Monday, April 17, 2017

Paul Craig Roberts: The Boston Bombing after Four Years

Today, April 15, 2017, is the fourth anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing, a hoax event performed by crisis actors and tell-tale bright red Hollywood blood. Sheila Casey has done a good job of exposing the hoax just by using the time line and photos of the event.
 A number of agencies run training programs in which amputees working as crisis actors have a prosthesis afixed to resemble a bone as a remaining piece of a leg or arm. Casey examines the Boston event by timeline. First the crisis actors are assembled. Then the prosthesis is attached. Then the blood appears. 
Notice the photo of Miracle Man laying on his side clutching the back of his left thigh with a straight line sticking out from what appears to be below his knee. This does not resemble a leg bone. Moreover, a person with an injury this severe would not be conscious, and certainly he would not be ignored while aid workers attended to those with lesser injuries. Note also the bright red color of what is pretending to be blood. Many surgeons and trauma medical personnel have testified that blood spilled in injuries is dark red.
[Editor's note: For those who would benefit from an introduction to the case, watch:
Sheila Casey walks you through the hoax. I am convinced that the only victims of the Boston Marathon bombing were the framed Tsarnaev brothers. The older brother was murdered in captivity. The younger brother was also supposed to be killed in the alleged shoot-out with the police, but the operation was botched. The younger brother survived a second episode of police shooting. He was taken into custody, held incommunicato, and assigned an attorney who participated in his conviction. He now awaits execution as his appeals are denied. No one has ever heard his story. We only have alleged confessions, including one allegedly written in his own blood in total darkness as he lay bleeding under the boat where he was found and shot again. 
John Remington Graham has filed evidence with the court proving the younger brother’s innocence. [Editor's note: As he emphasized to me, the key observation is that the backpacks don't match, which means that there was not even probable cause for an arrest, much less an indictment and conviction at trial. 
 The backpacks that exploded were black nylon, but neither of the brothers was wearing one.]
A person has to be extremely gullible and inattentive to believe the official story. But that is what most Americans are.


  1. Steven Speilberg was there I think he may have directed it.

  2. Some People Will Fall for Anything....

    WTC-7 Free Falling >

  3. The Asylum production company, with some of their worst SFX would laugh themselves sick at these prosthetics - & they've put out some real stinker movies.

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    “Nye told The Guardian earlier this week that scientists should unapologetically throw themselves into the political fray as Trump’s administration seeks to dismantle large areas of scientific endeavor, from cancer research to climate analysis.” What does Nye think about Sandy Hook, 9/11/01, Boston Bombing, and all the other false flag events by government? He has clammed up. I urge Jim to write him directly; no reply is almost a certainty. The government cancer research for the past 50 years is a dismal failure. He is evidently ignorant of the seminal discoveries decades ago by Otto H. Warburg M.D., Ph.D. along with the ignorant and corrupt cancer generals. The cancer generals should be fired and jailed. What kind of a "scientist" is Bill Nye? A politically correct coward like all the rest. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics P.S. Some of the best scientific research was performed before WWII when professors were paid little more than laborers and there was little government money for research.

    1. Example: The Millikan Oil Drop experiment performed by Robert Millikan at the University of Chicago about 1909 which proved that all electric charge exists in integral units of the charge on an electron and no other units. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for this seminal experiment about 1923. This profound but simple experiment can be performed by anyone today on a kitchen table. Millikan was one of the world's greatest physicists and went on to do great things in cosmic rays at Cal Tech at Pasadena for the remainder of his fabulous life. These were the days when one earned a Nobel Prize.