Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Paul Craig Roberts: Plunder Capitalism

The future of America (for the vast majority of its citizens)
I deplore the tax cut that has passed Congress. It is not an economic policy tax cut, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with supply-side economics. The entire purpose is to raise equity prices by providing equity owners with more capital gains and dividends. In other words, it is legislation that makes equity owners richer, thus further polarizing society into a vast arena of poverty and near-poverty and the One Percent, or more precisely a fraction of the One Percent wallowing in billions of dollars. Unless our rulers can continue to control the explanations, the tax cut edges us closer to revolution resulting from complete distrust of government.
The current tax legislation drops the corporate tax rate to 20%. This means that global corporations registered in the US will be taxed at a lower income tax rate than a licensed practical nurse making $50,000 per year. The nurse, if single, faces in 2017 a 25% marginal tax rate on all income over $37,950.
A single person is taxed at a rate of 33% on all income above $191,651. 33% was the top tax rate extracted from medieval serfs, and approaches the tax rate on US 19th century slaves. Such an upper middle class income as $191,651 sounds extraordinary to most Americans, but it is so far from the multi-million dollar annual incomes of the rich as to be invisible. In America, it is the shrinking middle and upper middle class incomes that bear the burden of income taxation. The rich with their capital gains from their equity holdings are taxed at 15%.
Even single individuals who earn between $1 and $9,325 are taxed at 10% on their pittance.
The neoliberal economists who are the shills for the rich, Wall Street, and the Banks-Too-Big-Too-Fail claim, erroneously, that by cutting the corporate income tax rate to 20% all sorts of offshored profits will be brought back to the US and lead to a booming economy and higher wages. This is absolute total nonsense. The money won’t come back, because it is invested abroad where labor costs are lower, if invested at all instead of buying back the corporation’s stock or buying other existing companies. After 20 years of offshoring US manufacturing and professional tradable skills and the incomes associated with the jobs, who is going to invest in America? The American population has no income with which to purchase the goods and services from new investment, and the American population’s credit cards are maxed out.
All that is going to happen is that Wall Street will calculate the lower tax rate into a higher equity price. Wall Street can do this without any of the offshored earnings coming home. Suddenly, everyone who owns equities will experience a boost in wealth, or the boost has already occurred in anticipation of the handout.
The deficit-conscious Republicans have put into the Bill for Enhancement of the Rich’s Wealth, cuts in social services in order to “save workers from higher interest rates from budget deficits.” This is more dishonesty. If the Fed lets real interest rates rise to any meaningful amount, derivatives will unwind, and the Fed will have to create trillions more in new dollars to keep its ponzi scheme in place. The deficit that results from the tax cut will be covered by the Fed purchasing the Treasuries, not by a rise in interest rates.
What we are witnessing in the US and indeed throughout the western world is the total failure of capitalism. Capitalism is now merely a looting machine. The financial sector no longer supplies capital for production. What the financial sector does is to turn discretionary consumer income into interest and fee payments to banks. Aggregate demand can only grow through debt expansion, and the consumers reach a point where they cannot expand their debt.
Capitalism, hiding behind “globalism,” which is misrepresented as a good thing when it is death itself, locates production where labor is cheapest, thus depriving First World labor of good wages and work opportunities and putting First World countries on the path to becoming Third World countries. Short-term profits and executive and board bonuses and stock options are maximized at the cost of the destruction of the domestic consumer market.
Plunder Capitalism also privatizes as much of the public sector, such as the military, as possible, thus driving up the cost of the Pentagon’s budget. Jobs that the soldiers themselves formerly did are given to politically-connected firms. What was once KP (kitchen patrol) is now provided by an outside private service. Private mercenaries hired by the Pentagon collect as much in a month as troops in the line of fire earn in a year. I don’t know that the army any longer has a supply organization other than the private business that has the contract.
Medicare and Medicaid are the next to be privatized, along with Social Security. The tax cut will result in deficit and high interest rate hype, and these lies will be used to save the workers from high interest rates on their mortgage, credit card, and student loan debt by scaling back or privatizing Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.
The environment and public lands will be sacrificed to the private profits of timber, mining, and energy companies. Grizzly bears and wolves are losing their protection under the endangered species act so that states can sell trophy hunting licenses to men who have to prove their manhood by killing an animal with a high-powerful rifle at a safe distance.
What we are witnessing is the complete looting of America and the entirety of the West. While the Western World collapses, the insouciant, submissive people sit there sucking their thumbs while they are being ruined.
Nothing is left of the West except looters at work.
This tax bill is an abomination, an act of brutal plunder. Its sponsors should be tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail, if not hung from a lamp post.

