Monday, October 23, 2017

Rense is playing games: I was leaving 1 November; he fired me on 19 October

Jim Fetzer

Jeff Rense has just published a deceitful email in which he denies that he fired me (and Scott Bennett and Michael Jay as well) by publishing three emails which I sent letting him know that we would probably be leaving on 1 November 2017, which he has edited by using his (snip)!

But he sacked me after the show on 19 October 2017 and now is claiming that he did not "fire me" but that I "quit"! Rense is the only show I have had where I had to pay for my show--and I was paid up to 1 November 2017. He edited out my mention of how much I had paid him [restored below].

Someone has just sent a link to this post of his, which is But unless 1 November comes before 19 October, he is obviously not telling the truth. One of us is a BIG TIME liar. Notice his allusion to "government disinformation assets", implying that I am one!

Here is his post followed by my previous emails to Jeff Rense. CHECK THE DATES:
Fetzer Is Not Being Truthful   
From Jeff Rense 10-23-17

I am sorry, but I can't abide liars…even if I do like some of them as people.  I did not fire Mr Fetzer.  He quit.  See his own three emails sent to me below.

Perhaps feeling emboldened by having quit, he then began to use my name later that day on his program on my network to promulgate his strange views of the Las Vegas terrorist massacre.  I have never used his name or referred to him in any way as having been deceived or that his unusual beliefs are wrong.  Everyone is entitled to his or her own viewpoints…even if a person is stark-raving mad or a government disinformation asset or suffering the onset of dementia.  That is not up to me to pass judgement on.

On my program and network, I hold high levels of professionalism and do not disparage other network hosts…in ANY fashion…especially by name.  Nor would I exploit another host, or a network owner, to promulgate my personal or political beliefs.  Unfortunately, Mr. Fetzer began using my name to bolster his aberrant views very shortly after he sent his resignation.

He used my name, on the air on my network on October 17, 18 and 19 as being someone who is essentially too dumb to see the Las Vegas massacre the way he does.

I sent him an email after he used my name on the 17th which included this...

"Rule One - You never diss...a colleague on the air. I would never use your name even though I disagree. It is just not done in professional journalism. I am getting email and it is not good."

And now he is using my name even more boisterously to attempt to portray himself as a 'victim' of the 'revenge' of Jeff Rense and trying to build more 'credibility' for his strange views.  As Mr. Fetzer, himself, would say, "That's ridiculous!"  I canceled Fetzer only AFTER the third consecutive day of his abuse of my name and reputation.  I made it abundantly clear to him not to go there but he refused to stop.

There is an OLD trick in intel disinformation...and that is to create a 'fight' online with someone of stature and then use the 'conflict' for easy publicity for the mind control and propaganda being marketed.  Mr. Fetzer's actions fit that intel PsyOp technique 100% perfectly and raise genuine questions about his true agenda.

Here is a 'victim' email from Mr. Fetzer to one of his fans…he also wrote similarly on his blog site...

"On 'The Raw Deal' (19 October 2017), after I had featured an audio/video professional who had confirmed that the sound of gunshots in Las Vegas was prerecorded and played over the concert's PA system and a second guest who has found that various of the alleged "victims" died in different locations of different causes, some on different dates, I was fired by Jeff Rense."  

