Thursday, July 12, 2018

John Kass: How to maintain the republic? Originalist justices like Brett Kavanaugh

The best argument for the necessity of constitutional originalists on the Supreme Court is right before our eyes.

You can see it in the news, in our political discourse; you hear the shrieks of it everywhere: It’s the hysteria of the American left over the loss of power over the nation’s highest court. And now they’ve finally become quite unhinged.

President Donald Trump’s nomination of conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh has pushed them over the edge.

Not all liberals are hysterical. Some are trying to be intellectually honest, in thanking those most responsible for Trump being able to shape the court: Like Harry Reid, the former Democratic Senate majority leader from Nevada. 

And former President Barack Obama, Democrat from Chicago.

It was Reid who blew up the old Senate filibuster rules to help Obama pack the federal courts with liberal judges.

Liberal Bloomberg pundit Albert R. Hunt advised Democrats to “look in the mirror.”

“Democrats set the stage for their powerlessness to affect the court choice,” Hunt wrote the other day, “and their reaction just deepens their political anguish.”

When he was in the White House and his party was in control of Congress, Obama couldn’t resist rubbing it in, like some Chicago political boss in a roomful of broken elbows. And he set the stage for all this a few years earlier, in a closed-door White House meeting with Republicans when Democrats had the power.

“Elections have consequences,” he snapped, “and at the end of the day, I won.”

Elections have consequences? Amazing.

And breaking established Senate precedent to serve short-term political goals like packing the lower courts with liberal judicial appointees has consequences, too. And now Republicans hold the Senate.

These days, as Senate Democrats gnash their teeth and pull their hair and their media friends announce the end of the world is at hand, there’s only one thing missing: an inscription carved in stone, under the faces of Obama and Reid, with a line from a poem we read as children:

“Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!”

I would lift a glass to such a touching monument. It would be a dry martini made of liberal tears. On the rocks, with three jalapeno/garlic olives — shaken, not stirred.

So tasty. But only one. Moderation in all things is best.

Unfortunately, moderation is an unknown concept to many Democrats now. But their outrage over the Kavanaugh appointment can be entertaining political theater, like those protesters who dressed up in costumes from “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

They wore those ridiculous potato chip bonnets and warned that the Supreme Court will soon transform all American women into breeders controlled by bloodless patriarchs.

Just a little bit over the top? Perhaps. Roe v. Wade isn’t going to be overturned anytime soon. Just screaming it out doesn’t mean you understand how things work. At least those potato chip bonnets were nice.

But there’s another side of the face of the left, a face of rage worthy of Mr. Hyde. And it howls that America is a monstrous nation and that an orange-haired demon has turned us into the country of the damned.

That’s a bit over the top, too, no?

The rage is driven by the realization that Trump, who, without a conservative bone in his body, is governing as a conservative, with cuts to taxes and government regulation and a strict enforcement of borders.

And he’s shaping a conservative Supreme Court that may last for generations, thanks to the Harry Reid rules that Democratic senators, from Charles Schumer of New York to Dick Durbin of Illinois, were only too eager to use when they had juice.

All this is just too much for the left. It has finally dawned on them that they’ve lost the Supreme Court.

For decades, the left couldn’t get what they wanted through legislation, so they used activist courts to push their agenda instead.

Kavanaugh was the safe choice, a child of Washington, a loyalist in the George W. Bush White House, a conservative recruited by liberal Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan to teach the law at Harvard. And he was an altar boy, and has a beautiful family, and feeds the poor.

Good luck, Sen. Durbin. Perhaps you can ask Kavanaugh if he, too, is an “orthodox Catholic.”

When Kavanaugh is confirmed, the left will no longer be able to rely on demigods in black robes to make law from the bench.

Instead, Democrats will have to push policy agendas the old-fashioned way, through legislation in statehouses and in Congress, after convincing the American people of the rightness and reason of their policies.

Once they get legislation passed, they’ll have to get it signed into law and hope such law is consistent with the Constitution.

What’s wrong with that? Nothing.