Miles Mathis: Las Vegas list of victims. They all have fake names.

Miles Mathis

I will start with the “fishiest” name on the list: Denise Salmon Burditus. Just looks fake, doesn’t it? Maybe now we know why they didn’t give the others middle names. If they had, they would have names like cod, flounder, seabass, and trout. Anyway, they have a listing for her at, but it is still a big red flag. To start with, although allegedly 50 years old, she has worked at only one place: Heritage Financial Group, Inc. That is suspicious immediately, given what we uncovered above. But if we do a quick search on Heritage Financial, it gets even worse. Although said to manage businesses in several states, its website is a single white half-page that looks like it was just created last night on a Big Chief tablet.
That’s the whole enchilada. I think DHS needs to hire a better tech team to fake these pages. That is just pathetic. also has a page for her, and it tells us she has also lived in Joint Base Lewis- McChord, WA. Oooo, that sounds good! What is that? It is a military base, and its scary webpage starts by telling you that you are accessing a restricted site, authorized for government use
only. You are warned there that the USG routinely intercepts and monitors communications on this site for, among other things, “counterintelligence investigations”. Intrigued?
So yeah, this lady seems like a normal attendee at a country music concert. At least we have indication she has worked at other places than Heritage Financial. What could those places be, I wonder? Well, Joint Base Lewis-McChord is the site of 12th Psychological Operations Group. It is connected to the 324th and 349th in Aurora, CO, and the 353rd in Las Vegas. Also the 14th Psychological Operations Battalion in Mountain View, CA, which links us to some of these other alleged victims. Mountain View also links us to the tech companies I mentioned above, all owned in part by Vanguard. Remember, Mountain View is the home of Google, Mozilla, Symantec, Intuit, LinkedIn, and many other tech companies. It was the home of Schockley Semiconductors, which we saw in my paper on Steve Jobs. So it looks like we have found another one of the keys to this event: Psychological Operations. We have intuited this was a major psyop from the get-go, but here we see it is hard-linked to many actual Psychological Operations Groups. We may infer that this is where the planning was done, and some of the fake victims were apparently taken from the vicinities.
Next, let’s hit Jessica Klymchuk. That sort of pops out at you, doesn’t it? Instead of taking us to her page, Intelius takes us directly to a Juliya L. Klymchuk, who I guess is supposed to be the same person. But shouldn’t the mainstream be posting the real names of these people, not their nicknames or aliases? Plus, how does Intelius know Jessica is the same as Juliya L.? Are we supposed to just take their word for it? If it is not her, why are we directed to her page? Why not just say, “none found”? Juliya is supposed to have a sister named Yuliya. But wait, isn’t that the same name? Do you really think their parents named two sisters Yuliya and Juliya? They are pronounced the same, so it isn’t a very good job of naming. As you are seeing, this is all just another joke. Instantcheckmate apparently hasn’t yet been informed that Jessica is the same as Juliya, although they are tied into the same big government computers as Intelius. That site tells us there is no such person as Jessica Klymchuk. Could be because Jessica is supposed to be Canadian, and these sites only scan the US. That’s convenient, since several of the other victims are also Canadian. What are the odds that so many Canadians would be in Las Vegas listening to country music? However, has no listing for a Jessica Klymchuk in all of Canada. There is a J. Klymchuk in Edmonton, but Jessica is supposed to be from Valleyview. And no, Valleyview is not a suburb of Edmonton. Valleyview is about 150 miles away.
Jordan McIldoon is supposed to be from Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. But again, the people searches have never heard of him. There is no Jordan McIldoon listed in all of Canada.
Next let’s look at Neysa Tonks. Intelius tells us she worked for Cisco Systems, a big red flag. Cisco— a major tech company—was founded by Bosack and Lerner in 1984. It controls a large part of the computer routing business (think LAN). It was the most valuable company in the world in 2000, said to be worth $500 billion. Right. About what I am worth. Bosack later worked for Bell Labs and the Department of Defense in creating ARPAnet. This links us to research above, specifically the companies SDC and Paramax. And guess who now owns Cisco? Vanguard, Blackrock, and other major investment groups. Just another coincidence, right? Although Cisco is headquartered in San Jose, it owns many subsidiaries that also link us to Mountain View, CA.
Then we have Adrian Murfitt of Achorage, said to be a fisherman. Unfortunately for that story, his Intelius profile indicates he is an attorney working for some major Jewish law firms that represent big oil and the Mormons. Why are they hiding that, I wonder?
We also have a big problem with James “Sonny” Melton, since Intelius has never heard of him. No James Melton, age 29, of Paris, TN, related to Heather. In fact, no James Melton anywhere near that age in all of Tennessee. Instantcheckmate has a James N. Melton of Paris, TN, no age, no relatives. Just that suspicious “i”. The big computers know of no relatives for this person? Not even his wife Heather? Hmmm.
