Monday, January 15, 2018

Steve De'ak: The 9/11 Crash Test to Settle the "No Planes in New York" Controversy

Dear 9/11 Truth Movement,

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t want to be doing this truth movement thing forever; I’m tired of endlessly arguing 9/11; eventually I’d like to solve this caper and get on with my life.  I’m also tired of endless war and I believe the best way to stop the wars is by exposing the lies that started them.  So to kill two birds with one stone, I began the 9/11 Crash Test project which you can find at and to help explain it I released a you-tube video entitled Tired of War Without End.  For those who haven’t heard about it, the project proposal is to use one of the many online fundraising sites to raise funds for the project, while simultaneously raising awareness about 9/11 in the mainstream. The plan is to take a wing-section from a scrapped 767, strap it to a rocket sled and at 550 MPH, slam it into some steel boxes built to the specifications of the exterior columns of the world trade center, filming the results with high-speed cameras and producing a video documentary of the project to release online.  I won’t beat around the bush; this endeavor looks the no-planes issue straight in the eye.

Have you ever wondered why after sixteen years there is so much discord and still no consensus within the Truth Movement?  How can so many obviously smart people have so many disparate hypotheses, and why do the big, well-funded truth groups treat the no-planes hypotheses with such disdain?  I’m sure we’ve all seen the same evidence, yet when I examined it I arrived at a completely different conclusion than most everyone else.  I know people can lie and television can be faked, but as far as I’m concerned there’s no way a plane can slice a steel skyscraper like a hot knife through butter, and I believe the 9/11 Crash Test project will prove it.

But I’m not asking for you to embrace my version of 9/11, that’s not what the project is about; it’s about the test and nothing else, regardless what any of us believe, or think the results will be or will imply.  Whether or not the crash test ever occurs, the project has already been a success by reaching people who otherwise would never have considered 9/11 to be anything other than the official story.  By simply asking the question, “What would happen if we crashed a jet-wing into some steel boxes?” the wheels start turning.

I was able to change the opinion of even the most staunch, Fox-watching, gun-toting conservative skeptic by simply explaining the crash test project and then showing him the Mythbuster’s Myth Revolution video where they cut a car in half with a heavily braced steel “snowplow.”  For ten years, this friend of mine would laugh at me as I went through my phases of 9/11 enlightenment, but when I showed him the Crash Test concept, he became very quiet.  After three times watching them cut the car in half, he finally said, “Oh, that wing would just explode against the steel.”  Three days later he called to ask how I am able to deal with being lied-to like that, and I said, “You’ve seen how I deal with it.”  And we both laughed.  Right there is one example of a brief skirmish with the mainstream and my friend is now fully on board with the project and has offered his expertise with steel fabrication to boot.  The point is, the no-planes conclusion is not so crazy, in fact for the media-driven lifestyle of today with everyone pretty savvy to technology it is one of the simplest concepts for the mainstream citizen to grasp, although the implications can be staggering.

Face it, for the no-planes conclusion to be correct the leaders of the world’s media, academia, military and government had to be involved, meaning our leaders have been feeding us a lie, but you know what they say; if you make the lie big enough and repeat it often enough people will believe it, that’s the nature of the big lie.  Unfortunately most of us still trust people in positions of authority; we believe they would never do such a thing, a conviction I notice is easy to exploit by propagandists.  We tend to believe authority by virtue of their authority and nothing else.  Apparently power only corrupts elsewhere.  I assume it is for this reason the 9/11 Crash Test project has been given the cold shoulder by most of the Truth Movement establishment; because it stands the best chance of proving the no-planes hypothesis, which let’s be honest, would be the death-knell for that part of the truth movement that has spent the last dozen or so years collecting money and demanding someone, somewhere conduct a new investigation.

