Saturday, April 21, 2018

Is Alex Jones About to Betray his Followers and the Conspiracy Research Community?

Jim Fetzer

Instead of attacking the Sandy Hook parents who are bringing a lawsuit against him for defamation--because he has (from time to time) asserted that Sandy Hook was fake and that no children died (which implies that they are BIG TIME liars and frauds)--he has wimped out by making an appeal to pity, which is the elementary fallacy of using the unfortunate consequences of something being true as though it were proof that it's actually false! He's not going to get away with it--but why even try?

Sensing weakness--since truth is an absolute defense against defamation, but Alex is not arguing that his observations about Sandy Hook fakery are true--Lenny Pozner and Neil Heslin are not going to back down, even though they are (in the process) opening themselves up to discovery, which would provide an opportunity to establish the fact of Sandy Hook as an elaborate charade in a court of law. Neil Heslin, for example, longs for "a  knock-down, drag out fight", which Alex ought to give him:

As it happens, I have been sending contacts, including Jerry Corsi, samples of proof that it was a staged event--a two-day FEMA exercise, with a rehearsal on the 13th, going LIVE on the14th--but received a cordial dismissal from Corsi and passive reception from others there--which is rather astonishing, since we have proven that the school was closed by 2008 and there were no students there. I recently made a summary overview of the history of research on Sandy Hook:

The building was non-compliant with state and federal laws implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which I verified at the time with Connecticut and Federal laws, which require that every access and entrance point be wheel-chair accessible. Obviously, as this photo proves, that was not the case, where no wheelchair could navigate this wooden stairway. And we have mountains of proof that the school was in dilapidated condition, which by itself establishes that this was a fraud.

The reason for closing the school, construction of which was completed in 1956, appears to have been that it was loaded with asbestos and other bio-hazards, where it was also damaged by hurricanes and a major flood in the area in 2007. The Newtown Bee (2 December 2013) ran a story about this as though that were new information and to cover for the $50,000,000 grant the District received for a new K-4 school, which average $7,000,000 across the nation, where the Bee, too, was deeply involved.

And the Crime Scene Van was on the scene before the crime had been committed, which appears as an Exhibit in Ch. 8 of the book, which anyone can download for free as a pdf. We know it was before the shooting, since you can see the string of four windows in Classroom 10 just above the roof of the van, where they are undamaged. After the event, they would be shot out--especially the second from the left--which means that the Connecticut State Police were involved and were even running the show.

Confirmation has come from many sources since banned NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015) because it blew the case out of the water and exposed it as an elaborate fraud. One of those has been the report of Richard Plante on one of my blogs, where he reported his experiences in traveling to the school with a friend to pick up some student desks on the cheap. Even more stunning, however, has been the discovery of how they faked the kids using photos of older kids when younger, where Wolfgang Halbit has even produced photos of the Sandy Hook kids grown up, alive and well:

Review the video and you will see extensive and compelling proof that Sandy Hook was a hoax--a drill where no students died, which was done to promote gun control, as members of the Obama Department of Education explained to Paul Preston, when he reached out to his contacts there--as the book itself lays out in spades. Under these circumstances, when Alex Jones is perfectly positioned to blow the case apart (with a little help from his friends), let him not falter and betray his fans and the research community lest he gain a prominent and permanent standing in the Internet Hall of Infamy.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-editor of


  1. I have been rebuffed over and over and over by various Connecticut hard copy and online newspapers. I've tried to reason with large numnbers of writers and editors. I have not scored yet but have been excoriated, insulted and shunned......anybody thinking this is not an elaborate, if crude, hoax needs to hit the 4th grade again.

  2. AJ is full of shit, a showman, controlled opposition, ..and what looks like trying to gain 'safe' street credit getting 'picked on' by his 'nemesis' the (co-)conspirators.

    Those mean old nasty conspiracy monsters are hiding under AJ's bed and he needs our support. Let's ban together and vent so we can forget about it in a day or two until next time when we can vent some more and otherwise do nothing except watch our children be turned into 'commies' by the vast left wing conspiracy or something some such whatever nonsense.

    IW is like watching cartoons or something.

    I'm waiting for the WWF to show up with Trump and the cast from Idiocracy so they can do their rendition of "Springtime for Hitler"

  3. Everybody owes Professor Jim Fetzer and associates a debt of gratitude for remaining on top of this scam from the beginning. This article and the earlier one on April 18, 2018, which also mentions the contributions of Kelley Watt, are especially incisive and reach the essential points of this complex con on the public. As I recall Kelley Watt had a long telephone conversation with the father of Noah, who is one of the parties to this lawsuit. I believe Jim once even included much of the narrative of that conversation which was almost like a tape recording. It was amazing in detail. I wish he would republish it. Everyone owes a debt of gratitude to Professor Jim Fetzer and especially Kelley Watt and all the others who have contributed to elucidating this massive swindle on the duped American Public. It is shameful how the lying orthodox media, mainly owned by gangsters in Israel, have ignored and censored this remarkable story. And to add insult to injury, now some of the best videos, from Jim and many from the investigator called Barry Soetoro, have also been censored. Barry has also done a remarkable job in introducing humor to what is a very serious subject. For example he shows pictures of some of the perps from Connecticut holding signs which read "Please jail me" or words to that effect. If this con were not so disgusting and reprehensible it would be hilarious. I hope and pray that should this legal action result in an actual court hearing on the issues, that Professor Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. will be called to testify because he is clearly the most knowledgeable investigator of this massive hoax to promote gun control in the country. Why Jim might even convince a judge or order the exhumation of the 26 caskets to finally take a “scientific” peek inside them.

