Wednesday, August 23, 2017

RISE AND FALL OF GIANTS: US-Russian VISA Suspension Begins the Next Cold War

By Scott Bennett

Today, Wednesday August 23, 2017, marks the official re-start of the American-Russian “Cold War 2.0”.  Get ready.

The rumbling tension between Russia and America means one thing: it’s 1987…all over again. 

Minus President Ronald Reagan, the secret Oliver North-CIA drug-running-arms deal hearings (Iran-Contra), cell phones the size of car batteries, and despite the fact that music today is much, much worse, our current international news sounds eerily similar to 1987’s…only more dangerous. 

Above the half-witted mainstream media’s shrill noise about Charlottesville’s George Soros (aka, Grigori Schwartz) funded, statue-destroying, history-erasing, tattooed LGBT left-wing anarchists, we can hear something far more frightening. We hear the gargantuan growling curses of cannibal giants—the morally lobotomized military industrial complex—hiding in the darkness, scraping swords against stones and cracking knuckles, as they prepare to clash; and in the process of their reckless grappling, crush civilization and crumble landscapes.  The question is what will trigger their fight?

The geopolitical temperature of today’s world is bubbling over with volatility. We see millions of tattered, angry migrants pouring into Europe through the holes made by the U.S. military adventures in Africa and the Middle East, accelerating the break-up of the European Union.  As a result, many European and former Soviet bloc nations are rediscovering their instinctive love of tribalism and their natural right to sovereignty as they’re forced to defend their borders, people, and resources.  Germany is also making a semi-independent stand by rejecting the U.S. sanctions against Russia due to their impending damage to the German economy; and is gravitating towards the perspective of Russia and China regarding the United States, which is probably the most important political shift in the past 50 years.   With China, Russia, and Germany locking arms and standing up in defiance and disgust toward the warmongering rhetoric and threats of military engagement, some very real problems and opportunities also emerge.

Additionally, starting today, the Trump State Department has officially suspended of all non-immigrant VISA’s, and effectively stopped all Russian people from traveling to the United States.  This marks the official re-start of the American-Russian “Cold War 2.0”. 

Now as a former U.S. Army Psychological Operations Officer and Booz Allen Hamilton defense contractor who worked at the State Department, Special Operations Command, and Central Command, I can confirm that this is not the way to win wars—including cold ones—by persuadingchanging, and influencingbehaviors.  

The U.S. justification for this action, so we’re told, is because the Russian government had previously ordered U.S. State Department staff (CIA agents) to leave Russia in order to create a more equal number of Russians and Americans working in each others’ embassies.  Of course, what is conveniently ignored is that in December 2016 President Obama, in violation of international law, seized the Russian Government’s summer house and property in the Washington DC metro area, and Trump has continued the crime by refusing to return the Russian property without getting some kind of “benefit” in return.  Extortion?

A few days before this “Cold War 2.0 restart”, we saw the entire U.S. Navy freeze all of its operations dead-in-the-water after theU.S.S. John McCain became the second U.S. navy ship (the first was the U.S.S. Fitzgerald) within a few weeks to be mysteriously stopped, radar jammed, and rammed by a larger civilian ship, allegedly by accident.   This of course hearkens all military and intelligence people to recall the April 2014 U.S.S. Donald Cook incident in the Black Sea, where a Russian jet knocked out the U.S. ship’s electronic systems—most likely to prove the same point we are uncomfortably re-learning now.

Essentially, since no reasonable person—even in Congress—can accept the explanation of ‘incompetence’ or technological decay as the excuse for these ships’ ‘accidents’,  these events can only be classified in two ways.  Either they are 1) a CIA false-flag event to manipulate a gullible President while whipping-up extra agency powers, budgets, and military-industrial complex contracts; or 2) a pre-emptive action by a foreign power.  Since we already know the CIA-DEEP STATE-MILITARY obsession with expanding US-NATO hegemony and natural resource domination across the planet, the other explanation would be this is a response to the U.S. navy menacing China’s South China Sea Spratly island bases, as a warning sign before anything serious develops in the Mediterranean involving Ukraine, Libya, or Syria.  Seems logical.    