So with that in mind, listen to some of the responses I have received from one of the more well-known truth groups, the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth:

“Believe your eyes. Plane wings can and did slice the Twin Towers’ exterior columns. There’s no value in any tests like this.”
“here’s the problem (we don’t) feel there is a need to resolve the issues between us and the no planers you’ll never get cooperation from (us) on this, the no planers make it easy for the mainstream to ignore us“

“I agree that there’s no sense in trying to reach the no planers. They are either too stupid to be concerned with or are actually disinformation agents. The no plane situation was obviously planned in advance of the attacks and was designed to work in concert with there actually being no plane crashes at the pentagon or in Shanksville.”

Most of the people I have met in the truth movement share these sentiments, but the thing is, I know I’m not a dis-information agent, and I’m pretty sure I’m not stupid, but I doubt the big truth groups aren’t already part of the mainstream that they claim to be trying to reach.  If the no-planes conclusion is correct, then it would make sense that the propaganda arm of the military would be working overtime to discredit it, which to me makes suspect all the truther groups that refuse to consider it.  So here we are back at square one, with the infighting and finger-pointing of a seemingly dysfunctional truth movement busily undermining itself while the years pass by.

To break this cycle and to force the issue both in the mainstream and within the truth movement, I suggest conducting the 9/11 Crash Test project.  If the movement really cares about the truth, it would consider changing tactics after spending sixteen years petitioning the most likely suspects for an investigation.  If the movement is correct about the no-planers, and they sincerely want a unified front without the “fringe element,” then they can use the crash test as a way to get rid of the no-planes contingent that prevents them from being taken seriously.  If the wing slices the steel, the no-planers will be discredited but if the wing is shattered by the steel someone has some explaining to do, but either way the truth will be known which is presumably the goal of a truth movement.  It’s a win-win for everyone except for the perpetrators.

The strength of this project is in its asking for a citizen’s investigation, one that would use the scientific method to prove or disprove a hypothesis.  Yes, based on Newtonian physics, I state it is impossible for the wing to cut the steel, but I could be wrong which would only vindicate the government as well as the anti-no-planes truth movement.  The Truth Movement would be able to demonstrate solidarity and a commitment to the truth, not to mention the ability to apply the scientific method to solve problems which is a standard to which every 9/11 hypothesis should be held.

So at the very least this project should end contention within the truth movement by settling the no-planes argument once and for all, something which can only benefit the cause of truth whichever way the rocket-sled slices.  So why are the popular truth-groups so reluctant to endorse it?  I think it’s because they know what the results will be, making this as much a test of mettle as it is a test of metals –  that by simply asking the question “what would happen if…” it puts everyone on the spot.

The military has already shown interest; shortly after I first petitioned New Mexico tech for a price estimate, I began to get hits from the Army’s sprawling Yuma Arizona testing center.  10 minutes later I was getting hits from Baghdad.  I didn’t sleep well that night.  The project lays-bare the unhealthy relationship between the military and universities; it embarrasses the military-industrial-educational complex by forcing them to decline the project’s rational and substantive request for some rocket-sled test-center time.  If they’d rent their facilities for such fluff as cutting a car in half, you’d think they’d fall all over themselves to give this project a discount and advertise it in their alumni newsletter.  So far they have yet to return my emails or phone calls.

And then there’s the media that saturated our senses with fabrications, overwhelming us with that horrible, decade-long propaganda barrage that was so essential to the long term success of the 9/11 operation.  There’s a special place in hell for them; and if and when this documentary is released their efforts in bringing hell to the Middle East will be exposed.

One component of the media is the Internet without which we wouldn’t have all the popular 9/11 Truth movement groups.  Seems to me it’s not an accident so many forums include 9/11 as just another “conspiracy” to tuck beside such topics as Alien invasions and Bigfoot.  As cynical as I have become over the years, I am still surprised and chagrined at how much the 9/11 Crash Test has angered so many people I had naively hoped would become allies. 

