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Paul Craig Roberts: We are in the Last Days before all Hell breaks loose

Paul Craig Roberts

Last days of Pompeii?  I was just there last week and I saw the future, not the past. To anyone watching the UN Security Council “debate” last night it is crystal clear we are in the last days before all hell breaks out. So, here we are at Judgment Day, and there surely will not be one soul out on Pennsylvania Avenue to raise an anti-war placard. The tattered remains of the American peace movement is rotten to the core. — Gilbert Doctorow
Gilbert Doctorow, a knowledgeable and cautious observer of Russia, who, unlike the US National Security Council, Western think thanks and universities, actually understands Russia, appears to have joined The Saker and me in our pessimistic evaluation of the likely outcome of Washington’s insane treatment of Russia, loading false accusation after false accusation on the Russian government.
Here is Doctorow’s assessment:
What follows here will surely surprise my loyal readers, who expect detailed argumentation and are not put off by 3,000 or even 5,000 words to get to a conclusion. For the same reason, detractors who complain of my long-winded style may take heart.

However that may be, I do not offer a bed-time story today but a shock to the system.
The overriding issue of war or peace, survival of mankind or its utter destruction, is now being decided in Washington and NYC without so much as a ‘by your leave’ for the rest of us. 
Will Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Dunford prevail in warning Trump against any action that will bring a kinetic response from the world’s other nuclear super power. Or will ‘Mad Dog’ Secretary of Defense Matthis win out in pressing Donald Trump to test the Russians’ bluff on their red lines in Syria?  Will the US launch missiles against Damascus or against Iran, as I suggested yesterday as an alternative scenario?  Or will it support Poroshenko in launching a massive attack on Donetsk, as the Russians appear to expect judging by their just putting their entire military on war alert?
Donald Trump has announced very clearly that he will be authorizing some kind of retribution to the CIA-faked chemical attack in Douma, Eastern Goutha in the coming 24 to 48 hours. 
So, here we are at Judgment Day, and there surely will not be one soul out on Pennsylvania Avenue to raise an anti-war placard. The tattered remains of the American peace movement is rotten to the core.  Even Daniel Ellsberg has been suckered into joining the buffoon Noam Chomsky in a cake-walk demo in NYC under the sponsorship of the American Friends Service Committee, once the paragon of pacificism and today just another social action group promoting racial equality.  Uncle Joe Gerson sent out invitations to participate in that theater of the absurd last night.
The anti-war movement was a Leftist movement, and we all know where the Left is today, along with the Progressives.  In denial and Russia-bashing.
To anyone watching the UN Security Council “debate” last night it is crystal clear we are in the last days before all hell breaks out. The wall of mutual contempt between Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya and US Ambassador Nikki Haley was on full display. Nebenzya took to pieces the entire argumentation of the US side regarding Douma and the ‘chemical attack.’
He detailed the rebel caches of chemical weapons and equipment for their manufacture that Russian troops have found in recently liberated territory of Eastern Ghouta and elsewhere. He spoke about the past provocations of faked chemical attacks including the one used to justify the US cruise missile launches on the Syrian air base at Sheirat a year ago. He linked the US training and support for terrorists in fabrication of chemical arms to the faked nerve agent attack on the Skripals in the UK, which he described as a vaudeville act. He heaped scorn on Haley for her denying Russia the status of “friend,”  saying that the US has no friends, only sycophants, whereas Russia has genuine friends, and seeks nothing more in relations with the United States than civilized discourse. 
In response to this unprecedented denunciation of the USA and its policies of global hegemony, we heard from Nikki Haley the familiar story of how the UN Security Council could now either adopt a US resolution condemning the Assad regime, in effect, or  admit its total irrelevance while the US continued on its own unilateral path to resolving the Syrian question.

