Sunday, April 15, 2018

On its 5th Anniversary, a Pair of Proofs that Boston was Staged

Jim Fetzer 

The Boston bombing was sold as a terrorist attack. 

But, while there were bodies missing arms and legs, 
there was no blood, a physiological impossibility 
for body parts blown off by explosives.

They used crisis actors who were amputees! We 

even have the FEMA “actor waiver” contract.
And when they photo-shopped the brothers 
into the scene, they committed another blunder.

The FBI established that the bombs that exploded 

were in black nylon backpacks.

But neither of the brothers was wearing 

the right kind of backpack. 
Dzhokhar’s backpack was silver, 
Tamerlan’s was too large!
Because the backpacks don’t match, 
there wasn’t even probable cause for an arrest, 
much less for an indictment and conviction at trial.

If you want to know how the scene was fabricated 

and the public was duped, you won’t want to miss

a textbook-case of “false flag” fakery:

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