Saturday, June 13, 2015

JADE HELM going LIVE 15 June with an EMP over Texas?

by Jim Fetzer

While we have been told that JADE HELM is a "routine training op" involving 1,200 National Guard troops, those claims have been blown out of the water with the accumulation of more and more stunning evidence. My purpose here is to review the bidding by providing the background against which Kerry Cassidy's new interview with "White Rabbit", who has been trained for JADE HELM, can be better understood. Although it is from a second-hand source, there are reasons to believe that he may be on the mark with an EMP over Texas on 15 June 2015.

Originally scheduled for the seven southwestern states--Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado (which has officially opted out)--identified on this map, its scope has gradually increased to now include at least three more states--Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida--where we have additional reports of activity in other states from North Carolina to Michigan and Ohio, which becomes increasingly ominous as time passes, like boiling a frog without alarming it by increasing the temperature just on3 degree at a time.

Let's begin with my recent interview with Al Whitney, who has a show of her own, about why JADE HELM looks to be far worse than we had imagined. Everyone must understand the events that have set the stage since 9/11, which include the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, introducing a North American Military Command, the construction of over 300 FEMA camps, the acquisition of 2 billion rounds of .40 calibre hollow-point ammunition by DHS and the fact that domestic terrorist activity in the US is virtually non-existent.


Indeed, we now have a source who has been trained for JADE HELM explaining that its objectives (as he has been instructed) include entering the homes of American citizens to seize their guns and confiscate "excess food", which is being defined as any stocks that exceed a seven days (one week) supply. How they can know the requirements of home owners for seven days of food stocks is not defined; and the confiscation of guns appears to be a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment (although Obama has been signing so many Executive Orders related to gun control that the public no longer has any idea of the current policies of the nation):

Those concerns were reinforced during an interview with Scott Bennett, a former counter-terrorism expert and intelligence officer with the US Army, who explained that these operations are illegal under a statute of 1878 known as "Posse Comitatus", which precludes the use of military force to perform police functions. To circumvent the law, representatives of JADE HELM are seeking the permission of cities and towns and even of private owners to use their property to conduct these "drills", which now include .50 calibre machine gun fire and explosions during at attack on a junior high school in Flint, MI, which is terrifying the city's residents.


In pursuit of legal remedies, therefore, I sought the opinion of California attorney Sterling Harwood, who shed light on the moves that can be made by anyone whose home is entered against their will, which constitutes a violation of the 4th Amendment against unreasonable search and seizure unless a search warrant has been property authorized and signed by a judge. He emphasized the necessity for probable cause to exist to justify such an action and that, under the Bivens decision, a citizen has the right to sue the government for improper actions by its agents, including members of the US military, which can include punitive as well as actual damages incurred.

The obvious problem is that being able to bring a law suit after the fact does not thereby inhibit the military from violating citizen's rights, especially if it appears to be the beginning of the imposition of a military/police state by force of arms. I therefore encourage everyone to alert their fellow citizens, their city and state representatives and especially their governors to take appropriate action to STOP JADE HLEM IN PLACE. The governor of Texas has taken several measures, including directing the Texas State Guard to monitor their activity. That should be done in every state. Now consider what we have to learn from "White Rabbit" in his profoundly disturbing interview with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. 


  1. See

    Note Sunday night 8:30 PM gasline explosion in Cueor, TX

  2. The "co-operation" between local governments and DOD has a history at least in Biloxi before Jade Helm 15. Ask Kenny Glavan selectman for Biloxi. It's the next step that's the worry. Place troops to a purpose. Extraction. It's in the Biloxi contract between Biloxi council and DOD. Ask Biloxi council for it. There'll be a big silence. Ask Honorary Air Commander Glavan.

  3. See which simply present Elias' four links from Oath Keepers .... What happened to the EMP?

  4. come on JIm. Steve Quayle? I mean really. You do know this idiot has been feeding at the trough of fear mongering since the early 90's . Perhaps it would be wise for you to distance yourself from him as much as possible. Just my opinion however. On this exercise, Jim why would they do this? it would be the best thing to ever happen to the american people because it would show them what its really all about. they would immediately understand they are not free people and they would wake up in mass. this would be the last thing the one world boys would want. besides, why do this at this time? so you have people with guns and food. big deal. it doesn't mean much. there is no organized resistance to anything the government does. just a bunch of talking on the internet. there is no need to go to this extreme. none whatsoever. boil the frog is the order of the day. all this talk about texas being a hotbed of resistance? oh really? texas is just as full of complete idiots as anywhere else.

    1. Obama wants to federallise the states and have a northern American and Pacific rim Alliance turning the USA to non sovereign state like that of the European Union to move the USA to the new world order

    2. Obama wants to federallise the states and have a northern American and Pacific rim Alliance turning the USA to non sovereign state like that of the European Union to move the USA to the new world order the truth is that the feds are moving around thousands of tanks and armed vehicles and supplies around the country if it were just a drill this would not be if you love America and your freedom prepare to defend your country Obama is coming for you

  5. The only froggy aspect here is leapfrog i.e. physics gets priority over psychology, presumably because psyop is abbreviated.
    The expert for real distribution of complete idiots is not taken seriously by the Powers That Be.

  6. Thank you James you are right Obama has evil plans to remove American sovereignty and any people or state who get in his way but thank you for putting out the truth and trying to wake up the people hope we are not to late

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