The test will prove whether or not U.S. Government and world leaders are caught red-handed in a colossal cookie-jar of lies, and it will prove what anyone honestly examining the evidence already knows; no,  in the real world jets cannot burrow into the ground, or bore through concrete buildings, or disappear into steel skyscrapers.  NATO and the “coalition of the willing” have been invading the Muslim world while the rest of the world looked the other way, which if anything is evidence of collusion on a global scale.  But even if everything about 9/11 occurred as they say it did, the invasions, looting and occupying of whole nations as retribution for the actions of 19 individuals who were already dead anyway is barbaric and unacceptable behavior for a civilized people.  Since our leaders appear devoid of moral fortitude and incapable of policing themselves, it’s up to we citizens to stop them.

It was Abraham Lincoln who said a house divided cannot stand and I believe that for the 9/11 Truth Movement to make any progress over the next 16 years, we need to sort out our differences and work together.  If you are dedicated to reaching the truth, whatever that may be this project is a rocket-powered shortcut to getting there and I could sure use your help in making it happen. Please join me at


Steve De’ak

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  1. Thanks for this...One tweet today mentions Dr. Breen Bland and tells the true story of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ONE TWEET. (But then again, as Project Veritas now states, Twitter bans people.)

    1. I retweeted that MLK Jr. tweet, but it still shows no retweets and no likes! Thanks for the censorship, Twitter!!

  2. It's easy to conclude why the truth movement ignores the no plane theory. They too, are controlled opposition. The power elite control all sides. The only other possibility is they are ignorant or practicing Orwell's doublethink and don't even realize it.
    I recommend real researchers go to - here you will find more exposed lies in addition to this 911 non-sense.

    1. why are all these characters still running around in circles entertaining each other and doing nothing useful?

      (This is a rhetorical question....)

      If you want to prove that the official story is not what we were told, well...that's already been done, submitted to a government agency, and taken to court. Why cover that up? Why reinvent the wheel? To distract away from what has been done and start all over again to run out the clock?

      But your "test" will not prove the official story is incorrect. At best, you will only demonstrate that you were unable to replicate it. That will not prove anything, but just confuse and muddle things up. That's what keeps a cover up in place. Perhaps that is your objective.


      Dr. James Fetzer never destroys Dr. Steven Jones.

      Dr. James Fetzer never destroys Mr. Richard Gage.

      Mr. Richard Gage never destroys Dr. James Fetzer.

      Dr. Steven Jones never destroys Dr. James Fetzer.

      Mr. Richard Gage never destroys Dr. Steven Jones, but actually covers up for him.

      It is widely known that the last time Dr. Judy Wood voluntarily spoke with Dr. James Fetzer or exchanged emails was February 2008. That is, it has been nearly 10 years since Dr. Wood HAS NOT voluntarily spoken with Dr. Fetzer or emailed him. So why is Dr. Fetzer still so obsessed with Dr. Wood???

      Dr. Wood has never spoken with Mr. Gage, yet Mr. Gage promotes disinformation about Dr. Wood at nearly every interview he does – if not every interview. Dr. Fetzer also promotes disinformation about Dr. Wood in nearly every interview he does. Yet none of them have ever refuted anything Dr. Wood has presented.

      Dr. Wood does not make any claims. Dr. Wood is not an Internet blogger tasked with the job of swaying public opinion like Richard Gage, Dr. James Fetzer, and their government run organization is doing. Dr. Wood is a forensic engineer and scientist. Dr. Wood conducts research and writes reports. That is what Dr. Wood does. Dr. Wood does not have a dog in this fight. If someone has not read WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO?, they have no standing to dispute it.

    2. Looks like the previous comment struck a cord with this 'Goldstein' fellow - must be on to something to get this kinda response from a troll or shill. Thank you Anonymous @1:32pm

    3. Goldstein .. Since you don't believe Mr. Fetzer, don't follow him. You're a trouble-maker, hate-maker, called a Troll. You climb on someone else's life, to suck the energy. Go make your own life.

    4. If you wish to follow Fetzer's rosy path that leads nowhere, that's you're business not mine. You are not interested in the truth.

