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MSM terroizes Americans with School Shooting Lies and Propaganda

MSM Terrorizes Americans with School Shooting Lies and Propaganda

The Santa Fe High School shooting may be the most obvious example of a fake shooting to date with its all-too-familiar playbook and over-the-top production values.  And that’s really saying something considering the ever-increasing list of state-sponsored deception that has been unleashed on the American people since the 2012 Obama-era nullification of the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which prohibited the government from propagandizing its own public.
Yet again, we have been presented with a shooting drill that has been passed off as an actual shooting by the corporate fake news media. In fact, Santa Fake High School had recently conducted dress rehearsals (i.e. active-shooter drills with armed police) and on February 28, was even placed on lockdown with a police investigation for “popping sounds” heard outside of the school.  So, these kids had done their homework for their big Friday morning performance.
Santa Fe 1
According to Wikipedia, the official narrative claims that a “School shooting occurred at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, in the Houston metropolitan area [and home base for the Bush Family crime syndicate], on May 18, 2018.  Ten people were fatally shot and thirteen others were wounded. The suspected shooter was taken into custody and later identified by police as Dimitrios Pagourtzis, a 17-year-old student at the school.”
It appears in many ways that the public has become desensitized to this by now tired old narrative. And as a result, the deep state is no longer getting the mileage out of these staged events that they once did. However, it is safe to say that this one will not be the last.
Santa fe 2
If this hoax does offer something new, it must be that our boogeyman, Dimitri is the first bi-sexual neo-Nazi natural born killer to shoot up a school for no particular reason.  Right on cue, the fake news outlets were all lined-up and ready to report, what we know about Dimitrios Pagourtzis (i.e. what our script says about Dimitrios Pagourtzis).  As usual, what they knew was just the same old propaganda but with a shiny new Compoco Bisexual Pride Pin.
Right from the start, fake news reports seemingly showed their hand with overkill reports of Dimitri’s “disturbing” Facebook posts that played like a bad made-for-television movie. “That same day [of the shooting], Pagourtzis posted multiple pictures of a duster jacket emblazoned with a variety of symbols including the Iron Cross, a German military award last given by the Nazis, and other pins. He said he equated the Iron Cross with ‘bravery.’ Pagourtzis said a hammer and sickle meant ‘rebellion,’ a rising sun meant ‘kamikaze tactics,’ and a Baphomet meant ‘evil.’” What we know about Dimitri’s Bisexual Pride Pin is that Amazon is offering them with free two-day shipping for Prime Members.
What we know 03
By popular demand, the Batman hoax code returned for an encore performance in Santa Fake.  Paige Curry, a Jewish crisis actor playing the now familiar role of shooting survivor said she wasn’t at all surprised by the shooting.
The 17-year-old, who claimed to have been just three classrooms away from where the shooting unfolded, provided the Batman hoax code and a duping delight while she read her lines to an ABC reporter in the aftermath. “I’ve always kind of felt it like eventually it was going to happen here too. I don’t know. I wasn’t surprised, I was just scared. I really just wanted to leave, but I thought it better to stay and hide with everyone else. I got up and I ran, and we went onto the stage and we hid backstage. Then the alarm started going off, and we hid back there for a while until the (SWAT team) found us.”  What we know about Paige is she won’t win any crisis actor awards for this performance.
Batman 06
Rome Shubert who bears a striking resemblance to Rocky Dennis from the film, Mask plays the role of the wounded shooting survivor.  He claims a bullet “sliced clean through the back of his head” during the shooting.  But despite this, he walked away with just a bandage and took straight to Twitter to post that he was “completely okay and stable”.
And if this tale wasn’t already ridiculous enough, Rome’s mother, Sheri Shubert said, the doctors told her that Rome had the “perfect scenario” and added that this shouldn’t happen to anybody. “We have to do something. We have to take a stand.  America has to take a stand for our kids”.  What we know about Rome is that we prefer Rocky’s performance in Mask.
Rome Schubert
You know for sure that you’re dealing with a fake school shooting when the supporting character of Masonic eyewitness makes an appearance. Who could possibly give a more honest account of what they know than a person who has been made to kneel at an altar and swear a blood oath whereby they promise to keep the secrets of the order with violations being punishable by extreme physical mutilation or death?  Of course, the answer to this question that we all know is anyone else.
Masonic eyewitness
In addition to crisis actors, Santa Fake demonstrates several other aspects that have now become ubiquitous with all school shooting hoaxes. Initial images showed numerous emergency vehicles including at least three life-flight helicopters with none of themattending to the alleged wounded. There was nothing to be seen that suggested any need for emergency care. Nothing was going on. And there is no way we would see an abundance of military and government agencies present at 8:00AM unless it had been planned in advance.
Buses from aerial
Most importantly, there is no evidence that anyone was actually wounded or killed.  Not a single legitimate image of a person suffering in pain, in shock, bleeding or wounded can be found. Instead, we see people casually hanging out, yapping on cell phones, drinking bottled water and being ushered around in drill formations by coordinators yielding walkie-talkies.
Getting on buses
No staged school shooting event would be complete without the obligatory memorial to honor the fake victims with the now clich├ęd white cross and heart.  Furthermore, the memorial provides the emotional platform necessary for corrupt politicians and the easily misled to give impassioned and aggressive pleas to tighten the nation’s gun laws.  What we know is that increased gun legislation is always proposed as the solution for the school shooting dialectic.
Memorial 03.jpg
Finally, we must not overlook the enormous amount of money that these terminally corrupt fake school shootings, like Sandy Hook, Parkland and now, Santa Fe generate from generous but gullible Americans. Fake school shootings have literally become a multi-million dollar industry of touring state-sponsored terror. All that one has to do is simply follow the money garnered from taxes, donations and merchandise sales to see this. The almighty dollar also plays a huge role in recruiting potential fraudulent participants and equally important, keeping them quiet.  What we know about the Santa Fe fake school shooting is that it stands to make millions of dollars just like all the rest.
GoFraudMe 01
Santa Fe Strong 03Santa Fe Strong 01