No, I did not 'fire' Mr. Fetzer for his views, they are his own and none of my business. Mr. Fetzer quit, as you will read below.   Note the time and date stamps.   And since he is not telling the truth about this, it casts a dark cloud over everything else he claims.   Here below are Mr. Fetzer's resignations…
From: James Fetzer
Subject: Heads up
Date: October 17, 2017 3:59:41 PM PDT
To: J Rense   Jeff,  Just to let you know that there's a good chance that  Scott and I will be moving to another network on 1  November. I should know more tomorrow. You have  been terrific, but we are ready to try something new.  Jim   
From: James Fetzer
Subject: Re: Heads up
Date: October 17, 2017 6:59:14 PM PDT
To: J Rense   (snip)  I have even given you a heads-up that it looks as though we  (Scott and I) will be moving to another network.  
WOW! I missed that. My impression was that you and
Jay and others were explaining, using the audio
track, how you knew the shots were real. That's
the only point I addressed. I said several times
how much I admire and respect you. I mentioned
Mike Adams and you as holding the same view.
But I for the life of me cannot see anything
disrespectful. I have even given you a heads-up
that it looks as though we (Scott and I) will be
moving to another network. But if this is a way
of saying you don't want me back on your
[personal] show, then I accept that as your decision.
But I did NOT disrespect you!
From: James Fetzer  
Subject: Re: Heads up
Date: October 19, 2017 6:36:48 AM PDT
To: J Rense   (snip) We just don't have the money.  I like you and regard you as a friend. You have been  a benefactor to me and Scott. We appreciate that. But  we want to try something different at this point in time.   Jim

Since I was not dissing you or Mike Adams or Robert

David Steele but only explaining why we had come to

differing conclusions about Las Vegas--which was an

obvious obligation of mine, intellectually, given that we

were poles apart (where someone even wrote to me

that they thought you were going to fire me because 

of our differences)--I needed to explain the variance.

My inference is that you had not listened to the show

but that someone had written to tell you I had dissed

you when I had not. That party wanted to divide us.

The bottom line for Scott and me is not rooted in any

(real or imaginary) differences with you but instead

the bottom line. I have had seven or eight radio shows

but this is the first time I have had to pay to be on the

air. My guess is that we have shelled out somewhere

around $15,000 since I came on board (including my

funding Scott's show). We just don't have the money.

I like you and regard you as a friend. You have been

a benefactor to me and Scott. We appreciate that. But

we want to try something different at this point in time. I

will let you know when we have the details ironed out.

We would both be glad to guest with you in the future.


After he continued that evening, for the third straight day, using my name and the network as a platform to prop up his unusual theories, I canceled him.  I will not be abused. I still had the courtesy to post his Thursday evening program which I didn't have to do.

The Raw Deal (Thursday, 19 October 2017)

End of the Line  
From Jeff Rense 10-19-17  

I just can't be abused any further.  I told you that under NO circumstances do professionals
use colleagues names in critical and negative ways on the air. I have never used your name 
even though I don't agree with you.  I have ALWAYS been a gentleman.  
Todd reports that you went right back at it today.  I don't know why you would do that.
It is bizarre and raising multiple unpleasant scenarios.  Todd hasn't been paid for 7 weeks 
for Bennett.  I can't orderTodd to continue carrying him.  It's time to go on to your new network 
and I wish you good luck.  

I would deeply appreciate you paying Todd what he has earned.  I don't make a PENNY
on this network and never have.  In fact, I lose money.  I only do it to try to help worthy people.  
However, when my name is used and abused, especially after I asked you to refrain,, I have to 
draw the line.  This has nothing to do with censorship or the First Amendment.  It is about an 
inexcusable personal and professional lack of ethics on a privately-operated radio platform.

It is as if you urinated in the middle of my living room while telling the world I am mentally
infirm because I don't believe in your fantastic screenplay.  You did wrong, Jim, and somewhere
down inside, you know you did.

I have said nothing with your name and your views on this tragedy.  Just suppose, for a moment,
that you are dead wrong.  Just suppose that all the eyewitnesses and the dead and wounded are 
real.  Can you imagine the harm you are doing to human souls?  Not to mention playing the drums 
for the inhuman evil that would use and abuse 22,000 people, traumatizing and scarring them for life?

People are asking me why I am hosting someone who is degrading me and 35 years of
utterly professional journalism?  I have interviewed and worked with Presidents and paupers
and I worked in Las Vegas as the news director and anchorman at the ABC TV station for
nearly three YEARS.  I know the town and I have sources…HIGH level of whom
formerly worked in the Mandalay.  I spoke to him the day after the massacre and he says
everyone has been told to shut up and say nothing.  

