Thursday, April 6, 2017

BBC: Sandy Hook to Donald Trump: "Help us stop conspiracy theorists"

Jim Fetzer

The BBC has burnished its credentials for opposing freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry in the search for truth by presupposing that the official story of the alleged school shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, on 14 December 2012 is accurate and true, even though there is a mount of evidence to oppose it. The BBC begs the question by taking for granted that 20 children and 6 adults died there at the hands of Adam Lanza--and demanding the suppression of "conspiracy theorists" who deny it, without bothering to consider the proof they adduce in support. 

It's not a "conspiracy theory" when you can prove that the school had been closed since 2008 (because it was loaded with asbestos and other bio-hazards and damaged by hurricanes), which would have made it prohibitively expensive to remodel to conform with state and federal requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. So they school was abandoned and there were no students there. Notice that there are none of the familiar blue-and-white parking spaces and signage for handicapped drivers, which means it could not have been legally operating as a public school on 14 December 2012:

Moreover, it was a 28*F ground temperature day, where the school would have to have been heated to be open for students to attend classes. Notice there is no steam or heat rising from the building. The boilers were dysfunctional from years of non-use and could not be fired up for the occasion. The rows of cars facing the school also give the staging away, because the driving instructions would have you come in and turn right, then curl around and park facing away from the building. But it was easier to bring them in in a single file and park them two-by-two, since they were only serving as props.

What better way to overwhelm reason with emotion than by playing up the impact of the purported deaths of 20 six-year old children! The most famous was Noah Pozner, who was a most unusual little boy, who was not only reported to have died in Connecticut on 14 December 2012 but again in Pakistan on 16 December 2014! His purported father, Lenny, gave Kelley Watt his death certificate, but it turned out to be a fabrication. And we know now that "Noah Pozer" was a fictional character who was created by using photographs of his alleged older step-brother, Michael Vabner, as a child:

The BBC has it's mind made up and doesn't want to be bothered with facts. But we also have the manual for the two-day FEMA drill at Sandy Hook, with a rehearsal on the 13th, going LIVE on the 14th, which explains why there was a portable neon sign, "EVERYONE MUST CHECK IN", Porta-Potties were already in place, pizza cartons and stacks of bottled water at the Firehouse. Many were wearing name tags on lanyards. The manual specifies that everyone must register, where restrooms and refreshments are standard for FEMA drills. Parents were even bringing children to the scene, absurd if it had been a child-shooting massacre:

Some participants became confused about the dates and put up donation sites on the 13th. Even Adam Lanza's date of death was originally recorded in the Social Security Death Index as having occurred on the 13th, making his feat in shooting 20 children and 6 adults the following day all the more remarkable. That there was no surge of EMTs into the building and no string of ambulances was called to rush their little bodies off to hospitals where doctors could pronounce them "dead" or "alive" now becomes all the more explicable. The parents were not allowed to see their bodies, because there were no bodies for them to see.

We have 50 photos of an empty house being furnished to serve as "the Lanza home" and another 50 refurbishing the school to serve as the stage. Here is the piece de resistance taken the evening of the 13th, where the SWAT team is already at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Notice the four windows of Classroom 10 just above the front roof of the vehicle, which are undamaged. Near the base of the flagpole, Wayne Carver, M.D., Medical Examiner, inclines against a wall with his arms folded as he awaits the arrival of his portable morgue tent. Crime scene tape is up for a crime that has yet to be committed.

As though that were not proof enough, here you can see the windows before and after the fake event, where we even have captured the perps drilling simulated bullet holes in the window frame. Does any of this matter to the BBC? Will Trump ride to the rescue? Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Connecticut officials, including the State Police, staged this elaborate charade to promote a political objective. Acts of terrorism are designed to instill fear into a target population to make it more amenable to political manipulation. Sandy Hook was a classic (but feigned) act of terrorism to manipulate the public emotionally to support the Obama's administration's gun control agenda. The proof is overwhelming. 

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps commissioned officer, is McKnight  Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.


  1. Because of Lucy Richards' death threats against Sandy Hook shooting victim Lenny Pozner,

    I thought that Dr. Fetzer may be interested in a new paper, set to be presented at a computational social-science conference in May,

    in which the author argues that these “strange clusters” of wild conspiracy talk, when mapped, point to an emerging alternative media ecosystem on the web of surprising power and reach.

    Lucy Richards was ordered by the court to stay away from conspiracy websites like Dr. James Tracy's.

    [Google reports that his website contains harmful content, including pages that send visitors to harmful websites.]

    Those who choose to willfully publish falsehoods on the Internet expose themselves to civil lawsuits as an Asheville, North Carolina, woman knows all too well.

    Examining the Alternative Media Ecosystem through the Production of Alternative Narratives of Mass Shooting Events on Twitter

    "The graph shows a tightly connected cluster of alternative media domains —suggesting that many users are citing multiple alternative news sites as they construct alternative narratives. Within that cluster, the three most-highly tweeted and most connected domains are No-Disinfo, VeteransToday and BeforeItsNews. NoDisinfo is a site devoted to providing alternative narratives of terrorist events where the primary suspect is affiliated with an Islamic terror group. VeteransToday is an alternative news site that promotes a U.S. Alt Right, anti-globalist political agenda, including strong anti Semitic themes. BeforeIts-News acts as an aggregator of many conspiracy theory and pseudo-science articles from other sites. These three sites may have different motivations and goals, but they all promote alternative narratives of mass shooting events, and many of these narratives have very similar elements."

  2. Ivanka Trump's attorney is connected to John Podesta. See
    "Betrayed by Ivanka - another look at Trump's missle strike" by Cindy Courier, Daughter of Earth, Rise Together on You Tube.