Dan Cromer, an information specialist, is a regular guest on The Raw Deal and The Power Hour. His research on Sandy Hook, Las Vegas and Parkland has been published by numerous media outlets.

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Jack Mullen: Memorial Day: The Banker's Holiday

Jack Mullen

“The normal profits of a business concern in the United States are six, eight, ten, and sometimes twelve percent. But war-time profits – ah! that is another matter – twenty, sixty, one hundred, three hundred, and even eighteen hundred per cent – the sky is the limit.”  Smedley Butler, “War is a Racket”
“When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes… Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.” – Napoleon Bonaparte, 1769-1821
Bankers cause all modern wars, since the days of Napoleon (and even before,) all major wars have been banker wars. Men dying in war are NOT DYING for FREEDOM, they are dying as sacrifices to Talmudic gods and their sacrifice is paid in banker gold.
America is fighting wars today in 74 locations around the world. For WHAT? For Banking, military industrial profits and the softening up of the world’s people for their New World Order.
Peace is a natural state for men and women. The United States has no natural enemies, only Hollywood, media incensed, provoked enemies. At this moment in 74 zones around the world Americans are in combat — shooting people in Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, Colombia, Peru, and several countries in Eastern and Central Asia (the middle East) and elsewhere.
“The division of the United States into federations of equal force was decided long before the Civil War by the high financial powers of Europe. These bankers were afraid that the United States, if they remained in one block and as one nation, would attain economic and financial independence, which would upset their financial domination over the world. The voice of the Rothschilds prevailed… Therefore they sent their emissaries into the field to exploit the question of slavery and to open an abyss between the two sections of the Union.” – Otto von Bismarck, German chancellor, 1865
We are being controlled to our graves by a tiny group of mentally ill vampires sucking the lives out of all of us – Americans at home working around the clock to pay their taxes and interest costs and health care swindle costs and never ending fees so that this system of slavery can result in the collapse of all resistance and the destruction of those who could actually stand against these ghouls in order to enrich approximately 8000 people that control the world.
I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to major general. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for big business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.” – General Smedley Butler from “War is a Racket”
Memorial day is a hoax created by Satanic Enslavers to promote that idea the boys and girls murdered and the men woman dying collaterally are dying for some reason — They are not. We are all dying to promote a sick, demonic cult into a position where they control the entire world from one seat. We are all dying so this cult can further drastically reduce the population of the world to suit their needs and for the remaining, dumbed down human-like people they will be just slaves – forever.
No one told these American soldiers they might be shot down by bullets made by their own brothers here. No one told them that the ships on which they were going to cross might be torpedoed by submarines built with US patents.” (IBID)
There is no Memorial here except to so many years of letting this happen. Today we can all say no more Memorials to banker war — The time has come to end the Central Bank.
Central Banks are the Central Misery of the world, the life blood stolen from the people and infused into a monster which grows bigger by the day. It begins by ending the Federal Reserve, embracing block chain technology to immediately replace banking services and to look to competitors for currencies which are resilient, safe, private and not-collectable. Central banking is irrelevant now and enslaving always.
Here’s to a new day and NO New War.
“There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. Smedley Butler “War is a Racket

