Wednesday, July 26, 2017



Over 8,000 emails released by WikiLeaks exposes the collusion between CNN and Washington Post with the DNC in hopes of influencing the election in Democratic favor.

A new batch of over 8,000 emails exposed by WikiLeaks revealed that staffers from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) wrote questions for CNN news anchor Wolf Blitzer for when he interviewed then Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Emails dating as far back to 2015 show the mainstream media colluding with the DNC and Democratic candidates. Among the 8,263 emails released by WikiLeaks, one shows staff working for the CNN network asking DNC staffers what questions they should quiz Republican candidates on, including Trump and Ted Cruz. The emails make it clear the DNC was working in cahoots with CNN during the 2016 Presidential election. In a colluding effort to help Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton win over Trump, or possibly Cruz, CNN worked effortlessly with the Democratic party, the DNC, and staffers from the party to develop interviews with calculated questioning to make Republican candidates look poor in hopes of influencing the election.

An email dated April 28th entitled 'Cruz on CNN' reads: "CNN is looking for questions. Please sent some topical/interesting ones."

Another email asks if DNC staffers 'want to offer Jake Tapper questions to ask us' during another interview on the network. Tapper, who is a journalist for CNN, relentlessly pounded Trump with hard-hitting question throughout the election. It's now clear where he obtained his information from, who he was working for, and why he was doing it. When a news outlet works hand-in-hand with a political party in hopes of influencing election results, that is the sign of democracy being replace with fascism. However, despite this overwhelming amount of evidence packed against CNN and the DNC, they both continue to mercilessly attack President Trump on what they call colluding with Russia during the campaign, of course, without a single iota of evidence. What there is evidence of is collusion between an American news outlet and a political party, and that's fascism. 

Yet will CNN spend 90 percent of it's air time reporting on an actual collusion? So far, they haven't spent a single second. A Separate DNC email chain found appears to show Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank asking the DNC for help with research for a column The column he wrote was about Trump and featured a list of things the presidential candidate said that he deemed as 'outrageous'. 'Wolf Blitzer is interviewing Trump on Tues (sic) ahead of his foreign policy address on Wed,' DNC research director Lauren Dillon wrote in the email that was entitled 'CNN questions for Trump.' Numerous questions were submitted by a group of DNC staffers and officials for Blitzer to ask Trump.

In a separate conversation dated on April 28, Jason Seher, a writer for Jake Tapper's show on CNN, emailed Pablo Manriquez, a former DNC media booker thanking him for 'facilitating Luis coming on today, and bearing with us through a meelee (sic) of GOP nonsense and cancellations and all that. Any particular points he'll want to make? We're gonna stay Dem focused...' The release also shows CNN asked for and received emails from DNC interim chairwoman Donna Brazile, who worked at the network as an on-air contributor, and leaked questions to the Clinton campaign for a debate and a town hall event.

But it wasn't just CNN and the Washington Post who colluded and worked with the DNC and Democratic Party. NBC News also dipped their hand in the honey pot, as an email from John Harwood, a chief journalist for CNBC, sent to John Podesta, head of staff for the Hillary Clinton campaign, asking for questions to ask Republican candidate Jeb Bush in an upcoming interview.

An email from NBC journalist John Harwood to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign head of staff.
The emails reveal obvious collusion between CNN, NBC, and the Washington Post, and the DNC in an attempt to influence election results in a Democratic way. Through compiling information for articles, drafting interview questions, and carrying out a false narrative against Republican candidates, CNN and the Washington Post should be held accountable for their treason against the American people and democracy. CNN said the emails being hacked should be "a lesson to journalists" about being more careful and preventing future hacks. Washington Post's new slogan "Democracy dies in the darkness" seems to only apply to them and their fellow conspirators NBC and CNN in working against American democracy and it's sacred election.


  1. You are the new Seymour Hersch, James Henry. Onward !

  2. Thank you. I have some 'friends' who might like to know this.

  3. And we should believe absolutely anything that Michael Hirst writes because...Oh! that's right, because Jim Fetzer says so. LOL

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