      Popular theories about what destroyed the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001 are:

      1 Fires from jet fuel and office materials weakened steel in the upper floors and the buildings collapsed

      2 Conventional controlled demolition blew out supports at the base and the buildings collapsed

      3 Thermite cut steel columns on virtually every floor and the buildings collapsed

      4 Conventional explosives blew the buildings up

      5 Mini-nukes blew the buildings up

      Theories 1, 2 and 3 rely on gravity to bring the buildings down while the last two blow them up. Popular theories, yes, and dead wrong.
      Five facts scientifically documented in Ph.D. engineer Judy Wood’s comprehensive textbook (Where Did The Towers Go?) prove the popular theories false beyond any doubt whatsoever. Yes, I know it’s amazing. Who’d a thunk it’d be this easy?

      THE FACTS:

      1. DEBRIS: What debris? There was so little debris from each 110-story building that there was no “pile” or “stack.” Rubble totaled less than a story. It was a football field as a survivor who emerged from Stairwell B, North Tower, exclaimed. No computers, toilets, and only one small piece from one Steelcase file cabinet were found. Some steel and mostly dust remained. Lack of debris on the ground from quarter-mile-high twin towers whispers “no collapse.” See Chapter 9.

      2. BATHTUB: A bathtub or slurry wall surrounded 70 feet of WTC subbasements to prevent the Hudson River from flooding the WTC and downtown. If each 500,000-ton tower had slammed into the bathtub in 10 seconds or less, the protective wall would collapse. Did not happen. Upshot? Collapses did not happen. See Chapter 5.

      3. SEISMIC IMPACT: “Had the towers collapsed, foundation bedrock would have experienced tremendous force hammering on it throughout the ‘collapse,’” writes Dr. Wood. Seismic instruments registered disturbances far too short in duration and far too small to record tower collapses. This was true of both the twin towers and 47-story WTC7. Again, no evidence of collapses. See Chapter 6.

      4. SOUND: There were no loud explosions, as established by videos, witnesses, and the official report of NIST. Nor were there loud screeches and screams from massive metal falling, colliding, scraping and collapsing on metal. See Chapter 6.

      5. DUST: Photos, videos and witness testimony show the towers turned to powder in mid-air. Tim McGinn, NYPD, said, “I was standing there for a couple of seconds thinking where the f**k is the tower? I simply couldn’t comprehend it.” The dust rollout was so enormous and thick it blocked out sunlight and left an inch or more of dust covering downtown. Much of it wafted into the upper atmosphere. The volume was incredible. Particles from dust samples were smaller than red blood cells and about the size of DNA. As for toxicity, researchers said the dust “recorded the highest levels we have ever seen in over 7,000 measurements we have made of very fine air pollution throughout the world, including Kuwait and China.” See Chapters 8, 9, 14-16.

    5. Strange post from Judy Wood, who, with Morgan Reynolds, convinced me that I had to take the "no planes" evidence seriously. I have taken A&E911 apart so many times that it's simply stunning to read that I never attack Richard Gage, when I have done that many, many times.

      Here is a perfect example, which shows the incompetence of Judy Wood:

      "On C-SPAN, Richard Gage Leaves 9/11 Truth in a Time Warp",

      "Limited Hangouts: Kevin Ryan, A&E911 and the Journal of 9/11 Studies",

      At the Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference, I played A&E911's "Explosive Evidence" the first hour and then took it apart the second:

      What you are seeing here is yet one more deceitful performance from Judy Wood and her goons. For proof it was done using mini or micro-nukes, see the first video posted here, which you can also find via "Brian Ruhe, 9/11".

      And bear in mind that the obvious proof that Judy and Gage are both working the other side is that neither will talk about who was responsible and why. For her to come her and pretend to be the soul of purity is insulting in the extreme.

    6. More lies Mr. Fetze? Are you incapable of telling the truth? Shove this up your truth-o-meter...

      Could James Gourley (a patent attorney for the petroleum industry) be disbarred because of his lack of integrity for writing a propaganda hit piece on Dr. Judy Wood? All he did was write false information and then debunked the false information. See how easy it is to run a cover-up! The evidence Dr. Wood puts forth actually eliminates space based lasers because that is a form of kinetic energy. Now what interests would want to keep free energy covered up in exchange for endless war and oppression Mr. Gourley???