In the first Korean war in 1951, China warned the U.S. that it could not tolerate an enemy power on the Yalu River, and that it would side with North Korea and fight to protect their land, government and culture from destruction. We ignored this, advanced deep into North Korean territory, and unleashed a massive Chinese counterattack that pushed Americans back deep into South Korea.  Eventually, an armistice was reached with the 38th Parallel being the line dividing each side.  China lost 600,000 men in the Korean war, while we lost a fraction.  They are prepared to lose more in the next war, in order to tell Americans that not only are the days of regime change over, but they are prepared to die to prove it.  Why?  Existentially, Russia and China cannot tolerate the destruction of Korea, or in fact any kind of US-Korea military confrontation.  The resulting refugee overflow into China and Russia would be dangerously destabilizing; and the U.S.-NATO military planners, and the Vatican, not only know this, but are counting on this to achieve their long-term agenda of “regime change” in China and Russia.


Thirty years ago in 1987, the two most powerful nations on the planet entered the final phase of a wrestling match which had lasted for over fifty years.  One nation’s strength was thinning, its defensive posture bending, and its will to fight disappearing; while the other nation was increasing its points, securing a final chokehold, and hungry to win the match.  At the last minute it seemed like a compromise had been reached. A tapping-out was negotiated, and both competitors agreed to stop and conclude the match without risking a final death struggle, since it might cripple both competitors.  With history as referee, Ronald Reagan’s victorious arm was held high for all the world to see, while Mikhail Gorbechev’s head drooped from the fatigue of decades of economic and spiritual communism.  (NOTE:  The typical communist socio-economic model is to a nation what an artificial steroid is to the human body:  it appears to grow strength in the beginning but ends up destroying the body in the end).  The two opponents, America and Russia, left the arena, respectful to eachother, and hopeful of a paradigm shift in their relationship that might extinguish all memory of the cold war that had exhausted the world for too long.  Both nations were ready…and so was humanity. 

Unfortunately, all of President Ronald Reagan’s honor, goodwill, and promises to Mikhail Gorbechev and the Russian people that NATO and the West would not expand military bases or encroach into Russian territory or peel away buffer territories like Ukraine, were not only ignored by subsequent U.S. Presidents and Russia’s trust betrayed, but the cold war became a hot diplomatic war with occasional bloodshed as the West accelerated its military-intelligence-economic operations against Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Ukraine, and other former Soviet lands.

Fast forward to 2017 and we see the world has changed…and not for the better.  Instead of the United States pressuring the Soviet Union into a frantic state of cultural abandonment and political disintegration, this same exact transformation is now happening to the United States, except, ironically—or perhaps miraculously—without any help from the Russians.  I use the word miraculously advisedly, and admittedly with a slight tinge of humor because when you think about it, there is a rather Divine sense of “poetic justice” to the notion that the United States—more specifically the DEEP STATE—is now suffering the same kind of confusion, oppression, and paranoia it enthusiastically helped inflict upon Russia some 30 years ago.  Somehow the pulling-down of the statute of Confederate General Robert E. Lee by a left-wing zealot in America seems eerily reminiscent of the pulling-down of the statutes of Stalin, Lenin and Saadam Hussein decades ago.  Karma?  Judgement?  Inevitability?

Although similar to many of the societal erosions Russia faced in the 1980’s, America’s are far more insidious and lethal today.  They are in fact terminal, unless properly purged from our body politic. These societal erosions include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • A self-consuming appetite for blind multi-culturalism that foments suicidally reckless immigration policies and spawns the unlawful monstrosity of “sanctuary cities”.
  • A desperate obsession to manufacture the perfect health-care system that will, somehow,  automatically and effortlessly guarantee a constantly blissful, supernaturally healthy life. Unfortunately the Soma today are opioids and anti-depressants which transform the mind and body like tobacco smoked into ash.
  • A hyper-sensitivity and quasi-religious worship of ‘political-correctness’ which has essentially outlawed traditional notions of American moral-religious purity, as well as sickened America with a kind of sexual-identity schizophrenia.  This schizophrenia has in turn unleashed a plague of confusion and misunderstanding in America about sex, love, intimacy, natural law, the human body, emotions, and male-female roles, which is now manifesting as selfishness, hedonism, transgenderism, sex re-assignment, pedophile friendly child-sized sex dolls, and other perversions and abominations. 

