Thursday, August 17, 2017

Charlottesville violence orchestrated and engineered by City Mayor Signer and VA Governor McAuliffe

The violence in Charlottesville was orchestrated and engineered by the Mayor of Charlottesville Michael Signer and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe who want “liberals” to focus on a sideshow while the Oligarchs they work for continue to run off with the loot while devastating the middle class.
Michael Signer works for George Soros. He gets paid by the Soros funded “Center for American Progress” which, like all Soros funded groups, actually pushes for societal breakdown and anti democratic Global Corporatism by a small cabal of banking and Corporate elites.
Michael Signer is also a close associate of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and John Podesta – both close associates of the Clinton Crime Family.
Michael Signer’s Wikipedia entry
The Police and the National Guard were ready in full riot gear in large numbers at Charlottesville to prevent violence. They were told not to intervene and let the violence escalate.
ACLU confirms Charlottesville police told to ‘stand down’, did nothing as War Broke Out
Standard police procedure at such protests is to cordon off each side of the protest into separate areas and have a police line between the two groups to prevent violence. This didn’t happen.
Also directly contrary to standard police procedures, the police after cancelling the legally licensed right wing protest, actually ordered the right wing protestors to disperse into the (unauthorized and unlicensed) antifa protestors area, thus ensuring there would be violence.
The Antifa “protestors” were armed with wooden clubs and baseball bats

Its also interesting to note that one of the two organizers of the seemingly right wing protest, using as a pretext the removal of a statue of General Robert E. Lee but in reality organized to provoke racially motivated violence and more hate, is Jason Kessler.
Jason Kessler was involved with Occupy Wall Street – how KKK and right wing racist is that???? /sarc off
‘Unite the Right’ Organizer Jason Kessler Was Obama Supporter Involved With Occupy Movement
So is Jason Kessler a paid Agent Provocateur or a political opportunist?
Shock! Not shocked. Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer makes Political Capital out of the Violence he helped engineer and pushes Soros’ agenda
Long time Clinton Crime Family associate, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is angling at a run for the Presidency. The violence at Charlottesville gave him the perfect opportunity to Virtue Signal for some personal PR in national media.
He wasted no time in trying to blame Trump for the violence that he and Signer had deliberately orchestrated and engineered.


  1. "All Wars Are Bankers Wars" by Michael Rivero on YouTube

    When the 'worlds richest man' J D Rockefeller died it was disclosed that Rothschild owned 87% of the JDR estate. All Bankers and monopolists are frontmen for this crime syndicate kingpin, including Morgan, Gates, Bezo, Musk, Zucky and previous patent thieves Edison, Alex Bell, Marconi, Glenn Curtis.

    We have been lied to about everything, forever.


  3. One picture of the American made car driven by the supposed assailant had a double stripe down the center of the hood.
    Another photo of this car from the scene did not.
    Clearly two cars were used, one being staged pre-incident and another from the scene. An eight inch stripe cannot mysteriously disappear from the car. (Not to mention the sunroof on the officially registered car of the owner.)
    And if two different cars were used, that fact by itself proves that the incident was a hoax, a false flag, apart from the very large amount of other evidence that suggests that this was a staged, false flag, hoax event.


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