      (BTW- Many of the attorneys at Carstens & Cahoon, LLP have military backgrounds.)

  3. For the 911 Pentagon plane bullsh*t, I recommend viewing eyewitness accounts vs all the other BS from the gov't and MSM.

  4. This is a good proposal and worth doing. But while you are waiting for funding and approvals, go to a top film library in Hollywood and get a list of all films made with planes flying into buildings. After you watch all these films try to find the people behind the scenes who did not want to spend the huge amounts of money and take risks of killing thousands of people and destroying real buildings, to accomplish the same goals by deception. The Hollywood Perverts do this every day. They likely were also in on 9/11 too. This was a cake walk for them. They don't have to comply with the laws of physics because they are fake reality. It is like wind tunnel testing for aerodynamics using scale models not real models. I believe one of the top planners and producers of such Hollywood productions will talk to you and explain some of their secrets. It might save you time and money.

    1. As a corollary to the above comment I once read an article claiming that a wealthy benefactor was funding the construction of an identical tower or towers, at least the structural part of them, in a remote desert area to perform testing similar to what you are proposing only using real planes, which of course would be remote controlled. Are you familiar with this and do you know if anything came of it? Of course the authorities would likely have scuttled it.

    2. There is a mountain of evidence right now that Israel did 9/11/01. Frankly who else could have done it? Anyone who believes people wandering around the rocks in sandals with cell phones half way around the world planned this attack must also believe in the tooth fairy.
      • “Larry Silverstein - is a Jewish American businessman from New York. Silverstein obtained a 99 year lease on the entire world trade center complex on 24 July, 2001. [3] The towers were in fact close to worthless, being filled with asbestos, [4] yet Silverstein “felt a compelling urge to own them”. Silverstein had breakfast in "Windows on the World" restaurant (located in North Tower 107th Floor) every morning. [5] but broke this routine on the morning of 11 September 2001. Silverstein’s two children, who also worked in the WTC, were also absent from work that day. Larry Silverstein was paid a little over $4.5 Billion in insurance money as a result of the destruction of the WTC complex. [6] Silverstein was on personal friendship terms with Zionist media-magnate Rupert Murdoch, former Israeli president Ariel Sharon, as well as Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Silverstein was such good friends with Netanyahu that, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz he would speak with him on the phone every sunday. [7]
      • Video - Where was Larry Silverstein on 9/11?”

      Also watch this video by Dr. E.R. Fields:

    3. Nice post. I recommend to Steve that he do a computer simulation before taking on the physical crash test. It would be much cheaper and, if the appropriate parameters are used for impact force and resistance, it should be just as good as the real thing. We know from the laws of materials science that, in collisions, more dense materials prevail over less dense. There isn't a serious question about the outcome. But it may serve as a heuristic in opening the mind of the public to "no planes" theory and why it exposes 9/11 as a carefully planned but virtually wholly staged event.


      This doesn't prove anything other than your collective stupidity.

  5. Thanks for your continued efforts in this regard, Steve. Yes, some sort of demonstration would indeed be a good tool to have, as evidence of simple physics. Keep up the good work.

  6. "I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t want to be doing this truth movement thing forever; I’m tired of endlessly arguing 9/11; eventually I’d like to solve this caper and get on with my life. I’m also tired of endless war and I believe the best way to stop the wars is by exposing the lies that started them."

    I cracked it, or at least solved the missing pieces necessary for everyone to crack it. But my attempts to do the right thing, to reach out to the truthers(and others), has resulted in rejection. So your movement is over because egos are more important than truth and/or life.

    The truthers and victims families will just have to get over it and quit whining about their pain and loss and frustration.

    If they don't like their families being blown up or burned or whatever, they can move to another planet or something.