So, ladies and gents, open the champagne.  Last days of Pompey?  I was just there last week and I saw the future, not the past.
When Doctorow becomes pessimistic I really get worried as he is a level-headed person.
It is difficult not be be pessimistic when we learn that the Washington Insane Asylum has sent a Carrier Strike Group accompanied by seven missile ships to join the one missile ship already offshore the Russian base in Syria. Whether any of these sittling ducks survive or are permitted to launch a single missile or the carrier to launch a single fighter is entirely up to the Russians.
The Russians know that they can, at will within a few minutes, sink the entire US fleet, destroy every US airplane and ship in the Middle East and within range of the Middle East, completely destroy all of Israel’s military capability and wipe out the military of the two-bit punk state of Saudi Arabia. All the sitting ducks have been set up for Russia by the arrogant and stupid Americans. Just a few minutes of Russian attack and all ability to conduct war would be stripped from the Middle East. This would be a good thing.,
All Russia has to do to insure that the US has no choice but to accept instant defeat is to put Russian nuclear forces on red alert. Any resort by the idiots in Washington of a nuclear nature would mean the end of the United States and all of Western Europe along with the UK. It would mean the total end of the West for all time, an event the rest of the world would consider to be a good thing. Hopefully the US military, the last and constantly besieged source of honor in the US, understands this and would not comply with a suicidal order from an insane war cabinet.
In my opinion the Russians will not go so far and will deny themselves a decisive victory, because they do not comprehend the total evil that is concentrated in Washington and Israel. There are enough naive Atlanticist Integrationists left in the Russian government to argue that Russia must give Washington and Europe one more chance to come to their senses. One more chance is what Russia and the world cannot afford.
There is scant possibility that Washington and Israel will ever come to any sense other than hegemony. If Washington had any sense, Washington would not be sending warships to attack Syria, or Iran in order to evade the Russian prohibition on attacking Syria.
Russia cannot allow Iran to be destabilized any more than it can allow that fate for Syria. It was the Russian government’s decision not to include Iran in the prohibition, and this could prove to be another Russian mistake in its dealings with Washington.
Washington thinks that whereas the lone USS Donald Cook missile destroyer standing offshore of Syria could be sunk by Russia without too much of an incident resulting—Israel destroyed the USS Liberty with massive US Navy casualties without any incident resulting— for Russia to sink 9 US ships including an aircraft carrier, is more than the Russians have stomach for.
It will be about 10 days before the US ships, sitting ducks all, reach the point where they can be easily disposed of. This gives the US Joint Chiefs of Staff 10 days to overrule Trump’s insane war cabinet and put the US military’s halt to Armageddon. It would help their decision to overrule Trump’s insane war cabinet if Russia goes ahead and sinks the USS Donald Cook and shoots down every Israeli aircraft in flight even those overflying Israel. What will sober up Washington is Russia coming off the defensive and taking the initiative instead of being always reactive to Washington’s initiative.
Pray that the Christian God, not the blood-thirsty Jewish one, prevails over the Joint Chiefs’ deliberations and struggle with Trump’s insane war cabinet.
In my opinion, with Israel’s servant, John Bolton, as Trump’s trusted national security adviser, war with Russia is inevitable.
Taking Doctorow’s advice, I am opening the chapagne, by which Doctorow does not mean to celebrate but to enjoy the last moments of life.
It remains to be seen whether the conflict set in motion by Israel and its demented puppet in Washington can be avoided. As Washington is lost in its arrogance, only decisive and firm Russian slaps across Washington’s idiot face can save life on earth.
Because of the deluded and stupid Russian Atlanticist Integrationists, Russia might not be up to the task.

Patrick J. McShay: False Flag Syrian Manipulation

"If President Obama had crossed his stated "Red Line" in the sand, the Syrian disaster would have ended long ago! Animal Assad would have been history."--President Donald J. Trump- 8 April 2018 - Blaming Assad for the chemical attack

"We will wait for the facts. As soon as we get the facts straight, if we agree with them, we will condemn Russia, or whoever it may be".--President Donald J. Trump on the Sergei Skripal poisoning being blamed on Russia.

"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."--Martin Luther King

Conscience stupidity? Sincere ignorance? Those were terms that could have been used to describe what must have been behind President Trumps decision to launch a Cruise missile attack on a Syrian military base after false accusations that the Assad  government was behind gas attacks on civilians in the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun in northwest Syria on April 4, 2017. 

The editor of reports, "It now appears that the UN Commission report, which concluded that Syrian forces were behind a Sarin gas attack on Syrian citizens at Khan Sheikoun was "made to fit a carefully constructed narrative" and was either not a serious investigation or was always intended to find Syria guilty. 

The UN report ignored earlier reports that many of the victims were diagnosed as Chlorine affected and not Sarin casualties. The report notes irregularities that makes one wonder how they could have ever come to that conclusion. 

"The OPCW statement mentioned Chlorine and not Sarin gas. "None of those brought into the facility at the Turkish border showed any symptoms of Sarin poisoning, nor did the emergency personnel take any precautions for handling a Sarin incident". 

