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Paul Craig Roberts: Another Step Toward Armageddon

The US military/security complex has taken another step toward Armageddon. The Pentagon has prepared a nuclear posture review (NPR) that gives the OK to development of smaller “usable” nuclear weapons and permits their use in response to a non-nuclear attack.
As Reagan and Gorbachev understood, but the warmongers who have taken over America do not, there are far too many nuclear weapons already. Some scientists have concluded that even the use of 10 percent of either the US or Russian arsenal would suffice to destroy life on earth.
It is reckless and irresponsible for Washington to make such a decision in the wake of years of aggressive actions taken against Russia. The Clinton criminal regime broke Washington’s promise that NATO would not move one inch to the East. The George W. Bush criminal regime pulled out of the ABM Treaty and changed US war doctrine to elevate the use of nuclear weapons from retaliation to first strike. The Obama criminal regime launched a frontal propaganda attack on Russia with crazed Hillary’s denunciation of President Putin as “the new Hitler.” In an effort to evict Russia from its naval base in Crimea, the criminal Obama regime overthrew the Ukrainian government during the Sochi Olympics and installed a Washington puppet. US missile bases have been established on Russia’s border, and NATO conducts war games against Russia on Russian borders. 
This is insanity. These and other gratuitous provocations have convinced the Russian military’s Operation Command that Washington is planning a surprise nuclear attack on Russia. The Russian government has replied to these provocations with the statement that Russia will never again fight a war on its own territory.
Those such as myself and Stephen Cohen, who point out that Washington’s reckless and irresponsible behavior has created an enemy out of a country that very much wanted to be friends, do not get much attention from the presstitute media. The US military/security complex needs an enemy sufficient to justify its vast budget and power, and the Western media has accommodated that selfish and dangerous need.
Russia today is far stronger and better armed than the Soviet Union ever was. Russia also has an alliance with China, an economic and military power. This alliance was created by Washington’s threats against both countries. 
Europe and Japan need to understand that they have responsibility for the resurrection of the Cold War in a far more dangerous form than existed in the 20th century. Europe and Japan, whose political leaders are owned by Washington, have taken money from Washington and sold out their peoples along with the rest of humanity.
The entirety of the Western World is devoid of intelligent political leadership. This leaves countries such as Russia, China and Iran with the challenge of preserving life on earth as the Western World pushes humanity toward Armageddon.

Nobody Died At Sandy Hook: Event was Just a FEMA Drill, Shanley Civil Lawsuit Says

By David Deschesne
Fort Fairfield Journal, January 3, 2015

Mainstream Media Being Sued for
Fomenting Terrorism Amongst the U.S. Citizenry

[Editor's note: The Fort Fairfield Journal appears to have been the only newspaper in the country to publish serious reports about Sandy Hook. This blog is dedicated to its honor and the memory of Will Shanley, whom I admired beyond words.]

NEW LONDON, Conn.—Civil lawsuits totaling over a trillion dollars have been filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut against several mainstream news corporations regarding their allegedly spreading of the hoax of mass shooting deaths at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.
   Author and documentary filmmaker, William Brandon Shanley, from New London,
Connecticut has filed the civil lawsuits after it was determined the alleged mass shooting was merely just a drill at an abandoned school, nobody died at the school building on that day and various news reporting companies were working in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and others who were politically motivated in order to present a FEMA National Level Exercise (NLE) drill as if it were a factual event.
   Annual crime statistics released by the F.B.I. last Fall indicate that nobody was murdered in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012, thus conflicting with the government’s and mainstream media’s account of the story where they claimed nearly two dozen people died as a result of a mass shooting there.
   “After exhaustive research, the good news is that overwhelming evidence reveals that no children or teachers died at Sandy Hook two years ago,” Mr. Shanley said in a press release. “For relief, I have filed lawsuits against the media in US District Court in New Haven for Fraud and Terrorism.”
   He also claims the famous photo of a female police officer leading children away from the school that appeared in several national publications was  staged and did not even occur on the day of the alleged shooting.