Despite the rotten stench of insanity and death it carries, this sexual and moral schizophrenia has been re-defined by the priests of political-correctness—the Democrats, cultural Marxists, and Strausian neocons—as the climax of civilized humanity and the ideal of feminist politics.  However, an interesting—or somber—observation of the potential long-term impact of this cultural pathology is its degeneration of society into a painfully lonely, delusional humanity, which is symbolized in the recent American film Her starring Joaquin Phoenix, where he plays an isolated, divorced American man falling-in-love with his hand-held computer that speaks to him in algorithmically calculated words of kindness, empathy, and emotionally erotic stimulation, using Scarlett Johannsson’s sultry voice.  These are just a few of the most destructive social and spiritual illnesses destroying the American mind, weakening its institutions, and darkening the light of freedom and peace in America’s domestic culture and international relationships. 

Perhaps this explains why America’s pop-culture is more often disdained as toxic by many non-western audiences and not particularly cherished for its purity or illumination.  Whereas Ronald Reagan or John Wayne symbolized the arch-type of heroic American manhood in the past, Bruce Jenner the Olympic athlete (now sex-changed by a butcher’s scissors into Caitlyn Jenner) seems to be modern America’s replacement—which certainly doesn’t bode well for future wars.  Re-read that sentence and let it fully sink in.  A military and political establishment where the bureaucrat mind and emasculated drone spirit is celebrated and rewarded with promotion, while the creative maverick and bold risk-taker are ostracized, prosecuted, and killed for their superior skills, is both a direct contradiction of the American spirit, and the essential plot of Ayn Rand’s novel, Atlas Shrugged.

Interestingly enough, Russia seems to be contradicting its CIA branding as a blood-thirsty enemy of America, by responding compassionately toward America’s slow political train wreck (which is now visiting Europe with mass migrants as casualties).  In fact, instead of trying to mercilessly dismember America’s economy, military, and government like a geopolitical serial-killer, Russia has been patiently bending and enduring the hysterics, hypocrisy, and violent unilateralism of America’s politicians, military, and media.  This of course may shock some, such as the blindly Russia-phobic religious bigots who chronically despise the independence of the Russian Orthodox Church and banking systems; and the self-tranquilizing simpletons desperately scraping the resin of America’s Puritan character from the 1950’s while violently thrashing to escape modernity invading their head-sized sand-holes.

Unlike the United States, Russia doesn’t seem to be jubilantly celebrating with the same sadistic relish the disintegration of America’s reputation and place in the world as a result of its “regime change” miscalculations (Libya, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria).  In fact, it seems as if Russia itself is experiencing some deeply personal, quiet amazement and discomfort as they watch from a distance America’s gradual cultural meltdown.  It’s as if Russia is witnessing with head-shaking sadness and disgust as their once respected competitor blurs into senility, loses their mind and self-respect to political Dementia, and fades into a state of confusion, fear, and the slow-motion coma of a national police state.


The supreme law of the land is the Constitution, and it is clear:  no federal or state law, statute, code, or policy can exist that violates or undermines any part of the Constitution. Anything that does, is unlawful and has no authority over citizens.  The reason for America’s obscenely immoral Congress is because they have abandoned and hated the idea of truth animating all government laws and actions.  Let us always remember thattruth is the union between a people and their government.  Truth is the life force behind all law, and the U.S. Constitution; it is the substance of contracts; it is the light guiding man’s righteous claim and defense of his inalienable rights; it is the spirit of a responsible and benevolent self-government. Truth is the soul of justice, the shape of love, and the sound of peace. But sadly the corruption of man, his lusts, and selfish pride reject this principle in exchange for the shifting sands of pleasure and popular opinion. 