Friends at the Mandalay say, "EVERYONE knows there were multiple shooters but the lid
is slamming down because the slaughter is destroying business and shaking the confidence 
of the entire nation about trusting Las Vegas. The whole city is in danger of collapse."   
So, there will be NO talking about what happened from any agency, hospital, or gaming and 
entertainment venue in town.  The staff at all the major hotels were told that 'nothing happened' 
and to shut up or lose your job.

I did me very best to help you with early facts and proof but I failed...and you went right back
to your same sci-fi template.  Jim, one size does not fit all.  It seems like an irresistible drug to you.  
I tried...and I can sleep at night knowing I did my best to help you.  You're out on a micro thin 
limb and sawing as fast as you can.  Why? No one knows.  Are you working for the man?  
No one knows that, either.

So, we are concluded as of now.  There is no need to reply, I am too disappointed in you
to read anymore.  Again, I hope your new network is wonderful for you.
Re: End of the Line  
From James Fetzer 10-19-17  
I have promised Todd he would be covered. He will be covered. You are blundering beyond belief. To imply that I am using divide-and-conquer tactics when I have devoted myself to exposing government corruption was beneath contempt. I was offering you a way out---you mistook a pre-recorded audio track for a real one. We could all make that kind of mistake. But to trash me--AND YOU THINK ANYONE MISSED WHO YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT BY NOT USING MY NAME?--is simply ridiculous. Cut me off, if you like. You are so unprofessional you did not even tell me, when I asked, if I was going to be on with you tonight. That's not being professional! That's being chickenshit. And be sure Todd sends me a rebate for this month.
The bottom line: As a professional courtesy, I had notified Jeff that Scott and I would probably be moving to another network on 1 November 2017. He fired me--he cancelled my show involuntarily, which is being fired--on 19 October 2017.

He touts the First Amendment before every show, but he doesn't practice it. Moreover, it was a program for which I had to pay--and I was current to 1 November. You figure it out. One of us is a humongous liar and that would not be me.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota. He is co-editor of


  1. Tell it like it is Dr Jim! Looks like Rense and A Jones are twins separated at birth! HAHAHAHGA

  2. Fetzer's fantastic, sci-fri version of reality has gotten him booted from VT and Rense. Get a clue, Fetzer!

    1. My opinion is that Fetzer doesn't believe most of his ludicrous theories, he just likes the remuneration as a result of peddling them. According to him, not one human life was injured or lost at Sandy Hook, Boston, and now Vegas. No one died, Jim? Your credibility certainly did.

    2. You must not believe in evidence. Not only have I talked about them but I have done video studies and edited books with a dozen or more experts on different aspects of the case. For an intro to what you are missing, watch "False Flags: From 9/11 to Sandy Hook and Beyond" or other of my YouTube presentations. When you find something I have wrong, then point it out, explain why I claim it then explain what I have wrong and how you know. Good luck!

    3. The same old game you've been playing for years. "Show me where I'm wrong" when people have done that over and over! For every lie or half-truth you state, it takes debunkers twice as long to do real research to point out how wrong you are. Most people don't research conspiracies for their primary job like you do and therefore don't have the time to point out your countless absurdities.

      Here's a start:

    4. I think these above comments demonstrate how the "debunkers" (actually gatekeepers of truth) love to see the infighting in the truth community, behaving like vultures. As for Jeff Rense, to give him the benefit of the doubt, all of this could be just the result of a big ego. I don't think truth seekers need to "unite" necessarily, in fact this could be detrimental to the truth. There was a time when most truthers agreed that "no plane" theories about 911 were disinformation, and we should all unite to dismiss them. Now we know we were wrong then - we should have been more open to more theories and evidence.

    5. Here's a couple more example of what you got wrong:

  3. The stories told by the alleged Mandalay wounded all appear to be too heroic and too canned to be believable. Compare the Mandalay "wounded" interviews with those given by parents of vaccine-killed or injured children to the producers of Vaxxed as seen on the YouTube channel VAXXED TV. Those parents are real and their grief is real, but they will obviously never be interviewed on MSM TV. The MSM only shows fake heroes, not real ones.