I don’t want the Supreme Court to give me a victory over those with whom I disagree. All I want is for the court to interpret the Constitution as it was written, as it was intended, to protect all our liberties, not just those on one side or the other depending on the political whims of the moment.

The Constitution is what protects us from our own passions and politics. Isn’t that what’s best for the country?

Persuading your fellow Americans to join you in pursuit of legislation — hashing things out, compromising and building consensus so that half the country doesn’t feel it has been tricked and betrayed — is the best way.

It is the way our republic was designed. Our republic, if we can keep it.

John Kass is a columnist for the Chicago Tribune. His Twitter handle is @john_kass.


  1. Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court.

    Well, I must start from scratch ... the deplorable state of affairs is such that the first question is ...

    It Brett really a man?

    Ok? Now I search images and run through 20 pages of Google selected images. That already makes for hanky panky because Google hides the SST Markers.

    Swearing in images show hints by demonstrating fingers and length ratios ...
    Ring finger MUCH LONGER than index finger in a couple images. Male.

    Adam's Apple ...
    Seen in about 3 views ... Male

    5 o'clock shadow evidence of beard growth ... Male.

    Jaw Line mostly square ... Male

    Forehead angles back ... Male

    I'd sure like some mostly naked beach anatomy but I guess Brett has a private pool.

    Maybe he married a deceiver so ...

    Mrs. ... Or his girls are flipped ?

    Oval faces, angled jaws, and I see all girls.

    Vatican Codes of Silence ...

    1. Finger Point to Temple
    2. Pyramid

    Hand Shakes appear Male without CODE signs.

    Ok, 45 minutes in, I start taking Brett as a MAN. COULD BE WRONG BUT ...




    OR ...


    I hope for the best ...

    Next 400 topics to read about. Gotta Go.

  2. Much of this article makes sense to me. However, until we give up the left/right paradigm, nothing will come of any efforts. Kavanaugh is just another distraction.

    The author concludes with this:

    All I want is for the court to interpret the Constitution as it was written, as it was intended, to protect all our liberties, not just those on one side or the other depending on the political whims of the moment.

    You mean like "right wing" Justice Roberts (and the rest of his tribe) in the decision recognizing corporations as "persons" who can bribe Congressman at will? Original intent? They all do it, not just the idiot left. It's all a joke and distractions just keep the nonsense reel running.

  3. "Originalist," U Say?--What About Original States Rights?

    Kavanaugh is NOT "originalist"--he's just another Jew-serving, Jew-oriented neo-con who used to work for Clinton and Bush, and was in charge of the Vince Foster investigation cover-up, AND the Ken Starr cover-up for numerous other crimes of Clinton(s), don't doubt.

    But we do need reversion to the REAL "original" American union ideal which included states rights which the CSA (Conf. States of America) so heroically fought for in the 1860s.

    For observe these fed judges nowadays running rough-shod against states rights, esp. in states' attempts to require voter-ID--not to mention other depradations. Oh well, pay-backs will be a mother-hubbard, eh?

    Present power of these fed judges is ridiculous, and it's how US has become an oligarchal dictatorship. Thus the un-Constitutional "nation" since the 1860s has indebted the citizenry into virtual slavery, and secession is one good way out of this fraudulent debt.

    And when the puke say "Civil War" (of 1860s) "settled things" regarding state sovereignty, note it's like the mugger taking someone's wallet and then saying because he prevailed for the strong-arm, that then "settles" who's real owner now of the stolen wallet--the war ain't over, suckers.

    And remember sovereignty is inalienable, the only thing states DELEGATED to the union were certain specific POWERS, not not not sovereignty--all one needs do is to read the 28 words of 10th Amendment.

    "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

    Thus the union is INFERIOR to the states, union the SERVANT to the states. And note the people of the northern states were against slavery BECAUSE THEY WERE AGAINST BLACKS--and wanted to send blacks back where they belong--like in Africa.

    Note further, the 14th, 16th, and probably the 17th amendments were not Constitutionally ratified--just simply ck the history. And the all-time great exposition of states sovereignty is by Abel P. Upshur, "A Brief Enquiry into the Nature and Character of our Federal Government...."