The police woman rearranged the kids to get "a better shot". Note the parents.
   According to the press release, Shanley plans to call as witnesses investigative journalist for Veterans TodayDr. James Fetzer Ph. D. and former Florida State Trooper, Wolfgang Halbig, who has also closely investigated the event and has information revealing that it was a “false flag.”
   In addition to being on the editorial board of Veterans Today, Dr. Fetzer, a former U.S. Marine Corps officer, is also  Distinguished McKnight University Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota, Duluth.  He has published more than 100 articles and reviews and 20 books in the philosophy of science and on the theoretical foundations of computer science, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science.
   “William Shanley has undertaken a most courageous step by bringing a series of lawsuits related to the fraud known as Sandy Hook. I have published dozens of articles about it, among the most recent being, Rejoice for Christmas: No one died at Sandy Hook or at the Boston Bombing and The Sandy Hook Hoax: How We Know it Didn't Happen. Another telling article is Sandy Hook Redux: Obama Officials Confirm That it was a Drill and No Children Died.We are dealing with facts, not opinions and not speculation,” said Fetzer, who has published those articles in Veterans Today.
   “Among our findings are: (1) that Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed by 2008 and used as a prop in 2012; (2) that there should have been some 469 students to evacuate, but no evacuation was taking place (because no students were there); (3) the 'iconic' photograph (where the children were even rearranged to get 'the best shot') was staged; and (4) the ‘official report’ by Danbury State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky does not establish a causal nexus that ties the alleged shooter to his victims or weapons he is alleged to have used,” Fetzer told the Fort Fairfield Journal.  “We have even located the FEMA manual for a drill to be held on the 13th and FBI confirmation that no one was murdered in Newtown in 2012. Anyone who thinks we are ‘conspiracy nuts’ should look at the evidence. But, I freely admit, we have to be just a bit crazy to be taking this on. As George Orwell observed, ‘Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.’ This was fake terrorism intended to instill fear into the American public to promote a political (gun-control) agenda. It is fortunate that no one died.”
As a forensic inquiry, the "official report" on Sandy Hook was an abject failure.