  4. The closing of Rense's piece: "After he continued that evening, for the third straight day, using my name and the network as a platform to prop up his unusual theories, I canceled him. I will not be abused. I still had the courtesy to post his Thursday evening program which I didn't have to do."

    Rense is calling Jim Fetzer a liar by using the word "cancelled" instead of fired. But at the same time he complains of being abused as the rationale.

    1. What if Jim Fetzer's theories that he promoted on Jeff's platform had not been "unusual", but mainstream, possibly a parroting of other radio hosts? The implication here seems to be that then, Jeff Rense would have been perfectly ok with these theories. Censorship is always hidden, and hardly ever admitted openly. When the government censors, they call it "hate speech", when Youtube censors they call it "community guidelines". Nobody wants to be caught censoring because that's the end of all credibility.

  5. Someone is "working for the man," and it's not Jim Fetzer.

    1. Hello, Vivian! I remember your posts on Dr. James Tracy's blog and was wondering if you know what happened to him or his blog?
      I have been busy with other subjects so lost track of what happened to him. I think JT was possibly one of the most heroic and honest humans to grace the Internet and am disgusted with the level of corruption leveled at him to silence his voice.
      Anyway, I think we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Internet is a completely controlled format ( Intel behind almost every microphone ) and their Modus Operandi is increasingly evident.
      In my opinion, when money/fiat currency and information meet truth is sacrificed on the alter thereof. One cannot be a faithful servant of truth while also feeding the 'beast'.

      Nice to see you on JF's site.

    2. Using Safari, I am blocked from reaching But using Chrome, I am there right now. Try it:

    3. The fabulous was blocked by someone/s who did not want it to continue. Sometimes one can get to the site (http and not https), but more often it is blocked. Just now, on Chrome, I got the message "High Risk Website Blocked." On Dr. James Tracy, see the following:

  6. I find this paragraph especially intriguing: "There is an OLD trick in intel disinformation...and that is to create a 'fight' online with someone of stature and then use the 'conflict' for easy publicity for the mind control and propaganda being marketed. Mr. Fetzer's actions fit that intel PsyOp technique 100% perfectly and raise genuine questions about his true agenda." Except that he has to distort the situation to make that appear to fit me, when the facts of the matter instead fit him to a "t".

    1. Exactly..since we now live in upside down reverse world. He blames you for what he does typical ..I like to call it Talmudic speak..a tool our (((media & government))) LOVE to use on us The Affordable Care Act, The Patriot Act ..All bull!

    2. Jim: It will be addition by subtraction. Alex Jones marginalized himself but it didn't weaken the truth telling community because nature abhors a vacuum.

  7. Dear Mr and your group do a fabulous job
    Rense is no better then AJONES. Rense is a CIA asset and Jones a CIA/Mossad tool. I like how Rense says "Vegas terrorist Massacre!" hilarious! and what does he know about Government Intel. Disinformation..except using it on his gullible followers? Anyone who defends David Duke (another CIA tool) for his and all his JU friends participation in the psy op Charlottesville well...what can you expect! Maybe he's upset you are leaving his station ..less cash in his pocket ...maybe he is a big pussy whiney baby like most of these on line FAKE news tools. Doesn't matter he has outing himself by accepting fake news narratives, pushing the (((divide & conquer))) lying to his listeners, and supporting other CIA disinformation controlled opposition scum.

  8. Fired, cancelled, quit. Semantics. Rense was tired of Fetzer's insane theories and decided to end the relationship after Jim mentioned him by name numerous times on The Raw Scam. Get a grip people.

    1. Bill, as a shill, you are embarrassingly obvious. When you find something wrong with my work, be sure to point it out, explain why I claim it (so I know that you understand my position), then tell me what I have wrong and how you know. If you could so that, you would; but you can't, so you don't. It's that plain and simple.

    2. Jim: This guy is an obvious shill but even regular, honest posters have problems with methodology. Case in point in the last sentences of your post. Point it out: The how and why in cogent detail.