    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    1. Wolfgang Halbig, former school principal and school safety expert, is also a hero of this saga. At first all he wanted was simple answers to his questions about public information from the Newtown School board before which he appeared many times with his good and patient lawyer. They obstructed him with their disgusting lawyer and refused to provide simple public information without a fight. This grossly improper conduct by a public body paid for by public tax money also showed they were covering up evil deeds and had plenty to hide. Unfortunately there were no penalties to them for this gross unpublic behavior. Wolfgang also received an "intimidation visit" at his home in Florida by two police officers to seek to intimidate him into silence. Imagine such an act against a citizen by two officers of the law? They are the ones who should have been arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But of course they were not. Wolfgang is a major hero in this drama and has demonstrated enormous courage against the totally outlaw criminals in our government today in America and Connecticut and other states as well. He has also been the source of vital information to Jim as well. Wolfgang Halbig and Jim Fetzer should both be awarded the Medal of Freedom. But unfortunately this high award for civil service to America seems to be reserved for the Hollywood Perverts.

  4. After having listened to Alex and many other independent analysts over the pasts eleven years I have come to the regrettable conclusion that Alex is not completely truthful anymore. I say anymore because I do not believe that Alex started out compromised; Alex has done a lot of good work. But I believe that Alex is now controlled.

    As Anonymous above correctly points out, even a fourth grader, using information available to anyone on the internet, could figure out that Sandy Hook was a total unqualified fraud. But Alex now says it's not.

    That, my friends, is an outright joke.

    It doesn't mean that Alex does not still provide some good information, but it should be clear from the foregoing that he is absolutely compromised.

  5. BTW, Your theory and Wolfgang's theories do not match. In one of the photos Wolfgang tweeted out, he shows a boy that he says is Noah. But you say Noah never existed and they used old Michael Vabner photos to create Noah.

    Problem for both of you is that the photo Wolfgang tweeted doesn't look like Noah or Michael.

    1. We prove "Noah" was Michael Vabner in these posts. What's there to dispute? I presume that the fellow in the lower right of the image above is Michael Vabner. Who else could he be?

    2. Could be Vabner or could not, but it doesn't look like Noah. There are photos of Vabner when he was younger and they do not match Noah.

      Here is Lenny, Veronique, Michael and Danielle. That does not look like Noah. Some resemblance will be there, they have the same mother. But that is not Noah.

      Oh and here is Noah and Danielle:

    3. This is silly. We have superpositions that prove "Noah" was Michael Vabner as a child. I include them in the earlier article, "Sandy Hook: How we Know the Alex Jones lawsuits are Malicious", where you are revealing your role here when you deny what has been proven:

    4. The boy sitting with Danielle, Lenny and veronique is Michael. Compare that photo to Michael as an adult and Noah.

      You don't seem to understand, Michael and Noah have the same mother. There would of course be similarities. You can compare all the Vabner/Pozner children and they will have similarities.

    5. On the contrary, I have four half-brothers and a half-sister. None of us looks alike. But "Noah Pozner" and Michael Vabner don't just look alike: they are one and the same person! You are grasping after straws. Look at the proof:

  6. An examination of Alex Jones business seems to indicate that the vast majority of Infowars’ revenue comes from sales of dietary supplements (e.g. Infowars Life Silver Bullet Colloidal Silver, Life Brain Force Plus, Life Super Male Vitality, and Life Liver Shield). Infowars isn’t a media empire — it’s a snake-oil empire.

    In effect, Alex Jones is running a nationwide, daily, four-hour infomercial for his dietary supplements. His gravel-voiced rants against the globalist conspiracy to take away our guns and destroy America are just a bonus for listeners. He doesn’t get syndication fees from Genesis Communications Network. He doesn’t get a cut of the advertising that GCN sells. And he doesn’t sell his three minutes per hour of national advertising time. The radio show makes no direct money for Alex Jones. It’s all about selling his dietary supplements.

    Jones makes no money from selling advertisements on his radio show. He makes no money selling advertisements on his YouTube channel. His subscription service languishes on a separate site that is no longer promoted by display ads (for that matter, it appears to consist mostly of videos you can find for free on YouTube). He makes, most likely, around $1 million from selling ad space on his popular website — not a paltry sum by any means, but not nearly enough to support a media empire on the order of Infowars. (For context, Jones is paying $516,000 a year, half of that figure, in alimony, according to recent court filings.) So where does Alex Jones’s money come from? It comes from dietary supplements.

    It's a brilliant business model. If you can be convinced that an international cabal of globalists is hell-bent on creating a New World Order, perhaps you could be persuaded to buy Infowars Life Survival Shield X-2, a one-fluid-ounce bottle of iodine supplement for $39.95.

    1. Everybody wants to make money. Everybody.

      Alex might have been able to make even more money as a globalist toady.

      Give him a little credit.

  7. Alex Jones, like Glen Greenwald, is a purveyor of a graduated level of truth while remaining within the scope of acceptability on the most sensitive issues while at times actually playing to the 'One World Order'agenda. If Jones takes a big hit monetarily or is even bankrupted and bounces back seemingly without a pause and little disruption that will be the tell that his connections run silent and very deep.