kill and plunder for the empire. American bases overseas serve nobody but the empire. The heroes in our country are the protesters, the ones who go face to face with the empire, those in the Plowshares Movement, for one example.

You have to know that Donald Trump knows the whole truth about the 9/11 attacks. He is complicit. He has lied. He has continued the wars everywhere based on a lie. And he knows he is lying.
Trump lies right to our faces on national television just as Barack Obama did when he said that Osama bin Laden had been killed ... and buried at sea. ... Osama bin Laden was buried at sea ... and Jessica Lynch was rescued heroically, the U.S.A. does not torture, Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, George Bush won the 2000 election, see, there is a plane there in that hole in Shanksville, it went all the way into that hole and no, there is no blood and no bodies and no luggage scattered ... or plane parts ... and Osama bin Laden ... was buried at sea. ...

Remember the anthrax letters, which said “Are You Afraid?” Those were not written with a rock and chisel like Fred Flintstone from the recesses of some cave in Afghanistan. Those letters came from persons within our own government.

Like a horror movie and the killer is in the same house with us.

These killers are right here, with us and “they” want us to be afraid.

Yes, 9/11 was an inside job.
How many times have we heard that, but look outside. You go. I'll wait here.
... It bears repeating. I know, right?

And so, in this issue of Penn Magazine we also have excerpts from "Guests of the Nation," and "Iowa Terror."

I WANTED TO DO GUESTS OF THE NATION in an attempt to show what really happened on Sept. 11, 2001, in a way that had not yet been done. I hoped that the artists and I could use our creativity to get behind the scenes, albeit in our imagination, really show it.

I think we might have done something like that in a few of the images, but not most.

I am always amazed at the great work done by the artists involved in my book projects. I must thank Michael Paul Miller and Allison M. Healy for the inside artwork, and Russell Brutsche for the cover art.

I no longer believe that planes were used however. I think the deception goes much deeper than that.

IOWA TERROR TELLS THE STORY of Jesus Iowa, a high school kid who saw the towers coming down on the TV wheeled into history class by the janitor and saw what no one else saw, the truth, so he had to leave town, but he came back. It features the outstanding art work of Ben Heine, Ian Ward, Russell Brutsche, and Allison M. Healy.

Someone was killing the Democrats
of Orange County, Iowa.

The prime suspect was Jesus Iowa,
the terrorist.

The Democrats are dying anyway. ​

...​ So, there you have it, except there's a lot more, please check it out at

— Mike Palecek