57 of those said to have been affected by the attack were admitted to 5 hospitals before the attack even occurred. (False flag alert.) Many believe the Chlorine gas was a ground attack from US-backed terrorists and linked to a Syrian conventional bombing on terrorist weapons stores in the area that included chemical weapons, later that day.  

There is no Chain of Custody

All evidence obtained from Khan Sheikhoun - biomedical, environmental and, physical samples were obtained without a chain of custody. Evidence was obtained by so-called rebel (terrorists) groups and the "White Hats", who independent journalist, Eva Bartlett says works with the terrorists and no Syrian trusts.

Before any investigation had begun or any evidence gathered, Trump was pressured by the Neo-Cons in the Congress and Senate who are sold out to Israel to respond with 59 Tomahawk Cruise missiles. The only thing this accomplished was to appease the biggest warmongers and Neo-Con nut jobs in Washington like John "Traitor" McCain and Lindsey Graham. 

It also alerted the Russians that a false flag gas attack could be used in the future to start a larger war or to ensure that US troops remain in Syria. Since Trump just announced last week that he was ready to start pulling troops out of Syria, how does this gas attack benefit Russia or Syria?

 Who really benefits from this attack? The Assad "regime change crowd" certainly benefits. John McCain's US-backed terrorists would be high on the list of suspects if they were rounding up likely suspects, but a false flag always has a "Patsy" ready to take the fall, typically without any investigation at all.

The Pentagon, at Trump's instruction, had already drawn up an exit plan for US troops in Syria. Most of Trump's usual detractors condemned his decision and Traitor McCain didn't disappoint, suggesting that Bashar Assad became emboldened by Trump's talk of a pullout and that incited Assad to gas his own people. That makes no sense at all. Was this done to ensure that troops remain in place for the foreseeable future? I'm guessing yes.  

The UN knows that the US-backed terrorists in Syria possess chemical weapons. The US knows this as well. Sarah Sanders said that "Trump's national security team convinced him Assad's government was behind the latest attack". What evidence do they have? Is Israel providing this intelligence? How could they possibly have definitive proof so quickly? Remember 911? Israel provided that bogus intelligence as well.

Israel wants Regime Change

Israel wants nothing less than regime change in Syria and any intelligence obtained from them should be viewed through a skeptical lens. 

 Trump says "it's about humanity." No real evidence, but plenty of outrage and finger pointing from he and the Neo-Con's. The Russian's have called it a "provocation". They have warned for months that a false flag attack was being set up to be blamed on Assad. 
The use of chemical weapons in Syria by ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Al Nusra Front have been confirmed by the US State Department and the United Nations. Why does the Trump team insist that Assad is the only suspect in this attack?  Why won't Fox News tell their audience the truth?
There are countries and groups that want regime change in Syria at any cost including Israel, Turkey, NATO, and the United States. We now have a new event to change the dynamic in the region. Has Neo-Con John Bolton just been given his marching orders from Tel-Aviv? We'll have to wait and see.

In a very revealing televised interview, the former Prime Minister of Qatar admitted that Qatar, in tight cooperation with Turkey, and Saudi Arabia and under the direction of the United States delivered weapons and money to opposition terrorist groups in Syria. He also discussed direct gulf and US support for terrorists in Syria from the earliest days of the Syrian conflict. You won't get that as ''Breaking News" on Fox.

Despite Neo-Con Nikki Haley's impassioned speech at the Security Council, Bashar al Assad and Vladimir Putin have denied using chemical weapons or Barrel bombs in Syria. More importantly, There has been no credible evidence presented to prove that they have. 

Any move against Assad moving forward may very well start a much larger regional conflict or the next world war. Trump likes to talk about his great relationship with China's President Xi, but the truth is Trump's tariff war with China has likely infuriated Xi and he has already made it clear they would ally with Russia should a larger conflict ensue. Has Trump carefully weighed the consequences of his next move? Is Trump ready for that? Is America? I don't trust his counsel. 

China already has some troops in Syria and Afghanistan as well. China and Russia are aligned with each other economically and militarily and they are both aware that US foreign policy has been hijacked by Israel. Putin and the Russians are also aware of the 911 lies that led to the invasion of Iraq.

Will Trump "Cross the Rubicon"?

Will Trump's next move be "Crossing the Rubicon?" What will Putin do if Trump foolishly starts bombing Syria with no real evidence of wrongdoing? 

Great Britain is already backing off of their claims of a Russian assassination attempt using a nerve agent in the poisoning of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. Looks like they are both doing fine. Yulia told a relative that she and her father are both fine and resting comfortably. Two weeks ago there was international outrage. Now, much ado about nothing.  