    So we only now need a simple movement founded in the original, hence anti-semitic, anti-satanic Christianity (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44), worship of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), truth necessarily founded in the OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality, against satanist (extreme) subjectivism, the idea that consciousness/mind creates reality.

    Then the criminal central-bank, literally legalized counterfeiting, must be removed, real, commodity-based money restored, along w. the REAL "original" Constitutional understanding, including esp. states rights, state sovereignty, and nullification.

  4. Addition to my prior comment: it would appear that Kavanaugh is just another swamp creature (as is Trump for that matter), and the author's rosy view of him as a Constitutional purist is rather misguided:

  5. I forgot: ck outstanding site, Tenth Amendment Center:

  6. You might wonder why I start now with some form of sexual analysis on a supreme court addition.
    Try imagining Phoney Persephone looking at Brett.
    Transvestigation of Colton Haynes
    Presenting as the opposite sex in a position of trust should destroy all forms of mental peace.
    The Goat God Tits and Penis Bathomet is the parasite. Look until you see.

  7. Phoney Persephony answering a commenter...
    It's gratifying to see you are one of those with a willingness to rethink and consider other possibilities. If your mind was too rigid and set in holding to a belief you were taught, as many others I see (the "they're all trannies, no exceptions" creed preached by various channels with no evidence, and usually accepted without question), no matter what I had shown you, you could have resisted recognising it as truth. So, really, I'm glad you were prepared and had the capacity to have the revelation you'd had here, as it always depends upon the mind of the viewer as much as, or even more than, the information being presented. Assuming is indeed dangerous, and in the case of this gender inversion scheme, it's a lot more complicated than people have been led to believe. There definitely are still some real males and females mixed in with the transgenders, and they're there because they're permitted to be, because they have a part to play in the agenda, too. The agenda isn't just about transgendering, but about destruction of gender entirely, and destruction of virtue, too. There are a lot of ways they can use the real males and females to further the agenda, and it would be very good for everyone aware of this agenda to recognise this. Glad if I could help in some small way! Have a great day.

  8. The U.S. Constitution is silent on the number of Supreme Court Justices or their qualifications, as it is on most elected offices. So far as I can see, the word "lawyer" does not appear anywhere in the Constitution let alone the phrase "lying lawyer". The Founders did not intend that the "oldest profession", lying lawyers, would end up controlling all three branches of our government as they mostly do today and have for decades past. Theoretically any citizen could be appointed a U.S. Supreme Court Justice; anyone randomly chosen off the street. Theoretically we could have a Supreme Court with one justice from every State for example. Why not? Why only 9 lying lawyers? Earl Carey, a U.S. Citizen who was also an engineer, wrote a book "IBM and the Corruption of Justice in America", Bismarck House, St. Louis, 1992. He documents and lists 42 federal judges who patently and with malice violated the rules and law they took a meaningless oath to follow. He even tried to have them arrested by the FBI! He recommends banning all lawyers from holding any jobs in our government because they are basically trained to lie, cheat and steal. Lying lawyers have hi jacked all three branches of our government. This was never the intent of the Founders. Therefore the lawyers themselves foisted this monster on us. This must be changed. There are no checks and balances because lying lawyers control all three branches of our corrupt government today. These whores have sold the country out to Israel which did 9/11/01 and many other crimes against the United States. Most of the whores in Congress refuse to address this problem. They are mostly lying lawyers. Carey was right. Lawyers must be booted out of our government if we are to bring our country back from the brink of destruction today. Lawyers are evil people trained to lie, cheat and steal. Why do people elect such evil thugs to run our country? Because they have been brainwashed by the lying media that only lying lawyers should be elected. This is false and wrong and the basic reason our country is headed straight down the cesspool into oblivion. Wake up Americans. Stop electing and appointing lying lawyers to all the offices in Congress, Supreme Court and President. Nothing in the Constitution demands this at all! Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    1. When are law students given the keys to the kingdom? When are they given the secrets to dishonesty? On one hand, lawyers know this US is a corporation and that the current "government" does not represent the rank and file. The degeneration of the government started long, long ago. POTUS is a Masonic thingie, haven't the last 15 presidents been 33rd degree Masons? What about the origin of the Statue of Liberty? Is it about liberty or something else? Hint: choose the latter.
      Professor Abbe is right on the money with his periodic jeremiads against the many governmental nightmares we face. I, for one, wonder if it's possible to have a strong anti-war movement again in this country. Usually, propaganda is one step ahead of most Americans. Face it, most Americans have accepted materialism as their God, their ultimate necessity. Support the country, support peace, better education? Show me.
      Americans are disconnected from the workings of this nation. Poorly educated, lazy, they gravitate toward the easiest way to solve their collective boredom. It's entertainment, more entertainment. More Kardashians, more foul mouthed movie stars showing abject hatred for the nation, this arises the ire of few Americans. They just don't care. That said, it's more and more dangerous out there in America these days. The Patriot Act and other travesties makes it harder and harder to bitch about the way things are.
      All in all,in summation, in toto, Americans don't care and that makes it mighty easy to harvest the low hanging fruit called the minds of the American public. The nation has to be rebuilt from the ground up. Is that likely to happen, knowing what we know about the inhabitants of this once superior nation?