    3. You folks all throw around the term shill incorrectly. (Big surprise- Uncle Jimmy is wrong yet again!)
      A shill is an accomplice. So in this case it would be someone close to Jim who comes on here and heaps praise on Jimmy boy- maybe even Jimbo himself, posing as someone else.
      Bill isn't a shill- he is just someone, like myself, who thinks Jimaroo has gone too far with his insane narratives.

  9. Jim- Thanks for posting all of this. I'm shocked that you had to pay him for your show!

    "My guess is that we have shelled out somewhere

    around $15,000 since I came on board (including my

    funding Scott's show). We just don't have the money."

    Thanks for your excellent work!

    1. I know. He says he doesn't make a penny from this, but that's simply absurd. I have been told (from one who has been there) that he lives like a king on an opulent estate with an enormous home and guest house. If he lies about our correspondence (when it's easy to demonstrate that he is dissembling), he will lie about anything. That I find truly shocking!

    2. yes, his 9th ex-wife posted about his high income and some of his extravagant purchases from donations to his site

    3. You have to pay to be on a show when no one values what you have to say. But jimmy values what he has to say so much that he is willing to pay to be able to hear himself say it.
      How embarrasing. Kind of like having to give away his books, but worse.

  10. Rense, Steele, Adams are DEAD WRONG about Las Vegas - Honest mistake ???

    1. It's an honest mistake when you are willing to listen to alternative views and evidence, and give it a chance, possibly to change your mind about things. AJ and associates pick one theory ("false flag" usually) and run with it, and from there it's all confirmation bias, they pick up news stories that confirm their already formed opinion. Jim Fetzer is clearly above this and really looking for and defending the truth.

    2. PS, how much have you followed Fetzer's theorizing throughout the years? Fetzer *always* concludes that these are conspiracies within days and usually embraces the most outlandish interpretation of the events.

  11. more great work on the hoax here:

  12. I suggest leaving this one go. You leaving the network, it is reasonable to let u go. Bigger, is rense is listing more obvious crisis actor/drill stuff, calling it proof. Its looking like he joined alex jones as double agents.

  13. I have followed Dr. Fetzer’s work, as objectively as I could since he first was a guest on Dr. Stan Monteith’s GCNlive Radio Liberty show in late 2004 or early 2005. I however started investigating 9-11 on 9-11-01 long before Dr. Fetzer took up that inquiry.
    I appreciate the way Dr. Fetzer has always tried to seek the input of specialists or experts in fields appropriate to the case. The input of audio experts and the help of people who are conducting extensive Internet searches about the alleged deaths of named people of the Las Vegas event are much appreciated.
    Eyewitness testimony to me has lost weight as to veracity because of crisis actors and obvious planned and orchestrated false event and the poisoning of search results after the event for what actually happened as opposed to what THEY tell us actually happened. For example, according to ongoing searches, there several instances of people dying as a result of the Las Vegas event are shown to have actually died in other parts of the country and some on even different dates. That is what I call “bombshell” proof the alleged people who are claimed to have “died at Las Vegas” are blatant gross dishonest Sunsteinian craftsmanship.
    I hold a few ideas that are not substantiated by facts and that Dr. Fetzer does not hold. For example, I think it is possible that the entire “dancing Israelis” part of what is accepted as fact in much of those still seeking 9-11 truth. I see Sunsteinian master craftsmanship in that meme and even think the person at 00:17 in this video is a crisis actor. I now look back on many people in the 9-11 story as crisis actors.

    The Five Dancing Israelis (Mossad) on 9/11
    406 43 Share

    Published on Jan 18, 2014

    Also I caution against, perhaps more than Dr. Fetzer, the use of exact numbers that are fed to us as part of the mutable official narrative. We can work to refute those numbers but be careful about accepting those numbers as fact – for example, “3000 people died at World Trade Center due to 9-11-01 event.”