[A reader tells me a Sonny Melton is listed at Spokeo, with the same relatives as our Sonny on Facebook. But he is 37, not 29. His towns are listed as Big Sandy and Camden, not Paris. So why is the information in the victims list all wrong? His alleged wife is not Heather Melton, but Heather Gladwell. She still has her ex-husband’s name from 2015, though the divorce was not amicable. Curious. She is listed as 48, which is also very curious. She is an orthopedic surgeon, not exactly what we would have expected. So why is her name given as Heather Gulish Melton in the mainstream press releases, when her own business website lists her as Heather Gladwell? This brings up several big problems. One, if Sonny is in Big Sandy and Heather is in Paris, how does that marriage work? Two, if Heather is 48, she doesn’t match the photos of her online with Sonny. The woman in the published photos is nowhere near 48, which is probably why they lowered Sonny’s age from 37 to 29.
I will be told that is an old photo, but if so it is quite old. I would guess his age there as 27 and hers as 35. That would date the photo as 10 to 13 years ago. Even if they are both very young looking, and we cut that in half, it is still five years ago—before they were married. So why are there no recent photos of them together? Regardless of their ages, we know that photo is not recent since it doesn’t match what she looks like now. She is heavier and noticeably older. Again, why publish these old photos of them together? I will tell you: the photos aren’t what we are told they are. They are either paste-ups or are mistagged. The pic above looks like a paste-up, since he is pink while she is orange. The line where they meet is unnatural. And they are looking at two different monitors or cameras.
However, one thing makes sense: Sonny’s dad James Warren Melton owns a gun training school in TN called US Security Services. No doubt the Vegas hoax will cause a spike in gun sales, which will be good for his business. James is also a practicing attorney listed at LinkedIn. Previously he has been Chief of Police of Big Sandy, President of US Electric Company, and an administrator at Tennessee Valley Authority. The internet has no information on a US Electric Company.
While I am updating, I might as well remind you the name Melton links us back to my recent paper on Mussolini. Who would have thought? Mussolini’s mother was a Maltoni, which I linked in that paper to the English surnames from the peerage Melton and Milton. It looks like they are all Jewish. Also
curious is that Aaron Dykes’ wife Melissa is a Melton. Does she link to these people? I don’t know, but it is a question to ask.]
Intelius has also never heard of Stacee Ann Etcheber of Novato, California, age 50. The closest they have is a Suzanne Etcheber of Walnut Creek, age 41.
Instantcheckmate has never heard of Quinton Robbins, age 20, of Henderson Nevada. They list eight Quinton Robbins nationwide, but the youngest is 31 from Alabama. Intelius has a Quinton Robbins in Nevada, but they don’t seem to know how old he is.
Intelius has also never heard of Lisa Marhefka-Patterson. None found nationwide. Also no Lisa Patterson of Lomita, CA. We do find a Lisa Patterson, age 46, who works for General Dynamics. But she otherwise does not match Lisa Marhefka-Patterson.
Intelius has also never heard of Thomas Allen Day, Jr., of Corona, CA, age 54. There is a Thomas Allen Day, age 75, who might be senior, but no junior. If there were, you would think Junior would be listed as one of his relatives. But no. He has seven relatives listed, but no Thomas, Jr.
I have now done ten, and you can see the problems. Why are these people so hard to find? The people searches are not that hard to use. All real people are easy to find. Type in your own name at Intelius, for instance. Or type in mine. They know everything about me, even where I went to preschool. Mecham Kindergarten. Right. Wow. I guess they know what color underwear I have on right now. So why can’t they seem to locate these people killed in Las Vegas?
OK, now let’s do Bill Wolfe, Jr. He is listed, but no places that he has studied at or worked at are listed. His father is listed right above him: he has five places listed where he has worked and two universities he attended. For Junior, nothing. So why do they know where I went to pre-school but they don’t know where this Bill Wolfe has been?
How about Bailey Schweitzer? No middle name given. She is supposed to be the 20-year-old daughter of the family that owns Bakersfield Speedway in Bakersfield, CA. Bailey allegedly went to Centennial High School in Bakersfield. That’s strange, since according to a people search on Bailey Schweitzer of Bakersfield, Bailey Schweitzer is from Mount Horeb, WI, where she went to Wilcox High School. No age is listed for her. But this can’t be her, because the relatives are wrong. They gave her relatives in memorials, and there is no match. Also curious is that a general search on Bailey Schweitzer nationwide finds five, all 26 or under. We find a 21 year old in CT, and a 19 year old in MN. None are found in Bakersfield. Instantcheckmate does list a Bailey Schweitzer of Bakersfield, but she has no age. But why doesn’t Intelius know she exists? At any rate, I discovered Bakersfield has a large presence on this victims list, so someone else might research that angle. I will be told it is because Bakersfield is near Las Vegas, but it is no nearer than Riverside or Glendale, and those places didn’t come up at all.