They now unbelievably think it was just food poisoning! Trump kicked 60 Russian diplomats out of the United States and closed a Consulate in Seattle. Twenty-seven countries followed our lead in punishing Russia over what now appear to be false charges. Will we allow it to happen again? 

Don't forget we're still waiting for the evidence George W. Bush said he would provide linking Bin Laden to 911.  Don't hold your breath waiting for the truth from any administration sold out to Israel and seeking counsel from John Bolton. God Help us all.

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Patrick J. McShay is a writer and researcher whose articles have appeared on, investmentwatchblog,com,,, rumor,,, and They have been translated into numerous languages including French, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Dutch. 

Patrick J. McShay: Syrian War Lies and The Greater Israel Project

Patrick McShay 
"History will not be kind when it judges the effectiveness of this council in relieving the suffering of the Syrian people"--Nikki Haley- US UN Ambassador, lecturing the UN Security Council  

Poor Nikki Haley is stomping around red faced at the UN trying to convince member countries that Syria and Russia are the bad guys in their war against the terrorists in Syria, that everyone in the region knows are being trained, armed, and funded by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other western allies. Is it her belief that these council members are unaware of the facts on the ground in Syria?

The Big Lies in the Middle East Today

The big lies in the Middle East today are that Assad and Putin are gassing and killing the Syrian people and that the US is fighting ISIS in Syria.

The truth is, regime change has always been the end-game in Syria. Nikki Haley's embarrassing tantrums in front of the security council only draw attention to the fact that she is a puppet of Israel and is not working for the best interest of the American people or our allies.

 Folks, sometimes what Bibi Netanyahu and the Israelis think are good for Israel may not be good for America, England, or any other western country whose politicians are sold out to the Jewish state, and it should be ok to say that. 

Don't forget that American Zionist Neo-Cons wrote the plan for the US and Israel to redraw the map of the Middle East that started this mess. 

The plan came from a group named the "Project For A New American Century" founded by American Jews Robert Kagan and William Kristol in a paper called, "A Clean Break," written for Netanyahu in 1996.

Other members of the group of American Israeli Firsters included Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Jeb Bush among others and supported by a whole bunch of committed Zionists like John Bolton, Richard Perle, and Paul Wolfowitz that ended up in Bush Administration.

 the plan called for regime change in 7 countries including Iraq, Iran and Syria and "Full Spectrum Dominance" over the entire Middle East. It is an updated version of Oded Yinon's 1982 plan to vastly expand Israel's borders in accordance with the "Greater Israel Project", Something else the media won't talk about.
And you thought the Iraq invasion was because of 9/11? Oh no, this is a long term plan for Israel and today just 2 of those 7 countries, Syria and Iran, remain free of US/Israeli control and that is what has pouting "Neo-Con Nikki" all upset. 

The truth is, Syria and Russia are defeating ISIS and the the rest of the US/Israel/Saudi backed terrorist groups in Syria faster than they can train new ones, and Trumps controllers in Israel aren't happy about it. 

Most Americans are Brainwashed about Israel

Most Americans are so brainwashed to support Israel they are incapable of critical thinking on the issue.

Bibi Netanyahu met with Putin recently, to no doubt seek his help in ousting Assad in Syria. The "Greater Israel Project" can't proceed as planned with Assad in power and that's the kosher elephant in the room.

All of the nonsense about Assad killing his own  people is a smokescreen for regime change, and after Syria, Iran is next. At least that was the plan before Russia got involved. 

Bibi must not have liked Putin's answer and now Putin and his Generals are drawing red lines of their own. Trump will no doubt pull out of the Iran treaty which is a mistake, but Demonizing Iran is a Netanyahu past time and Bibi wants that deal torn up.
This attack using a poisonous nerve agent on former Soviet spy Sergei Skripal appears to be a false flag in an effort to demonize Putin and Russia, and is being used as the reason to expel 60 Russian diplomats and close the consulate in Seattle.
 Politico has reported that 27 countries have since retaliated against Russia. All this before an investigation has even begun.

Like most false flags, the crime is typically solved quickly and the accused is being demonized by the mainstream controlled media before an investigation is even started. 

We were told this poison had a Russian signature and must have been ordered by Putin, but the truth is that it could have been done by a number of countries. The first question that should always be asked when investigating a crime is cui bono? Who benefits? Russia certainly doesn't.

