Sunday, October 1, 2017

NFL Players Are Strangling The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg

“The NFL cannot disrespect our country and they cannot disrespect our flag or our anthem”— President Donald J. Trump
“The NFL owners and the commissioner think they are relating to their fan base but they’re not. They are driving them away” — Rush Limbaugh – September 28, 2017
I see this as the greatest threat in the history of the National Football League to its very popularity and ability to continue to succeed at its highest level. I didn’t think I would ever see the day in which the President of the United States would double down on trying to take down the National Football League. The most popular game in the United States. – Skip Bayless – Fox Sports – “Outnumbered” – September 28, 2017
It will be interesting to see if the NFL protests gain steam or fizzle out this week after the outrage displayed by fans over NFL players growing antipathy to our country’s flag . I was especially shocked to hear that the New England fans booed the reigning Super Bowl Champion Patriots at home last weekend. That alone should be a signal to these owners and players that the fans are turning on them and siding with President Trump. Trump said they should show unity and deference to the flag. Tom Brady said he was being divisive.
Trump never mentioned race but the Marxists on the left have accused him of racism once again. All this talk about unity and mutual respect, who does Trump think he is? Trump and a majority of Americans rightly see these protests as an attack on the flag and our country. Trump sees that these players are being used by men more powerful than Roger Goodell whether they know it or not.
Sports show hosts like ESPN’s Jemele Hill and Fox Sports Shannon Sharpe, both of whom have been very critical of Trump, don’t see the big picture and have bought a false narrative because it feeds their personal hatred of this President. Fanatics have no interest in the truth unless it affirms the rigid beliefs they are comfortable with. And yes Jemele, we do know why they are protesting. They just made a big mistake denigrating the flag and anthem in the process.
Patriotism is anathema to our globalist controllers and their agenda of open borders and taking away our American sovereignty. These protests are more in a long line of manufactured events to cause racial strife intended to divide us. Trump sees what’s going on. His supporters find these protests as offensive as when Barack Obama admonished small town Americans as,”bitter over their economic plight as they cling to their guns and Bibles”.
Many Americans grew tired of being talked down to by Mr. Obama. Race relations were appreciably worse during Obama’s presidency and so was the economy. Mr. Obama however, was a darling of the globalist, which is why the traitors in the globalist controlled media hate Trump. There is no evidence that Trump is a racist. Everyone who’s known him, Black or White, some for decades, say he has never shown any sign of being a racist. Yet he is constantly labeled a racist in the media? Labeling Trump supporters racists is disingenuous but serves the “divide and conquer” agenda of our controllers.
On the other hand numerous people close to Bill and Hillary Clinton say they both routinely use the N word and no one even bothered to ask them about it during the Presidential election campaign. The hypocrisy is palpable. Political traitors to our Country have never been easier to spot. Donald Trump’s base includes a lot of football fans that have no appetite for a player protest that involves dissing Old Glory much less their guns and Bibles.
My guess is they will continue the protests this week because these guys really believe that a bunch of pampered millionaire athletes can be taken seriously as social justice warriors by disrespecting our nation’s flag. That and the fact that football players, with a few exceptions, are not the brightest bulbs in the room. They apparently don’t understand that for the last few weeks they’ve been strangling the goose that laid the golden egg. This is a cultural flashpoint that is not going away anytime soon. On another note, In a recent study by ESPN they found that nearly 80% of NFL players go broke within 3 years of retiring.
I’m not sure most of these players know exactly what they are protesting. The reason Colin Kaepernick gave for his initial protest was to call attention to the growing problem of police shootings of unarmed black men. Disrespecting the national anthem and the flag to make his point probably wasn’t the best decision he could have made. This certainly is a worthy cause, but police officers shooting unarmed white people is a big problem in this country as well. As a matter of fact the American police are on track to kill over a thousand American Citizens for the third year in a row.
In 2016, of the roughly one thousand American citizens killed by police, The Huffington Post reported that 258 of them were Black. Police statistics show that 30 of those killed were unarmed. One thing becomes clear when looking into the number of civilians killed by police. Police departments don’t report anywhere near the true number of citizens killed by their officers, and do their best to hide the real numbers from the public. Independent researchers always come up with higher numbers.
While Black people make up just 13% of the population, statistics show they are involved in much of the reported crime. in 2009 the Wall Street Journal reported that Blacks were charged with 62% of all robberies, 57% of murders and 45% of assaults in the 75 largest counties in America. This may account for the higher rate of police interaction. And While there are more White people in the country, in 2015 there were twice as many Whites than Blacks killed by police.
What this tells me is that the American police are trigger happy and began killing all of us in much higher numbers since George W Bush mandated that the American police be trained by the Israeli’s after 911. In the first 24 days of 2015 police in the US fatally shot more people than police in England and Wales combined in the last 24 years. The number of both Blacks and Whites killed by the police skyrocketed under Barack Obama. I wonder if the kneelers know that? Jemele?
NFL ratings have been in a free fall since the start of the season and seeing players dissing the flag in England won’t help. Standing for “God Save The Queen” in a country run by pedophiles won’t help either. It was disappointing and a new low for the league. Had a team from a lot of other countries done that in a foreign country they more than likely would have been executed on their return.
Trumps base has put up with the TV networks relentless lying about the President colluding with the Russians, criticizing him at every turn and 8 years of Obama’s Christian bashing and having the Homosexual/Lesbian and Transgender agenda shoved down their throat. And who could forget when Obama’s told us that our daughters would have to share the women’s room with tyranny’s because they don’t feel comfortable in the men’s room. Thanks a lot Mr Obama. I guess that’s progress.
ESPN hosts relentlessly attack this President while Fox Sports Shannon Sharpe whines daily about everything Trump does. By the way Shannon, the same pollsters who tell us Trumps popularity is waning, also told us Hillary would win the election by a landslide. A new ABC poll released just this week showed that 96% of Trump supporters would vote for him again. Not good news for the Coastal Communists who can’t stand middle America or anything they hold sacred.
Hollywood’s relentless bashing of traditional family values has led to the worse year at the box office in decades. The Music Award shows have devolved into satanic/occult performances by mind controlled former Mouseketeers and other controlled puppets who’ve sold their soul to Satan. The recent Emmy Awards telecast turned into a Trump hate fest and delivered the worst ratings ever. Has our perverted celebrity culture run it’s course?
People are fed up with the lies and the hate coming from the traitors on the left and the right. People are realizing that we don’t get real news in this country, we get distractions. Most Americans believe Hillary Clinton is guilty of high crimes with a mountain of evidence proving her guilt already in the news. They also see Trump persecuted since his election over so-called ties to Russia without a shred of evidence.
We are told that Russia interfered in the election but they refuse to show us the evidence. The American people require evidence for bold claims from a government run by liars.This flag controversy is no doubt a manufactured distraction just like the NFL itself. The American public is likely sick and tired of all of it. I know I am.
Black players make up about 70% of the those in the league. The big problem and what these players didn’t think through is that the percentage of white people who pay small fortunes for the expensive stadium suites, high-priced tickets, merchandise, $6 dollar hot dogs and $8 beers is about 80%. Just who did these guys think their fans were? That should scare the hell out of the owners who not long ago thought they had a product that was impervious to these kinds of problems. What the owners should worry about is what that 80% could dwindle to.
I saw that fans all over the country were burning their team jackets and jerseys in disgust. It reminded me of when I was a kid and John Lennon, in 1966, said in an interview that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. In the interview for The London Daily Mirror Lennon said,”Christianity will go. It will shrink…We’re more popular than Jesus.” The interview brought what we knew as Beatlemania to a crashing halt. Outraged Christians were so offended that fans all over the World began destroying their Beatles records. They did come back of course. They were the Beatles after all.
Shannon Sharp from Fox Sports said today that, “protests should be uncomfortable, because you’re trying to agitate the very people who you want to get their attention.” (his words) I’m not sure fans want to watch programs that make them feel uncomfortable and agitated. The NFL owners had better nip this in the bud before it’s too late, if it’s not already.