    Dr. Fetzer is absolutely correct is his statement that “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” just as he is absolutely correct in saying “no planes” theory in relation to 9-11. It is in response to what the official narrative is because that is what we have to find facts about and prove or disprove – the official narrative. I am not aware that Dr. Fetzer has ever claimed in words specific as ‘Nobody Died at Las Vegas’ but if he has it was in response to names and numbers of persons said to have been killed or injured at the Las Vegas event because that is what he investigates as to factuality and probability. He investigates those matters in ways no one else does and I appreciate that.
    So please be careful in setting up straw-man arguments against Dr. Fetzer based on not understanding the meaning of terms like “nobody died” and “no planes.”

    We humans are meant to pursue truth as best we can and we do it best when assisted by the grace of God.

  14. Mr. Fetzer I was always listening to you with interest when you were on the show with Jeff. Sad to see this conflict with Jeff.

    I think you have been fooled with this Psy-op like all the flat-earthers.

    Only reason is to denegrate the alt-news and to have more reason to censor the net and promote more MSM.

    I hope you see what a statement like yours does to the sheeple. It's like shooting yourself in the foot and look nuty. Like the flat-earthers.

  15. This is a joke. It turns out that Rense is thin skinned, and this foible has impaired his integrity.

    Message to Jeff: Once integrity is lost, it's hard to recapture.

  16. Agreed...

    I've lost a lot of respect for Rense over this.

    Professor Fetzer comes across as a man of integrity, and it's shameful how J. Rense has slated him. :(

  17. This happened to Dr. Henry Makow as well.

    Seems to be a pattern – J. Rense just cuts off colleagues who don't agree with his viewpoint...

    Move on, and keep up your great work, Professor Fetzer. :)

    1. Yes, move on. Leave Rense in your wake.

  18. The pattern becomes clearer.

    More illuminating info about J. Rense here...

  19. Rense hasn't been "well" since his 2 engineered SUV crashes in 2015, the first of which should've killed him. See:

    ^ latter replies in the thread point to audios of Rense shows where he describes what happened in each crash.

    So, beginning around the top of 2016 IIRC, both Rense's shows & his website abruptly transformed into these absurd zio-agitprop preaching clown shows. An hour doesn't go by in his 3hr nightly shows where, regardless of guest & nominal topic, Rense doesn't shoehorn in, however awkwardly, some sort of "scary muslim savages booga booga!" rant(s). And you'll find his site maintains a whole muslim-savages block of zio-agitprop "news stories" at the top/center (currently below Vegas & N.Korea story blocks). 

    As recently as last night's 10/23 show, hour one @ 44:35, listen to him shoehorn in (yet another) anti-muslim rant, vacuously straining to connect them to Vegas... laughable!

    We're not privy to the details of whatever DEAL Rense obviously made with the zio satan-worshipers, to become what his shows & site have become. Could be simply, his life is spared; and/or regular blood-money payments; and/or bi-weekly menage-a-trois' with Rita Katz & Pam Geller... we just don't know. But Rense is plainly compromised nowdaze!! :-(

    1. I said, "...and/or bi-weekly menage-a-trois' with Rita Katz & Pam Geller..."

      (((Rita Katz))) is the head whore at mossad front (((SITE Intelligence Group))), BTW. They're the kosher clown corps who first publicly release the (((fake ISIS beheading videos))) and such, claiming to have hacked some (((ISIS jihadi's))) phone and grabbed the video, before said (((jihadi))) was even able to upload it to their own (((ISIS twitter/FB/etc propaganda accounts))), lolz :-D

      (((Katz/SITE))) are also the ones laughably, ham-handedly trying to inject their "scary booga booga muslims were behind the Vegas shooting" propaganda into the official narrative.

  20. It's so unfortunate, this is VT part II, 30 months later. Fortunately Dr. Fetzer is far too strong (as is Dr. Bennett & Michael Jay)to be strong armed. VT which should have been so great, was the most advanced Psy-Op site, with intelligence professionals.

    Ever since his accident (at the time of the VT/Fetz blow-up), Jeff has gone off the deep-end of Islamaphobia and even hate; so much so that it becomes uncomfortable to listen to many of his programs.

