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Sandy Hook: Not only is "Noah Pozner" a fiction but his father, "Lenny", is also a fake


Sandy Hook: Not only is "Noah Pozner" a fiction, but his father, "Lenny", is also a fake--Mirrored

This blog is mirrored from because it is being heavily censored. They are still trying to keep the American people from the truth. This is for educational purposes only. Please read and share far and wide. There is a reason they are so desperate that they have completely purged Youtube videos of Sandy Hook and Dr. Fetzer's work on false flags. It is therefore important for everyone to get involved and pay attention to whats happening. They have a plan to rid us of our weapons and they cannot do this if everyone knows the truth about these false flags.

THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2018 (Repubished 24 June 2018)

Sandy Hook: Not only is "Noah Pozner" a fiction but his father, "Lenny", is also a fake
Mona Alexis Pressley with Dan Cromer
Conspiracy Realists
Screenshot 2018-05-25 at 10.27.09 PM - Edited.png
Since "Noah Pozner" was a fiction made up out of photos of Michael Vabner, why should it come as a surprise that "Lenny Pozner" could also be Reubin Vabner, Michael
Our research on the Sandy Hook school shooting continues despite the abuse Leonard Pozner dishes out to concerned Americans. Pozner is the true picture of a traitor that has sold out his fellow man. He is a banker/financial consultant and an NWO shill that seems to have no remorse for lying and stealing everyone’s donations. Not to mention the trauma our people in the U.S. have endured since 9/11. Oh I know it’s nothing like the Zionists say they went through during their years in the wilderness. Especially, since they are so much better than us and why Leonard Pozner thinks this is all ok to do.
Lenny's fake death certificate .jpg
Lenny's fake "death certificate" for his purported son, Noah Pozner
He states on his website that he has answered questions and shown everyone Noah’s documents. He is the perfect sociopath gas lighting everyone who will go along and be fooled by him. He even sent Kelley Watt a death certificate for Noah that turned out to be a fabrication: the bottom half of a real death certificate with the top half of a fake. It had no file number and the wrong estimated time of death. Obviously, if he had lost a son at Sandy Hook, he would have been able to produce a real one rather than a fake. And we have other good reasons to question the existence of Noah Pozner himself!
Kelley Watt noticed that "Noah" looked like a young Michael Vabner.

Lenny shames people for asking questions about problems with the official narrative. He never shows up to court because showing his face would mean he would be found out (explanation later), and he has numerous websites and ongoing battles to take down any Sandy Hook questions about the official story. The man is relentless. He seems to have no remorse and goes a step further by abusing those he has already abused. And we now have good reasons to believe that, not only was "Noah" a fiction created out of photos of Michael Vabner as a child, but that his father, "Lenny", is a fiction himself.

Who is "Lenny Pozner"?

Lenny Pozner’s real name appears to be Reuben Vabner, the father of Danielle and Michael Vabner. where "Noah" was Michael when he was a child in the 1990’s. Do not let the difference in Reuben and Lenny's ears fool you: they are still lopsided in the same direction even though the tops are bigger on Lenny, which we take to be one of the means they faked to deny they are the same. Fotoforensics demonstrates to anyone interested that Lenny’s ears were extended at the tips. His chin was fattened up as well, which you can also see in photo forensics. Take away the ear tips and the double chin and you have Reuben Vabner. The Vabner photo must have been taken over 10 years ago, so we are confident some weight gain has occurred as well:
Screenshot 2018-05-25 at 10.27.09 PM - Edited.png

As you can observe in this close up photograph of "Lenny", his teeth are crooked like Vabner's. The parts of the image--the ear, eye, and double chin--were photoshopped and deliberately made blurrily:

Here is a list of Vabner’s job’s to demonstrate he is a NWO shill here to help bring down the U.S.