Wolfgang Halbig, a former Florida State Trooper and school administrator of 36 years, up to vice-principal and principal, and a nationally recognized school safety expert says it has taken him almost two years to put this school shooting conspiracy puzzle together.  “It probably would never have happened until two homicide investigators came to my home in Sorrento, Florida from the Lake County Sheriff’s office with directives from the Connecticut State Police that if I do not stop asking questions about Sandy Hook then the Connecticut State Police will arrest me,” Halbig told the Fort Fairfield Journal.
   Undaunted, Halbig points to crime scene photos taken from the Sandy Hook elementary school showing it covered in water damage, mold and in a general state of disrepair, looking like it had been abandoned for some time, and says no school principal would have allowed their children to be taught in a place of such disrepair.  “No school principal would have ever allowed her school to be so filthy and deplorable looking, which so many people just do not understand,” Halbig told the Fort Fairfield Journal.  “Go to an Elementary School and look at how he or she maintains that school from the outside in. The inside must smell clean, look clean and show that they have a school environment and school climate in which children can learn and teachers can teach.  I investigated the Sandy Hook School shooting as a former school administrator—an angle which Homeland Security and FEMA failed to understand when writing the scripts for that event.” The dilapidated state of the building indicates it had been abandoned for some time and was not occupied by staff or students on the day of the alleged shooting.
   Halbig also told the Fort Fairfield Journal that he believes the Sandy Hook staged shooting was part of a larger psy-op designed to cause mass mental health issues in the society, thereby disarming a large portion of the populace.  “It is not all about guns it is all about Mental Health.  If you have a mental health issue at an early age, and it is documented, a decade later you will never be able to buy a gun.  They are coming in the backdoor since our Constitution allows us to own guns, but not if you have a mental health issue.”
   Shanley outlines how the Defendants allegedly “entered in a multi-year conspiracy, meeting in groups separately and together, to commit fraud and terrorism, i.e., to brainwash the public into thinking a lone gunman drill known as the “Sandy Hook Massacre” was real, when in fact it was a staged FEMA National Level Exercise Event that redirected government resources to terrorize the public. These crimes were undertaken with the intent of subverting the US Constitution and to affect national, state and local laws.This fraud involved lying to the public, faking news, publishing one-sided news reports, censoring reality, suppressing facts, and deliberately skewing the news to shift public perceptions.”
   In a letter to the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, Shanley states Sandy Hook Justice alleges, and would be willing to provide evidence, that; “Sandy Hook Elementary School was abandoned by 2008 and used as a prop in 2012; the ‘iconic’ photograph taken by Shannon Hicks of the Newtown Bee was staged; State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky did not show Adam Lanza committed a crime; That the death certificate for Noah Pozner provided by Lenny Pozner is not authentic." Hicks has denied staging the photograph.
   “The legal principle, ‘Fraud vitiates everything,’ supports the conclusion that no one died at Sandy Hook. Extraordinary steps have been taken at the local and state level to deny access to relevant proof of death--apart from the fabricated death certificate for Noah Pozner. Evidence that could confirm a crime took place is completely missing. This reveals human intent and manipulation of what has been presented as being real,” writes Shanley.
The fabricated "death certificate" that Lenny Posner sent to Kelley Watt.
   “This appears to have been a ‘made-for-media event’ contemporaneous with a Federal inter-agency and Connecticut Department of Public Protection and Safety drill and television production rolled out to create an entirely false community over a period of years projected into the real world using crisis actors, climaxing on the stage of a school that seems to have been closed for asbestos and bio-hazards and to avoid the expense of meeting ADA requirements.”
   “Two Connecticut State Police officers have confided to Mr. Halbig that the [7,000-page] document dump is ‘the script’ for the drill; records show that fundraising sites and photographs of the purported victims were operational three days before the event and, in some cases, for even longer.”
   “We are troubled that key officials and witnesses have fled or disappeared from the scene through retirement or death. The deaths of former New Haven Registerreporter Michael Bellmore, 27, and Major William Podgorski, 49, Western District Commander of the CTSP, one of the lead Sandy Hook investigators, are only two of a dozen illustrations.”
   Shanley also says according to Connecticut State’s Attorney, Stephen Sedensky’s own report, there were no fingerprints on the .22 rifle that Adam allegedly used to shoot his mother and, even more surprisingly, that of the large number of shots that were fired from the 5.56 caliber Bushmaster (close to 150 rounds), none of the bullet fragments could be matched to the weapon.
   The lawsuits name as defendants a multitude of national, regional and local newsprint and television news reporting companies as allegedly being complicit in perpetuating the government’s Sandy Hook shooting hoax.  Shanley says punitive damages of one year’s annual revenue from each Defendant are being sought to establish a News Trust that will free journalism and restore trust and integrity to our communications sources. “A democracy cannot survive this tyranny over human consciousness,” he said.
Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-editor of

William Shanley: Sandy Hook Media Lawsuit Updated (4 March 2015)

By David Deschesne

Shanley Released from Prison, Charges Dropped after Undergoing Forced Psychotropic Drugging

[Editor's note: Far more serious consequences have befallen those who seek Sandy Hook Truth and Justice than having their blogs deleted, including Sandy Hook witnesses who have "disappeared".]