The recent US-Russian sanctions bill is a prime example.  Currently the U.S. Congress is fast-tracking a Russian sanctions bill (S.341 - Russia Sanctions Review Act of 2017 sponsored by Senator Lindsay Graham; and  H.R.3364 - Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act sponsored by Rep. Royce, Edward R. [R-CA-39]).   Besides being an act of war according to international law, this sanctions bill is in no way based on truth, facts, or accurate intelligence; nor is it supported by human intelligence reports, evidence, sworn testimony, or forensic investigations.  To the contrary, it is based entirely on false information, propaganda, and lies—and the Russians know this.  As a result, the Russian-American struggle has not only re-awakened, but is rallying the rest of the world against the United States foreign policy.  

By ignoring truth when making law, Congress destroys both.  Without truth, there is no semblance of government authority, there is only the tyranny of DEEP STATE bureaucrats who channel fear to continue their power.  One of the key elements is the UNCONSTITUTIONALITY of this law, which even President Trump tweeted about—and therefore has jeopardized himself because of his signing it. Technically speaking, now Trump  can be impeached for violating his oath to uphold the Constitution.  By signing this law, which he has admitted is unconstitutional, he has inadvertently undermined it—which is a crime for a politician. 

Yet inevitably, truth wins out in the end.  We now see in The Nation that the VIPS group (veteran intelligence professionals for sanity) comprised of Ray McGovern, Bill Binney, Thomas Drake, and others, have technically proven what sensible people have been saying for over a year:  That there was no external penetration or hack into the Democrat National Committee computer servers.  Instead there was an inside leak, and the data was downloaded from the computers by an external device like a thumb drive, disc, or backup drive.  It was not invaded by an electronic hacker operating from a distant foreign country, cackling from the locked basement of his parents’ house. 

We also now see that Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange has met with Congressman Dana Rohrabacker and has communicated that he will provide evidence that proves the Russians were not the source of the intelligence materials obtained from the DNC and Clinton emails, and this will exculpate Russia of any criminal suspicion.  The data download speed, the time, and other undeniable facts prove this.  And in proving this it proves the Congress are either liars or fools if they don’t correct their ignorant law and cancel it out.  If they don’t, they are also traitors, because they have betrayed the most vital element of the constitution…the truth.  Without truth, there is no agreement, no constitution, no state, and therefore no more government. 

There is only Hobbesian jungle survival where life and tribes struggle to exist in a state of perpetual war and constant distrust of one another.  We also now see that Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange has met with Congressman Dana Rohrabacker and has communicated that he will provide evidence that proves the Russians were not the source of the intelligence materials obtained from the DNC and Clinton emails, and this will exculpate Russia of any criminal suspicion.


In 1987, the Soviet Union’s economy was like an overburdened tree branch—drooping, splitting, and about to break-off from the weight of its burden.  Also in 1987, America was at the pinnacle of its powers and confidence.  It’s economic productivity and political influence over the world seemed unstoppable and irresistible.  But it was precisely at this moment of self-anointed “exceptionalism”, that the spirit of liberty and the blessing of power morphed into a license to dominate and a quasi-religious calling to control.  This of course became even more surreal when the evangelical Christian-Zionist community infused their heretical distortions of bible prophecy into a perverted, self-fulfilling 9-11 counterterrorism political agenda to both define and destroy every evil using the license of “American democracy, human rights, global capitalism” as their coat of many colored exceptionalisms. 

As a result of the U.S. suspension of all non-immigrant Russian VISA’s, the anti-Russian economic sanctions, and the bizarre electromagnetic failures of U.S. navy ships sailing near Asia, today marks the official re-start of the American-Russian “Cold War 2.0”.  Get ready.

Scott Bennett is the author of “SHELL GAMEA Military Whistleblowing Report to Congress”, and a former US Army Psychological Operations Officer and Booz Allen Hamilton contractor at the State Department Counterterrorism Office, US Special Operations Command, and US Central Command.  He is a political analyst who has appeared on Press TV, Sputnik, and RT.


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