  9. Oh, you think high level political players are NOT PLAYING YOU ... ?

    Wake Yo Ass Up, it's all fakery.
    Time Warner jumped out of the TV and starts scripting the Teumpf Show.

    In the Constant barrage of propaganda, Media controls the narrative with ACTORS including the main Trumpf Show Stars, well actually, fallen stars. All daily drama is scripted and produced world wide by the Vatican Code of BullShit Goat God Lucy. I bought a big hard back book in an America Shard Shop, oh I mean GodWill one eyed Goat God Shop for $2. It left out the one that has it's arm up your ass ... Luciferianism. The publishing houses are also the Tit Goat. As a veterinarian, I can tell ya, Goats do have mammary glands but not ridiculously like their stupid shit. All religions are infiltrated by the cult that magically makes the money. You can not imagine the funding behind their fakery because their funding comes from AIR.
    Jews are infiltrated for sure but so are the rest of the bunch. Thousand Points of Light right Bush CIA Fuck Head, WAKE YO ASS UP.

  12. Further to my prior comments, this one part of Bill Bonner's daily blog regarding Kavanaugh. Why are we so deluded?

    Third dot: Trump’s Supreme Court pick.

    Brett Kavanaugh seems like a safe choice. He’s not an extremist. He’s Catholic, but not a religious zealot. He’s a “conservative,” but not too particular about what is conserved. All in all, he seems like a reasonable, decent human being.

    Why, then, would Donald J. Trump recommend him for the Supreme Court?

    Our hypothesis is that Trump has no personal regard for the Constitution… nor does he care about Roe v. Wade.

    What he does care about is the power of the office he now inhabits; he doesn’t want anyone on the court who might get in his way.

    Further fleshing out our hypothesis: The Deep State runs the country. But the Deep State has competing factions, with different ideas about how to divvy up the spoils.

    Mr. Trump champions one faction and embarrasses another. But his main achievements – bigger budgets, bigger deficits, more wars – always find favor in the eyes of the Deep State itself.

    Big Data is becoming a big tool for the Deep State to manage, modify, and manipulate the public.

    If we’re right, it is teaming up with Google, Facebook, and Amazon to gather data… and use it to identify and marginalize troublemakers.

    Why Kavanaugh?

    The HuffPost has the answer:

    In 2015, Kavanaugh wrote a concurring opinion with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit affirming the constitutionality of the National Security Agency’s warrantless phone records collection program. The controversial program had been revealed in 2013 with the help of Edward Snowden, a former intelligence contractor who had leaked classified documents about the government’s surveillance of the American public to the press. The NSA, it turns out, had for years been secretly collecting telephone metadata – allowing the government to see whom a person calls, but not what was said – from major American phone companies.

    Kavanaugh wrote at the time that he felt that the “critical national security need outweighs the impact on privacy” and joined other judges on the court in declining to rehear a case challenging the program under Fourth Amendment grounds.

    Brett Kavanaugh is a Deep State guy… of, by, and for the Swamp.