Screenshot 2018-05-18 at 3.07.35 PM - Edited (1).png
The photo below (left) is a better image of "Lenny's" real ears as a match for Reubin's (right):
Screenshot 2018-05-25 at 11.42.25 PM - Edited.png
They created a twin for Noah to throw everyone off and the older sister was Danielle. They photoshopped Lenny to appear older in the pics from the 90’s to make them look more recent. Reuben was born in 1955 making him older than Lenny which makes more sense. It was obvious Lenny looks and actually is a lot older than 50 years of age.

Faking "Noah's" Photographs

Many of Noah Pozner’s photos appear to have been created from those of Michael Vabner, his alleged older step-brother, when he was younger, while others may have been from Veronique’s brother, Alexis Haller, since they also look very much alike. When looking at some of the pics it looks as though more than one boy was used. That could explain the problems Alexis Haller and Pozner had the year after the “shooting”.
Screenshot 2018-05-25 at 11.21.35 PM - Edited.png
Jim Fetzer asked Larry Rivera to perform a superposition to test the hypothesis that they are indeed one and the same, which produced the following confirmation We have established far beyond a reasonable doubt that "Noah" and "Michael" are the same person since this proof demonstrates that no alternative hypothesis is reasonable
During a discussion about the column by Mike Adams, "'The Most Dangerous Mind in America", someone calling himself dson30 asked, "Who is the boy in the Spiderman video?" with "Lenny". We had already established that "Noah" was Michael Vabner, where the interesting question is not the identity of the boy, which we already knew, but of the man with him, his father, whose real name is not "Lenny Pozner" but Reubin Vabner.
[Editor's note: By far the most interesting comments on the discussion thread for Mike Adams' article, "'The Most Dangerous Mind in America' interviewed about false flags and extreme censorship" (6 May 2018) were those from someone using the handle, "dson30", whom I believe to be Reubin Vabner (aka "Lenny Pozner"). He seems to know too much about both of the boys and to be too eager to dismiss their identification. Here's one of his most interesting comments:
Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 12.18.03 AM - Edited.png
When I suggest the fellow at the lower right is "Noah" all grown up, he remarks, "If the guy on the right is Michael Vabner, why does that matter?", which would be ridiculous but for his contention that we have not shown "Noah" to be a fiction created out of photos of Michael when younger. He also claims that our superpositions "only show they have similarities", which he says they should have since they are half-brothers who share the same mother. His question about "Spiderman", by the way, is rather telling.
By asking who is in the photo of a little boy with the one we have identified until now as "Lenny Pozner", he thinks he has made the following argument: Since the little boy is with his father, Lenny Pozner, it makes no sense to suppose he is actually Michael Vabner. But when you realize that "Lenny Pozner" is a pseudonym for Reubin Vabner, it makes perfect sense to suppose that he is with his father, because his father is actually Reubin Vabner, even though we have known him by another name. There are lots of details here that further confirm my inference that dson30 is Reubin Vabner (aka Lenny Pozner).]

Faking "Noah's" Gravestone

It appears that the engraving on the Noah Pozner headstone was digitally added. Note the perspective of the engraving on Noah's headstone compared to an actual headstone. Noah's engraving (top) appears to have been digitally "stamped" onto the headstone compared to authentic engraving (bottom):

Notice, too, that the spacing is improper. Engraving is a very deliberate form of art that even approximates a science since exact placement has a premium for monuments designed to endure for centuries. But this one for NOAH SAMUEL is too far to the left and not completely horizontal. Here are some examples illustrating how effortless it can be to fake images like these:

Alas, when "Lenny" faked these--as we presume he was the one--he didn't do a very good job. As in case after case of these staged shootings, it's the details that give the game away: totally fake! Jim Fetzer isn't even Jewish

Has Wolfgang been Played?