[Editor's note: Check out "The 2nd Amendment and the Politics of Gun Control", which I recorded for Memorial Day. We have to get a grip on the insanity of the DNC fabrication of school shootings to salvage their prospects for the Midterm elections, where they are panic-stricken that they may lose massively. 

We are witnessing one more cynical and sadistic exploitation of orchestrated acts of terrorism designed to instill fear into the target population to promote a political agenda. Rather than electing more kindred spirits, these despicable cads deserve to be booted out of office and held in the contempt they deserve.] 

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-editor of

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Dr. Eowyn: David Hogg Extortion: Demands Publix donate $1M and disassociate from the NRA


David Hogg extortion: Demands Publix donate $1M and disassociate from NRA


This post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds
The dictionary defines “extort” as “to get something, especially money, from someone by using force or threats”.
And that’s exactly what David Hogg, self-appointed spokesman for gun-control for not just the students of Parkland, Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, but also students across the United States.
Two days, ago, on May 23, 2018, Hogg joined the call for a National Die-in Dayon June 12 in Washington, DC, to advocate gun control in honor of “the 49 victims of Pulse as well as hundreds of countless lives lost to gun violence in this country each year.”
For the 2016 Pulse “gay” night club shooting in Orlando, Florida, see:
But Hogg means to do better than the National Die-in. On the same day, he tweeted a call for disruptive “die-in” “lie down” demonstrations inside Parkland’s two Publix grocery stores:
.@Publix is a
In Parkland we will have a die in the Friday (the 25th) before memorial day weekend. Starting at 4pm for 12 min inside our 2 Publix stores. Just go an lie down starting at 4. Feel free to die in with us at as many other @Publix as possible.

Publix, which is based in Lakeland, Florida, is the state’s largest private employer and one of the biggest grocery chains in the Southeast, with 1,172 stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Roughly 800 of those locations are in Florida.
After calling for a “die-in” at Publix stores, on May 24, 2018, Hogg then tweetedthis extortion at Publix, demanding $1 million in donation and a pledge of ideological fealty to the gun-control movement:
“I call on @Publix to donate double the money they gave to Putman to the Stoneman Douglas Victims fund, $1,000,000. And never support an A rated NRA politician again.”
I call on @Publix to donate double the money they gave to Putman to the Stoneman Douglas Victims fund, $1,000,000. And never support an A rated NRA politician again.

Calling Hogg the “public face of the gun control movement,” Victor Morton of the Washington Times explains that Publix is being targeted by Hogg for its support of Adam Putnam, Florida’s agricultural commissioner and a Republican gubernatorial candidate. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Publix had given a total of $670,000 to Putnam’s campaigns in the last three years — thus, the sum of $1 million of Hogg’s extortion.
Publix spokesman Brian West explained that the grocery chain’s support of Putnam is because he’s pro-business: “As the hometown candidate, Publix has had a long-standing relationship with Commissioner Putnam. We support pro-business candidates, and believe Commissioner Putnam will make a great governor.”
Hogg’s extortion is effective.
CBS News reports that amid Friday’s “die-in” at its stores, apologizing for putting “our associates and the customers they serve in the middle of a political debate,” Publix announced it has suspended all political contributions“as we reevaluate our giving processes”.
[Editor's note: To appreciate how these staged shootings are warping the political debate, see "The 2nd Amendment and the Politics of Gun Control", which I have recorded for Memorial Day 2018:
Miscreants like David Hogg have overspent their 15-minutes of fame, where even The New York Times continues to discredit itself by promoting fake news about Sandy Hook and Charlottesville. The public must come to grips with the reality that even "our nation's newspaper of record" is a black op.]