How about Calla-Marie Medig of Jasper, Canada? Well, they don’t bother to tell us if that is Jasper, ON, or Jasper, AB, but it doesn’t matter, since there is no Calla Medig in either place. In fact, there is no Calla Medig in all of Canada. I guess they just figure you don’t know how to do people searches in Canada.
How about Derrick Bo Taylor? That already looks like a joke. Remember Bo Derek from the movie Ten? Well, we do find him at Intelius, but with the wrong age. He is 54 there, but given as 56 in the
list. Instantcheckmate has Derrick D. Taylors of both ages, both from Oxnard, not Ventura. So another fail.
How about Cameron Robinson of Las Vegas? We do find him, but again with red flags. His mainstream bio simply says he worked for the city as a legal records specialist. I guess they forgot to tell you he also worked for MGM and Cinemark. That is what it says at Intelius. They didn’t think it was pertinent that he worked for MGM? And what about Cinemark? That links us back to the Batman shooting, which happened at a Cinemark theater. By the way, you may not be up-to-date on that. In 2016, Cinemark won a case against the shooting victims. The victims had sued Cinemark, but lost and had to pay Cinemark’s legal fees of $700,000. The lesson they want you to learn? Don’t sue big companies.
What about Austin Meyer, 24, of Reno? Once again, Intelius has never heard of him. The only Austin Meyer they list in Reno is Austin Drennan Meyer, age 45.
Same thing with Candice Ryan Bowers, 40, from Garden Grove. Intelius has never heard of her. We find only Candice R. Bowers from Garden Grove, but she is listed as being 71 years old.
What about Sandra Casey, 34, of Redondo Beach? Same thing: wrong age. The only Sandra Caseys in that age range in CA are 37 and 40.
What about Lisa Romero-Muniz, 48, of Gallup, NM? Intelius brings up nothing. A search on Lisa Muniz takes us to Lisa V. Muniz, but she is in Taos and not Gallup, and she is listed as 47. A search on Lisa Romero takes us to Lisa M. Romero, 48, of Gallup. But if this is her, why can’t the mainstream get her name right?
And John Joseph Phippen, 56, of Massapequa, NY? Intelius has never heard of him. There are two John Phippens in Massepequa, but they have the wrong middle names and ages (77 and 79).
And Kelsey Brianne Meadows, 28, no location given? She is listed, but we see why they didn’t give her location. She lives in Taft, on Naval Petroleum Reserve no. 2. Instantcheckmate has her listed as 29 and living in Lake Elsinore, not Taft, CA. But the most interesting thing is her relative listed there as Althea Varela. If we search on that, we find an Althea Gabrielle Varela, nee Meadows, so that is probably her sister. This Althea Varela was arrested this year in Orange County.
What about Charleston Hartfield, the black police officer killed? He is listed, but again with red flags. On his locations list we also find Ft. Bragg and Henderson, NV. Both places may link him to Intelligence.
What about Tara Ann Smith, 34, of Okotoks, AB, Canada? No one by that name in all of Canada. No Tara Smith in Okotoks. Curiously, we do find an obit for her at Note the name of the site. Oh my heavens, not another lie!
I’ve done almost half now. Do I need to go on? If this event had been real and these people actually killed in it, a victims’ list would not throw up so many dead ends and red flags. I have definitely proven that either 1) this event was faked, or 2) Intelius is worthless as a people search. My enemies will claim it is the latter, but this would mean the big government computers are about as smart as Jim Fetzer at the end of a whiskey binge. [Editor's note: Something is clearly wrong with Miles Mathis. See my note at the beginning.] The computers weren’t able to locate and confirm a sizeable percentage of these victims, which is pretty difficult to understand. 
I mean, this wasn’t a bagpipe concert on an Amish farm. These people weren’t living off-the-grid in dugouts in woodland Arkansas. These were supposed to be North Americans like you and me, tracked from birth with a mountain of paperwork, a bloated bureaucracy, and now a spy-state—complete with satellites, security cameras, drones, black helicopters, open mail, bugged phones, and round-the-clock surveillance. So it looks to me like you either have to give up your belief in the Las Vegas event, or give up your belief in the big computers. Since they somehow know where I went to preschool (in 1969—before computers), you can see why I have no belief in the Las Vegas event.