[Editor's note: On the basis of the creation of "Noah Pozner" using photos of Michael Vabner when he was younger, I have generalized to the conclusion that the photos of the kids were all generated that way--but not considering that6, in some cases, the parents may have used photos of themselves as children for this purpose. What Mona initiates here is a new line of Sandy Hook research, where, as occurs in the history of science, we proceed by the method of successive approximation in arriving at the truth, where our findings are tentative and fallible.]
Wolfgang Halbig has been given a picture of the children all grown up. Now granted some of the children’s pics were of the older siblings but a majority are of the parents. Therefore, the teenagers in this pic are of the older siblings used in this hoax and the others may just be look-alikes or the parents at this age photoshopped in.

The style of clothing back when the parents were children was unique as is in most generations. When looking at the pics initially they just did not seem right for that reason. Look at the style of the clothes in the pictures and ask yourself if it fits the time of 2012. It is highly doubtful. The clothes look like the style from the 70’s and judging from the parents ages that is about right.
Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 12.42.32 AM - Edited.png
Take a look at Soto and what she is wearing. Look at her badly photoshopped cut off fingers. Also, which one is the real school picture and why did two class pictures appear? We have been forced to consider the alternative hypothesis that many of the parents used photographs of themselves when they were children to avoid implicating their own children in such an elaborate scam.
Parents faking their "children"
Take a look at Lynn McDonnell with her “daughter” and the dress she is wearing. It is a style that was popular in the 70’s. Her daughter has the same shaped face that McDonnell does and exact body frame. Children usually look like a combination of both parents but none of these children do. They look like one parent with the exception of a few times older siblings were used to create the victims at the school shooting. Another observation, Grace McDonnell appears much older than 6 in the picture on the right.

graciemcdonnel - Edited.jpg
Next are the Parkers. Same as with the McDonnell’s Emilie was created out of Alyssa’s childhood pics. Also, a few days after the massacre I found the Parker's website. I explored the back page info and discovered the page had been changed a couple of days after the “shooting”. What had been changed on the website was the title, “From Parker Four to Parker Family”.
Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 12.49.27 AM - Edited.png

Alyssa and Alyssa Jr. picked up the habit of wrinkling their nose that never stopped in adulthood. Keep in the mind the clothing when looking at all these pictures.

Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 12.49.27 AM - Edited (1).png
Next, we have Mark Mattioli and his son, James. Again the style of clothes is from the 70’s and the ears are an identical match.

Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 1.09.49 AM - Edited.png
Jessica Rekos again looks exactly like Mom, and has on clothes from the 70’s in variety of pics. The parts in their hair are almost identical.

Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 1.09.58 AM - Edited.png
[Editor's note: A video that appears to show James Mattioli attending his own funeral seems to have been taken down by YouTube. (No surprise there!) Of course, it would mean that Mona and Dan don't have everything right about how they faked the kids here, but provides as devastating a proof that Sandy Hook was an elaborate charade as one could possibly desire. We do have a video covering the funerals for both James and Jessica, which shows that funerals can be as easily faked as headstones.]

Faking the Administration

Even the teacher’s clothes were old-fashioned for 2012. Dawn Hochsprung did not exist in that school district. In fact, she did not exist in any official records except the ones created for this drill. After close examination, it appears Dawn Hochsprung is Mary Sherlock when she was young. The actual Principal in 2010 in the pics below was Barbara Gasperine. Both pics are incorrect since the school was closed but having two school Principals shows foul play.
Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 1.17.22 AM - Edited.png
Victoria Soto and Rachel Davino. This is the same woman at a different age. Judging from the style of clothing they are both Soto’s mom when she was younger at two different ages. Funny, they changed the color of the dog to try to make her look like a different person. Mom still likes the green scarf.

Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 1.17.34 AM - Edited.png
[Editor's note: This case is also fascinating because the same woman who played Victoria Soto's mother in Sandy Hook also played Heather Heyer's mother in Charlottesville:
Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 1.17.34 AM - Edited (1).png
For more, see "FAKE NEWS: The New York Times celebrates a Charlottesville Stunt Man, a Shopped Photo and a Crisis Actor (who made her debut in Sandy Hook".]
The Lafferty gun grabber complaining in a tweet how she will never have her mother at her wedding while posting a picture of “her mother and sister” although the picture comes from a wedding picture of Sharon Epple (school administrator and Principal at Newtown Middle School) at her daughter’s wedding.
Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 1.23.39 AM - Edited (1).png
The last person on this blog is Anne Marie Murphy, (even though there are others in the Sandy Hook drill that need further investigation) who was born on July 25, 1960. The one Anne Marie Murphy who died at 52 years old is alive and now 57 years old teaching in MA. Same birthday and same last name even though now she added the last name, O’Reilly. Probably why they only printed blurred adult photos.
Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 1.40.41 AM - Edited.png 

Concluding Reflections

Ask yourself if your loved one had just gotten violently killed would you be smiling like these people?
Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 1.43.50 AM - Edited.png
Would you be smiling like these Sandy Hook parents had you just lost your child?
So, as with all government drills since Obama repealed the Smith-Mundt act of 1948, the people have become their own worst enemy. Americans have become a society of PARROTS that listen to a sociopathic government wanting to take every last ounce of our freedom away! If you think this is just a conspiracy theory then look around. Seriously, start listening to what your eyes see, and what your gut tells you? Everything the mainstream media reports, or someone with a big mouth says, is repeated by those that do no research. Most of the public has been spending their lives sleepwalking through history.
As a result, the people who are trying to expose the theft, fraud and continued trauma the American people suffer are being treated like the criminals, while the criminals are walking free and laughing all the way to the bank. The difficult work that Wolfgang Halbig, James Tracy, Dr. James Fetzer and many others have been doing for ungrateful Americans is unbelievable. One day, hopefully soon, Americans will turn off the TV, educate themselves, put their egos on the shelf, thank the selfless researchers for what they have done, and begin to help to resolve our nation's problems.
Mona Alexis Pressley has done brilliant work on Las Vegas and on Parkland, including tracking down the decedents on whom the obituaries in Las Vegas were based, who died in different states or on different dates or from different causes of death. Her research has been having a significant impact on understanding these "false flag" events, now also including Sandy Hook.
Dan Cromer has a background in IT, including expertise with both audio and video technology, which enabled him to confirm that the soundtrack from Las Vegas was too good to have been recorded at the scene but had to have been prerecorded, which was crucial in figuring out that Las Vegas was a movie! His primary contribution here was to the photographic record.
Dr. James Fetzer - McKnight Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, University of Minnesota Duluth; Founder, Scholars for 9/11 Truth; Editor, Assassination Science; Co-Editor, Assassination Research. He has done hundreds of shows, presentations, videos, and interviews online in regard to the many false flags that have taken place in the last 17 years and older. Dr. Fetzer is the number one expert in this area and is a major contributor in exposing the absolute TRUTH consistently.
You can also order Jim's books at and read his writings at