NEW LONDON, Conn.—William Shanley, the plaintiff in a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against members of the mainstream news media who he has alleged to have been involved in a mammoth cover-up with the U.S. government in connection with the apparent staging of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings, has been released from jail and charges against him dropped.
   Shanley, along with researchers, Jim Fetzer, Ph. D. and Wolfgang Halbig, a retired Florida State trooper and school administrator, have been relentlessly studying the anomalies and inconsistencies in the Sandy Hook story for two years.  They have found remarkable flaws in the government's official story and alleged complicity by members of the media in perpetuating what appears to be a false narrative of events.
Shanley had the heart of a lion and was fearless in pursuit of truth and justice
   Before he filed his lawsuit in December, 2014, Shanley said he was warned that he might be in danger if he continued his research.  This just two weeks after his former roommate, Tobias Smith began acting strangely and jumped from the Gold Star Bridge into the Thames River in New London.
   Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, Shanley was arrested on mysterious charges of "assaulting a Public Safety/EMT worker."  He was also charged with interfering with an officer and resisting arrest and held on $50,000 bail.  The timing of this arrest is curious, given its close proximity to the filing of the lawsuit in the Sandy Hook shooting fiasco.
   “Personally, I have been the focus of dirty tricks and misdirection of the criminal justice system and the Superior Court in New London,” Shanley told the Fort Fairfield Journal
   Shanley says he had an argument with an AMTRAK clerk who caused him to miss his train to Boston for holiday celebrations on December 30th.  “I was assaulted and arrested by New London police (who failed to identify themselves) who charged me with assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, and another trumped up charge.”
Tony Mead has reported on the string of "disappearing" Sandy Hook witnesses.
   “The assault, which brought me to the brink of being hog-tied, was characterized by one police officer attempting to break my eyeglasses into my right eye by forcing the corner of the lens holder into my eye (without success!), and another officer on top of me twisting my right thumb, even though I was already cuffed, forcing me to the ground to save it from being twisted off. I have cuts on both hips and legs from being staddled on the ground with two officers on top of me and two assisting in the manhandling incident.  I was arrested and taken to the New London Police Station where I was charged and later hospitalized.”
   Following hospitalization, Shanley was taken to the New London Superior Court where he was sent to prison and held for 43 days until February 11, 2015, causing him to be evicted from his apartment for what would turn out to be an illegal eviction by the landlord’s building manager.  “My entire production studio and living accoutrements were moved by what had to be a wrecker into storage in a nasty eviction while I was 'standing in for Jason Bourne.'“ 
   In a scene reminiscent of Jason Bourne’s training as a MKULTRA Assassin, Shanely describes his treatment at Corrigan Prison, where he was drugged with Haldon, a drug that incapacitates a person, by the prison's medical staff for nine days.   “I have no memory of these days, under 15 minute observation in the mental unit with no rights, because I simply informed the incredulous doctor the US Secret Service came to visit me with New London police on December 9, 2014 after I requested that the Service deliver my November 22, 2014 letter to Obama.”
   During the 9 days of forced drugging, Shanley says he was not permitted a phone call to an attorney.  “The Superior Court Judge basically 'disappeared' me for 43 days, causing my associates great fear of my demise.”
   Shanely has been released and was living in a motel in New London until March 1 when he was able to move in to a new apartment.  He says the charges have been dropped and he has to undergo a psych program for a couple of years.
Others, including Gugsa Dabela, have lost their lives pursuing Sandy Hook Truth.
   Shanley's civil lawsuit against the media states in its opening page, “The official government theory is that on December 14, 2012 Adam Lanza, 20, shot his mother, Nancy Lanza, 53, of Newtown Connecticut, and then proceeded to Sandy Hook Elementary School where he murdered 20 school children aged 6-7 and 6 adults with 97% accuracy in less than 7 minutes before killing himself. This theory, despite the government withholding evidence, is easily falsifiable by any several of scores of anomalies and constellations of correlations of documentary evidence like picture, videotape, documents, as well as the CTSP sources who provided us with the FEMA National Level Exercise drill script hidden in State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky’s 11,000 page document dump. We will model these patterns reflecting human intent quantum systems for His Honor in Court.”
   He plans to show media complicity in the government's fabrication of the school shooting out of whole cloth from what started out as a simple FEMA Active Shooter/Mass Casualty Event Drill - a fabricated story the mainstream news media of that area allegedly reported as if it were true, causing great panic and strife amongst the citizenry and the public at large.
   Fellow researcher, Wolfgang Halbig has also been continually requesting documents and recordings from the Connecticut State Police under Freedom of Information Act requests, but is being systematically ignored.  According to Halbig, both the State police and Newtown police, as well as the school board for the Newtown schools, have information that could elucidate the holes in the government's story but they are refusing to provide the necessary information. “ Dash Cam from three cameras on three CT State Police cars at Sandy Hook School on December 14, 2012, further evidence of no emergency and the lunacy of this criminal conspiracy to terrorize humankind,” Shanley states in his lawsuit.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-editor of