  1. IMO, not a memorable article. Mr Trump wants 'Merry Christmas'. But real people don't. This violent threatening behaviour is not going to 'Win Friends and Influence people'.

  2. The flag is a symbol of nationalism, which is really just another word for terrorism or organized crime. Government is nothing but systematic violence, evil, and should never be tolerated under any circumstances.

    And Christianity is a false religion based on a gross misinterpretation of The Bible. A lot of Christians are stupid cult followers that have absolutely no idea what Jesus was really about. And many are self righteous intolerant and bigoted, don't care about free will or respecting anything that isn't them.

    The combination of them are what produces genocide like the war in Iraq and trigger happy cops.

    Speaking of cops, There is no such thing as a good cop because it is their job to violate people. They are instruments of coercion and violence dressed up as necessary to maintain order. They should be shot on sight. They are evil, every last one of them.

    1. Such a lovely dia tribe. It's amazing truth tellers like yourself remain anonymous in your truth telling process.

    2. I find it a little annoying the way the article is contextualized. It is very one sided and fails to recognize the core issues of what's really going on.

      The police problem is that they exist, which is a direct result of voting. People organize to demand a system of social organization whereby everything is ultimately answered with deadly force. That's what the flag represents and the author acts as if not worshiping a piece of tapestry is the issue or somehow wrong.

      He then gripes about Christian bashing and people being forced to accept homosexual marriage and bathroom issues(another forced product of the state)as if the Christians haven't been forcefully imposing their values on everyone.

      I see things from a more objective perspective and am annoyed. I think everyone is screwed up by the way things are going (not that I'm not). And I see the primary issue is the state. It is what facilitates all that nonsense.

      Maybe choosing not to be a sheeple quilt worshiping drone should be praised and defended?

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