A group of protesters gathered outside Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s Virginia townhouse Friday morning, chanting “no justice, no sleep” and blaring audio of immigrant children crying.
About two dozen protesters with the progressive group CREDO Action chanted with megaphones, waved signs that read “child snatcher” and played the ProPublica audio clip of immigrant children being separated from their parents at the border, HuffPost reported.
Ms. Nielsen was forced to walk by protesters shouting “Shame!” when she left her house, according to video posted on social media. One man shouted, “You belong in the Hague!” and, “You’re a modern-day Nazi!” as Ms. Nielsenentered her vehicle and left.
Heidi Hess, the co-director of CREDO Action, said it’s important to hold members of the Trump administration accountable “everywhere.”
“There’s a child snatcher living in Alexandria, Virginia,” Ms. Hess said in a statement. “Rightfully so, there’s a huge amount of attention focused on the border and the detention centers but the people who are making the decisions are here in DC, so it’s important to shine a spotlight on them as well.”
The protest took place just three days after Ms. Nielsen was chased out of a Mexican restaurant near the White House by protesters with the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America.
I think we’re at the beginning of a soft civil war,” political scientist Thomas Schaller told Bloomberg’s Francis Wilkinson.  “I don’t know if the country gets out of it whole.”
I know many of youse disagree. But I am struck that rational people continue to express such concerns. Why do you think this is so?
Portland, Oregon, has continued to experience rapid urban decay in recent years, and the consequences for businesses and residents have been dramatic. In 2016, Columbia Sportswear, a major retailer, relocated a considerable number of its staff to downtown Portland. A little over a year later, in a scathing opinion piece in the Oregonian, the company’s CEO voiced his regret over the decision. Employees reported repeated criminal offenses, “daily defecation” in the store’s front lobby, and fears of physical violence. One female employee ran into moving traffic to escape a transient individual, screaming that he was going to kill her.
Conditions for other Portland companies have deteriorated as well.
Portland’s last Republican mayor left office in 1980. Why are Democrat-monopoly cities such cesspits of crime, violence, homelessness, and err, “daily defecations” in retail lobbies?

A cynic would argue that the tears were artificial, intentionally forced out of tear ducts and emotions faked. Maybe so, but this then raises the question of why they felt driven to such emotional manipulation of the audience.
And what if the emotions were real? What could drive seasoned professionals to such a loss of self-control if manipulation were not the intent?
I think the answer in both scenarios is the same: genuine mass hysteria is gripping the mainstream media. The first source is the political rise, election, and continuing successes of Donald Trump, currently presiding over the best economic times since the Reagan administration. Trump violates all the political norms that they learned, embraced, and enforced in their own rise to media prominence. When norms are violated, anger is the dominant response of members of the group that holds the norms.
But what accounts for the hysteria that results in loss of self-control? I think a second factor is at play. The mainstream media perceive that they have lost the ability to shape public perceptions beyond the 30% or so of the populace that is committed to left-progressivism. The majority of the public no longer trusts or believes what they have to say. And this sense of powerlessness in the face of a hated opponent is literally driving them crazy. Even before the Rasmussen poll showed the futility of their efforts (“54% of Likely U.S. Voters say the parents are more to blame for breaking the law … only 35% believe the federal government is more to blame for enforcing the law”), they must have realized that their efforts were failing. Knowing no other means of persuasion than intensifying the current efforts, they pulled out all the stops: anger and sadness replaced facts and logic, which don’t really stand up to scrutiny anyway.
Andrew Malcolm, writing at Hot Air, describes the awful truth to which they are awakening with horror every day: they no longer have traction.
And “traction” is essential to their self-esteem.
THE LEFT IS REALLY HATING LIVING UNDER THE NEW RULES THEY’VE CREATED: Blue check Resistance appalled Sarah Sanders tweeted name of restaurant that kicked her out.
As Greg Pollowitz of Twitchy tweets, “Lot of this going around. Server at restaurant bragged about it online and it went viral. If [Sanders] didn’t tweet about it, she would have been asked about it. She probably had emails from reporters in her inbox when she tweeted.”
How dare someone on the right use social media to blow up the reputation of a restaurant — only we’re allowed to do that!
(Classical reference in headline.)
Everybody sing along:
h/t GR

SANDY HOOK: Michael Vabner website shows "Noah Pozner" all grown up

Jim Fetzer

Michael Vabner, whose images as a child were used to create Sandy Hook fiction "Noah Pozner", has a web site visited by my correspondent, Bruce Sullivan, and turns out to have just graduated from the University of Connecticut, Storrs (2017) with courses in IT and web management. I visited his web site (which as of now can still be accessed here) and captured this, a photograph of "Noah Pozner", all grown up:

His resume includes stints with a DOD-related company, InfoReliance Corporation, FairFax, VA (June-August 2015 and 2016), leading me to believe he may be the party who has been infiltrating my blog and taking down images I have posted proving that "Noah Pozner" was a fiction created out of photos of Michael Vabner as a child. Here is Michael Vabner's resume, which was published on his web site:
Bruce Sullivan checked out InfoReliance Corporation and found its client list was a virtual Who's Who of US government-military-industrial agencies, where Michael Vabner's training with them (to me) strongly suggests that he has been the party who has been infiltrating my blog to take down images that prove Sandy Hook was staged and that "Noah Pozner" not only did not die there but never even existed:
Hi Jim,

After reading your article on "Sandy Hook Parents sue Alex Jones", I went to Michael Vabner's personal web page and on it he posts a resume (attached) that in one section reads list what appears to be 2 years of a summer internship:

Michael Vabner EXPERIENCE InfoReliance Corporation - Fairfax, VA June-August
2015 & 2016 June-August 2015 & 2016

Being of a curious nature, I immediately went to the InfoReliance Corporation web site where they list some of their customers (seeInfoReliance Corporation customer list at URL ( (attached); these customers include:

Defense Information Systems Agency
Defense Logistics Agency
Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Department of Agriculture
Department of Energy
Department of Health and Human Services
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Department of Justice
Department of Labor
Department of State
Department of the Interior
Department of Transportation
Department of Treasury
Department of Veteran's Affairs
Department of Commerce
DHS Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation
DHS Einstein
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

TO NAME JUST A FEW! How much more "Deep State" can you get??

I hope this helps you and the other Sandy Hook researchers.

Bruce Sullivan
The images that have been taken down--again and again!--by the infiltrator (where Michael Vabner turns out to have the kind of background and training that would qualify him as an amateur spook) are ones that provide some of the most powerful proof that Sandy Hook was political theater for the purpose of advancing the Democratic Party's gun control agenda, the promotion of which we are seeing repeatedly played out. Here's one that has been removed many times:

which, of course, reveals that the famous photograph by Shannon Hicks (top) sent around the world the day of the alleged shooting was itself staged, where a second photo (bottom) Shannon has also admitted taking shows parents observing with their arms folded and hands in their pockets, while the policeworman rearranges the kids to get "a better shot". If you look in between "Boy #1" and "Boy #2" (bottom), you can see other parents casually looking on, leading me to refer to this photo as "lounging at the massacre". Others are more obvious targets:

This from a blog where six of us established that Kelley Watt's conjecture--that "Noah Pozner" was made up out of photos of Michael Vabner as a child--appeared to be correct, where we established that they had the same eyes, the same ears, the same shape of skull, which would be confirmed by the more precise comparison facilitated by superposition of an image of Michael upon an image of Noah by Larry Rivera to confirm that they are indeed one and the same.

In the meanwhile, Wolfgang Halbig has produced photos (which he has told me he has had verified by a photographic expert), one of eight of the Sandy Hook girls--alive and well and looking cute and perky--and another that includes even more of them as well as four of the Sandy Hook boys, where on the bottom right you can see a photo of Michael Vabner as he appeared (what I take to be) a few years ago, where Bruce Sullivan has now provided us with an updated image:

How much more proof could we possibly need that Sandy Hook was a hoax? It turns out that We the People are being scammed, first by Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Eric Holder (with Sandy Hook), more recently by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Sheriff Scott Israel (with Parkland), where we can expect these fake school shootings to continue in their ongoing effort to "brainwash" the American public into changing its attitude toward guns, which would be a very bad idea. Check out:

"The 2nd Amendment and the Politics of Gun Control", which I recorded for Memorial Day. We have to get a grip on the insanity of the DNC fabrication of school shootings to salvage their prospects for the Midterm elections, where they are panic-stricken that they may lose massively. We are witnessing one more cynical and sadistic exploitation of orchestrated acts of terrorism designed to instill fear into the target population to promote a political agenda. Rather than electing more kindred spirits, these despicable cads deserve to be booted out of office and held in the contempt they deserve.  

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-editor of