    If you don't want endless wars, too bad, because your neighbors say that you have to obey their state-god cult/gang. It's not like you can just kill them for hiring people to threaten you with death if you don't obey their state-gang. Their rituals give them the right to violate. So just shut up and cheer for the victimization, serfdom and genocide of innocent people everywhere for the last hundred years on your behalf.


  7. "No planes" is completely proven by Utuber SimonShack, September Clues. Amazing, the news was computer generated.

  8. Happy to look at crash test... and, I find most of the arguments in the 911 truth crowd to be disingenuous. A priori I'll will say my bias is that airplane aluminum is not going to slice steel. So I'll look at what happens and think about it. That said - what difference does it make? Just like the folks at Veterans Today, who introduced the red herring of micro nukes, as well as their feeding of "plasma weapons" - why does this make a difference? The buildings were brought down by controlled demolition - period. It's obvious. There is no other conclusion any right-minded individual can make. The pancake theory is an obvious lie. So, there you have it - once you accept controlled demolition, you know it is a short list to the perpetrators, most of whom are in our own government with the means and motive to do what they did. Does it matter if the murderer used a machine gun or a .38? I know I don't care. The victims are still dead at the hands of murderers who are still running free. It will be a great day if ever they are brought to justice. Until then, you can see the damage done - the political success of those who have sought to divide the interests and attention of those of us who have pursued the truth - using all manner of deceit and distraction to cause dissent and division.

    1. Egad! After all my efforts to explain the difference between the demotion of the Twin Towers and of WTC-7, especially when I explain it in the video above, how can anyone be this ignorant? WTC-7 came down in a classic controlled demolition, with all the floors coming down together at the same time. The building is not blowing apart or being converted into fine dust. When it's over, there is a stack of pancakes equal to about 12% of the height of the original 47-story building or about 5.5 floors of debris.

      With the Twin Towers, the situation is completely different. They ARE blowing apart in every direction from the top down. They ARE being converted into millions of cubic yards of very find dust. And when its over, there is NO stack of pancakes in their footprints! For these reasons, I describe the towers as having been destroyed by a "demolition under control" rather than a "(classic) controlled demolition". Please get your facts straight, especially when the proof is presented in this very blog itself.

    2. ..sniff..sniff... I smell bovine excrement.

      As baiyuantongbei pointed it out; it was obviously controlled demolition. You are speculating on what has already been explained, and not unintelligent enough to argue ignorance.

      I'm more concerned with your motives for taking the position, for holding that theory. I also question your associations and history, Dr.

      What's your real position in all of this?

    3. Well, I trust Jim. His track record speaks for him. He's been a stalwart defender of the truth - even if some of the emphases he picks are weird. Again, I would say - "so what?" The murderers used a different means for the first two buildings as opposed to the last two - details of which I wish I could watch played out rapt as I stay glued to my television - the trial of the century on stage for all to see. I didn't know I was such a dreamer. The scenario will never take place. Scientists for the several sides -- this set of murderers used a hatchet... this other set used a cleaver. Who cares? So what? Explain why these details are so vastly more important that the fact that an inside cabal of our "own people" (so called) murdered us on September 11, 2001? Explain that. Why does it matter whether the controlled demolition (and it _was_ no matter what a _controlled_demolition_ of WTCs 1&2, as well as the controlled demolition of WTC 7) matters one whit? Please do this. I'd like to know. I come home and find my family dead - I care first to catch the perpetrators and bring them to justice - the specific details of _how_ they murdered my family are a matter of courtroom revelation and suffering as far as I'm concerned. Indeed, what is going on here?

  9. It's like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is fantastic blog. A great read. I will definitely be back.
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  10. Christopher Bollyn's work exposing the names and Zionist affiliations behind 9/11 is our top asset right now. Your hit piece on Bollyn's interpretation of relatively minor details - is consistent with a smear campaign. So why don't you retire and get some sleep. I refer to your Bollyn smear article: "Taboo Truths: Uncovering Flight 93"

    1. Harold, has someone stolen your identity? Surely we can get both the science and the politics of 9/11 right rather than merely one or the other. I am dismayed by this post, where you are far more discerning that this post would suggest.