    Prior to the end of last week, I could feel something wrong, as one of Fetz's LV shows was cut-off and then the Bennett and Fetz shows were greatly delayed in posting in the archives. At the same time, Jeff doubled-down on the ISIS non-sense and has had a supposed LV insider on the show endlessly.

    As I've maintained for years, certainly there are jihadis, but if it was a genuine, committed movement of terror, there would be a "Mini LV" everyday! Small-medium shootings are undefensable, you'd have cab snipings/bombings endlessly.

    Stay strong Dr. Fetz and I look forward to the new show. Fortunately my Rense subscription is up and I've emailed them to not renew it over this crap.

  21. Appears Mr. Rense is overreacting.

    1. Rense said anyone that thinks there were crisis actors or that no one was killed can "go straight to hell" and that they are the "lunatic fringe".

  22. All you Fetzer ass-kissers on this blog (championing independent thought all the while), ought to have a look at this:

  23. Dr. Fetzer, Will Scott Bennett and Michael Jay be following you to your new program? I have sincerely appreciated your programs and wish you all the best!

  24. How much do we really know about Jeff Rense? At least one person knows a bit more than the rest of us.

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  26. Mr Fetzer, why did you and Allen Powell lie about the origins of the Sandy Hook crime scenre photos?

    You said they were leaked to Powell from an inside source. Then Powell said he stumbled upon them searching the net.

    It's obvious the photos came from the Sandy Hook final report, so why did you and Powell try to deceive people?

  27. Hey Jim Fetzer just saw this on You Tube. Snowden says CIA killed Elvis Presley with poison (evidentally the same way they killed Marilyn Munroe). They did this to divert attention from Lokeed Martin scandal.

    1. Puts Paul McCartney, John Lennon etc in a different light. Even perhaps all those other musicians deaths like Buddy Holley, Jim Morrison ?????.

  28. Proof positive that alt media is no more tolerant of dissenting viewpoints than the mainstream.

    So Jim F was dropped from VT, from False Flag Weekly News, and now from Rense. All that demonstrates is some pitifully thin skins.

    Free speech means the freedom to voice ideas that might be upsetting to some and send others into fits of apoplexy. Claiming that certain views are "disrespectful" or "hurtful" is intellectual cowardice and, quite frankly, adopting the techniques of the Tavistock Institute. If you don't like a viewpoint and are intellectually incapable of challenging it, just avoid it. It's really quite easy to remain unchallenged if it's all too much.

    So on we go...

    PS. If you want to attack the Prof, don't do it as anonymous. A post where the writer doesn't sign in and create a track record is worthless. I don't even read them. I'm sure many don't. (And a nom de plume is not anonymity, for those who might raise that objection.)

  29. I was shocked when I heard Rense say that anyone who believes there was any crisis actors or that no one was killed should "burn in hell" ... I kid you not. He's losing it.
    I have followed Professor Fetzer since Sandy Hook and all I can say is his work has been impeccable.
    The Vegas event was yet another staged hoax for gun legislation. We saw legislatures, including Diane Feinstein jumping right on it...just like they did for Sandy Hook.
    Checkout the crisis actors.

    1. His research is "impeccable" if you have no critical thinking skills.

      Spend some time researching his mistakes here and see who's right:

    2. And then check out
      to see just how stupid Jim really is.

  30. Whilst I agree with Fetzer's work, I'm also aware that it's only been 23 days since the shooting, and we don't have any footage from inside the hotel, official footage of the concert filmed by its crew, or police body cam footage. To conclusively say this is all fake and nobody died is somewhat academically irresponsible. It IS valid to say based on what we've seen so far, there isn't sufficient evidence to prove the mainstream media's narrative.
    I think Fetzer needs to distinguish that his conclusion aren't finite and can be subject to change in light of new evidence that I'm sure it bound to appear in the future. I would say the same for Rense, in that he is irresponsibly concluding it's a Muslim attack without stating the possibility that there may be evidence to come out contradicting this.
    As an aside, if Jim reads this, how will your show change from its current format once you begin on freedomslips, if at all?

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