Israel and Great Britain come to mind. Prime Minister Theresa May's odd and nervous behavior tells me she is the wrong person to be the lead in any future false flags. She looks like the cat that swallowed the canary.

 George Bush always had that same dopey, perpetually guilty look on his face too. She has adamantly refused to provide samples of the Poisonous agent to the Russians and is in violation of a treaty in doing so. Why?

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn was shouted down in Parliament when he called for an investigation, and was called a Russian stooge by the newspapers the next day. 

Corbyn has also been called an anti-Semite because his foreign policy decisions aren't shaped in Tel Aviv. The Russians are denying involvement and have called for less rhetoric and more critical thinking.

The UK is Afraid to Investigate 

The Russian Defense Ministry Representative, Vladimir Ermakov said, "It appears that The UK is afraid to conduct an independent investigation, and they have presented no evidence that the gas allegedly used to poison Skripal was made in Russia".

 Julian Assange pointed out that so far "the evidence was circumstantial and the "Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons" (OPCW) had not made any independent confirmation." In response to this reasonable assessment, British MP Alan Duncan called Assange a "miserable little worm." 

Alan doth protest too much I'm afraid. I'm sure Corbyn was thinking of the Chilcot Report, that proved a series of major blunders by British Intelligence and a couple of lying leaders in Tony Blair and George Bush led them into an illegal and disastrous war in Iraq. 

It's always moron's like Alan Duncan that are eager to march us off to war. I hope Mr. Duncan is on the front lines for the next one.

Before making a horrible "Blair like" error,  Corbyn suggested a real investigation might be in order before the UK embark on what could be a future disaster and international embarrassment. If Russia wanted Sergei Skripal dead they could have easily had him killed when he was locked up in a Russian prison.

 Does May believe the Russians  freed him, allowed him to move to England, and then 8 years later decided to kill him! Who would believe such codswallop! 

This would only seem reasonable to the dumbest of the dumb. May's unreasonable and irrational stance sounds a lot like when George Bush "The Dumber" said, "You're either with us, or your with the terrorists," before launching the biggest foreign policy disaster in American history. 

Western Propaganda Continues Unabated

The western media continues to pound the "Assad is killing his own people" narrative that is not supported by reports on the ground. Syria is a sovereign nation where Muslims, Christians and Jews lived in harmony until US supported terrorists flooded over their borders.
Canadian independent journalist Eva Bartlett has been to Syria 5 times since 2014 and speaks the language. She says everything the media reports is a lie. The Syrian people blame coalition air strikes and western backed terrorist groups, not Assad.

The "Hill" reports that the US led coalition acknowledges that air-strikes have killed at least 855 Syrian civilians since the strikes began. The coalition, not surprisingly,  appears to be under reporting civilian deaths. Prominent monitor, "Airwars," reports that 6238 civilians have been killed coalition airstrikes since the war began. 

Civilians on the ground have told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) that 3 Coalition helicopters were seen evacuating ISIS Commanders from northeast Syria. This is the 3rd such report in the last 6 months. So what is going on? 

This is the kind of information the mainstream news will never report. The US has just recently finished building their ninth military base in Syria against the wishes of Assad. The Russians told Reuters the number is closer to 20 and President Trump said last week we're pulling out soon.

 Something doesn't add up here. The Generals appear to be in charge in Syria and it doesn't look like Trump is even in the loop. Why is Trump so clueless about Syria? There is no doubt that Trump's laissez faire management of the region has emboldened the Israelis and made matters worse all over the Middle East. 

Last week 2 Israeli F-35 fighter Jets violated Iranian air space. They have bombed sites in Syria, threatened war against Lebanon, stepped up their aggression against the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, and bulldozed more Bedouin villages leaving thousands more homeless and destitute. 

Just this week in attempts to disperse thousands of unarmed Palestinian protesters, Israel used drones to drop tear gas on them and fired live rounds into them killing 17 and wounding over 700. 

"US Troops Should be Ready to Die for Israel"

Lt. General Richard Clark recently told the Israeli media that "US Troops should be ready to die for Israel". Bibi will expect no less from British troops.

It's not surprising that right after Trump met with Netanyahu, he named "Neo-Con John" Bolton as his National Security Advisor. Trump may not know it yet, but when it comes to Syria, we're not going anywhere anytime soon.

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Patrick J. McShay is a writer and researcher whose articles have appeared on,, stateofthenation2012,,, and, among others. *Mr. McShay's articles have been translated into a number of languages including French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Dutch.

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